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REJOICE RADIO[RBN] : Have you been victimized by these clever charlatans?

January 29, 2013

At some point the Christian community must come to the only logical conclusion : that they have been victimized by a bunch of clever charlatans pulling the wool over their eyes for decades.

At some point ,the gullible morons who make up the vast listenership of REJOICE RADIO will have to understand that they have been subjected many years, to nothing more than Play Acting. No ministry, no Eternal Rewards in any mansion in the sky ; it’s all been a sorry example of what happens when radio listeners fail to connect the dots and fail to see these lying bastards for what they truly are.

Thanks in no small part to clever ,scheming and cunning actors and other various accomplices ,they have turned REJOICE RADIO into a demon inspired money-making machine ;all the while mocking the Lord and his Gospel.

But the venom doesn’t stay in the mouths of Rhonda or Craig ,it spreads out to all the other gifted celebrities you listen to on a daily basis. They want in on the action. They want to grow rich day by day. And all thanks to you ;that is, all the morons in the Baptist/Evangelical/Fundamentalist faith community. Now, this gang is not alone ,nor is it especially unique in so far as frauds in Televangelism or Christian radio are concerned. This scheme is designed to vary the pitch, in order to keep the imbeciles in their audience off-balance.

And this is why you hear the other demon inspired co-conspirators of this fraudulent enterprise. Just listen to Dr. Don Smith who conducts his clever scam operation called THE FAMILY PRAYERTIME RACKET. You hear his pitch and presentation during the midday hour slot.

Don Smith is one of the best actors and a very accomplished phony baloney on Christian Radio today! He pretends to pray for the sick and disabled and invites listeners to mail or hand in their prayer requests at the front desk; and he will pray for healing and deliverance. What a RACKET this lying bastard is putting over the credulous. Once his 12 minute on the air time slot is finished ,and the pleadings for prayer and donations are done and over with ,this jackass gets up and runs to the mailroom to sit and wait for the mail to arrive. Once the mailbag is opened ,he sorts out the envelopes addressed to his phony FAMILY PRAYERTIME MINISTRY and pulls out the cash ,which he immediately pockets, and then bundles the checks and money orders to be sent to the accounting department where Tonita Ohms sits and tallies the incoming receipts . She then divides the amounts equally in four parts ,to include the four main facilitators of this on the air deception. The letters pleading for prayer and assistance are stapled together and either sent to the shredders or the Jolly Green Giant: the dumpster at the back-end of Pensacola Christian College. All names are scanned to create a valuable mailing list ;which also is a significant source of income for these blood sucking vultures.

Now you know why Craig Mattson ,and the other well-trained actor ,Jimmy Mintz are never far away . They seem to appear as if by magic ,right after Don is done and the mailman arrives ,a couple of hours later.. The checks and money orders are quickly deposited to the various bank accounts of the inspired charlatans; and so another day another dollar for these clever tricksters, jokers and well-trained actors and pickpockets. All of whom ,pretend they are feeding and nourishing your soul! What a cruel joke!

Lately the mailman must be arriving later than usual ,and thereby giving Dr. Don Smith enough time to finish his 12 minute scripted spiel ,about prayer and missionary work ,without him having to speed things up ,in order to be right there in the mailroom, before the other vultures grab his mail, stuffed with cash.

In fact TONITA OHMS ,the bean counter and clever accountant at the RBN fundraising operation routinely comes out of her dungeon to thank Dr. Don for the great work he’s done for RBN. All this means is that quite a few are falling for the lying cheating scam presentation , this snake in the grass is putting over on all the low information imbeciles as well as the sun-belt seniles . Don is really bringing in the bucks into the callous and cruel gang of cheap swindlers and con artists who have for decades ripped off the less astute by robbing them blind.But Don is no one’s fool. He’s a lot smarter than this bastard sounds. He was quick enough to know instinctively that there would be a good deal of cash in the envelopes asking for prayer and assistance. And so ,Don had it written in his contract with RBN that; whereas the checks and money orders would go to TONITA for distribution to all the salivating vultures waiting to get paid ,the hard cash would go directly into DON’S POCKET ,or pockets.

I don’t know whats funnier; listening to DR.DON reciting his usual script ,aimed at the social security recipients ,sitting at their dinnettes waiting for their Progreso soups to start boiling and preparing the usual tuna fish sandwich fare or listening to CRAIG MATTSON trying to perfect his southern accent.

Let me suggest that Craig spend a few hours with that big sack of grits : TONITA OHMS . This gal is pure Dixie . And she could teach her own class in communications;albeit in the Dixie dialect.

But things tend to be rather conventional at RBN ,except when Tonita comes around with the paychecks and the end of month bonuses ,all the lying scam artists try to pass off as”
END OF MONTH OPERATING EXPENSES” And the biggest lie of all : that RBN is:…” listener supported” ad. nauseum.
When the vultures get paid ,a different mood prevails and someone, usually RHONDA suggests they all go out for a few drinks,usually at a posh piano bar ,where they can really let loose.. She usually picks a different place each month, so they are less likely to be seen.

And Rhonda makes sure the bartenders know how to mix her favorite drinks: MOJITOS or CADILLAC MARGARITAS .
All the gals , including Bethany CRAWFORD ,Denille , Linda and even MYNA OGILSBIE love to go out on PAYDAY NIGHT.

This is when they can get away from it all, and to let their hair down; and in the words of Bethany: “It’s time to let it ALL hang out”

What this usually results in is a song fest around the piano bar and ,no, you won’t hear AMAZING GRACE , or NEARER MY GOD TO THEE ,and not even ” AINT GONNA NEED THIS HOUSE NO LONGER,I”M GETTING READY TO MEET THE SAINTS”.
Usually LINDA or Bethany start things off with what has become a routine ritual for all the babes working it

at RBN,PENSACOLA. And once all are gathered at the piano ,it starts with the old country favorite: “ALL my EX.s live in TEXAS ,and that’s why I reside in TENNESSEE” .. But at some point the lyrics change and then it becomes: ” ALL MY EX.s live in TEXAS ,that’s why I reside in PENSACOLA.”
And the laughter never ends and a good time is had by all.
Sadly ,Craig is ready to leave after the first ten minutes, having to be out on the golf course ,he can’t afford to drink anything stronger than a Dr. Pepper.

But you should see BETHANY doing her SALOME dance of the seven veils . Now this is the gal that keeps singing about her love for the LORD and how Christ is the center of her life and all that. Well you be the judge. My fellow Christians ,what I’ve described to you is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg of depravity that prevails at the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK.


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