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Sooner a Hyena Surrenders Carrion than to ever See a Televangelist or Christian Radio Broadcaster Give Up their Scams ,Deceptions and Mass Marketing Fraud!!

September 14, 2013


My Dear Christian  People : In the natural order of things for every cause there is an effect. And conversely for every effect there is a cause.

The same holds true in the realm of the spiritual as well as in the political life of  a nation.

When difficulties arise ,as surely they must, and when the people become sufficiently dissatisfied ,they look for solutions , to alleviate their discomfort and anguish.

But before one can affect change he must first recognize exactly what needs to be changed. .He must recognize the symptoms for what they are to determine the root cause of his predicament.

One can never hope to change what he refuses to see, or chooses to remain ignorant of  and blind to  ;hoping to ignore reality in the expectation that change will come automatically on  its own.

This sad state of affairs may be as a result of poor education ,or due to an unlimited submission to an idea or to a belief that has become over time an idol ;not only in the mind of  the  individual but to a large group as well  : a church ,a religious institution  or the nation at large.

Currently we are facing a situation that cuts across political,cultural, moral and religious lines. We are experiencing the effects   of a long  exposure to an international bacillus ;a lethal virus that has been injected into the nation’s blood stream . And the obvious consequences are becoming more apparent with the passage of time.

 This  poison has  penetrated  deep into the religious institutions of this nation and has had the curious effect  of lulling  into  a terminal sleep ,the general Christian community of America. The end result is certain death but the sickness is of such a nature ,that few have the needed strength to awake from the mental paralysis  caused by the ingested  toxin.

 The cure of a sickness can only be achieved if its cause is known . And the same is true of curing political and spiritual maladies.

The problem that arises in their treatment is that it is easier to see the symptoms of a disease rather than the inner cause.

Once a toxin is ingested it begins the destruction of healthy tissue and this may go unnoticed until the entire body starts to rot from within.

My Dear christian People ; What we have witnessed in recent years is nothing short of an inexplicable event : the end of the church age.

Trying to determine the exact date of its  end  is as futile as trying to discover a particular verse  of scripture to confirm this awful  reality. All we are left to  see is the funeral shroud and the empty auditorium for the invited  mourners that never bothered to attend  the wake.

The obvious reason for the demise of the Church is as a result of the inner rottenness of the people. Poisoned by years of deceit ,manipulation ,lies and wholesale plunder of the Christian faith community by a gang of unscrupulous swindlers and deceivers that

have not been shy to make even the most sacred things in the life of the nation the very instruments  for their personal financial gain and enrichment.

In this regard the very pastors and priests of the various denominations have sat idly by and even participated in the plunder and rape of this nation’s churches as well as in  the destruction of their   cultural foundation .
Didn’t they stand aside while America’s public schools were dismantled by a gang of community organizing terrorists during the 1960,s?

Didn’t they give their blessing to the wholesale racial inter-mixing that occurs daily within the hallowed walls of their churches ;and thereby resulting in a lessening of moral standards throughout their congregations?

And now ,as a result of decades of turning a blind eye to the depravity and decadence  easily discerned in any church of any denomination ;we now have the very ultimate disgrace and in your face effrontery ;the challenge not only to God’s  established moral order  ,but an attack on the natural order of life  as well . The ultimate abomination ,now ensconced  on  tablets of stone  and adjudicated  by the  highest magistrates in the land.  And now readily accepted as new revelation by all the money-grubbing judases ,eager to please the purveyors of moral filth ;the jewish World plague!!

Didn’t they agree to the political bargaining   which resulted in the slaughter of innocent civilians in Iraq and Palestine at the hands of the world’s blood thirsty Zionists ,the demons in human flesh. ?

 And so now we are reaping what has been sown by the church community.!

 Didn’t they stick their hands into a cauldron of blood that has destroyed the lives of many thousands of American soldiers who fell on behalf of securing oil profits and in serving the interests of the diabolical monstrosities in the international headquarters of evil : the modern nation of Israel..

Do they not remain quiet to and even encourage the professional on-the air swindlers and pseudo-Christian scam artists that permeate the radio airwaves?

All one has to do is give a listen to the daily dose of deceit from out of the mouths of this nation’s pseudo religious scam artists ,operating the myriad number of Christian broadcast networks,  to understand the incredible gullibility ,the abject stupidity and naiveté of their listening audience; and  to appreciate the extent to which the poison of deceit has penetrated the general population of this country.

  The  hosts who operate behind the microphones of talk radio and Christian broadcasting networks  , provide  clever charlatans a place to come and ply their trade of deceit upon an unsuspecting public.This is what passes for Christian talk!

Always remember that charlatans attract other charlatans ;deceivers gravitate to like-minded and thieves join with other thieves ;each in turn providing cover and confirmation for each other’s agenda of treason and swindle.  

The fact that the once respected churches have allowed this to happen is proof that they themselves are as corrupt as the criminals they remain silent about. As if to say “Let’s not rock the boat lest we be discovered in turn”

In the mindset of a typical religion swindler, he bears in mind one thought above all others ,and that is, that the public they constantly address, is as stupid as it is forgetful!

Remember to remain faithful to this nation’s religious and cultural heritage ;remain strong and united and together we shall defeat the enemy whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity.

 The churches today operate and are little different from the business institutions throughout this country. What is forgotten by the  mindless roobs who financially support them, is that once you allow business to enter  Christianity;you are   turning Christianity into a business.

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