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February 26, 2013

My Dear Christian People: For sometime, I’ve been warning the listeners of the VCY AMERICA CROSSTALK PROGRAMMING of the abject evil that emanates from those seated behind the microphones of the vcy america broadcast network.

Those who claim to speak God’s truth, must first demonstrate that they can effectively promote Christian truth and love within their own household. Frankly ,this comes as no surprise that the owner and manager of VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK would be seriously flawed in promoting any type of truth ,from whatever source and from whatever direction.

Vic Elason has a serious problem with the TRUTH and it manifests itself in his dealings with his many employees and members of his own immediate family.

Many of you already know this ,therefore I’m inviting you to read the words of his own daughter ;INGRID SCHLUETER as written in her own words and appearing on her blog.

What is of particular interest are the reactions of those who have listened to the VCY produced Crosstalk program and did not have a clue as to the evil and demonic nature of INGRID’S FATHER. If you have the time read it for yourself ,and keep in mind that this is nothing more than the tip of the ice-berg.

UPDATE:…I have just gotten off the phone with one of the members of the VCY Board this evening, and Tom and I have been assured that despite appearances, our emails authoritatively have been deleted. I want to state in the strongest possible terms that had our initial request for deletion been respected weeks ago instead of being ignored, none of this would have happened. When we first discovered that our old emails were active, we were told (May 20) that the email forwarding had been changed. It had not been changed and the forwarding of my mail continued for over a week until we discovered it. This is what created our concern today that our emails may still not have been deleted. We have had zero communication on these issues from anyone except the board member who has graciously worked to help us. We are deeply grateful to him for communicating directly with us in a clear-cut and Christian manner. That’s all we have ever wanted. Tom and I only went public when we had to alert those using my old address that their personal emails were being accessed by someone other than me. We had no other recourse, and we stand by that decision. We trust that this is the end of this issue.*

My sincere apologies for having to raise this issue in a public forum, let alone a forum that I have tried to keep a place of encouragement.

For several years, my primary email has been I had it posted for four years on my About page as a way to get in touch with me here at my personal Hope Blog. If you still have that email address, as many of you do, please stop using it immediately.

I am no longer with VCY America as of Monday, May 16, and our son, email administrator at the time, deleted my account prior to my resignation. I learned last week that after my resignation letter was received, my email account there was resurrected and the incoming emails directed into Vic Eliason’s email in box. In that my account was used, as Vic’s is, for both personal and ministry mail, many are unaware that their emails are going to VCY America and not me. As of this morning, fully a week after my initial demand that the account be deleted, mails are still going through and are not bouncing back, showing that the account is still active.

This is a gross violation of my privacy and that of anyone else who uses that address in good faith. At no time was I as an employee informed that upon my departure, my account would be started up again for purposes of reading my incoming mail. The excuse that it was a “corporate account” and appeals to Wisconsin State Statutes are meaningless in the face of simple Christian kindness and family relationships involved here. You can win the legal case and lose everything else that matters in life.

As of this morning, I have asked for an immediate response and have received none from my father or anyone else at the ministry regarding this shameful situation. I am only going public because friends of mine are finding their emails going into a black hole. Because they are not bouncing back from a deleted account, they believe I have received the emails and have ignored them. In reality, they are going into Vic’s email. Additionally, they are seen by the Administrator. That is a violation not only of my privacy but that of my friends and colleagues who send email to that address. For a Christian organization, this is inexcusable.

In that private attempts to address this have failed, I am publicly calling on my father, Vic Eliason, to permanently delete both and and to show respect for his daughter and son-in-law who have a combined 45 years of service and over $26,000 dollars worth of donations given to the ministry just in the last few years. If basic love and respect can’t compel you to delete these accounts, what will?

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May 27, 2011 at 21:13

Gayla Prather

Ingrid, your FATHER? Your father is behind this? I didn’t know know that he was your father. This is terrible. I am SO sorry. I didn’t even know you had resigned from VCY until you mentioned this today on FB. This treatment from any professing believer is bad enough, but it coming from one’s own parent is unconscionable. Praying this situation gets resolved VERY soon.

May 27, 2011 at 21:45


please tell me is going on—-is no one honest anymore. I can’t trust a station like VCY how can we trust.

May 27, 2011 at 21:57

Ingrid Schlueter

Darlene, when sin is dismissed as “just family issues”, this is what happens. Please see my post, Choose Your Legacy. These matters have been repeatedly addressed in private over many years to no avail. Matthew 18 has been followed to no avail. I am sorry this had to go public, but this email issue affects more than me, it affects anyone who emails me at that long-time address. If you send something to that address, you have a reasonable expectation that I am the recipient, not the Executive Director or anyone else at the ministry. Again, I am sorry this had to go public. I would add that the moment I am assured in writing that our emails have been deleted, I will update this post. Until then, I will assume that VCY is maintaining the status quo.

May 27, 2011 at 23:00


Thank you for responding so quickly. Please keep us informed as to what is going
on. I will miss you. I never missed going to your blog. Always so glad to read what you wrote and listen and watch the video’s. May the Lord bless and heal the family.

May 27, 2011 at 23:05

Ingrid Schlueter

I’ll still be here at the Hope Blog, and hope to getting back to posting positive things next week.

May 28, 2011 at 00:00

Lisa Turner

Ing – of course, you know Russ and I continue to stand with you and Tom and are praying with you about a situation that has needed addressing for so long. Thank you for having the courage to be the voice of truth in our family, even at great cost. I love you, Sis.

May 28, 2011 at 00:05

Ingrid Schlueter

Lisa, I remember this from the 80′s so long ago. I think you’re the one who introduced me to it. Thank you.
have we seen such a serious attempt to put a lid on the corruptible dealings of some of America’s vile religion fraud peddlers.

Quite often in the Soviet Union ,undesirables were simply dispatched to the happy hunting grounds for luckless party hacks

but in the case of Ingrid Schlueter , her curmudgeon of a crusty old fart of a father ,simply shoved her under the bus. And as in the

Soviet System ,no one is ever again allowed to publicly mention her name . She is now listed among the names

discreetly spelled out under the nomenklatura of : NON-PERSON.

No one ,not even Brannon Howse is to mention her name or ask about her ever again.. WHERE’S INGRID VIC ?

Why do you hate your daughter and your grandchild VIC? That’s what INGRID HAS BEEN SAYING ABOUT YOU VIC!

Pity all the idiots like that autistic sounding moron that calls in to the CROSSTALK program ,on a daily basis , by the name of SHAWN ,from Chattanooga Tenn.

And many others ,that enjoy kissing the rear ends of the VCY AMERICA STAFF. for a chance to spew out their unintelligible drivel. And Vic is right there to take advantage of their stupidity.

And whatever loose change he can pick up along the way..

In all seriousness, can this claptrap of an outfit that broadcasts as VCY AMERICA crosstalk ever be called a MINISTRY?

I’m sure that many of the imbeciles that trust these filthy bastards that operate behind the scenes at the VCY AMERICA broadcast studios are too stupid to understand what is happening to them.

And there are quite a few too blind to see that these swindlers are sponsored by another equally vile and deceitful gang of pseudo religion crooks ,that work under the ALIAS of the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK .

These jokers really have their scam down pat. Just give a listen to the daily dose of deceit spilling out of the mouths of CRAIG MATTSON , DON SMITH :the professional senior citizen . And then we have Denille Combe : the deep-throated and very sultry sexy sounding gal they picked up to add a little spice to their fund-raising activities.

Denille ,working the phones in a former career was skilled at giving good phone, and now she’s putting her expertise to good use by giving good radio!

The pros over at the studios of Pensacola Christian College really got all the bases covered. It helps during their fund-raising operations . It brings in the big bucks!

Be smart ,never support either one of these two scam outfits ,deceivers, and professional pickpockets.

This is the image of REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK’S true behind the scene boss. This is why RBN should be renamed the REJEWISH BROADCAST NETWORK!

This is why CRAIG MATTSON loves to play his Jewish medley of music.

He knows who signs his paycheck every month. By the way ,the pickpockets working their scam operations at Pensacola Christian College need more money.

Help the jews get richer than they already are and send your donations to support their radio ministry

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