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ROBERT from Birmingham,England and HAPPY HARRY from PORT HURON. two fairy nice fellows!

January 12, 2013

This is Robert ,from Birmingham,England dressed up as Cinderella . This will be his newest outfit for the Christmas holidays.

My Dear Christian People: Robert from Birmingham .England was recently asked what his favorite season of the year was ,and he immediately responded by saying that for him ,Christmas was the best. He went on to explain to the local news reporter from:

Birmingham Post Newspaper from Birmingham, England that Christmas allowed him to just be himself and to experiment with new outfits.
For those not familiar with Robert from Birmingham England, he is the international correspondent, reporting now and then into the Crosstalk program ,produced by Vic Eliason and his wholly owned broadcast network : VCY AMERICA. Robert calls in on the #800 line available internationally to everyone following the crosstalk call-in talk show by INTERNET.

When the reporter from the post asked him what his favorite Christmas Carol was ,Robert replied without the slightest hesitation  DECK the Halls With Boughs of Holly. The reason will be clear to everyone.

One quick glance at the verse of this Carol should explain Robert’s preference for this happy Christmas tune.

Deck the hall with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
‘Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la la la la la.

Don we now our gay apparel…. ; this is the line in the verse that creates in Robert feelings of pure joy for the Christmas season.

Troll the ancient Christmas carol,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
See the blazing yule before us,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
Fa la la la la la la la la.
Follow me in merry measure,
While I tell of Christmas treasure,
Fa la la la la la la la la.
You see ,Robert from Birmingham England is a charismatic sounding cross-dressing homosexual, and he loves to dress up for the holidays.

The rest of the year Robert from Birmingham .England ,remains true to his inner self and steadfastly continues to appear to all his faithful following as: MARY POPPINS.

Well, this is ROBERT in his favorite drag outfit. Here he is flying over London ,dressed as Mary Poppins. Robert is a notorious charismatic sounding ,cross dressing homosexual

who quite often calls in to the crosstalk call-in show to pay his respect ,as well as his love and admiration for Vic Eliason and the entire staff of charlatans ,busily deceiving and swindling their vast radio audience ,across the U.S. and round the world ,thanks to the internet.

Robert listens on the internet and calls in toll-free.

Robert thinks the cross talk show is for Christian cross dressers.

AS predicted ,the great Christians working the turntables at RBN have already started every rendition imaginable of DECK THE HALLS WITH BOUGHS OF HOLLY ,to feed and nourish ROBERT’S SICK SOUL! thanks guys. what would Robert do without you?

But there’s more. Recently Happy Harry the homo from Port Huron who also is a regular caller to the crosstalk america call-in talk show, decided to call the Rejoice Radio broadcast network to speak with Caleb Keener.

Caleb is one of RBN’s prime movers and shakers, and so Harry thought he would be the one to contact about doing more to promote the holiday spirit in the U.S.A. and especially where it’s needed most :right there in Pensacola, Florida.

The first thing Harry said to Caleb was” I love you and your people“ This is basically how Harry speaks to all the great guests that Vic invites to appear on his call-in talk show called CROSSTALK. This program is heard daily over 94 stations ,coast to coast. And so he thought he would try this approach on Caleb.

But HARRY’S REPUTATION PRECEEDED HIM AND ALL THE” Good old boys” that hang out with Caleb;all his drinking buddies, quickly advised him about Harry and in fact chided him a little about any plans he might have in case Harry showed up in Pensacola or at the studios of Rejoice Radio. Caleb responded by saying “oh no not another one” He recently received a letter from Robert wishing him a very Merry Christmas.

The way Caleb took care of any potential meeting with Harry the homo or with Robert from Birmingham was to advise all the” Good Old Boys “Caleb hangs with that:” If any one of those two queers shows up around here ,tell them one or both that I have a knuckle sandwich to give either one, if they come anywhere near here.” problem solved! That’s how country boys take care of things. !

But to the credit of REJOICE RADIO [RBN] and all their wonderful staff of dedicated Christians ,they did consent to play DECK THE HALLS With Boughs of holly as many times as possible to make ROBERT HAPPY . Or at least as many times they play:” AIN’T GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER ,AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO MORE”

[Craig Mattson and Jimmy Mince will see to it,I’m sure of that. ]….

Harry is quick with the patronizing compliments he extends to Vic and his co-laborer ; Jim the chimp.

He often greets the guests with words of encouragement such as; “Great show guys , we need to hear more of this. great topic Vic ,how can we help Jim?” And finally we hear from Harry’s lips the tender words:” I love you and I love your people“. Is Harry trying to make friends on the air with Vic’s guests,or what? And friends for what purpose? .. Is Harry looking for phone numbers ?

Now ,whether it’s Harry the homo or Robert from Birmingham ,England: the Charismatic cross dressing homosexual , does it make sense for Vic and Jim the chimp to damn the degenerates in society and at the same time invite and encourage these two reprobates to socialize on the air with the invited guests. And has in fact hired Robert to provide him with an international footprint for his otherwise convoluted radio program,designed to cheat the gullible out of their hard-earned money.

The best way to deal with these rotten bastards is to see them for what they truly are: a bunch of money-grubbing charlatans simply out to make an easy living for themselves by cheating, and swindling the Christian community for all their worth. Don’t ever give these sons of bitches a dime, EVER!. ditto for the scumbags over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN]

This has been your GOOD NEWS Commentator with more Good NEWS .


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