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REJOICE RADIO[RBN] The Sugar Creek Gang or a gang of sugar coated chiselers?

January 16, 2013

My Fellow Christians: Charity , kindness,generosity toward others is not merely the duty and obligation of any true Christian, but is in fact, the very definition of a true believer. The caring of others is not an option but comes down to us as a direct commandment from the great Nazarene.
What needs to be learned by the majority of those in the Christian Faith Community is the simple reality that there are many in our society who make a living cheating and swindling all those of a good heart ,and who have a sincere desire to follow the Lord’s example.
Sadly ,these parasites are to be found everywhere and are clearly ubiquitous. No one is going to point them out to you and no one should expect them to reveal their evil intentions. These charlatans are usually discovered well after the fact;years after they are exposed and depending on how clever they are, they can be expected to ply their trade in deception for many decades.
This is not to say that every charlatan that comes down the pike is flagrantly breaking the law ,but rather they use the law to their advantage to the extent possible . And in so doing not only gain for themselves a goodly income at your expense but in fact become fabulously wealthy.
One avenue open to those who know how to use the well-intentioned Non-profit scam can be found among the Christian Radio Broadcasters. Here the law allows a wide latitude for these scumbags to cheat and lie ,trick and deceive the gullible with impunity. keep in mind the first amendment right to religious freedom.
The laws pertaining to Non-Profits ,added to the FCC licensing to public interest broadcasters ,is a ready-made recipe for any bunch of wealthy investors to pool their money and design a money-making scheme ,that rivals anything found on Wall Street.

The shamelessness of the Rejoice Broadcast Network that squawks everyday from Pensacola ,Florida is one of the best in this genre of clever and deceptive swindlers ,and who have grown to be one America’s best known scam artists.

The deceptions are too numerous and would probably do little good to discuss in depth ,due to the fact that their listenership is so incredibly stupid, they would have difficulty discerning fact from fraud, in any event. And those who know how these filthy lying bastards operate need little from me in the way of warning. The well-informed understand these creeps very well, and are impervious to the schemes and falsehoods the Christian Radio Broadcasters are prone to use ,as the need arises.
RBN uses many scams such as THE LISTENER SUPPORTED trick,or the” give and it will be given back a millionfold” or whatever.
What an enticement that is!

All the clever presentations and pitches you hear from the clever crew operating the BIG CON over at THE RBN studios have been reviewed by me over the course of many months and can be read by going to and read to your heart’s content, all of the clever and deceptive practices all of the celebrities at REJOICE RADIO use in order to cheat ,swindle and trick you out of your hard-earned money. All of the voices you hear on RBN , without exception, belong to some of America’s wealthiest people and few understand the, in your face effrontery,[chutzpah ]the Jews call it, when these lying sons of bitches come at you pleading for money.
Whereas a true Christian ministry should be supported by those who are in turn supported by that ministry ,it never dawns on the incredibly stupid listeners that they are being taken advantage of by the likes of Caleb Keener,Craig Mattson, Big JIM , the: “you can’t break God’s promises by leaning on them”kid. Add to the list RHONDA AUTRY ,BEKA HORTON, Myna Ogilspie, Dr.Don Smith, And of course the biggest ass kisser of the sugar-coated gang of hypocrites: Dr. Joel JEW JEW Mullinex.

But in all fairness, they put on a well prepared ,well-organized radio presentation that many find fair and enjoyable. They never think that they are contributing huge amounts of money into the coffers of an outfit that has only one purpose in mind . And that is :to rip you off by robbing you blind.

The one issue these blood suckers use as often as possible is the listener supported scam. And in all fairness most Christian Radio Broadcasters use the same line. Even those who get money from local businesses such as ACE HARDWARE and the local Winn Dixie.They also claim to be listener supported. In fact every radio station on the dial is to a certain extent ‘listener supported” Even the three-hour RUSH LIMBAUGH PROGRAM is listener supported. Without the millions of morons who listen to his nonsense and support the sponsors of the show ,he would be off the air. And of course RUSH is also one of the 1%

In the case of RBN ,the staff and all the celebrities you hear on a daily basis are their own sponsors. What this enterprise of calculated fraud and deception should be called is : RBN : Investor, employee,participant supported. What this means is simply that an investor such as Beka Horton or Myna Ogilspie or Craig Mattson, by making selected appearances on the Rejoice Radio musical charade of scriptural play acting can be claimed as salaried employees of THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK;and thereby allowing them to draw huge salaries, and expense allowances; and let’s not forget the end of month bonuses they happily receive and appreciate.

RBN has nothing to do with providing you inspirational music or messages of hope and salvation but everything to do with the establishment of a money-making financial umbrella , which takes on the form of a Non-Profit fund-raising operation ,coupled to a legally sanctioned, FCC licensed, on the air swindle.

Jokers like Don Smith or Erwin Lutzer ,Caleb Keener ,who simply works as an announcer can still draw a hefty salary.
Anyone who invests their resources into the RBN organization is entitled to draw a salary; but just to keep everything kosher, they are requested to do something to justify the payment ,in a pro forma sort of way.
This can also mean playing Bethany Crawford’s recordings. Or the FAMILY PRAYERTIME RACKET, put on by one of America’s gifted senior citizens ;whose many talents include cheating and robbing the Sunbelt seniles out of their social security checks.
But I’m a firm believer that there’s humor in everything ,even in the most pathetic of situations. Ever wonder why Don smith .who still can’t say EPHESIONS but rather spits out something that sounds like FISSIONS , hurries through the last few sentences of his prepared eight minute script, during his FAMILY PRAYERTIME segment ? The answer is that Don is anxiously awaiting for the mailman to arrive ,in fact this is the only reason he bothers to show up at the studios of RBN. Usually he pre records his spiel and sends it in to be played during the midday hour.
So when he hears the mail being delivered and handed over to the student volunteer, Don gets anxious. He knows there’s hard cash in some of the envelopes being mailed and addressed to him, and he wants to be the first to get his claws on the incoming mail. Everytime this happens ,everyone in the studio makes a circle around Don and patiently waits for Don to open a letter requesting prayer and assistance, for a sick or dying listener to his eight minute, on the air presentation.When Don ,using an industrial grade set of tweezers to winnow out the checks or money orders and finds hard green cash to boot, he lets out a hoot that sounds something like : oooHOOO!! If there’s more than a 20 Dollar bill included in the letter for prayer , his face lights up and then he walks over to everyone present, and keeps repeating : LOOKY HERE ,LOOKY HERE ,look what these idiots sent me ,can you believe it?
When the mail is all opened ,and all the cash is removed ,he orders a student volunteer to bundle it and
put it with all the other paper garbage ,as Dr. Don refers to the written prayer requests , prepared for the shredder. Well so much for all the prayerful pleadings for prayer and consolation this clever snake in the grass puts over the gullible imbeciles, who listen and support THE RBN sugar-coated gang of cheap chiselers.

Don’t fall for their chicanery. Remember how many millions of honest Christians were defrauded by the likes of JIM BAKKER and Swaggert. These poor idiots didn’t have a clue as to what was going on at the PTL CLUB.

Do you know what’s going on at RBN? RBN is the biggest little whorehouse in PENSACOLA ,but all of the housebound BAPTIST/FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICAL roobs will never know the truth, until ,they hear about it on the news. By then,all the money you will have sent in has been dispersed, and in the private bank accounts of all the subtle religion extortionists plying their stock in trade. Imagine how you will feel then.


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