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Ray Comfort is an IDIOT ! Appearing on VCY AMERICA NETWORK of Clever Scam Artists!

September 17, 2013

My Dear Christian  People:  How much difference is there between a scam

artist who swindles you out of your money,promising to sell you ocean front property in a place where there’s no ocean  , and

those who profit at your expense ,selling you neatly contrived

falsehoods disguised as scientific truths  .All under  the guise of   

Biblical-Christian  correctness   and conveniently protected   under  first

amendment protections  ;guaranteeing freedom of religion and speech?

While I totally support the free speech and religious liberty

clauses  ;should those who enrich themselves at the expense of your intellect be allowed to grow rich ,selling you nothing more than a pack of lies and intricately contrived deceptions?

Isn’t this what Ken Ham is doing with his laughable  CREATION MUSEUM?

While no one should  object to   Ken Ham exercising his right to be stupid ,should this clever charlatan be allowed to make a 

bundle of money ,deceiving the credulous and gullible members of the Christian faith community? 

If so ,then how is this any different from a typical con-artist who preys on the naiveté and gullibility of the elderly,or the less astute ,by selling them investments in non-existent assets .

This is obviously something for the courts to decide ,hopefully in the near future ,before too many more imbeciles are taken in by this gifted swindler who pretends to be something he clearly is not. Ken Ham is no BIOLOGIST , he is no scientist . He is Not a geologist ,and he is NOT an anthropologist!

 So what the hell is he ,other than a cunning smooth talking criminal minded pickpocket ,ready to take advantage of any and all who are dumb enough to pay the entrance fee at his moronic CREATION MUSEUM!

 Whereas we all can appreciate the religion and speech  protections we enjoy ,should people be allowed to make a buck off of pure deceit?

Would it not be more logical if these rights were in fact  protected from becoming instruments of financial swindle ,when it comes to the  dissemination of  this obvious contrivance and conspiratorial swindle, that is taking place all across the country by some gifted con-men ;who promote the  six-day  creation story ; as well as

the talking snake story ;and the creation of the female of the human species by remolding  the human rib story; and the forbidden fruit story ;and the worldwide flood story; and the t-rex on board the ark  story ,and so on.

If these morons wish to believe this then they should be allowed

to  ;but should they make money doing it at the expense of the half-educated jerks that make up the majority of the Evangelical church  ? A church that resembles a wandering mob of dupes more than a church.

If you want to learn biology ,go see a biologist!

 And the numbers of these charlatans operating in the vast networks of Christian Radio Broadcasters grow exponentially ,on a daily basis.

Someone who has made a financial killing peddling videos to an unsuspecting Christian public is Ray Comfort ,whose idiocy has been exposed by his critics.

 Scientists trying to unravel the origins of humanity mostly study scraps — some ancient teeth here, a damaged bone there. But now a lucky research team has uncovered a fossil superstar: the first complete skull of an early human adult from the distant past.

The 1.8-million-year-old fossil, known as Skull 5, is like nothing seen before. It has a small brain case and a heavy, jutting jaw, as did some of humanity’s older, more apelike ancestors. But other bones linked to Skull 5 show its owner had relatively short arms and long legs, as does our own species, Homo sapiens. Those who’ve studied Skull 5 say it also provides support for the provocative idea that, 1.8 million years ago, only one kind of early human held sway, rather than the throng of different species listed in today’s textbooks.

“We’re not against the idea that there might have been more than one species at some point about 2 million years ago,” Christoph Zollikofer of the Anthropological Institute and Museum in Switzerland, who helped analyze the new fossil, said at a news conference Wednesday. “But we simply say … we don’t have sufficient fossil evidence.”

That’s a controversial claim, but no one is disputing that Skull 5, discovered in pieces in 2000 and 2005 at the village of Dmanisi in the nation of Georgia, is a treasure. Never before have researchers found an adult skull of the early Homo family that was so exquisitely preserved. Scientists have dug up a few other skulls similar in age and condition to Skull 5, but all belonged to individuals who were either too old or too young to be very useful representatives of their species. Skull 5, on the other hand, is a mature adult — exactly what’s needed.

The question Christians must ask  : Are all the biologists, anthropologists ,scientists ,and researchers WRONG, and all the no nothings working their scam at I.C.R. and at the Ken Ham museum ,including IAN TAYLOR CORRECT?

What do you really believe? Remember if there’s ever a conflict between Religion and science it must be religion that yields.


The real problem that Christians face with dirtbags like Ray [a Jew from New Zealand] is that it puts the cause of Christ  on shaky ground  ,to those who love jerks like Ray to come  out and to be seen ; thereby easily providing   them with the ammo they’re constantly looking for to aim at honest Christians  .

This is the truly sad part about scam artists like Ken Ham and Ray the Jew Comfort who  cheat and exploit the naive in the Faith Community for fun and profit!!

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