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“By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” keep a close eye on THE REJOICE RADIO CROWD and all their degenerate fruits.

May 29, 2013

My Fellow Christians: While donations pour in to help the afflicted, and the desperately in need citizens of Oklahoma ,the money-grubbing vultures operating out of the studios of Pensacola Christian College remain callously muted . In fact ,you could describe this twisted and deceptive crew of phony Christians as being : fat,dumb and happy ,toward the suffering of our fellow Americans ,devastated by death and destruction .
One listen to the professional senior citizen Dr. Don Smith , who bills himself as an intrepid prayer warrior ,wouldn’t even honor the suffering of our brothers in the Lord with so much as a request for prayers to be said for the comfort and solace, of the parents, of the many small children who died due to the deadly tornado.

What more do you need to know about the phony and clever bunch of liars running things at the REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK out of Pensacola,Florida to convince you of their cheap and lying deceptions they throw out at you everyday of the week?

These folks are no Christians; even atheists would have greater compassion for the destitute citizens of Oklahoma ,than the cheap lying vultures that do a great deal of play acting and pretending ,but nothing in terms of good deeds . “By their fruits you shall know them” In the case of Rejoice Radio ,the only fruits they produce are found in the college bathhouse . Just ask Craig Mattson and Mr. Jimmy Mintz ,they’ll be only too happy to give you the grand tour of the REJOICE RADIO STUDIOS as well as the entire College[ PCC]

The truly perverse ,and depraved stand Don Smith and all the parasites that stand behind him have taken ,has only one purpose ; and that is to prevent all those who have the discretionary funds to donate to those in need ,be prevented in doing so ,by
simply neglecting to make mention of the disaster and the terrible toll it has taken on the Christian Community of Moore ,Ok. In other words ,the vultures at RBN do not want money spent for any other reason or cause ,no matter how urgent, but only into the coffers of REJOICE RADIO ; one of the nation’s false and fraudulent fund-raising operations pretending to be a Christian Radio Ministry. What a joke.

Of course all this sounds strangely familiar when compared to the JIMMY SWAGGART MINISTRY operating out of Baton Rouge .During Jimmy’s heyday and when he was the most well-known and popular preacher in the media ;his filthy,lying and sickening depraved ministry was pulling in about half a million dollars A DAY!
and all the while ,this depraved bastard was making urgent appeals for funds and donations ;claiming a desperate and immediate need for cash ,in order to keep his ministry of depravity alive ,and on the air.
Doesn’t this remind you of what you hear from out of the filthy lying mouths of all the scam artists working their major con job at REJOICE RADIO? Don’t you hear JIMMY MINTZ and the professional house liar ,Craig Mattson pleading for more ” LISTENER SUPPORT”? In the Meanwhile all of these blood suckers are living in multi-million dollar homes ;all with ocean views of the Gulf.This includes MYNA OGILSBY, RHONDA AUTRY ,And the sickening sleazy and greasy sounding Pastor JOHN DUNLAP!

These good Christians are some of the richest people living in the state of Florida and all the while they do all they can to cheat,trick and deceive you out of your hard-earned money. And the means they employ is to lie to you ,right into your ears ,if not directly into your pinched faces.

One of the best known and highly paid professional trickster, is the erudite sounding Craig Mattson. But not only Craig ,but included is Don Smith ,the kindly sounding and concerned Family Prayertime racketeer and Jimmy Mintz ,are also highly qualified in the professional “lie for big bucks” pseudo-Christian Religion game of scriptural charades ,played everyday of the week,over at REJOICE RADIO.

All of these tricksters are virtuosos in the cleverly crafted lying profession ;and their lies are so good and heartfelt ,they can bend iron beams!

Read what the honest in the American Christian Community have found the time and the earnest to do for those in Oklahoma devastated and who are suffering .
Donations have poured in to Oklahoma since two major tornadoes ripped through the state last week, killing 26 people and affecting nearly 4,000 homes, businesses and other buildings in five counties. Twenty-four people, including 10 children, were killed in the May 20 tornado that hit the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.

The Salvation Army reported Tuesday afternoon it already has raised more than $5 million in monetary donations, as well as in-kind food donations from numerous corporations.

In just the first three days after the tornado hit Moore, the Red Cross reported raising about $15 million in donations and pledges for its response to the Oklahoma tornadoes, including about $3.8 million in pledges from text donations.

Ken Sterns, who spent years researching the best and most effective charities for his book, “With Charity for All,” said donating to reputable, well established charities also helps victims of the next disaster.

This has been your Good news commentator and I just brought you more GOOD NEWS. Til tomorrow ,GOOD DAY and good news to you!

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