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For a Christian, traveling to Israel may be dangerous to your health.Do not believe the paid stooges and willing accomplices working their PRO-ZIONIST scam at VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO.

May 14, 2013

My Christian People: There are many in the Christian Broadcast business, who pretend to be in the ministry, but in fact are nothing but paid stooges promoting the cause of Zionism ;hoping to provide cover to those who hate everything that Christianity stands for. Zionism and modern-day Judaism, represent the very antithesis of what it means to be a Christian. Some of the better known deceivers working in the pro-Israel lobby are VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK and with them the REJOICE RADIO[RBN]
These two gangs of clever cheats,traitors ,blasphemers are indebted to the Jewish world plague which in turn allows them to continue their fraud and deception on the gullible and less informed members of the Evangelical Community.

In particular Mr. Vic Eliason, who runs the 95 station broadcast empire out of Milwaukee, has for decades assisted the Jewish World Plague in their efforts to demonize those in the middle east fighting for their freedom. Vic is no Christian but simply a clever businessman who knows just how stupid and naive are those in the listenership, who listen to CROSSTALK, a call-in talk show that promotes fraud and treason.

Vic is no Christian;if he were ,don’t you think he would be charitable to Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter ,his daughter ;and wouldn’t he invite her on the crosstalk program to accept forgiveness and to make amends? Don’t you think by now Jim Schneider ,Vic’s co-host on crosstalk, would also attempt to patch things up between himself and Ingrid,if he were a Christian?
Remember , the Lord’s commandment : ” LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER”
Remember ,it was Vic ,Ingrid’s father and Jim that threw Ingrid under the bus when they fired her from her job with VCY AMERICA.
I don’t expect that to happen for the simple reason that Vic and Jim are two jerks! certainly not Christians or anything remotely resembling.

In recent days , Vic and Jim working their scam operation at VCY AMERICA have made repeated attempts to portray modern ISRAEL as a friendly place for Christians to travel to. Read the following and also the representative opinions of some in the Jewish mindset regarding the Christian Faith. I offer this to you so you may know that the real threat to Christians comes from this diabolical monstrosity now existing in the world.
REJOICE RADIO is the major sponsor of VCY AMERICA and shares the same plan to deceive ,trick and commit financial fraud on an unsuspecting hayseed audience throughout the Bible Belt and from coast to coast.


Can’t any of you in the Evangelical church understand you are dealing with People who have an abject hatred for JESUS CHRIST and are clearly demon possessed?

“An American tourist killed in a forest outside Jerusalem was employed by an evangelical missionary cult that promotes Christianity with the primary purpose of converting Jews. Kristine Luken, in her mid-40s, was stabbed to death in mysterious circumstances Saturday while hiking with a “messianic” female friend, Kaye Susan Wilson, a tour guide for the missionary organization.Luken was involved with and employed by CMJ, which its UK website says “is short for ’The Church’s Ministry among Jewish people,’ a ministry that has been investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people since 1809,” first in the US and later in England, where she became a ministry staffer, its “UK Administrator” in charge of its website. The site makes it clear that the primary purpose of its activities is converting Jews to become Christians: “CMJ, a dynamic ministry propelled by devotion to God and the fulfillment of His promises to His people Israel.”

The church reported brings dozens of evangelical tours each year, according to Yediot Aharonot, and sponsors events and “educational” programs in Israel. Its mission, according to the website, ‘To encourage Jewish people to come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah, to support them in serving him as Lord in the light of God’s purpose for them, and to equip the church to be involved in this mission.’…..

It’s funny, the self-righteousness of the Xtian. They have absolutely No knowledge of what G-d wants for the Jew. I fully guarantee it is most certainly Not to become Xtian. The Torah does say that other gods are for the nations and Not for Israel. And this is the primary issue regarding Xtian – Jewish relations.

We keep hearing about the Xtian love for the Jew and their using of the words “Those who bless Israel…”. Well, on the other side are “those who curse Israel”. If the Xtian would simply read the text they would find that G-d says He will give blessings or curses, life and death. To choose life and its blessings the Jew is to keep the commandments. So, when the Xtian makes attempts to convert Jews he is taking away G-d’s blessing to that Jew and imposing G-d’s curse, as Torah says, He is testing the Jew to see if the person truly loves Hashem. Therefore, when a Xtian speaks about blessing Israel from one side of his mouth and does missionary activity to the Jew, that person is Cursing Israel from the other side of his mouth. THIS is Torah. The Xtian really has NO understanding of this purpose of the Jew, because they don’t Study Torah. They follow a Roman mindset and a Roman religion, hence why Saul became Paul, the Roman.”

Do you still believe these diabolical monstrosities are God’s Chosen ? Or Chosen poison?

RECENT NEWS. The burden of faith

”However, not everyone is convinced that the intentions of the Russian Orthodox Christians are kosher. Anti-missionary organizations such as Yad L’Achim and many religious leaders suspect that spreading Christianity among the Jewish population is exactly is what the members of the parish are after. Usenkov waves off all accusations of being involved in missionary work. “Our faith forbids us to lure people into it. On the contrary, if someone interested in information about Christianity comes to me, I will advise him, of course. However, I will interrogate him about his intentions and try first to explain about the burdens and obligations before this person will be able to make up his or her mind,” he says.

Since the day it opened, the church of St. Nicolay has been met with suspicion and hostility. Albeit unwillingly at first, the people who gathered in its courtyard started telling stories of abuse and harassment against them. “Often the students of a nearby yeshiva pass by our building and curse us; others spit on the building,” Dr. Ilya Litvin, a member of Sophia, says.

The most recent violence happened in August during one of the church holidays. Unidentified youngsters began throwing stones at the worshipers praying in the yard, and a few people received light injuries. Father Radwan complained at the police station no more then 500 meters from the church, but the intruders were never located. ” IS IT REALLY AFE??? Are you being DUPED?


This is your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS. GOOD DAY and good news to you!

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