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The Jewish Tsunami brought to you by VCY AMERICA’S concentrated solution of lies called CROSSTALK.

March 14, 2013

My Dear Christian Folk: It’s not unusual to find clever cheats and swindlers appearing on Christian Radio Broadcasting ;but it is something of interest when one of the talk show hosts sits back and allows a belligerent hate mongering NON – Christian author and invited guest , to berate and demean a conscientious and concerned Christian caller, attempting to explain to him the Gospel of Salvation.

The host of this particular show ,in times past,is quick to demand any non-Christian to explain exactly what his “MORAL COMPASS” is when a disagreement occurs ;but in this case, the invited guest was a blood thirsty Jewish settler from the West Bank of Palestine, and so he is quickly moved from defiant infidel to brother kinsman.
What A joke!
This is exactly what the listenership of crosstalk Radio was subjected to today when DAVID RUBEN appeared [as Satan often does] on Crosstalk: produced by VCY AMERICA ,a call-in talk show.

What an insult to the Christian Community, to endure the very emissary of Satan in the world ,whose book title : PEACE FOR PEACE is the greatest misnomer to appear on the cover of any book: Fiction or otherwise. If this is Dave Ruben’s plan for a mideast peace ,I wonder what his plan for war would look like.

The problem is not with Ruben ,it’s with the host : Jim [the chimp] Schneider whose craven handling of this demon inspired hate mongering Jew author, was so blatant ,that instead of giving Jim the moniker :Chimp ,the word “weasel” would be more fitting for the yellow bastard.Why insult the simian race?

What a horrific spectacle of sound it was ,to observe Jim [the weasel] sitting back and approvingly listen to one of the most blood chilling descriptions of how to commit genocide in the middle east .Dave’s plan includes forced evictions of Palestinian Families , forced labor in Jewish work gangs ,forced indoctrination into the demonic teachings in Advanced Zionism and a surrender of Palestinian identity.

My what a truly biblical solution to the Palestinian problem.! But what did Jim think of all this? Who knows what the scumbag thinks? He gets paid not to think, but to allow any and every filthy lying swindler a free access to the radio airwaves ,in order to create a sense of urgency and dire consequences to problems beyond the control of the average Christian.

This should be enough to prove to the average Christian, that VCY AMERICA and their close supporters REJOICE RADIO ,care as much about THE GOSPEL of Christ as Joe Stalin cared about reciting the ROSARY !

Let’s not allow a sense of naiveté to cloud our vision. The filthy lying bastards over at Pensacola Christian College , who produce the ministry of mass deception they laughingly call REJOICE RADIO ,are just as much involved in the depravity and

major swindle heard daily from VCY AMERICA ;as well as the conniving presentations they
produce in their own broadcast studios, located in the big WHOREHOUSE on the Gulf ; right there in Pensacola ,Florida :The great Florida PANHANDLE OF PERVERSION AND WIFE SWAPPING. JUST LISTEN TO Pastor John Dunlap: a major contributor to Pensacola’s reputation for religious fraud and fornication.
Yes ,it may be hard to believe ,but Craig Mattson is a clever lying scam artist whose specific job requirement is to convey to the imbeciles who listen , and actually financially support this organized swindle ,the image of a dedicated , honest ,christian individual, who wants nothing more but for you to: REJOICE IN THE LORD!

If you are so stupid to believe anything these clever scam artists present you with, then you are absolutely no use to the cause of Christ and the furtherance of his GOSPEL. Don’t be deceived. Pray that all these money grubbing vultures to someday stand before the dread judgement seat of God and to be judged for their lies,their betrayals and criminality. And that they burn in the Black Flames of Eternity.

Now ,concerning the CROSSTALK caller’s rebuffed attempt to inform Dave Ruben that the Jewish denial of Jesus Christ as Messiah of Israel ,will have dire consequences for Israel and the Jews worldwide ,one needs to examine objectively why those who pretend to be Evangelical refuse to present Jews with this benefit to their very existence.

You know, my fellow Christians ,what a shameful spectacle it is to see, how the whole Evangelical Church oozes sympathy for the poor tormented nation of Israel , with all its concerns for security; and at the same time remains aloof and unconcerned ,when it comes to helping them with a clear understanding of the Christian faith,the Gospel message ,and the plan of salvation.

What a total lack of compassion for the Jewish people in America, to deny extending to these people the benefits of a truly compassionate religion; but also the certain escape from the black flames of eternity. Which would otherwise be their certain fate.

And in terms of the compassion and understanding that Christians today view the Jewish people ; and therefore in view of this attitude ,it is an obvious duty to do everything possible to evangelize this so vitally important faith demographic in America. The Jews are obviously the descendants of Old Testament personalities ,and certainly worthy of missionary work to save their dying souls.

But to again emphasis what a scam enterprise missionary work has become ,the thought of converting the Jews never crosses the minds of all the clever hypocrites that work the pseudo Christian Radio Airwaves. They know that their broadcast licenses would be terminated if any attempt were made to conduct a national EVANGELIZING OUTREACH to the JEWS campaign.

Never believe what you hear on the phony and clever hypocritical Christian radio programming . Nothing goes over the airwaves by accident. And of course RBN is in the slime of things all the way up to their red necks! Rejoice radio is the clever and swindling outfit that works hand in glove with the VCY america prime time scam artists.



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