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Should The Christian Faith Community Ever Forgive JIMMY SWAGGART ,His Family or Jim Bakker” Or any in THE REJOICE RADIO ,VCY AMERICA fraudulent operations.

June 3, 2013

My Fellow Christians: Now is not the time to forgive and forget the wholesale swindles which took place years ago during the Jimmy Swaggart Televangelist Ministry of sexual depravity and Jim Bakker’s P.T.L Club of phony theme park escapades and deliberate time-share deceptions. These were no small time indiscretions or matters of poor judgement, but were large-scale enterprises that enabled some of these clever and deliberate charlatans to amass huge fortunes for themselves and their asocial families.
That similar schemes and fraudulent Evangelical ministries are continuing today, is reason enough, to never forgive or forget the past.

The only way to remain on guard to the never-ending attempts to exploit the gullible and naive among the Baptist/Evangelical/ Fundamentalist faith Community in America ,is to constantly apprise one and all of the many ways ,these clever pseudo-Christian charlatans endeavored to trick ,deceive and cheat them ,out of their hard-earned money.
The sick and disgusting acts of abject depravity that took place in room# 7 of The Travel Inn ,Baton Rouge, were not committed by a demented pervert ;someone you would protest, if he were allowed to move next door to you or your family ; no, not at all, but were committed by America’s number one Evangelical Pastor and the most well-known Christian Fundamentalist Bible preacher ; an over reaching moralist ,the likes of which ,had heretofore never been seen. Jimmy Swaggart ,whose syrupy baritone voice oozed with sincerity and dedication to the word of God ,THE GOSPEL MESSAGE OF Salvation and Saintly living.
The huge amount of wealth Jimmy was able to accumulate is now legend ,and speaks volumes to the abject stupidity and mindless credulity of this nation’s Fundamentalist jerks. The question that has baffled millions since the scandal broke and became the major topic of conversation in the media is :Why did Jimmy sabotage his own career?
Jimmy ,who could state with a certain degree of serious conviction that he was called by the Almighty to be the instrument of World Evangelization and only by him would this be accomplished ;why would he gamble away what only a few could ever hope to accomplish in their lifetimes?

Only when one examines the extent of the Swaggart ministry’s vast holdings can one truly appreciate the size and scope of this incredibly far-reaching pseudo christian enterprise. The 175 national flags in the 18 million dollar family worship center , representing the far-flung missionary outreach of his ministry ;that employed 14 full-time interpreters to send the word out to the lost and dying in these very nations ,speaks to his immense worldwide popularity.

So when Debra Murphree spoke to reporters about the sexual trysts with Jimmy ,she described how he visited her some 20-25 separate times ;and for the most part all he paid her to do was pose and masturbate with a dildo he brought with him to room# 7 of the Travel Inn. And so ,here in this room ,not far from Baton Rouge was where Jimmy sold his soul to satan. But who was she really talking about?
And so,when Debra described how Jimmy would sit in the green fiberglass molded deck chair in her room and masturbated while he watched her perform ,was she talking about some back alley degenerate ,in need of serious medication to control his deviant instincts? No, not at all;She was talking about America’s number one , fire-breathing Christian bible believing fundamentalist moralist who stated that Roman Catholics would burn in hell for their refusal to accept the supremacy of scripture.

When Debra described how Jimmy would constantly badger her to allow her 9-year-old daughter to come into room # 7 and to join him, while he watched with guilty pleasure the depraved performance being acted out in front of him ; was she speaking about some degenerate and mentally deranged monstrosity that should be incarcerated as quickly as possible ? ; no, not at all; she was describing the events that took place in room# 7 between herself, a pathetic $20.00 hooker ,and probably the world’s best known preacher of God’s Holy Word. And who routinely derided homosexuals as queers, faggots ,stating that:” calling them Gays was too respectful given their sick and degenerate lifestyles”. “They don’t deserve respect”, he would often state in public. And it sounded like he really meant it.

Here are some tidbits uncovered during the course of the inevitable investigations regarding the money pouring into the Swaggart ministry of major fraud and deceptions:

By the 1980s Swaggart was big enough to be a target of investigations, and while the scale of alleged improprieties was nothing compared with the wretched excesses of Bakker’s PTL organization, some of the charges stuck. In 1981, when a wealthy California widow named Zoe Vance died leaving almost her entire estate to the Swaggart ministries, the “evangelistic association and its agents” were charged by the Vance family lawyers with “preying upon her loneliness and illness for the purpose of…securing donations from her.” A 1984 settlement allocated 70 percent of the estate—about $10 million—to the Swaggart ministries.

In 1983 John Camp, a reporter for Baton Rouge’s WBRZ-TV, unearthed allegations that money collected for a children’s aid fund was instead being used on buildings and furnishings for the ministry. (The allocation procedure was changed the following year.) There were also charges that Swaggart’s brother-in-law was taking kickbacks from a Dallas printer who had been printing Swaggart’s monthly magazine, The Evangelist. Treated as an internal church matter, the allegations were hushed up.

Should the Christian Faith Community ever forgive JIMMY SWAGGART or JIM BAKKER ?

Should they forgive the deceptions ,the lies and the financial trickery going on in the REJOICE RADIO musical charade of scriptural deceptions? Should the honest and trusting Christian community forgive the clever political chicanery of the VCY AMERICA enterprise and the wholesale swindle of its gullible listenership?

If the true believers of God’s Holy word were to ever forgive these major betrayers and swindlers , then they would have to forgive Larry Flint and the entire pornography industry in America.

“If God doesn’t destroy San Francisco and the degenerates living in the CASTRO then He must apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!” is a convenient quote from Mrs. Billy Graham .

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)
“One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.”

And so ,investigative reporters uncovered another prostitute by the name of Ms. Carriere who had serviced the famous televangelist ,in the same Travel Inn motel ,Baton Rouge . She described how right above the privacy fence overlooking the outdoor courtyard ; where the several hookers plied their trade sat, and ironically watched the various televangelists on the T.V.; passing the time away , one could see on a billboard in bold lettering: John 3-16:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. ”

What a fitting environment for a man of God ;a proponent of the supremacy of Scripture, and also a firm believer in the Six Day Creation narrative in the book of Genesis, would find an opportunity to give vent to his depraved and carnal nature. And so, Ms. Carriere related how Jimmy only wanted to watch her “play with my pussy ,while he jacked off”. And for $, 20.00 she gave him a blow job! There you have it. That was the extent of it with Ms. Carriere.

According to Debra Murphree ,Jimmy penetrated her only once. And how ironic that Jimmy who would strut and scream on stage , waving his Bible overhead ; he would yell and sing , laugh ,cry and then let out a stream of ” sala havani rushai kehando rotunai sabani. shamabai.. ” I speak in tongues everyday ” Jimmy would often boast. Now here was a man who would look directly into the camera during one of his tirades dealing with sin and immorality and with a firm voice would often say: ” Dear Lady ,you are a child of God ,created in His image.act like one”

And so when he penetrated Debra , he chose to do it ‘ Doggie Style”.yes, Debra ,stripped of her clothing,stripped of her dignity, constantly being asked to have her nine-year old daughter present ,so she could watch them have at it; and who now was told to assume the position of a dog. A bitch ,was also stripped of her humanity!

All by instruction from a preacher who believed in a literal interpretation of the creation story ;revealing that man and woman were children of THE ALMIGHTY,created in His Image ; and not as a result of evolution from the lower orders of life. HOW IRONIC!

My Dear Christians and Comrades,I believe it is impossible to forgive The Swaggarts and Jim Bakker; but nor should all the pseudo-Christian swindlers ,operating their scams on the Broadcast Networks be ever forgiven . Can Benny Hinn be forgiven for deliberately blaspheming THE HOLY SPIRIT by mocking the healing power of GOD?

They cannot be forgiven ,anymore than Judas Iscariot could be forgiven.

When you are dealing with rotten scumbags like the phony jokers operating their cheap swindles over at REJOICE RADIO or the VCY AMERICA NETWORK you are in the presence of the very enemies of JESUS CHRIST. When you listen to cheats and professional liars and blasphemers such as ERWIN LUTZER and Jimmy Mintz ;the station manager of RBN ,you are listening to some of this nation’s most incredibly deceptive characters to come out of the world of pseudo-Christian fakery.

Swaggart and his evil family , Bakker, and all of their cheap, junior clones are inherently evil people ;THEY ARE IN FACT THE VERY SCUM OF HUMANITY and therefore CANNOT EVER BE FORGIVEN for their crimes against Christian Humanity!

This includes all those associated with these arch fiends and scam artists. Craig Mattson, Don Smith and hundreds of others will never be forgiven for what they are doing to the faithful believers in the Christian Faith Community!

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS ,Til Tomorrow ; GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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