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Dave Christiano : Mass manipulator and marketeer of low budget film and DVD productions,As seen and heard on CROSSTALK.

January 30, 2013

Paul writes in Rom.5:20, “Where sin abounds, grace abounds much more”.

My Fellow Christians : Let me say this: “Where gullibility abounds ,charlatans abound even more.” And the best place to prove this saying ,is to simply tune in to the very citadel of religious deceit and clever political manipulations: Milwaukee’s very own Hall of Shame :the VCY AMERICA broadcast Network and their flagship programming : The Crosstalk ,hour-long call in talk show.

It seems that there’s a clever group of charlatans going to various churches all over the country, trying to peddle their cheaply made film productions ,dealing with the major moral issues of our day: people kissing!

After listening to Dave Cristiano [producer], trying to put one over all the imbeciles who ardently listen to every charlatan appearing on the cross talk presentation ,I can’t help but think that Christendom’s woes are in no small part due to the gullibility and naiveté of the Christian masses ,and those who are low down enough to take advantage of their stupidity.

Dave’s thinking is to simply raise the bar of purity in America by making and distributing morality themed productions , because you can’t expect anything good or wholesome from the porn producers in Hollywood ,and by extension the cable networks. This, Dave believes ,is worth doing, and can only help or even reduce the rate of moral decline in America.And so begins the filming and production of several morality plays ,which can be traced to Roman Catholic manuals for Sacramental Living. Stuff ,so outdated, even the nuns refuse to teach from them.
His goal is to have parents teach the value of moral and sexual purity to their teenagers ; to the extent of deliberately avoiding the dreaded kissing act.

Dave was honest enough to tell us that most of the pastors he tried to peddle his movies to refused to buy them, and most of his PURITY PACKS of DVD.s were returned to him.

But now , Dave,never one to take no for an answer ,he nonchalantly appears on the very mother lode of mind manipulation and hate mongering ;Vic Eliason’s very own baby :CROSSTALK AMERICA. And here he has a ready-made audience of easy to trick ,mindless boobs ,eager to believe any quick fix to America’s major moral disasters.

The themes of his several productions can be traced not only to Catholic instructional manuals but also to the great operas ,dealing with Love ,jealousy,
immorality and betrayal. There’s nothing new under the sun!

But Dave wants to make some easy money, and so he appears on a network where they speak his language. After being unable to unload his masterpieces to the pastors of many fundamentalist denominations ,he comes willing to negotiate his price downward . Selling his great work for 3-4 bucks each ,means ,he’ll take whatever he can get. You get what you pay for. The reason the stuff is that cheap is because it’s junk, and can’t sell for more. In fact ,the DVD.s may not even be worth the tape they’re burned on.

But what is it that really bugs me about this kind of stuff. It’s just like the six-day creation cheats and swindlers ,who take advantage of all the less astute in the Christian Faith ;trying to talk them into buying their nonsensical “proofs” of the Scientific Basis of OUR FAITH or those demanding an end to abortion.
In each case ,these money-grubbing vultures fail to disclose the consequences of their ridiculous positions. Consequences that have a deleterious effect on the Christian Community and result in untold millions losing their faith and trust in the ETERNAL CHRIST.
They never tell you of the millions of six-day creationists ,especially the school age ,who believe that GENESIS is an accurate account of human biology ,only to learn later on, that they were deceived and cheated out of a proper education.How many youngsters have been lost to the cause of Christ,due to the abject cunning and deliberate exploitation of America’s Evangelical crowd. ?

And how many Christian families have suffered needlessly due to the deliberately induced fear on the part of America’s unscrupulous Pastors and Bible teachers

,preventing a Christian mother from having an abortion very much needed, to save her life? Imagine the endless tears at her funeral ,think of the children bereft of their mother, think of the heartbreak of the husband and father to her small children, who must remain and live without their greatest treasure: their mother who bore them. But what does all this mean to the low down money-grubbing vultures who endlessly peddle their ideology of fear and stupidity? It means nothing to these gifted charlatans, nothing at all. Think of all those disillusioned by the idiots and who eventually give up on following the ETERNAL CHRIST. All this,due to being taken advantage of relentlessly, by these clever diabolical monstrosities pretending to be Pastors and church leaders ,claiming to know the mind of God. All the while they steep themselves deep into every form of sexual depravity known to the mind of man, and the same time demand tithes and donations from you, and to be made to them on time and in increasing size.
This is the main contributor to the demise of Christian culture in America today ,and all thanks to the perverts and con artists ,many of which ,you listen to daily.

In keeping with the disillusionment that must surely come about on the part of the Christian youth, who attempt some form of total chastity ,even to avoid the dreaded act of kissing ,is another reason to expose the scam artists who make these idiotic offers.

What would be the consequences to a young Christian girl who refuses any contact with any young man of her own age and to only be let down and betrayed by her male friends or by her future husband ,years after her wedding? Given the nature of human clay ,this cannot help but happen. But Big Dave doesn’t tell you about that , does he? He wants you to trust him. Will he be there for your son or daughter when they see the hypocrisy of all those in their church and in their own household? When they realize that they were tricked into believing something which is unrealistic ,even in Biblical times.
But Dave will be living it up with all the other flim flam movie producers who are just as apt tp produce hard corn porn as they are to make Christian themed morality play DVDs.
What Dave proposes is a turn to a modern form of Pharisaism ,where the impure suffer and die. Remember the story of THE WOMAN CAUGHT IN ADULTERY? Did she start kissing boys at a young age?
If the impure are rejected by the so-called pure ,who will the impure find to marry? If a young man who has slept with hundreds of young females in High School ,decides to renounce any sexual activity ,does that make him PURE?

Is he pure enough to marry a young Christian Girl who chooses to remain a total virgin? Who will be taking advantage of whom in the marriage bed? All this is a recipe for a moral disaster which would make what we are currently dealing with pale in comparison.
But does DAVE care? Where will Dave be when your daughter commits suicide due to the lies and betrayal on the part of her husband who promised her purity but gave her filth and depravity? Why this bastard will be living it up with all the other flim flam movie makers who are just as apt to produce porn as anything else. Even a Christian themed morality play DVD! Dave will be chuckling up his sleeve, laughing at all of you, who were stupid enough to believe his sales pitch.

What is the solution to the moral disaster we face?— Take action against the international maggots who are primarily responsible for the sales and production of porn. Put them in concentration camps.
Get rid of the scam artists in the ministry ,stick them inside any camp they choose. Allow for our young to marry at an early age by providing them with jobs and housing and allowances to start healthy families. Given them back their identity. And of the many other useful and productive things to offer our youth ,there’s something this culture has always denied them: their rightful place in the world.


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