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March 20, 2013

My Dear Fellow Christians : The Rejoice Radio share -a- thon got off to a great start with many calling in to pledge their financial support . The staff reported a bunch of new first time callers ,just recently getting acquainted with the Christian radio format of the venerable [RBN].

I wonder how long will it take for these newbies to realize that they stumbled onto a very clever and deceitful radio presentation ,whose only real purpose in life is to trick the listenership into believing that they are hearing an honest Christian ministry and sincere endeavor of music and message . I wonder how long it will take for the average Evangelical dumb bell to come to his senses and see what these slick pseudo-Christian religion hustlers are really all about;and what they really are after.
But after listening to a portion of the share -a- thon ,and concluding that the tricky operators of this on the air swindle are not interested in what others think;but are hell-bent in offering the public the same old and stale baloney ,they’ve always sliced and diced.
What this should tell anyone with half a brain is that they expect a big turnover . It indicates that they are basing their pitch for money on the tried and true hit and run basis. In other words ,their goal ,is to pitch their formula of sickening sweet sentimentality on all the gullible Baptist jerks ,take them for whatever
amount of cash they can talk them out of ;and then, if and when they learn better ,it will be too late for them to do anything about it.

I base this on the fact that all the charlatans working the phones and microphones in the REJOICE RADIO STUDIOS are pitching the same old worn out scam that RBN is “listener supported”.
Nothing could be further from the truth. All major Christian broadcast networks ,as well as in the secular-commercial media ,are totally investor supported. And if they had to rely on the Christian GOODWILL of all the morons in their listenership ,they would have gone belly up ,one week after first going on the air.

The way these wise butt ,street smart swindlers put over this obvious scam of being “listener supported” ,is by forgetting to tell the gullible idiots listening, that their big money bag investors are also “LISTENERS”; and therefore calling RBN listener supported is perfectly legitimate and true, from a purely legal and technical sense. BUT MORALLY AND ETHICALLY IS VERY UNCHRISTIAN ,TO SAY THE LEAST!!

Once those who willingly suspend their common sense for the moment have a chance to collect their thoughts, and realize that they’ve been had pretty badly ,they then stop forwarding any funds whatsoever ,not just to RBN but to all Christian Radio Broadcast Networks.
What Caleb Keener and Craig Mattson, Rhonda Autry ,Jimmy Mince and of course one of the best play actors in the fraudulent business of Christian Radio Evangelism : Dr. Don Smith all have in common , is their ability to convince the public that they are sincere and honest.
And Don Smith, well , this character is a real life snake in the grass. He’s well-known for talking all the sunbelt seniles ,living around Pensacola ,Florida out of their Social Security checks. The one distinguishing characteristic which they all enjoy is their extensive background in the theatre arts.

Rhonda , Craig ,Don Smith are all accomplished actors with professional careers in primarily RADIO THEATRE. This is how they make their money. This is how they pay their bills; getting you to believe all the tearful and urgent appeals they make ,to get you to the point, where you will send in your cash.
This is why they were hired, and this is why they themselves are Employee/ investor / Participants in this non-profit on the air scheme called REJOICE RADIO. These low morality scam artists are making really big money from out of all the dummies who believe their ridiculous claims.

Would the GREAT NAZARENE sanction this type of activity? Would he refer to RBN as a true Christian ministry; one that is aligned at the hip to one of this nation’s grossest gang of hate mongers : THE VCY AMERICA “hate everyone who disagrees with you club” .

And if JIM SCHNEIDER ,one of the talk show co-hosts of the crosstalk radio program and talk show were anything even remotely resembling a Christian ,don’t you think by now ,he would’ve apologized to MRS. INGRID SCHLUETER and made nice to her?

Don’t you think he would have apologized for throwing her under the bus? Wouldn’t that be the true Christian thing to do?
People who listen to CROSSTALK radio call in talk show , know well of what I write.
Now Caleb Keener pretends to be deeply concerned about RBN being able to continue spreading the Gospel through music and message ,over the many radio stations RBN owns and operates. But is Caleb Christian enough to shake hands with Harry the happy homo from PORT HURON?
Is he able to apologize to ROBERT FROM BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND ,who just happens to be a very CHARISMATIC CROSS-DRESSING HOMOSEXUAL ;and who roams the back alleys of BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND trying to pick up strange men? And who enjoys trying to start religion based riots with the Muslim community of BIRMINGHAM? Last time Robert tried to do that the Muslims worked him over to such an extent ,poor Robert could only sleep on his stomach. Remember what happened to American diplomats in Libya.

Now if Caleb were a true Christian he would patch things up with these two and would shake hands with them ,instead of threatening them with a knuckle sandwich. He would invite them out for dinner and introduce them to Craig ,Rhonda, and pastor Dr. Joel Jew Jew Mullinex. I’m sure he would have a GOOD WORD for them to hear.

And of course ,there’s Pastor John Dunlap who I’m sure would be eager to give them both a little bit of GOOD NEWS TO YOU … This guy is another one of RBN.s big time religion hustlers.

Well this has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS , til next time: GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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