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Pastor Erwin Lutzer providing the essential GRAVITAS for all the clever Christian Radio Broadcasters,.

July 19, 2013

” Dr. Lutzer, with all due respect, I am having great difficulty reconciling your teaching on salvation with all that the Bible reveals pertinent to the subject. In fact, try as I might, I can’t even reconcile your views on salvation with those of D.L. Moody, the man under whose name your teaching is published and aired, or his successor, Dr. R.A. Torrey. I pray you would be kind enough to consider these writings and help me, your humble student, reconcile these seeming incongruities.”

My Fellow Christians: Having difficulty reconciling Dr. Lutzer’s  teaching on salvation with All that the Bible teaches would be an understatement. The above plaintive    quote from a former Lutzer admirer   speaks to  the topsy-turvy and woefully   confusing      Evangelical presentation  of Christian exegesis. And Lutzer loves every minute of it!

As far as Lutzer’s clarity in writing  , within  a   religious historical  narrative , again,

there’s much to be desired.

   Read a REVIEW of one of Lutzer’s best sellers.


 HITLER’S CROSS by Erwin Lutzer

 REVIEW: Disappointingly Superficial

“A rather superficial look at Germany in the 1930′s and how the vast majority of Christian churches in that country welcomed and supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Given the tragic solemnity of this history, and the striking historical and contemporary evidence that Lutzer could have drawn upon to show that, indeed, exactly what happened in 1930s Nazi Germany is happening now in America, one would expect a book like this to be weightier, more intellectually robust. Instead, there is a dearth of specific examples to make the connection Lutzer is trying to make; and Lutzer fails to provide many specifics telling exactly how the Nazis conned Christians into joining their ranks. Lutzer glosses over much. Still, Lutzer does a fair job of providing historical details on the lives of the two heroic German pastors who did take a stand for Christ and against Hitler: Dietrich Boenhoeffer and Martin Neimoller. But mostly Lutzer generalizes too much: He could have–and should have–been more bold and specific about the comparisons between that time and place and this time and place because, let’s face it, the comparisons big and blatant and ugly, and Lutzer never effectively tells us why because he doesn’t include specifics.

Perhaps the biggest fault of this book is that Lutzer fails to distinguish much between Roman Catholicism and its harlot daughters as opposed to true Christianity. Oh, he makes note of the differences in Germany at the time, and gives a bit of statistics regarding how many belonged to which body vs. the other body, but again it is all superficialities. Never does Lutzer take a deeper look at who actually put Hitler into power, never does Lutzer offer anything to the reader about Pius XII, Franz Von Papen, et al, as is documented in more serious works such as Hitler’s Pope by the Roman catholic writer/researcher John Cornwell.

Finally, one thing Lutzer does give too many specifics about, that he really should not, is premillenial dispensationalism; Lutzer takes every opportunity to try foisting this dubious belief system on the unwary reader. No thanks, Erwin; been there, done that.
This book was a big disappointment.””…!!!

So what gives with this Erwin  Lutzer character? 

One starts   to wonder about Lutzer ,upon hearing his somber  hayseed eloquent voice ,coming over the radio airwaves.  It’s all about the  voice, after all ,it’s radio.

Lutzer has a voice befitting your average undertaker;in fact it’s precisely this that makes him in such high  demand  among all the money-grubbing executives and station managers ,salivating at the thought of an increase in cash flow, due to the inherent skill Lutzer projects in frightening the elderly and half dead out of their cash and their  retirement accounts.

So ,how does Lutzer pull it off,you may ask!

 Nothing really new,just the usual catch them napping and slip it to them.

Moody Church Hour: The Moody Association and Lutzer’s connection to it provides  the gravitas all the other anglers in the Christian broadcast business long for. The cachet  that comes  attached to the venerable  Moody Evangelical association  of Chicago compounds Lutzer’s gravitas among the other clever wheelers and dealers.

 ” This Sunday morning program provides a worship service for those unable to attend a local church. With the trusted teaching of Pastor Erwin Lutzer, the Word is proclaimed and glory is given to God. Join us on a journey with the Word, worship, and prayer.”

  • The question I would have is  trusted by  WHOM?
  • Those unable to attend a local church,or  the feeble brained or  too socially challenged to relate to other church members ;and  so, are  ripe for exploitation by all the money-grubbing vultures operating behind the scenes via Christian Radio.

Songs in the Night

This 30-minute conversational, home-like atmosphere program began airing on June 6, 1943 at 10:15pm, over WCFL in Chicago. Now one of the longest running radio programs, its home is The Moody Church, its voice is Pastor Erwin Lutzer, and its heart is the Word of God.

This is Lutzer’s main pitch that he uses to influence the easy to trick and so has become fabulously wealthy as a result.

One usually hears  this  clever joker over Christian Radio outlets such as the REJOICE RADIO outfit that has ensconced itself in the Florida Panhandle,appealing to the gullible and less astute among the vast Baptist /Evangelical / Fundamentalist Communities. And Lutzer plays these dear people for all they’re worth.

All it takes is a convincing and erudite sounding tone with a  confident  bible-based  hayseed eloquent presentation; and Lutzer scores again.

But what does he actually say that  convinces the masses of his learning and good intentions?  It doesn’t really matter WHAT he says ;it’s HOW he says it!

But for certain, he has to  appeal to the already prophetic  certainty already  existing  in the  brains of the gullible; but just to reinforce their stupidity ,he rehashes the old six-day creation pitch and  with it,  makes everyone believe that the best way to glorify the Great  Nazarene is by rebuking His Mother!

What a  depraved genius this scumbag must be!

Well ,it all works in terms of getting the hayseeds to open their wallets;this is what they expect him to say and Lutzer doesn’t disappoint.

In fact,there’s practically nothing Lutzer will not say or agree to ,if it increases the cash flow into his coffers and of  those who support his laughable ministry and profit with big commissions ,selling his disappointing and superficial book writing scams.

 In the final analysis ,all Lutzer accomplishes can be seen by the luke warm Christians who are so turned off by this clever trapeze  artist   , they never again  return  to hear the Gospel.

 The fact that Lutzer is sponsored by clever and gifted showmen presenting their wares on REJOICE RADIO should be indication enough that there’s something terribly untoward  about SONGS   IN THE NIGHT and the somber sounds of Lutzer;the undertaker. 

Here . Lutzer gets a chance to mix his message of confusion and solemn contradictions  with enough lullaby sounding selections ,that the average idiot trying to pay attention to the scriptural gymnastics Lutzer  engages in simply gives in ,and swallows whatever scriptural game of  charades being tossed  in his face.

So,aside from the money-grubbing Lutzer ,who else makes out here? Well of course it’s the clever swindlers operating REJOICE RADIO ,desperately in need of some GRAVITAS to finish the week with.

If  GRAVITAS were a tradeable commodity ,Lutzer would be worth his weight in GOLD! Gravitas is something seriously lacking in the REJOICE RADIO lineup of cheap  sleazy sounding swindlers ,trying to sound solemn   and  sincere.  One quick listen to JIMMY  MINTZ plying his phony appeal for loose change behind the couch or behind the cushions ;while laughable ,is nonetheless  a deliberate attempt  to sound amateurish and folksy. What better way to trick the unaware jerks who actually believe there’s true religion with these hyenas.

And then again ,there’s Craig Mattson and all of his theatrical performances  ; being seen ,heard and understood as nothing more than carefully contrived stage presentations; and  are easily   dismissed ,even by   the  less educated in the listenership. 

Dr. Don Smith , and the long dead celebrities such as J. Vernon McGee   and all the other tinny ,folksy sounding good old boy types, just lack the essential ingredient called GRAVITAS! 

Not that Don Smith is dead ;it’s just that he’s there on REJOICE RADIO  in the mid-day slot,  appealing to the sun belt seniles ,sipping their soup with one foot on a banana peel.

And so, the decision to  hire Lutzer ,the master presenter of prophecy and the one who claims to know the mind of God ;all  wrapped and ready to tell you all about the afterlife and the hidden meanings revealed only to him from out of the Book of Revelations!

My Dear Christians , no pastor or preacher can possibly  know any more about the afterlife than anyone else. No Bible Teacher can interpret scripture any better than anyone else.  Whatever conclusion one may come to ,it can be easily disputed by  another

All these jokers are trying to do is fool you into believing that they have an inside track into the hidden ,opaque meaning of scriptures ;which can only come about by their knowledge of the mind of God. Imagine the perverted ego these professional liars and hypocrites possess to portray themselves in such a manner.

Of course ,they do this with all the subtlety and cunning one would only expect from a cheap swindler and sleight of hand artist plying their trade in deceit among the crowds at a carnival or state fair. Don’t FALL for their chicanery. Lutzer is a LIAR and has tossed his lot in with the eternal enemies of JESUS CHRIST!

This has been your GOOD NEWS commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS; GOOD DAY and until tomorrow GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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