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My Crazy Christian Country : Where Charlatans Roam and Seldom Is Heard an Honest Word from the Swindlers on Christian Radio Broadcasting.

August 20, 2013

My Dear Fellow Christians: Derided as Holy Rollers ,the Fundamentalist Evangelicals of America nonetheless represent a counterbalance to the overwhelming rise of science and the blind trust in the social welfare state. A seemingly false trust that has slowly been eroding away the formerly predominate position of traditional Christian values.

The Evangelical movement in America ,noted for offering to all those longing for a return to an older ,more stable way of life ; a mixture of prophetic certainty, a world of miracles ,and exhilarating spirituality ,took on a rapid rise to power and prominence in rural america.

Science for its part looks on The Evangelical faith movement as a kind of mass delusion ;given the proclivity of certain hysterical practices dealing with the gifts of the spirit ,such as the speaking in tongues.
But to the fundamentalists ,this phenomena clearly indicated proof positive that science had been trumped by the victory of pure faith and belief.

This is the faith and belief environment that allowed for the emergence of the Jimmy Swaggart phenomena, which undoubtedly, became the most expansive demonstration of what can come out from the mysterious, irrational sounds of mass delusion.

The fear and awe  engendered by his personality could well account for the sense of relief and satisfaction certain segments of secular society felt ,at the incredible series of events, that led to Swaggart’s downfall.
To better understand the tragic comedy that unfolded before the viewing eyes of America and the world ,one must clearly understand that Jimmy plotted and arranged his own demise and destruction.

But who was Jimmy really? What did he look like and what was it about him that made him the world’s number one televangelist . What was he presenting to the world that made him the undisputed boss of television’s evangelical multi-ring circus act. Anyone having witnessed the Swaggart Revival service was never again the same. It didn’t matter what church denomination you came from ,you were part of the show . He made you a part of what you came to be part of.

To answer the question of how and why   Jimmy self-destructed when he sold his soul to satan in room #7 at the travel Inn motel in   New  Orleans ,one needs to fully understand the tremendous psychic pressures involved for someone to succeed beyond their dreams, in a vocation they have the little understanding of,  and  have achieved this great success, by pure fraud and deceit.

It may take a lot of time but sooner or later the one who plays this highly charged game of religious deception will pay a very high toll for his efforts.

The mental breakdown became self-evident and was witnessed by those who knew him well. Not to say that in time he did not make a full recovery.  And so was able to return back to his cheating and deceptions he had earlier perfected.

In fewer words ,Jimmy plotted his own demise because he could no longer continue living a lie;that he was God’s instrument ,chosen to bring salvation to the lost in these last days. Running a smaller ministry, which would provide him with all the financial benefits of his religion scam was more to his liking ;and not the overwhelming  ,overpowering SUPER STAR celebrity he once was. 

He could now relax and  see to business, with the small town meanness he started out with , and was more accustomed to ;and  best of all,  not having to answer questions from the ever prying eyes of the mass media. This was more to Jimmy’s liking ;and to all those he had betrayed ,well ; as  far as Jimmy and his entire rotten family were concerned  ;the people he tricked ,can all go burn in hell. A hell Jimmy had no use for or ever truly believed in!

But the  unobserved failure on the part of the vast Evangelical Faith Community ,especially the   Assemblies of God organization ,was to simply close their eyes and write the whole thing off as just another aberration  ;just something the faithful have to put up with from time to time.

This attitude is exactly why we still have the same blood suckers operating today just as Jimmy did, but under different cover.

The idea that Christians simply have to put up with all the nonsense that comes out of obviously  phony pseudo-religious outfits ,all pretending to be furthering the Gospel,is to do a great disservice to the Great Nazarene ,the Evangelical crowd claims to worship and love.

If Macdonald’s and Nike and Apple can fight for their property rights,their Logos and the authenticity of their product line;why is the Baptist/Fundamentalist /Evangelical crowd so non-plus when it comes to preserving the integrity of the Gospel and the   incorporation of   Christian humanity ,with its distinct set of ethics,values and morality.

The answer is to be found in the lack of true leadership  ;the corruption ,deceptions and pure greed ,rotting the inner core of all that is decent,pure and sacred in the Christian Culture.

The proliferation of Christian Radio Broadcasters throughout  this crazy country speaks clearly to the callous disregard certain segments of our fraudulent and conniving religious counter-culture ;and the devastating effects it has  on honest humanity.The terrible toll these vultures take on the less astute and who also exploit the hopes and dreams of many Christian Faithful is incalculable.

The problem is simply found in the abject stupidity of those unable to quickly figure out what is taking place right under their noses.

The problem could be  remedied ,at least in part ,by the asking of some very simple questions to all those who claim to know the mind of God ;and who are willing to reveal His will in the lives of the stupid ,and all done for a GOODWILL OFFERING!!

One serious question for everyone to ask of the deliberate con artists running things over at the REJOICE enterprise of fraud and grand larceny is where exactly does the money come from that pays the exorbitant high six figure salaries paid to celebrities such as Mr. Craig  Mattson and to the clever master of subtle  extortion,Mr Jimmy Mintz?

If their demands for financial support, are as dire as they proclaim ,will the staff operating the studios of RBN suffer any loss in salary if these demands for cash are not met?  I hardly think so. Whether it’s Craig Mattson ,who skillfully uses the sounds of erudition to bamboozle the gullible or the lying sack of manure Mr. Jimmy Mintz who now runs his ad campaign and arm twisting for bucks under the label of “SUNDAY REFLECTIONS’  with  JIMMY MINTZ .What a sad and pathetic bunch of bastards these jokers truly are.


  • 4:15 pm Into His Likeness

5:00 pm — Sunday Reflections with Jimmy Mintz

There you see it: “Sunday Reflections “with the  most callous and deliberately deceptive lying piece of horse manure ,currently  scamming the gullible and down right stupid, listening throughout the Bible-Belt and beyond.

The question every Christian must ask himself is; Would a true believer in Christ do the things that Dr.  Don Smith does everyday during his family prayer time gig?  Would a true Christian double talk and try to swindle money out of the pockets of this nation’s senior citizens?

Would any Christian lady make demands for money ,from a population struggling to pay bills and survive in the current economic environment ,while at the same time be receiving millions in   salary and compensation?

This is exactly what Rhonda Autry is doing working her scam over at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN]  This gal shamelessly makes a plea for donations and hard cash while living it up on the Florida  Gulf Coast with its pristine white sand beaches. This babe makes millions collecting royalties from RBN  for all the musical selections she allows them to use during their daylong programming of music and messages.  What a piece of work she must be!!

And then there’s the smart ass Dr. Mattson who earns more in a year working at the RBN  studios than most couples earn   working three full-time jobs !!

What all these scam artists are doing is asking for you to continue paying their sky-high salaries, and they call it “operating expenses” ,trying to frighten the imbeciles in their listenership ,that they  may not  hear Beulah Land o Beulah land anymore.  They threaten   the happy clappy crowd with shutting off the music if they don’t fork over the cash.

Would any honest Christian  enterprise underwrite with free air time an organization such as Vic Eliason’s CROSSTALK call-in program . ? Would even a decent non believer provide the lying scumbags in Milwaukee  with another opportunity to pollute the airwaves with gross and sordid filth? But REJOICE RADIO DOES!!

Would any truly Christian radio broadcast station allow clever scam  artists

like  John Morris and his six-day creation fraud con ;or the lying bastard from Australia Ken Ham who cheats the semi-literate in believing that dinosaurs fit into Noah’s ark.  Yes, I know what the jokers says ;it was the smaller variety of  dinosaurs that Noah put in the arc.; or the degenerate sounding IAN TAYLOR who believes a butterfly batting its wings disproves the theory of evolution and should be accepted as proof  positive that  Darwin was a fraud.  Amazing!!

None bothers to ask these lying tricksters where the claws and the razor-sharp fangs came from or were used for. Yes ,I know what the clever jokers tell everyone; that after sin entered the world ,the animals started to look for prey ;and then when death came into the world ,they joined in and hunted and killed for food.

The question no one bothers to ask these clever bastards is why did the Almighty punish the animals either in a gigantic flood ,or to allow sin to distort their function as herbalists. ? What did the animals do to deserve this fate?

Can an animal sin ? Can it do something worthy of eternal hell fire?

Does an animal have a soul to punish? Does fido deserve to burn in hell? No, he doesn’t, but Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz, Dr.Don Smith and all the travelling band of whores and homewreckers think they DO!!

How do these professional actors and cheating slobs pull it off ?

One way ,is to use the tricky but mind twisting sounds of Dr. Erwin Lutzer and the gravitas the bastard brings with him ,thanks to his contrived association with the venerable Moody Church organization. This is what gives the lying scumbag the needed gravitas ,which he uses and sells to criminal minded outfits such as VCY AMERICA and the REJOICE RADIO SCAM!! This is greatly appreciated by the gang working the swindle and in desperate need for gravitas to lend them some additional credibility with the idiot masses.

You know, I never would’ve found the joy of REJOICE RADIO  had it not been for Vic Eliason and his cheating and swindling the gullible crosstalk programming that revealed that his operation was being provided with FREE AIRTIME.

Now ,if you are too stupid to understand what this means then you have no right to gripe about the horrendous condition the church finds itself in today.

And you are of no use to the cause of Christ in the world.

This has been your good news commentator with more good news Til tomorrow GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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