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The Swaggart Phenomenon : The reason and the lesson .Rejoice Radio ,VCY AMERICA Network listeners;have you learned your lesson?

June 26, 2013

My Fellow Christians: They say nothing happens by accident ,everything happens for a reason  ;and to everything there’s a purpose . But what has been learned by the Swaggart scandals and all the other sad tales of deception and depravity which took place years ago. What purpose is there in dredging up old news of things that occurred by all the scoundrels operating their clever scams,  in the  sordid world of Televangelism.

It seems that Christians generally have short memories, and are  quick to dismiss the outrageous conduct of outlaws such as Swaggart and Jim  Bakker  as nothing  more than anomalies  ;temporary aberrations that indicate how wide and deep runs  the depraved carnal nature of human existence.

The truth of this has been long  known ,and therefore  cannot be thought of as providing an adequate understanding of just how these unfortunate situations arise ;especially  in an age where quick access to information is taken for granted.

 Did the Evangelical Faith Community fail to see the travesty that had developed with all the self promoting frauds and pseudo-Christian charlatans that had arrayed themselves  on prime time televiewing  ; lined up like a bunch of streetwalkers posing for interviews with  smiling pedestrians.

Can a religious community that claims to have the ability to read God’s Word and to  decipher its hidden meanings, fail to discern the epic swindles  which took place right in front of their eyes?

The meaning of all this fails to make a dent in the thinking of today’s vast Baptist/Evangelical/ Fundamentalist community ; in so far as  its understanding of just how gullible and vulnerable they are to the present day crop of cheats,liars and money-grubbing tricksters operating their scams   not only through  the televangelist con job ,but also through the medium of radio .

What Swaggart pulled off and was able to become immensely wealthy as a  result  of doing ,   is still being played out ,over the minds of America’s naive and rather stupid Evangelical crowd ;and this , in no small part  ,due to the clergy of the mainstream brick and mortar churches.  What  is hard to understand for many, is the sad reality that the pastors and preachers you come in contact with are every bit as corrupted and depraved as are the Televangelists and  Radioevangelists ,many of which are reaping huge fortunes cheating and tricking  their listenership into sending in their donations.

In other words ,they are all working together  ;failing to warn you, failing to advise you   to the tactics used by all the clever  vultures in the Christian media ;looking to take advantage of your inherent good naturedness and Christian generosity.

 What the mainstream clergy and the phony con artists working their scam in the Christian radio medium have in common  is that they both see the many millions of Christian Evangelicals, as a resource to be mined.

But as with all forms of trickery there has to be a certain amount of bait and an ideal cover involved with it ; so as to put it over the minds of the credulous in such a way as to  go undetected.  

With Jimmy Swaggart it was all the saccharin  and  syrupy sounding baritone voiced medleys of gospel music that provided both the bait and cover to his money-making ministry. As the audience became more familiar with his stage performance the more amused they became ;and so it became easier for them to lower their guard of common sense; and quickly found themselves mesmerized by one of America’s best known fundamentalist preachers.

The acts of sick depravity that made the headlines , became in reality for the Evangelicals ,  the side attraction. Stories of how he visited Debra Murphree 20-25 times were for the happy clappy crowd ,nothing more than one other thing to forgive. And a chance  to show Christian compassion of a fallen brother.

Accounts from the mouth of Debra Murphree ,the prostitute Jimmy visited 20-25 times in room 7 of the travel Inn motel in  New Orleans [the big easy] appeared to be of little interest ;as if everyday of the week this happens to a worldwide known preacher. And so the  groundwork was set for another deliberate dumbing down of America’s  Faith  Based Community of imbeciles and assorted “Left Behind” Believing Jerks.

Stories of how  Jimmy  paid   Debra to pose in front of him didn’t seem to interest the majority of Bible thumpers. It interested the secular press far more  who reported with glee and relish , every detail of his  perverted sexual  encounters ;as lurid in detail as to the abject  total hypocrisy of the World’s most ardent moralist  ;unable to   keep his zipper up ,even when investigators were hot on his trail.

The details were indeed sick and depraved. From the poses and requests for Debra to masturbate with a dildo  ,provided  by Jimmy , to the never-ending pleading to have Debra’s young daughter come in the room and watch ,while Jimmy masturbated at the depravity unfolding before his eyes. To the one time act of penetration reported by Debra to the investigative reporters where Jimmy proved to be a premature ejaculator; and failing to hold it long enough to really  exact enough pleasure ,his release came accompanied with a long series of Blasphemies and the    taking  of God’s Name in vain.

Now ,the significance of this act   is that here we have a Bible-preacher who everyday during his stage performance ,he would speak in tongues . Tongues ,his gullible and moronic church membership believed  were attributed to  a spiritual gift ,allowing Jimmy to communicate with the Angelic Host. But all  done in an unknown language . Jimmy would boast that he  spoke in tongues everyday of his life.

The question I have  is ;  did he speak  in tongues on the day that he penetrated Debra and suffered through the disappointment of a premature ejaculation event? Was the long stream of cussing and swearing and taking God’s name in vain a NEW TONGUE?  Only this time it was in a known language ,understood by Debra ,his 20.00 $ hooker ,who reported the verbiage  to the investigative reporter?

The bottomless pit of stupidity that   entraps the minds of America’s fundamentalist community is amazing . But the fact that thousands of other equally depraved masters of deceit are plying their scam with impunity speaks to the inability of this community to right itself from the demonic attacks aimed against it from every source. 

Why are the many hundreds of radio evangelists any more trustworthy than the Swaggart Ministry of fraud ,hypocrisy and deceit?

Whatever trickery and conniving scheme that was used by Jimmy and the boys must be presumed to be part and parcel of every other pseudo-Christian media crook ,many of you hear and listen to every day.

Keep in mind, that at one time ,over a half million dollars  a day were being donated to the Swaggart  Ministry . But where was the money going? You see ,while all this cash was being collected ,Jimmy was right out there in front of the cameras ,making desperate pleas  for more money; and threatening that his worldwide ministry was at risk of going off the air!

The many millions collected  on  behalf of Jimmy’s children’s fund simply went for the purchases of new Lincolns and air-conditioned two-story playhouses for Jimmy’s grandkids. And let’s not forget the collection of million dollar homes he now enjoys.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Those of you who listen to RBN ;THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK from Pensacola  ,Florida  should think long and hard before you decide to financially support this class of radio parasites .

They fundamentally use the same trickery as Swaggart  only in a different format. Given that everything  on Radio must be heard  ;the only limitations  are  those in the theatre of one’s mind.

This means that you won’t see the gyrations or the strutting or crying into the mic which characterized the Swaggart Worship service.

But you will hear the syrupy sounding Gospel music from an accomplished singer who sounds like he’s doing an imitation of MARTY ROBBINS. you know Marty ,he’s the ” White  Sport Coat and Pink Carnation” guy! He’s the new ELVIS or Jimmy . Give this bastard a listen and I’m sure you’ll agree.

The depravity that engulfs the singers and recording celebrities ,offered by RBN , is not found in the music you hear, but in the twisted and disgraceful careers these ladies and gentlemen pursue . The simple truth is that most of the singers and performers featured on RBN  can also be heard and seen in many of the bars, nightclubs and honky tonks throughout the deep south.

In fact these hypocrites simply change the lyrics around to suit the booze soaked audiences ,lining up for a chance to be inspired by their syrupy sounding musical sounds.

The constant demands made for more cash  should remind every thinking person of the incredible lies told by Jimmy during the height of his money-making career. ” Please send in all you can or we will have to go off the  air.”

Oh . and don’t forget: “Give and it will be given back, pressed down and shaken together”  This verse of scripture is the most used of all, to solicit the big bucks from out of the hides of America’s dumbest.

Everything you hear on Rejoice Radio is calculated to convince you that you’re listening to a legitimate on the air Christian ministry ;but in fact ,all you are hearing is a theatrical production whose only goal is to rip you off. Their only ministry is to raise easy money from an audience that   is so childish and naive ,it can’t separate fact from fiction;it is open to every scam and trick known to the depraved mind of man.

And believe me the lying scumbags operating the rejoice radio scam are every bit as sick and depraved as JIMMY BOY .

What do you think they are doing with all the coeds and young hotties that wander in and out of the RBN studios? 

What do you think they spend all the cash donations that come into the mailroom or over the internet?

Have you ever seen the  multimillion dollar homes that Craig Mattson and Jimmy boy   Mintz  live in?

Jimmy is the son of a bitch that wants you to check for loose change behind your sofas and to send it in to him ,so RBN can keep inspiring you with more messages of deceit and utter hypocrisy. 

He makes the same pitch that Jimmy used; only with JIMMY BOY it’s the old “listener supported “scam or “to help meet operating expenses .

What a lying bastard .

I hope and pray that this lying scumbag burns in the black flames of ETERNITY, for all the lying he’s done through the years.

But you don’t have to fall for all their lies and depravity  ;even from the lips of all the slick double-dealing whores who abandoned their husbands and families in order to satisfy their unmet  urge  and desire for the BIG O!!

And who now ply their trade in deceit by trying to present a softer touch to their cold-blooded , sick and depraved money-making schemes. Cheat and trick by any means necessary! What these filthy bow wows won’t do to make a buck and to continue their depraved and decadent lifestyles. And they have the nerve to call themselves ,saved by God’s grace. These slobs are saved by cold cash ! and nothing more.

The basic and underlying moral to the sad and lamentable  Swaggart situation, as well as to all the other hustlers operating their phony ministries is that for Christians there’s no virtue in forgiving any of these dirt bags. Forgiving them is the best guarantee that we will be forever abused and exploited by them.  So if you find difficulty in condemning them ;then think of future generations that may not only benefit by your condemnation but just may bless you for your forethought.

 This has been your Good news commentator

With more Good News , Good day and Good news to you.

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