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As Day Follows Night,As Hyenas Are Drawn To Carrion ,So do the pseudo Christian religion Hustlers Seek out the Gullible.

March 7, 2013

My Fellow Christians:

– NO MAN IS AN ISLAND- :human progress is measured by the extent to which man has succeeded in organizing his talents,abilities and strengths for the benefit of the group ,which in turn guarantees the survival of the individual .

All discovery and inventions ,spring from the mind of an individual

but only in bringing them into the service of others can the wheel of human progress notch forward ,step by torturous step.

In today’s world of eternal struggle ,instead of Super Nova ,we see one or more groups ganging up on those vital forces that exist within our national culture, including an essential aspect to our existence as civilized humanity : the Christian Faith .

Christianity is the essential ingredient to all that man considers decent,virtuous ,ethical ,without which he would revert back to a form of bestial vegetation .

Precisely due to its foundational importance ,many unscrupulous and criminal minded groups and individuals seek to exploit the weaknesses in their fellow-man ;for the sake of their own short-lived financial gain, and in the furtherance of their celebrity status.

Remember how popular the various Televangelist racketeers were ,each one plying his own variation of the dictum that “There’s a sucker born every minute”

Remember the hypocrisy of the JIMMY SWAGGART televised evangelical crusades,and how they turned out ? Remember the celebrity status of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker .. Of PTL FAME?

In both cases there was seen a great implosion in the starry heavens of televangelism.

Who can tell the immense amount of money, the stupid and gullible viewing audience,donated to these professional charlatans.

Given the vagaries of the First Amendment Guarantee to freedom of religion , and the lack of protection from the criminal minded religion hustlers, this type of pseudo-Christian exploitation of the less astute, will go on forever.

This is pure exploitation and should be unlawful to intimidate the public ,using religious scare tactics ,in order to extract donations from an otherwise unsuspecting and naive listening audience.

Swindling should always be against the law,whether it is by a slick fast talking used car dealer or a crafty and clever Christian Radio Broadcaster, plying his trade in deceit and falsehoods .

Right now ,a very clever group of Christian Radio broadcasters,who go by the name of REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN]…

operating their highly misleading enterprises ,which they laughingly call ministries ,is attempting to raise two hundred thousand dollars for a supposed expansion in the number of radio stations in operation.

What the poor suckers who will be tempted to donate do not realize ,or care to listen carefully , is that there is no obligation on their part to use the funds they receive for the project they will be soliciting funds for.
Whatever funds the incredibly idiotic listening audience sends in or gives a credit card pledge for ,will go to these parasites with no strings attached. And once the funds are given they can never be retrieved.

Given the fact that this criminal organization has been attempting to collect money from their listening audiences for over a year ,and probably with less success than they anticipated ,they now have come up with an idea for further expansion of their broadcast network of deceit.

First they had serious problems in raising cash for their monthly operations ,ah,but now they are expanding operations. And all the fools that listen to this poorly devised ploy will slowly believe them.

RBN operates out of PENSACOLA ,FLORIDA and the jokers that produce this organized swindle are some of the most incredibly wealthy people in the entire state.

Who can even guess the enormous wealth of one of America’s more infamous televangelist currently in operation: THE PAT ROBERTSON SPECTACLE.

He now represents the very TEMPLATE in PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN TELEVANGELISM, in that he is the one to imitate. All the religion racketeers wish to emulate this gifted scam artist.

In fact just listen to the nonsense being promulgated by the incredibly deceitful STATION MANAGER AT REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK along with his trusted side kick ,the ever glib and droll master of ceremonies;the one and only MR. CRAIG MATTSON, going through the tried and true Bible verses

that the HAPPY CLAPPY CROWD always falls for,such as … “Give and it shall be given back,pressed down shaken together and spilling over” …well you get the idea.

Let’s not forget the call to join the party as a “PRAYER WARRIOR’

All the successful lines previously used by the long gone scam artists such as the disgraceful ORAL ROBERTS, JERRY FALWELL and hundreds of others.

It worked before and it will work again. One thing I can assure you of ;All the money collected by these devious frauds will be used for the personal enrichment of the station manager ,MR. CRAIG MATTSON ,all their drinking buddies that bend elbows down at the more ritzy bars and night clubs in the PENSACOLA BEACH AREA.

And you will never be the wiser. The only way to test their intentions is to demand they furnish you with a written statement legally binding them to the addition of a new radio transmitter and the inclusion of the new RADIO STATION they will be hawking .

Also demand to see a statement of financial condition outlining in clear language all the funds they received from previous fund-raising events.

And how these funds were previously disbursed. If they refuse ,you know you are dealing with a criminal outfit, and by all means ,avoid these fast talking jokers without much further ado.

Remember the incredible immorality of all the past frauds and crooks that took advantage of all the stupid folks who trusted them?


How can you trust an operation that claims to be a ministry, but at the same times allows the enemies of Christ the opportunity to dumb down their naive listening audience.?

How can you trust them when they daily fill your heads with the same self-defeating nonsense that is simply designed to make you that much more vulnerable to their pleas for more and more money?

My Dear Christian Folk: Donating money to a group of criminal minded libertines does not constitute CHRISTIAN CHARITY!

Far better to use any discretionary funds in your possession to help a poor family in your own neighborhoods or in your own local church ,than to support this gang of professional hustlers who only see in Christianity a means to further their own financial existence.

Do not be misled by their CHARADE OF BIBLE VERSES and church music ;this simply serves as the much-needed cloak ,behind which they mask their true intentions of gaining as much of the public’s wealth as possible and to then disappear back into the woodwork,patiently waiting for the next opportunity to approach you with another false AND LYING PURPOSE to their criminal fund-raising activities.

Do not fall for their carefully constructed lies and misleading statements.

Whatever they ask of you ,turn it around and ask them the same thing.

If they ask you to trust in THE LORD and he will bless you with abundance, “PRESSED DOWN AND SHAKEN TOGETHER” well you know the drill..

Simply ask them: Why don’t they just do the same? And trust that THE LORD WILL DO THE SAME FOR THEM AS THEY CLAIM HE WILL DO FOR YOU?

That is in fact the only way to deal with hypocrites: offer that they do the same wonderful thing they are asking of you! If they cajole you into donating to a mission fund , invite them to do the same!

I assure you they will forevermore leave you alone!

STAY TRUE TO OUR FAITH and together we will defeat the enemy of CHRIST . This enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity will be beaten when The Faithful unite as one and by the force of reason or by the force of the fist ,we will regain our TRUE RELIGION!

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