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BEWARE the perilous road .From REJOICE RADIO [RBN] to VCY AMERICA ;The path leading directly to perdition.

February 20, 2013

My Fellow Christians: Sooner or later the average Christian will find himself on the circuitous and tortured route, that begins with Belief quickly leading to Faith ,and from here he soon arrives at the intersection of Trust and Confidence . This is where the toll road charge is collected. From here ,the perilous journey continues through twists and turns in the road until the Black forest of exploitation , fraud and abuse suddenly appear. The Christian traveler can hardly believe the view from the window of his motor car. Depravity and deceit from every angle he can clearly see. It must be a mistake . Something went wrong at the intersection. But the driver is the same , the map shows clearly the true course ;but who can explain the circumstances. Who can give a reason ,who can tell why ? But how can you escape so great a wrong ,so great a breach of trust? Here is where the anxiety begins until the final stop in the journey rises up from out of the forest of despair. And here one sees the sign high on top the city’s gate which reads : WELCOME to the land of perilous journey ;you have now entered the city called Eternal Disillusionment ,founded by some of the greatest liars, cheats, swindlers and charlatans your naive and gullible brain paid with uncompensated abiding faith and financial support. WHAT NOW CHRISTIAN? Who do you think will bail you out? How can you hope to deal with this great betrayal?

When will the Christian Community finally say : ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Why not start with your local church. Ask why it is that your pastor earns hundreds of thousands of dollars, but is only seen once a week on Sunday morning. Where is he the rest of the time.

Why not call your favorite Christian radio broadcast station and ask them to tell you what exactly are they doing with all the money they wring out of the hides of all their devoted listenership.

Now churches vary according to their size and length of time they have been in business ,and the same is true about Christian Radio Broadcasters ;but one outfit that comes immediately to mind is the venerable and long-lasting group called REJOICE RADIO.

This outfit has really put out the time and effort to provide a presentation that has tricked and deceived countless millions of listeners over the decades. The main scam they have perfected centers around their ability to hide behind the religiosity produced by the musical sentimentality of their country gospel repertoire.

This fact alone, allows them the freedom to live their own lives as sordid as they see fit . Few of the gullible listeners can separate the heavy laden sentimentality of lyrics from what they hear out of the twisted mouths of the cold callous swindlers who interject themselves cunningly between selections . The Country Gospel music is the bait. Don’t fall for it.

But as easy as it is for some to understand the ins and outs of this diabolical plan to cheat you ,the majority of BAPTIST/FUNDAMENTALIST/EVANGELICAL roobs cannot.

But no plan of deception remains full proof ;there are cracks and flaws in the best of them. Some are so obvious that only a deaf ,dumb and blind person can fail to connect the dots. Again ,let’s look at the REJOICE RADIO scam that is closely affiliated with VCY AMERICA and allows this seriously demented enterprise to put on the CROSSTALK AMERICA call-in talk show.

Anyone with half a brain can immediately recognize the VCY AMERICA gang as a hate filled ,hate mongering group, whose main purpose is to provide a ready-made platform for any and every two-bit scam artist to appear ; and to make their convoluted pitch to an extremely uneducated audience. And thereby enticing them to render their financial support for whatever bankrupt cause they are espousing. Their hatred is primarily directed at those who appear on the margins of society and have little means to respond back ; nor do they have the inclination to do so. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

But it brings in the bucks .This type of invective they direct at Catholics , Mormons and Muslims is ready-made fodder for all the imbalanced listeners such as ROBERT from Birmingham England or Dorothy from Olney Illinois to work up an appetite for action . Providing them with an outlet for their own neurosis can be lucrative.

But the mere fact that millions of supposedly believing and discerning Christians cannot connect the dots and understand that by REJOICE RADIO Broadcast Network ,aligning themselves with this decrepit gang of reprobates [VCY AMERICA] disqualifies them for all Eternity from ever calling themselves a Christian ministry. But what does the Gospel of Christ mean to all the criminal minded cheats and swindlers operating out of the studios of REJOICE RADIO? Nothing.

All these bastards care about is the financial support they receive from out of the pockets of the hardworking country bumpkins and all the Sunbelt seniles .
Anyone who knows anything about the Gospel of Christ knows that marriage followed by divorce and remarriage is tantamount to committing adultery. But what do all these money-grubbing vultures care about purity and Christian morality? Again the answer is absolutely nothing.
If it made a difference would they be promoting Bethany Crawford ,a sincere sounding ,Christian lyric singing little phony who quite often is seen in the company of colored men. What does that do for her Christian testimony ? Whereas it isn’t against the law for her to be seen in the company of colored men ,it clearly indicates to any and all,that she doesn’t really have THE LORD as the center of her life ,as one constantly hears in the lyrics of the songs, which have made her a small fortune in royalties. Whatever conclusion you can draw from this , it is a conclusion that need not be further defined. But for Bethany ,and as well as for Myna  Oglesby,, Rhonda Autry and all the other little whores of BABYLON getting rich working it ,at RBN,
the question is : who speaks for the countless families torn apart by their callous disregard they have for their own children,for the fathers of their children , and for their husbands? And the men who tossed the mothers of their small children under the bus ,thereby forever rendering them incapable to understand the need to be tender-hearted mothers to their own offspring.

Does REJOICE RADIO care about the professional and legally sanctioned adultery that exists within the ranks of their employee roster? I don’t think so. Would Myna Ogilsby  be allowed to address the student body of Pensacola Christian College if that Judas Iscariot who thinks he’s a Bible teacher of the campus church as well as the entire school administration had an ounce of integrity in their bones.

” The hip bone connected to the cheekbone ,now hear the word of the LORD.”

The joke is on all the morons who listen and believe all the playacting from the mouths of Rhonda Autry and CRAIG MATTSON. Who by the way are both highly skilled actors in their own right. Myna has a long history of multiple marriages and has left in her wake broken families and weeping children. Thanks Myna ,you really are a GREAT CHRISTIAN LADIES CONFERENCE SPEAKER!

But what about you ,my Dear Christian Fool? Can’t you understand what they are doing to you? All they are doing is engaging you in a lot of theatrical mumbo jumbo in order to impress you with their phony baloney religiosity. It’s hard to believe ,I know, but the truth is that CRAIG MATTSON is a clever trickster who earns a huge salary doling out more sincere sounding lies , all of which can bend IRON BEAMS!

The same is true for every single other swindler you hear presented to you by the deliberately cunning and fraudulent religion racketeers running things at the STUDIOS OF RBN!

This includes : Dr; Don Smith, the lying sack of horse manure that swindles the sunbelt seniles out of their social security money ;and then there’s Dr. ERWIN LUTZER ; this character has been playing the prophecy scam since his teen years. And he has become incredibly rich by doing so. In fact all the clever jokers you hear on RBN are extremely wealthy. Pastor JOHN DUNLAP who claims to have headed a church but fails to mention how many times he was run out of town for waking up in the wrong bedroom .

It doesn’t matter their names or the titles they hold ;all you need to know is simply, when you listen to RBN you are on a perilous journey that will take you to the final destination called BETRAYAL AND DISILLUSIONMENT! The Lord will never reward your stupidity. The Lord has no use for those who cannot tell when they are supporting the modern-day Pharisees ;the sworn enemies of JESUS CHRIST.
Supporting the rotten sons of bitches at RBN is to continue to reward their depravity and deceit. They already are some of the richest folks in FLORIDA! Think about that the next time they tell you they are LISTENER SUPPORTED! you are supporting their decadent lifestyles!
This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS! Til next time ;GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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