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The Christian Guide to Self-Defense. To use when listening to Rejoice Radio[RBN] or VCY AMERICA [crosstalk] . All other Christian Radio Broadcasters in America.

August 27, 2013

 My Dear Christian Folk: During the course of a normal day’s worth of activity ,one seldom feels the need to be alerted or to remain on guard against those who intend to defraud us ,to cheat or swindle us.

Sadly this is exactly the time to be aware of the intentions that many have in our society .

For it is when we least expect to be harmed is precisely when we are most vulnerable to the machinations and deceit that come out of the mouths of those we least expect to harm us.

The government and private agencies
routinely publish pamphlets and other guides to keep us on top of the latest techniques swindlers use to defraud the public.

As far as we know ,no such printed matter exists for the benefit of the average Christian to use as a guide in dealing with the religion swindlers he encounters on a daily basis.

There are no public service announcements on the air to alert God’s people of the perils in trusting what is broadcast daily,from the professional pseudo-christian radio broadcasters such as those heard on the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK .

Apparently the government has no desire to provide oversight  on  those who deceive and cheat their listeners as long as they do it under the cover of religion.

But what about you dear Christian ?
Do you feel it is important to expose pseudo christian fraud that is harmful to the Body of Christ?

Do we need a self-defense manual to serve as a guide and to keep us from falling into the greedy clutches
of experienced con-artists such as the
criminals that operate
the CROSS-TALK Radio call-in program?

This program which is a product of VCY AMERICA is clearly one of many.

But if you can understand how this criminal gang operates ,I can assure you it will help you to guard against all others as well.

Many of the problems Christians face  , arise due to the trusting nature of the average Christian.

We can’t bear to believe that anyone who claims to be a believer in the Great Nazarene  would in any ways cheat or trick another Christian.
 If you understand the fallacy in this
thinking ,it will help you greatly.

What you hear on THE CROSS-TALK RADIO program is a good example of how some very unscrupulous deceivers
attempt to convince you of their christian religiosity in order to weaken any suspicions you may have regarding their intentions.

All you need do is listen to the carefully contrived deceit that spews out of the mouth of the ring-leader of this gang : Mr.Vic Eliason;

and learn how to separate the truth
from the lies and half-truths he skillfully presents to you.

This con-artist has a long history of swindling his radio audience by
soliciting funds and donations under false pretenses.
he routinely swindles his listeners out of huge sums of money.

Today he tried to justify this scam by
broadcasting an interview from an AFRICAN supposedly involved in a supposed project to provide solar panels to a certain radio transmitter out in the middle somewhere in the south SUDAN.

And of course he will provide some photos to prove it!
How can a photo prove any connection between the requests for money and items purchased?

I can claim I just purchased a million dollar mansion by showing you a picture of one with me standing in front of it.
Pictures can be doctored to prove anything you want them to prove ; Limited only by the credulity of the viewer.
Funny how Mr.ELIASON never offers to show an invoice of any type or a receipt for good delivery of anything.

He just wants you to TRUST HIM.
Take his word for it and just shut up.

Interesting how they never offer to show a financial statement to those who donate to them.
How do you know how the money you send to them is spent?
How do you know they are good stewards ?
Put them to the test.

Before you ever send them anything or buy any of their worthless books or reading material ,ask them for a financial statement of fact.

Afterall they are asking for your support to continue their supposedly non-profit ministry.. [WHAT A JOKE! ]

The reality is ,you are allowing them to enrich themselves at your expense.

They live a life of luxury ;not only the ring-leader ,but also all of  his depraved stooges,   who routinely spew  hate and ridicule on to other Christians .This includes Mr. Jim Schneider ,the co-host on Vic’s infamous call in talk show called :CROSSTALK AMERICA!

  Many in the listening audience are naive to the fact that what you hear has been orchestrated and designed for special effects..

In fact ,a good deal of the factually  fictitious programming you hear on crosstalk is in real terms, produced   away from the VCY AMERICA studios . What Vic engages in is pure stagecraft, in that he often prearranges  for his sycophant supporters to call in to the hour-long program and make suggestions and comments that benefit either the VCY AMERICA network, or the invited stooge ,appearing as a guest on the show ,providing vital information.

You often hear the stooge calling in to the show  with a question for the guest, as to how best financially support his crack pot web site or his swindling operation  of  a lost cause .  

This, cunningly alleviates Vic from the need to do so. Vic can let the stooge make the suggestion to his dumbed down audience to send in the money;write the checks. This clears Vic  from the accusation that he’s running a cheap payola operation ;where the swindlers  who appear on CROSSTALK get a chance to take the audience for a ride.

Or ,if  Vic  and even Jim Schneider need a word or two of uplifting encouragement to improve their status in the eyes and minds of the suspicious listenership ,they will have another stooge call in requesting Vic to perform a fraudulent contrived prayer service. What better way for the clever charlatan to improve his standing with all the gullible jerks who believe this bum is anything but a gifted con-artist .

In other words the swindlers at VCY AMERICA engage in theatrics and pretense to convince you of their sincerity ,so they can then ask you for money or to promote another scam artist they invite to appear on the show.

Dear Christian,always remember that charlatans attract other charlatans .

Whether it is the creationist ideology or how to profit in precious metals or how to home school and see your kids go on to the IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS ;always remember they are making big bucks off of your gullibility
and the abject stupidity of some of you.
And that’s the ONLY REASON THEY DO IT!

While for some homeschooling may provide a temporary assist ,but has it ever occurred to you that the

reason these demonic vultures promote it as strongly as they do is to create a market for the study helps and other related teaching material they want to sell you?

This was the case today when the depraved and perverse money grubber
VIC ELIASON had on as his guest one of the most pathetic proponents of the ridiculous CREATIONIST IDEOLOGY  KEN HAM , trying to pass himself off as a biologist.

 And this is the vital and timely stuff many in his moronic audience believe this joker is providing them!

The intentions  KEN HAM was to sell his useless   literature and other mindless drivel  .Useless in the sense that they do NOT provide the student with a scientific basis for study in biology or any other scientific field of study!

Of course what does all that mean to the scam artist Vic whose only concern is to hurry over to the mailroom and to start opening the donation mail,in time to deposit the checks before the banks close.

The emphasis for purchases of children’s reading and study aids
aimed at churches,schools and pre-schoolers is a clear indication they want to sell this junk in bulk amounts ;and thereby really  make a financial killing

Of course the gangsters at the cross-talk studios will make their hard-earned commissions as usual.

My dear Christian ,how can you expect not to be abused by the swindlers over at vcy america when they have been found guilty of

abusing their own employees and they have been sued and judgement has been awarded.

Would you send your son or daughter to a summer camp they operate where even their own employees may be abused ? Or where Vic Eliason has thrown his own  daughter ,INGRID SCHLUETER and his granddaughter  Emily under the BUS!!

Of course this camp of his, is  also a scam ,serving as a way to obtain federal funds ,pretending to help the disadvantaged.
What a gang of diabolical monstrosities this family is!

Use your common sense my dear Christian people!

Just say NO to the whole rotten claptrap including REJOICE RADIO ;produced by RBN.

This Pensacola pseudo-christian gang
has a scam that won’t quit.

Using a mixture of hill-billy country western Gospel music and the readings of a slick communication specialist they deliver an admixture that appeals to the gullible hayseed as well as to the more cultured .[DON”T MAKE ME LAUGH !]

Here, they at least employ the talents of a skilled communicator [CRAIG MATTSON]
,a true renaissance man .
But their goals are identical to the VCY swindlers,that is to live off of your generosity.

The staff and students over at Pensacola College have more in
mind than obtaining a good Christian education.

The beach and all the summer fun is never very far away.
 Keep that in mind the next time they ask you for money!

My Dear Christian Folk: Stay united, stay strong, use your common sense .
Don’t let these deceivers take advantage of you; nor let them dumb you down.

In this way we will defeat the enemies of Christ.
This world enemy, this plague on all humanity, whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!

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