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Phony Christian Radio Broadcasters offer you nothing but scam artists ,looking to rip you off!

March 2, 2013

Is it that hard to understand that a phony Christian Radio broadcast network ,which invites guests to appear to enlighten the listenership, would be just as phony as their hosts? All the invited guests ,you hear and listen to on the CROSSTALK AMERICA call in talk show are just as big a bunch of charlatans as the hosts of the show.Now and then ,very rarely ,someone will stumble in ,totally unaware what they have gotten themselves in, and once they understand how the game is played, never return.

What you are hearing from the VCY AMERICA studios is a very clever,well planned out money-making operation, that uses all the chicanery at its disposal. They follow the old tried and true “play for pay” scam . This earned millions for the D.J.s spinning records for payola. Only this gang of scumbags uses the same technique on all those with websites and have a particular political,religious or social slant, designed to whip up an audience of gullible but willing to donate imbeciles. Once these con artists get on the air , they invite the morons in the audience to visit their websites ,where they can see an obvious donation box. And so the money rolls in.

And all this for just appearing on the evil and conniving CROSSTALK AMERICA PROGRAM. Just ask Phyllis Schlafley or any of the six day creation gang to find out how the scam works for them. How does VCY AMERICA make money?:From donations ,from where do you think? HA HA HA HA … WHY DO YOU LISTEN TO CROSSTALK ON VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK? Is it to hear what happened to INGRID SCHLUETER? Confess your sins VIC, we’re on to you BOY!

My Dear Christian People:.. Conducting a radio survey to figure out how many listeners actually listen to a particular program costs money. And usually means that the radio network is either thinking of expanding its operations or is facing real problems. The crosstalk program ,produced by a clever gang of religious hypocrites from Milwaukee conducted a survey on today’s program , and on the cheap. They simply invited the listenership to call in to tell the whole world why they listen to crosstalk. Easy enough to do. But given that they are constantly badgering the audience to “Tell a friend” about the show ,it leads me to believe they are not doing that great with the public. Can you imagine a successful talk show begging its audience to beat the bushes for more listeners? Can you imagine any of the talk show hosts such as; Limbaugh or Savage ,O’ Reilly putting the screws to their audience for listener support? The stations themselves would’ve cancelled them long before that were ever to happen. But not when dealing with free airtime operations ,provided by the FCC to cheap sleazy pseudo-Christian religion swindlers such as: Vic Eliason, Brannon Howse , Jim Schneider ,and all those in related monstrosities operating from Pensacola [Rejoice Radio]..

On these claptrap scam operations ,there’s very little oversight ,given the shrouded nature of first amendment protected religious programming. But all it is ,to any intelligent and observant listener ,is a very clever and mean-spirited phony religion ministry ,that has raked in huge amounts of money. And all of it ,just there for the taking. Given the incredible stupidity and gullibility of the Christian faith community in America ,it should come as no surprise. The so-called open survey conducted by one of the crafty and clever broadcast operators in the business is indicative as just how low these lying scumbags will go to promote their own lucrative operations ,while exposing the average listener for the mindless idiot he or she really is. No, Vic Eliason has no misgivings or second thoughts about scandalizing the abject stupidity affecting the lives of millions of Evangelical jerks in america by putting it on public parade.

You would think, that as a matter of simple courtesy, he would hide the inherent shame that follows ignorance and idiocy, affecting the people of faith. But Vic takes great pleasure in showing it all off ,even to the enemies of Jesus Christ who salivate at the moronic and imbecilic state the Christian Church and Faith have fallen to. I ‘m convinced that a large part of his so-called loyal audience, listens daily, to hear Vic Eliason possibly stick his foot in his mouth,yet again. Or better yet , to hear someone with the nerve enough to call in and ask Vic about INGRID SCHLUETER!! What did you do to Ingrid Vic? Now that would make for some serious entertainment,don’t you think?

But what is it that draws the incredibly naïve and gullible to Christian radio programming. Do these vultures provide them with a true service? That question is one that requires an understanding of the psychological un-met needs of any segment of the listening radio audience at any given time. Given the inability for the many Christians on the bottom step of the social ladder to interact in any social setting ,they quite often listen to feel they are participating in some type of social interaction;one that is passive and more importantly ,non-threatening ,free of intimidation and embarrassment. Christian radio programming frees the urban hicks and grits eating hillbillies from ever having to undergo the stressful act of having to introduce themselves to another church member .

It frees them from the responsibility of having to get dressed in a manner appropriate, for church attendance. It gets them up to speed about all the vital and urgent points of information dealing with abortion, homeschooling, and who to vote for. Staying home and hearing some invited guest swindler appearing on Vic’s crosstalk program ,to talk about gun control, abortion, or inoculations for infants , at least gives the listener a modicum of talking points that relieves him from ever having to risk asking stupid questions about these vital matters ,and thereby show his ignorance in front of others. The bottom line is that the majority of listeners never have to worry about improving their pitiful situation and so become totally dependent of swindlers such as Vic , Craig Mattson, Caleb Keener , Larry Pratt and the whole gang of rough riders that push buttons in the brains of the feeble   , but never allow them to use their own faculties.

What a perfect set up. From this point ,all the clever hypocrites working both end of the line can use any and all means by which to lighten the wallets of all the less astute in the audience. Whether it’s the country gospel sound of REJOICE radio and all the well-worn verses of scripture ,hinting at donating ,giving, sharing, sacrificing and so on; or the clever antics of Craig Mattson .who comes on with his witty commentary or proverbs reading ,again designed to deflect criticism of the scam operation he draws a salary from ;it’s all carefully crafted to cover their real intentions. You don’t need to guess what they are. These racketeers are in business to raise as much cash any way they ca n. If it comes from your pocket ,it hardly needs to be recorded . It just goes right into their petty cash drawer for expenses.

And since these vultures are located in Pensacola Beach ,there’s no need to guess where a good part of this money goes. It goes to support whoredom and every manner of depravity known to man,and Craig Mattson is right there in the thick of it. He basically gets paid for a well crafted performance and his exceptional skill at lying with a straight face. This bastard lies with a virtuosity that bends iron beams.

The mere fact that Rejoice radio supports Vic’s crosstalk programming should be enough evidence to convince any skeptic, as to the moral integrity of con artists such as Craig, Caleb, Rhonda Autry and many others ,who profit from the shameful stupidity of the less astute who make up the majority in the Evangelical faith community. THE MONEY IS GOOD!

But what does that say about Craig Mattson ,every time you hear him spouting some clever homily? It says that the jackass is conning you,friend! Would you like to read a more insightful glance at the REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK and how they cleverly and deliberately set about to trick you, deceive you,and to cheat you? THEN READ ON: Thon March 21–22, 2012 $85,000 Goal 6 A.M.–11 P.M. CT 1-800-726-1191 Dear Friend of RBN, Rejoice Radio is on the air for you and because of you.

Through your prayers and financial gifts, we are able to reach many people across the country and around the world. Please tell friends and relatives about the uplifting Christian music and programming available in their areas. Rejoice Broadcast Network’s Spring Share-a-Thon on March 21–22 provides the perfect opportunity for faithful listeners to become Share Partners with RBN. Our $85,000 goal is to continue building support for our newest station KPCS, 89.7 fm in Princeton, MN ($4,000 monthly operational costs) and also to help our home station WPCS, 89.5 fm and several struggling stations. Pledges will be taken from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT. If you made a pledge in the Fall Share-a-Thon, we thank you. If you would like to make a new pledge or increase your present pledge, now is the time to do so. Many listeners set up a monthly credit or debit card donation to support Rejoice Radio in their area. You can call 1-800-726-1191 to set up your pledge. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your faithful prayers and support. Most cordially yours, Tonita Ohman Program Director

My Dear Christians: The scam artistry never ends. Ask yourselves ,do you feel obligated to support a group of radio celebrities who are living in a luxury lifestyle ,pretending they are in deep financial need? Are you even aware of the depravity that exists within the phony Evangelical community residing in Pensacola, Florida? Do you really know what goes on behind the scenes during these SHARE A THONS? You only hear a lot of sentimentality and scriptural charade game playing to convince you to send in your money to the RBN station. But would you donate if you could see all the radio celebrities you listen to daily behaving like a bunch of animals in the zoo? What if you were to see Linda Fannin with her legs wrapped around Caleb Keener’s waste while she was on the phone announcing the names of all the gullible Evangelical morons calling in to provide these blood suckers with the funds they need to pay their bills ,make mortgage payments and take vacations to Israel. Would you still donate? During this fund-raiser, they will be using” Robert”, the charismatic cross dressing homosexual from Birmingham ,England who calls in to the CROSS TALK RADIO CALL IN SHOW, produced by VCY AMERICA, to answer the phones. So this should be fun to listen to. stay strong ,stay smart and leave these religion hustlers alone. Don’t let these clever con-artists hustle you out of your cash. Always remember: Unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish world plague,the Jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity..

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