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Turn your radio on and listen to the deceptions and lies brought to you daily on Pseudo-Christian Radio: REJOICE RADIO [RBN]and the hyenas of Milwaukee :THE VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK.

February 5, 2013

My Fellow Christians: This is one of the biggest deceptions you will hear ,currently making the rounds on one of America’s top Christian Radio Broadcast Networks. [RBN] In the day of FALSE SUPERLATIVES this truism takes the proverbial cake:

Rejoice Radio—Station Needs;….[ This is nothing but a cheap attempt to convince you to donate your hard-earned cash into their coffers. ]
Raise support for new station KPCS in Minnesota (Princeton/Minneapolis/
St. Paul), which needs $4,500 each month to pay utilities and tower rent.
Stations that did not meet monthly operating costs for January:
FL, Pensacola
FL, Vero Beach
GA, Rome
IN, Lafayette
IN, Wabash
MI, Muskegon
MI, Port Huron
MN, Princeton
MS, Hattiesburg
MS, Meridian
NE, Grand Island

These deceivers fail to mention how the salaries to all the parasitic charlatans who pose as employees at the Rejoice Radio Network, somehow always managed to get paid on time!

More than just salaries and expense accounts,they also receive enough hard cash to maintain their lifestyles of abject luxury and decadence.

Just how do you think they can live in the mansions and expensive homes with ocean views ? Where do they get the money enabling them to become some of the richest men and women in the state of FLORIDA?

In the age of false superlatives ,the one truism you can carry all the way to the bank is : RBN has been successfully engaged in a master swindle ,involving all the gullible imbeciles in their listenership.

The only way to understand how these jokers play the con game is to call them and ask them how it is, that they always find the money to pay their top celebrities, such as ;CRAIG MATTSON< Caleb Keener ,JIMMY MINCE ,Dr. Don Smith ,and let's not forget the "apple of the eye" to all the sworn enemies of JESUS CHRIST : Dr. JOEL JEW JEW MULLINEX.

But there are many more salivating hyenas , gathering around the never-ending supply of fresh carrion. Big time song writers
and record selling divas like RHONDA AUTRY and Bethany Crawford ,these ladies want to GET PAID for services rendered.

Where does the money come from and WHERE does it go?
The rejoice radio operation is just that: a major fundraising enterprise that has allowed every dubious financial transaction to fly under the radar ,thanks to the convenience of having been granted by the FCC, a license to broadcast, and to solicit free money ,as well as the broad umbrella, of a faith-based non-profit ,money-making scam .

When they ask you in subtle form for money, or in the language of an experienced extortionist ,rest assured ,all these lying pieces of filth see in you, is a resource to be mined.
Take away the money-making profit motive and I guarantee you, that none of these bastards would ever again mention the name of the GREAT NAZARENE as long as they lived. Except that is, in a blasphemous context.

Whereas some have started to catch on to these professional pseudo-religion pickpockets ,they have an endless number of fellow cheats and swindlers, waiting on the sidelines to further indoctrinate you into believing that you will increase your rewards in the afterlife, by GIVING and SACRIFICING and sharing your wealth, with these criminal minded SONS of BITCHES.
One of their main allies in the dugout of deceit ,waiting to take the field, is the clever trickster and playacting cheat, a professional liar :DR. ERWIN LUTZER.

This bastard is Christian Radio’s number one blasphemer and mocker of all that is pure and holy . You had to hear his Christmas message ,designed to wound millions of Christians ,who were hoping only to Celebrate the Season in a spirit of peace and purity .

But that was too much to ask from this lying ass hole . This clever charade playing charlatan is out to drum up business for any and all who can pay his price.
Why do you think RBN puts him on the air ? His expertise deals with the rewards in the hereafter.
“Give and it will be returned to you ,pressed down and shaken together and foaming up at the sides.”

That’s the nut of his idiotic sermons,all designed to drum up the cash donations, and help the vultures working the scam at RBN,
a bigger and bigger end of year bonus and salary increase.

The one piece of insightful information I can give you ,my comrades, is that in the world of deceit and swindle, you will never fail to see charlatans gravitating and gathering together with other charlatans just like themselves. And as a kettle of vultures ,they come together with common cause . And that is to RIP YOU OFF by ROBBING YOU BLIND.

Have you noticed my comrades ,how in this world of make-believe religion,all the money-grubbing vultures reveal little or nothing about how they spend the fortune they have made by working the CHRISTIAN RADIO SCAM.
They will only allow the folksy trivia, that can only help to re-enforce their own made to order false image of piety. This false image is what they hope to project over on the gullible jerks in the Baptist/ Fundamentalist/Evangelical mob.
This is exactly what they all do. Remember TED HAGGARD ,the family values kingpin who made millions convincing the idiots that he was pro family and anti-degeneracy.A real straight-laced paragon of virtue.

Remember JIM BAKKER and JIM SWAGGART? These bastards were obsessed with the fame and fortune and in the end this is how they were caught. I truly believe that Bakker believed he was innocent up to the moment he heard the cell door slamming shut behind him.
Swaggart was done in by his own vile instincts,impulses he could not control. A bandana and a beard and he became invincible and invisible to all the trusting fools ,who thought he had repented and sought forgiveness from THE LORD. How sadly mistaken they were.

In all cases the template of swindle and exploitation remains the same. They present themselves as an honest ministry of sorts ,this is the hook, And then they slowly reel you in. It’s easy to do,all it takes is a convincing voice and that’s reason enough to find REJOICE RADIO inundated with actors and cheap hustlers like Rhonda Autry and Myna Ogilsbie. Then comes the subtle demands for your loot. They try the “listener supported” approach ,and then slowly slide into the MISSIONARY outreach for Africa Racket.
This is one of VIC ELIASON’S best tricks he uses, to raise easy money. Vic ,is the operator of the VCY AMERICA NETWORK.
I’ll be writing about this gang in the coming days. For now, all you need to know about the VCY AMERICA swindle is that just as Rejoice Radio uses Christian themed music and messages, from out of the mouths of dead preachers , Vic and the gang at VCY use the political issue hustle .
These two gangs are up to their necks with every form of chicanery these clever hustlers can think up;and they’ve been at it for many decades. And so, this explains the incredible wealth they possess and enjoy;all the while the morons that have supported them are on FOOD STAMPS . And Vic condemns anyone from obtaining food stamps, after helping to put people into poverty. He laughs at their pitiful condition.

Whether in this world or in the world to come ,both of these lying packs of hustlers will obtain their just rewards.

If the prayer Racket for Africa fails ,and this happens at times ,then they employ the slick snake in the grass ,known by his stage name as DR. DON Smith. He’s the concessionaire at the FAMILY PRAYER TIME RACKET STAND. And this trick really brings in the bucks for all the vultures in the studios of REJOICE RADIO.
It’s quite a sight to see DR.DON jump up when he hears the mailman enter the mailroom. In fact the administrative staff have their moment of hilarity watching Don picking up his seat cushion, and running into the mailroom,settling down and quietly opening the letters addressed to him . Letters containing urgent requests for prayer, healing and financial assistance. The staff loves to watch as he winnows the checks and money orders out of the envelopes and placing them in a nice neat pile.

The jerk never bothers to read the requests for healing prayer ; but when he’s assured that the checks are out and the hard cash is stuffed into his two top shirt pockets…[Don always wear a two pocket shirt with flaps, to make sure the money stays inside.]…. he motions to the Mexican handyman to put the letters in the bin to be shredded. Now if hard cash comes in and it’s a nice crisp twenty-dollar bill, then Don lets out with a ooooHOOO!. This cracks everyone up. If it’s more than a twenty ,Don goes into paroxysms.

This is what it is like to live a life of depravity and decadence ,cheating God’s people. It eventually rots the souls of all the lying scumbags who rip off the gullible and will eventually lead them to the very gates of HELL.

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS . Til next time; GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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