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Is Rejoice Radio and THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK Really LISTENER SUPPORTED? Or is it just a perpectual LYING Money Machine?

January 26, 2013

My Fellow Christians: You wouldn’t really expect anyone involved in the Christian ministry to lie to you ,would you? Would the highly paid and very talented cast of characters working in the studios of Pensacola Christian College mislead you ,and deliberately try to scam you,my dear Baptist/fundamentalist/Evangelical roob ,would they?
When they tell you they are listener supported, and they need to hear from you to help them pay their end of month operating expenses ;is that an entirely true statement?

If the public is led to believe that without their financial support, the programming known as REJOICE RADIO would end ,then does that also mean that the SALARIES OF ALL THOSE WHOSE VOICES YOU HEAR EVERYDAY would also be cut or totally eliminated? Would they lose their lucrative high salaried positions in the Rejoice Radio ministry of music and messages?

The question all those in the overly trusting and very gullible public must ask is ;if their financial support is needed to keep Rejoice Radio on the air by covering the operating expenses ,then pray tell ,where does the funding coming from to pay the high salaries of all the celebrities who entertain you with “PROVERB READING ” and “DRIVETIME ” to your little shack on the beach? Or what about the professional senior citizen ,known as DR. DON SMITH. How does he get paid? Does his salary come from the envelopes stuffed with cash ,begging for prayer and assistance?
What about RHONDA AUTRY or Jimmy the : ” You can’t break God’s Promises by leaning on them ” kid?
And what about the extremely high salary Craig Mattson pulls down? Where does all the money come from and where does the money GO?

And who pays  Mina [the myna bird]  Ogilsbie for her ” Christian Ladies Conference Speaker ” episodes? This double talking babe doesn’t work for nothing and she doesn’t come cheap. The truth is that all these gifted religion hustlers
are paid first ,right from the incoming receipts and from the investors who pay these jokers to put on a good show for all the happy clappy crowd .

The better the show ,the more likely it will stay in business, and so, the big money bag investors will continue using The Pensacola Christian college and the Rejoice Radio :phony baloney Ministry, as the financial umbrella, underneath which they can continue conducting every financial transaction with all the advantages and benefits that accrue to a NON-PROFIT, faith-based enterprise.

And all along,you thought they were doing all this: all the theatrics and professional play acting they put on daily, for the benefit of your ETERNAL SOUL! What a lousy JOKE ,these filthy lying bastards are playing on all the imbeciles and gullible jerks who believe the sincerity that drips from the lying mouths of CALEB KEENER,CRAIG and JIMMY BOY and DR. JOEL MULLINEX and the little bow-wow: Bethany Crawford!

They are all a bunch of deceiving charlatans!

Do not support them under any circumstances. But call them and ask them where the money for their salaries comes from.
Are the SALARIES ,are they also LISTENER SUPPORTED ? Ha Ha Ha …

Good Day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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