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The Corn Palace. Mitchel S.D. You have to be a legitimate hick and a true hayseed or they won’t let you in.ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WALID SHOEBAT!

April 3, 2013

Reviewed October 16, 2012
Shoebat Watch: “Ex-Terrorist” Fraud Sucking Up Taxpayer Money
Exposing the escapades of the part charlatan, part clown known as Walid Shoebat.

Walid Shoebat Walid Shoebat is trying to make as much money off of gullible and uninformed US taxpayers as he can. He’s never been a terrorist, but his story that he is an “ex-terrorist” affords him an opportunity to fill his belly on your dime, to the tune of $5,000 per lecture. By continuously paying him, our government is complicit in Shoebat’s thievery

Nice attraction to see. But nothing worth setting aside much time for. My husband and I checked it out and a half hour later were back on the road through South Dakota. Saw it once… no need to see it again.

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW OR ALL YOU WOULD EVER CARE TO KNOW ABOUT WALID SHOEBAT. One of Vic Eliason’s fellow charlatans;as I’ve been telling you for quite some time.
: Ex-Terrorist Fraud and Clown

Wednesday, July 20, 2011CNN: ‘Ex-Terrorist’ Fraud Walid Shoebat Exposed Part 2

The expose on the fraud known as Shoebat continues on CNN:

Robert Spencer, watch out you’re next.
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011CNN:‘Ex-terrorist’ Rakes in Homeland Security Bucks Part 1
‘Ex-terrorist’ Rakes in Homeland Security Bucks

Last night CNN had a “special investigation” on the fraud that is known as Walid Shoebat. It took them years to realize that he was a fraud, even after they had him on as a “terrorist expert” in the past. We wrote about Shoebat two years ago in a piece titled, Three Stooges Coming to a Campus Near You, and Walid Shoebat:”Kill them and their Children”.
CNN provided some disturbing video of Shoebat defrauding security personnel and first responders and wasting tax payer money with his lies. Hopefully it won’t be long until Robert Spencer and the rest who get paid to hate-monger to the DHS are exposed by mainstream media.
Part 1 of the Expose on Walid Shoebat:

Watch Part 2 of Drew Griffin’s special investigative report about Walid Shoebat Thursday on AC360° beginning at 10pm E.T.
From Drew Griffin and Kathleen Johnston, CNN Special Investigations Unit
Rapid City, South Dakota (CNN) — Walid Shoebat had a blunt message for the roughly 300 South Dakota police officers and sheriff’s deputies who gathered to hear him warn about the dangers of Islamic radicalism.
Terrorism and Islam are inseparable, he tells them. All U.S. mosques should be under scrutiny.
“All Islamic organizations in America should be the No. 1 enemy. All of them,” he says.
It’s a message Shoebat is selling based on his own background as a Palestinian-American convert to conservative Christianity. Born in the West Bank, the son of an American mother, he says he was a Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorist in his youth who helped firebomb an Israeli bank in Bethlehem and spent time in an Israeli jail.
That billing helps him land speaking engagements like a May event in Rapid City — a forum put on by the state Office of Homeland Security, which paid Shoebat $5,000 for the appearance. He’s a darling on the church and university lecture circuit, with his speeches, books and video sales bringing in $500,000-plus in 2009, according to tax records.
“Being an ex-terrorist myself is to understand the mindset of a terrorist,” Shoebat told CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360.”
But CNN reporters in the United States, Israel and the Palestinianterritories found no evidence that would support that biography. Neither Shoebat nor his business partner provided any proof of Shoebat’s involvement in terrorism, despite repeated requests.
Back in his hometown of Beit Sahour, outside Bethlehem, relatives say they can’t understand how Shoebat could turn so roundly on his family and his faith.
“I have never heard anything about Walid being a mujahedeen or a terrorist,” said Daood Shoebat, who says he is Walid Shoebat’s fourth cousin. “He claims this for his own personal reasons.”
CNN’s Jerusalem bureau went to great lengths trying to verify Shoebat’s story. The Tel Aviv headquarters of Bank Leumi had no record of a firebombing at its now-demolished Bethlehem branch. Israeli police had no record of the bombing, and the prison where Shoebat says he was held “for a few weeks” for inciting anti-Israel demonstrations says it has no record of him being incarcerated there either.
Shoebat says he was never charged because he was a U.S. citizen.
“I was born by an American mother,” he said. “The other conspirators in the act ended up in jail. I ended up released.”
He said his own family has vouched for his prison time. But relatives CNN spoke to described him as a “regular kid” who left home at 18, eventually becoming a computer programmer in the United States.
Shoebat, now in his 50s, says he converted to Christianity in 1993 and began spreading the word about the dangers of Islam. He has been interviewed as a terrorism expert on several television programs, including a handful of appearances on CNN and its sister network, HLN, in 2006 and 2007.
Since al Qaeda’s 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, expertise on terrorism has been in high demand. The federal Department of Homeland Security has spent nearly $40 million on counterterrorism training since 2006. The department doesn’t keep track of how much goes to speakers, nor does it advise officials on the speakers hired by states and municipalities.
Shoebat spoke at a 2010 conference in South Dakota and was so well-received that he was invited back for the May event in Rapid City, according to state officials. He warned the police and first responders gathered in the hotel conference rooms that the Lebanese Shiite Muslim militia Hezbollah had operatives working in Mexico and that drug cartels were raising money with Islamic groups. He also asserted that federal agents could have prevented the 9/11 attacks by looking for a chafed spot, called “zabibah,” that sometimes forms on the foreheads of devout Muslims.
“You need ex-terrorists who can tell you what life is like and what thinking is like of potential terrorists,” Shoebat said. “But had we looked at the zabibah only, we would have deflected a suicide action of killing 3,000 Americans.”
But Shoebat also told the group there were 17 hijackers when there were 19. And perhaps more surprising from a man who bills himself as a terror expert, Shoebat said the Transportation Security Administration could have stopped them. The TSA wasn’t created until after the 9-11 attacks.
Jim Carpenter, South Dakota’s homeland security director, said Shoebat brought “a point of view that certainly is not mainstream.”
“He brings in commentary about living and being raised as a Muslim and converting over to Christianity — gives them a different aspect of breaking the mold, so to speak,” Carpenter said. But he said Shoebat’s appearance was “a small portion” of the two-and-a-half-day conference.
“It’s not like we’re talking about setting up training and a discipline we would follow, that this is the only way and that’s the particular point of view of a Muslim or somebody of the Islamic faith. That’s not the case,” Carpenter said. “That’s his point of view.”
Carpenter said there is “no fear of threat” from Islamic terrorism in South Dakota, where the last census reports showed the state’s Muslim community made up less than one-half of 1 percent of the population. According to Rapid City’s local newspaper, about two dozen Muslims live in the city.
During Shoebat’s presentation, he criticized Muslim organizations and told audience members to be leery of Muslim doctors, engineers, students and mosques.
“Now, we aren’t saying every single mosque is potential terrorist headquarters. But if you look at certain reports by the Hudson report, 80 percent of mosques they found pamphlets and education on jihad. So they’re in the mosque, the mosque in accordance to the Muslim brotherhood is the command post and center.”
The conservative Hudson Institute said it never issued such a report and has no idea why its name was invoked.
Shoebat warned that making special accommodations for Muslim beliefs was a step toward establishing Islamic religious law. And he recounted how he wore a T-shirt that read “Profile me” on a trip to the airport and approached the screeners at the security checkpoint.
“I got tapped down, I got checked, I got all these different things,” he said. “I say it’s wonderful.”
Shoebat and business partner Keith Davies run several foundations and three websites that are all linked. Shoebat said the major group, the Forum for Middle East Understanding, includes his own Walid Shoebat Foundation.
In tax records filed by Davies, the Forum for Middle East Understanding reported 2009 earnings from speaking engagements, videos and book sales of more than $560,000. The documents are thin on specifics, and so is Shoebat.
“Basically, we are in information, and we do speaking and we do also helping Christians that are being persecuted in countries like Pakistan, and we help Christians that are suffering all throughout the Middle East,” he said. Asked how they do that, he said, “None of your business” — adding that disclosing details could endanger people he was trying to help in Islamic countries that have laws against blasphemy.
Shoebat’s name doesn’t appear on any of the paperwork. As for his own salary, he said he makes “probably what a gas station makes or a garage makes.”
“Everybody thinks I’m just raking in the dough, which is absolutely incorrect,” he said. He referred details to Davies, who offered to provide a copy of the group’s tax returns — but didn’t. When asked who served on the foundation’s board of advisers, Davies gave “Anderson Cooper 360″ the name of a former pilot, who didn’t return phone calls. But he could not name the high-ranking military officers he said were on the board.
Federal officials say they don’t know exactly how much money has gone to speakers like Shoebat. But in April, the bipartisan leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee raised concerns about “vitriolic diatribes” being delivered by “self-appointed counterterrorism experts” at similar seminars.
Sen. Susan Collins, the committee’s Republican chairwoman, and Connecticut Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman asked the department to account for how much federal grant money went to state and local counterterrorism programs and what standards guided those grants. The request followed reports by the liberal Political Research Associates and the Washington Monthly that raised similar questions.
The Homeland Security Department told CNN that it has standards — and if training programs don’t meet them, “corrective action will be taken.”
“We have not and will not tolerate training programs — or any DHS-supported program — that rely on racial or ethnic profiling,” the agency said in a written statement.

Sunday, July 10,
Walid Shoebat: “Kill them…including the children”

Walid Shoebat was one of the first loons that we took to task at our site. We exposed his buffoonery and epically vile shysterism. Now, Shoebat has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar of hate once again, this time advocating the murder of “extremists” and their “children” by which of course he means all Muslims.
Counter-terror ‘expert’ tells cops: Kill militant Muslims, ‘including children’
A counter-terrorism consultant told a meeting of law enforcement officials that the way to combat militant Muslims is to “kill them … including the children,” says a news report.
Walid Shoebat, a self-described“former PLO terrorist” who “now speaks out for USA and Israel,” reportedly made the comment at a speech during a conference of the International Counter-Terrorism Officers Association in Las Vegas this past October, according to the Huffington Post’s Chip Berlet.
The comment highlights growing concerns among human rights advocates that US law enforcement is turning to extremists for training in the fight against terrorism. It also highlights concerns among senior counter-terrorism officials that standards for counter-terror training are inappropriate, and possibly harming national security.
According to Berlet’s anonymous source, Shoebat’s comments got a warm reception from at least some of the people attending the conference:
Our source had turned around after Shoebat’s speech and asked the woman in the chair behind them at the conference what she thought was the solution offered by Shoebat.“Kill them … including the children … you heard him,” was the full response.
Shoebat’s Las Vegas speech was described by our source as “frightening.”

I love tacky roadside attractions just as much as the next person, but I must say..this one disappointed me.
I had granduer thoughts of what might be inside that corn palace! I was incredibly disappointed when it only held a few card tables with grandma’s selling low class stuff. Damn!

This place is really Corny! (I crack my self up) There is not much to the place. It’s an auditorium that is completely decorated in corn. That’s kind of interesting and they redo it each year and have been doing it for about 100 years. If you are driving down I-90 as I was, you have to stop just to say you have been. This is one of goofy Americana classic road trip pull of spots. So stop, take a few pictures of the place or maybe even of the Corn cob cartoon character walking around(yes they have one) and then get back on the road to Rapid City as I did.

Also, it is a bit of a touristy-trap, but that was to be expected. The “corny” gifts are a bit of a conversation piece, and I liked that the Corn Palace doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s some sort of wacky humor about the place (once you get to see Cornelius outside, you’ll understand exactly what I mean) and they have a “Corncession” stand.

My Dear Christian Folk: Every nation on earth has its share of traitors .Every religion has its Judas Iscariot ,willing to betray their own community for fame and fortune.

What initially causes someone to betray their faith is a subject for discussion, best suited for those accredited in the psychology profession.

In the Christian faith community betrayal and treason over the course of many centuries has taken various forms.One of the more usual has transpired over the road of self promotion and a desire to take advantage of those unable to think independently .REMEMBER JIMMY SWAGGART AND JIM BAKER’S PTL CLUB? and ORAL ROBERT’S TELEVISED SWINDLE?

The ultimate reason :to simply enrich their personal fortune.You usually find those so inclined behind the pulpits of every denomination, but lately behind the microphones of the various Christian Radio Broadcast stations .

Here they can cast their nets of deception over a very wide audience ;usually guaranteeing a modicum of success ;if only over a small minority of the easily tricked . Operating behind the cloak of Christian religiosity they can comfortably force feed their drivel down the throats of those lacking the education or the analytical mind needed to penetrate the fog and distortions of history ,these low life scoundrels calmly peddle for the profit earned on the retail price of a poorly written history book.

The purchase of books from these tax exempt radio ministries is high priority in their drive to not only dumb down the gullible listening audience but as a means of maintaining their luxury lifestyles.

Falsifying history can earn someone a good deal of money.

College professors are constantly badgered by various ethnic and political groups from off campus to include in their curriculum something favorable and biased to their world view or favoring their political aspirations.

This is no less true among the ever resourceful Pseudo-Christian Radio Broadcasters in America ,ever open to new opportunities to gain riches and celebrity status.

Treason is treason from whatever source it manifests itself.

Hypothetically , would Christians be interested in attending a lecture given by JUDAS ISCARIOT ,explaining his side of the story?

What would we think of those who would eagerly attend such a gathering? What would we think of anyone who would give credence to the FALSE DISCIPLE ?

Why should we give any credence to the judases among the ISLAMIC RELIGION ?Are they really any more credible ?

Should we be suspicious of any person who abandons his religion for notoriety or betrays the suffering of his people in exchange for getting his book published .??

While it may be injurious to the Church of Christ to have deceit and betrayal originating from within the faith community ,it is quite something different when it originates from without and for reasons that can only be described as diabolical.

Here we have to look hard at those who simply masquerade as a religious community in order to disarm and deceive the unsuspecting public; allowing them to go undetected while they plunder the country they reside in ;taking over the financial institutions, corroding the public’s sense of morality and decency and eventually leaving behind in its trail, an empty shell,a carcass poisoned by the biggest lie ever invented by a people ;The lie that ;the Jews are a religious community ,harmless ,quaint ,obedient to the mosaic laws and totally trustworthy.

In order to shove this lie down the throats of the gullible gentile community they employ all the various means at their disposal.

And if one can measure the rate of decay in American society it would be hard to underestimate their effectiveness.

America’s ethical and Christian moral standing has diminished in direct relationship to the rate of jewification that has spread across the U.S.A. at the speed of a highly lethal pathogen , ingested into the nation’s churches and religious institutions.

One of the many tactics they use is to appeal to the various christian radio broadcasters such as REJOICE RADIO and their evil twins at the infamous VCY AMERICA BROADCAST INC.

Now under the cover of Christian communication they penetrate the minds and psyche of the credulous ;plying their misinformation by means of their willing accomplices of this planned deceit.

The daily drum beat is that Muslims are generally violent creatures who would love nothing better than to behead the infidel.

Never understanding that the JEW has an unequaled aptitude for diverting public attention away from himself and directing it elsewhere ;the listening audience of this talk show is never the wiser.

The Jew even succeeds in causing the Christian Community to attack one another while the cultural and moral foundations of this country become corroded and filled with spiritual dry rot.

Poisoned by the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE!

What never occurs to the naive listening audience is that more Muslims and even Christians living in occupied Arab lands are dying as a result of Jewish assaults on their homes,neighborhoods,places of worship.

It never enters into the befuddled mentality of the credulous listeners that Christian countries are standing idly by while the slaughter of small Arab children goes on and are also being starved to death on a daily basis.

The Jewish poison creates an unparalleled paralysis of the logic and thought processes of the average stupid Christian who will believe every word that comes out of the mouths of the paid stooges such as the hosts of the CROSSTALK RADIO PROGRAM.

The arch-swindler of this hotbed of paid judases is so incredibly corrupt that for fame and a chance to over charge his listening audience for the cover price of a cheap book plus postage and handling costs ;in excess of the actual amount ,will stoop to nothing to cater favor with the murderers of JESUS CHRIST!

This infamy extends just as well to many others including the TRICKSTERS OVER AT REJOICE RADIO.

Ever wonder how the glib story-teller and proverbs reader ever financed his career in RADIO?

Corruption breeds corruption;charlatans attract other charlatans.

Do you really believe REJOICE RADIO AND VCY AMERICA do not work together for financial gain.?

Why would any honest Christian Radio Broadcast Network that loves the Lord want to help spread the venom and hate mongering that VCY AMERICA engages in?

Well , I guess you have to have the brains of someone like SUE from HERMISTON or a ROBERT FROM BIRMINGHAM,ENGLAND or an elderly dementia patient living in an assisted living facility like Dorothy from OLNEY Illinois to believe that supporting hate and deceptions and cunning misrepresentations are part of a ministry.

I see that SUE from Hermiston was released from the mental health facility she was confined in for the past two months; and now that the straitjacket was removed from off her ,she can now call the crosstalk radio call-in talk show more frequently.

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