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THE MISSIONARY SCAM: As conducted by the best in the business,VIC ELIASON!

April 20, 2013

An Overview of Religious Financial Fraud

The $34 Billion Scandal

The January 2011 issue of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research reported that Christian religious leaders will commit an estimated $34 billion in financial fraud in 2011 while $31 billion will be spent on global missions. Researchers from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity estimate that Christian religious leaders will commit $90 million in financial crimes daily and the fraud is growing at a rate of 5.97% each year. If the researchers are correct, religious financial fraud among Christians will almost double in 14 years to $60 billion annually by 2025.

My Dear Christian People: The Chinese say that  a picture is worth a thousand words. This is no truer  than to look at the  enclosed  photos and to understand the clear and unmistakable meaning. ..  This is proof that few in the Christian community truly understand what is taking place in the world of foreign  missions.. and how ignorant they are to how their donations are used.

The happy bride and groom.
 The groom and his mother in law.
The future blood line.
How evil is spread to the young.
The face of whoredom..
And they shall likewise perish
 they were eating, and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage
 whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me..
The wages of sin is death..
And the dogs of the street will eat Jezebel.
And he created man in his image.

My Christian People : One of the more favored and effective scams that swindlers often use to trick the gullible, and unsuspecting out of their hard-earned money is the old-fashioned charity scam.

This is especially effective when employed by a seasoned pseudo Christian hustler ;the type you run into listening to the Christian radio broadcasters.

The con job is based on nothing but pure confidence in the word of the

hustler ,who puts on a convincing presentation regarding the pressing needs of a particular church or some other charitable Christian organization.

A true dream of these low life scam artists is to learn about an organization in some other country,preferably in Africa.

Here they try to collect money on their behalf ;promising to send the proceeds of their fund-raising drive ,as soon as all the money is received.

The con-artist usually begins his pitch to the gullible listening audience by describing in detail about the perilous living conditions all those poor Black African natives endure on a daily basis.

He mixes into it the risks they take just to practice their newly found Christian Faith.

He describes the horrible living conditions,and the poverty,the sicknesses ;and even the war-time perils these folks supposedly face on a daily basis.

When he feels he has everyone listening and is in tune with his phony message of woe,then he makes his pitch and appeal for your cash.

The listening audience ,usually made up of teary eyed credulous and naive types respond by mailing in huge amounts of money to this cheap low life hustler.

After the money is received and either cashed or deposited,very little if anything is ever said again.

The swindler relies on the short memories of the dupes listening and simply counts the days that he can pull the same trick all over again.

My Dear Christian people :.. This is exactly how OPERATION NEHEMIAH was

conducted over the so-called Christian Radio Airwaves some years ago by
one of the longest operating pseudo-Christian radio swindlers in the business :The notorious MR.VIC ELIASON ,owner and operator of THE VCY AMERICA broadcast network;consisting of 95 radio stations and on the Internet.

His game was to convince the idiots
and sycophants who listen to him daily on the CROSSTALK radio program

produced by the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK that the natives of the South Sudan were in desperate need for solar panels to

transmit christian broadcasting to the entire region.

This would help the cause of the church in that area.

The exact amount Vic Eliason demanded from the audience was about $37.000 or more!

And he needed to have it all in a week’s time..

And then after the fund-raising drive was completed and the money counted, nothing more was ever heard from this well-known trickster.

Was the money sent
to OPERATION NEHEMIAH care of William Levi? Did he receive all the money?

Were the solar panels needed to provide electricity purchased?

Were they installed ? By whom?

How much of the loot did Vic and all his depraved money-grubbing investors and partners in this disgusting and depraved enterprise

keep for themselves?

This is about the 3rd. or 4th. time this “prayer racket for Africa” scam has been played on some of this country’s
most gullible and ridiculously incompetent bunch of dumb hicks anyone can imagine.

This notorious CROSSTALK operation is the most deceiving enterprise on the morning and afternoon Christian radio dial.

After about a year’s time these jokers feeling the heat decided to post some photos of a tower and the 25cent plastic radios being distributed to some uninterested native women.

Looking at the photos, the ones showing road signs or the primitive looking marquis of this OPERATION NEHEMIAH organization look doctored up.


WHAT IS REALLY NEEDED is for the deceivers and assorted charlatans over at the VCY RADIO BROADCAST STUDIOS ,down there in Milwaukee,is

to post a copy of the cancelled check that was mailed to WILLIAM LEVI in the South Sudan.

We also need to see the amount of the check and exactly where it was deposited.

We need to see how the funds were disbursed in the Sudan and for what purpose.

We need to see an invoice for items purchased.
This will prove it one way or the other.

Of course this will never happen,simply because this was another in a long line of scams and tricks Vic and his criminal family have played over the years on the less astute audience .

The fact that the FCC has allowed him to continue operating is in itself a

scandal on the government agency and the Christian Community at large.

My Christian people : Do not ever support these swindlers ,and If you do,you will have no one to blame but yourselves.

Vic Eliason has a long record of making money using similar scam tactics as those herein described. He’s good at it!

He has a lot of backup, namely his co-swindlers operating their own con-job at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK. These jokers give VIC all the extra airtime he needs ,free of charge ,in order to continue swindling the idiots and imbeciles in his listening audience.

As recently heard on one of this nation’s  fraudulent  broadcast networks. VCY AMERICA  Their infamous crosstalk radio call in show  has done more to cheat and swindle the people of this country than anyone can possibly imagine. Here’s what it sounded like:  .. First comes the pitch and then some name dropping.

A typical afternoon on Pensacola Beach . Here you see a bible student attending PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE , enjoying the sun..

​​Date:       January 15, 2018
Host:       Jim Schneider
Guest:     Paul Schlehlein

“So, has the church forgotten missions? Many believe that it’s much bigger than that as so few in America today hardly know the stories of great missionaries like Jim Elliott and Hudson Taylor; Taylor who Schlehlein claims he was ‘enamored’ with.  He comments that Taylor  was better known for being ‘consecrated to Christ’ than by his good works in China; which included  ‘taking on the culture’ and being ‘excellent’ in learning the language of others only to ‘give them the gospel in a way that they could understand.’


“Personally, Schlehlein illustrates that true missions work is not ‘easy street.’ His life thus far has been very adventurous – and dangerous. Schlehlein shares his experience with an alligator which in turn led him to meeting an RN who would later become his wife.  When asked what he feels his greatest challenge is, he quickly answers: the prosperity gospel (false gospel) which is ‘exported from America today.’ The popular ‘healthy and wealthy’ preaching does not include Christ’s command to  ‘count the cost.’ Schlehlein says that ‘oftentimes our lives get worse (as Christians).’ Yet, also adding ‘a man (Christian) is immortal until his work on earth is done.’

More name dropping and a good deal of phony sentimentality designed to take advantage of the stupid .

‘The true life story of John G. Paton inspired Schlehlein to write his new book saying that his story’needs to be heard afresh.’Born in Scotland in 1824, his parents ‘consecrated him to be a missionary.’ They prayed ‘much fruit for his labor.’It is said that Paton gave his heart to the islands of New Hebrides of the south Pacific. Paton’s story was not ‘without risk.’ He would lose his wife and newborn son and was quoted to have said ‘If not for Christ, I would have gone mad beside that shallow grave.’ Schlehlein says that Paton went on to marry again and lose several more children while on the mission field, all the while, building churches and remaining motivated for the work in making a clear gospel presentation. He was married to his second wife for 40 years and lived to 82 years of age.’


‘Schlehlein’s book, explains that true Christianity today is not a life ‘without risks’ and that we should want to enter the risk if ‘for gospel reasons’ saying’ we need bare knuckled bravery’ and ‘Courageous men like this today – for the gospel sake.’



Paul Schlehlein –  a graduate of Pensacola Christian College and is author of ‘John G. Paton:  Missionary to the Cannibals of the South Seas’ And this explains everything. This explains how he became involved with pseudo Christian  hustling.

This is how they stay in business . The money they receive from the idiots in their audience is appreciated . They love receiving from all the gullible members of the Christian Faith community all those wonderful envelopes stuffed with checks and cold cash which they use to continue living in the depravity they ‘ve grown accustomed to.

WAKE UP MILWAUKEE and tell these criminals to get out of DODGE!  How to profit in 30 pieces of silver!

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