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REVELATIONS from Dr. Don Smith . In His Own Words From Beyond the Grave:RBN is “Relatives and Friends” ,Supported by LISTENERS!

September 26, 2013

My Fellow Christians:   At the probable and even certain risk of being labeled delusional by you, my comrades and faithful followers ,I nonetheless feel a sense of duty to report to you an event that has heretofore been unprecedented in my past.   And for this I will be roundly derided and laughed at  . I can hear it all now: ” Do not believe him ,he’s mad , do not support him ,have nothing to do with him ,;his words are  a result of a brain diseased ;he’s a fantastic creature”

It all occurred soon after the death and burial of Dr. Don Smith who used to work the ‘ FAMILY PRAYER TIME  operation over at REJOICE RADIO [RBN] .

“In Memoriam of Dr. Don Smith SEP. 09  2013…. He was a seasoned pastor and prayer warrior whose ministry spanned more than 50 years and touched the lives of many people.”

But as  I was heavy laden by this event ,which can only be described as an other worldly experience ,I feel I have no choice but to unload this terrible burden ,in order to shed further light on all the deceptions and lies being spread by the REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK.

 The incident I’m about to describe at some length occurred in the early morning hours, at the time when  dark clouds appearing from my window , made me wonder about the need to carry an umbrella  for the day.

As I looked at the darkening and rather ominous looking sky ,there appeared as a dark cloud descending toward my window; and slowly  began to take on a  human like form ;and on top of it all ,it  began to speak.

”  Who or what are you I asked of it”  Silence for  but a brief moment and then it responded to my query :  ” I am The Delta and The Sigma, Not the first and certainly not the last” …

But what do you want of me ?   And who are you exactly?

The apparition went on to explain the meaning of Delta and Sigma. The D in delta  stood for Don and the sigma was for the name Smith. And slowly it started to make perfect sense. I was being visited by the one who was known by many as the famous PRAYER WARRIOR who worked The Family Prayer Time segment during the midday portion of THE REJOICE  Radio programming.

And suddenly a sense of fear and  trepidation came over me. Had I not been the one  to  reveal all about what  this chiseling  phony baloney religion racketeer  had been doing for all the years he worked for [RBN]?

Did I not reveal to everyone how this sick and depraved swindler  would   tear open the envelopes  containing prayer requests from the [RBN]listeners  and then how he proceeded to remove the checks and cash    ,leaving  the letters unread. And how he would laugh at the stupidity of the faithful listeners to [RBN]  on  just how gullible they all were and so on. And did I not report how he would ask one of the student volunteers to bundle the envelopes and letters and to make sure they made it to the shredders?

One time Don  told an undocumented Mexican landscaper to come into the RBN studios to do  the bundling and to destroy the letters, but his English was not too good and  thusly ,not understanding Don’s instructions, he simply set them aside by the Jolly  Green Giant [The Dumpster] on the north end of Pensacola Christian College.  And this is where they were found ,implicating Don to this act of infamy.

And now ,seeing this phantom, I began to fear that Don had come to take his revenge. But that was not to be the case. No, not at all; Don had come to advise me to continue revealing the ongoing cheating and deliberate misrepresentations going out into the public arena ;not only by the gang at REJOICE RADIO but their partners in crime the other half of this damnable enterprise; the cheats and charlatans working their hourly scam called “Crosstalk” produced by one of the biggest frauds ever to hit the airwaves : the VCY AMERICA NETWORK !

And what a relief it was  to hear this from Dr. Don Smith.  ” So ,you admit that during the time you worked for [RBN] you never read all the thousands of prayer request letters that came pouring into the studios ,but you managed to help yourself to all the cash and checks they came stuffed with ;Is that correct Mr. Smith? ”  ” Yes, that’s correct” … Thank you for your honesty Don. 

And ,i asked him :how many letters did he think came in on a daily basis .  He responded by saying he thought tens of thousands every week  ;the majority with checks and cash. WOW!!! I exclaimed .

And all those   dirty rotten bastards like Craig Mattson and Jimmy [sticky fingers] Mintz still put on the tearful hearts and flowers charade ,trying to get even more suckers to contribute . What an unbelievable bunch of scumbags that REJOICE RADIO gang truly is .!!

” Yes ,that’s the truth’ i heard Dr. Smith respond.

But tell me , I asked him ,”what exactly are you doing here ;why are you not where you should be” ; Did you not repent in time to escape the dreadful judgement you truly deserved?

Don responded that things could’ve turned out a lot worse than they did. He told me that because he was a senior citizen and because of extenuating circumstances ,he escaped the black flames of eternity ;but was sentenced to roam the Earth exposing all the fraud and deceit going on in the churches ,in the mission field, and among the clergy of  all denominations. WOW , that’s quite an assignment.

” Not  my  home ,but it is  my assignment,”” Don said to me.

So , Don, you’re saying you didn’t exactly hear  :”  Enter in, my good and faithful servant ‘ did you.?  ” No not at all “,was his answer.

All he said he heard was a very ominous sounding ; “Depart from me,  depart from me ‘ and then they read him his sentence or his  assignment.

It looks like you just got lucky ,Don .  It could’ve been worse . But what about the extenuating circumstances you mentioned beforehand?

Don then started to reveal some interesting tidbits about his long tenure at [RBN] . He told   how they intimidated him and threatened him to make all the phony scripted prayer appeals ;and how he resisted, but finally gave  in to their demands ,in order to make enough money to pay his bills.

I asked him ,who was it that intimidated you ,Dr. Smith? He said it was Craig Mattson and Jimmy Mintz. And at times Rhonda Autry would yell at him and call him names. WOW , I couldn’t believe what I was hearing ,but cannot say I’m surprised by this startling revelation from beyond the grave.

I wanted to know who else was involved . Don stated that Beka Horton and Bethany Crawford would get in on the act. …But why Don, why?

The facts started to speak for themselves. Don related that at one time over 200 hundred thousand dollars a day was coming into the REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST NETWORK and these babes and the two money-grubbing vultures; Jimmy and Craig wanted to make sure they got their fair share of the loot.

“And furthermore they thought I was an easy touch;because of my advanced years, they thought they could take advantage of me and quite often they did.”

But surely Rhonda , and Bethany were making big bucks selling their music ? And Beka is worth billions , and Myna  Ogilsby is still grabbing everything in sight and stuffing her fat mouth at the same time.

Don told me that all of these babes were involved in nasty divorces and had to come up with a good deal of cash ,pronto ,so they could remarry contrary to God’s laws. .. And what did everyone think about that, Dr. Smith,i asked.

“Nothing anyone could’ve done;they were considered hot property due to their singing abilities ;and they provided a good deal of the musical content of REJOICE RADIO.   Behind their backs ,well ,they simply called them  nothing but a bunch of” homewrecking whores “.  that’s for sure!

I remember hearing about Bethany often being seen in the company of colored men, did you hear that also Dr. Smith? ” yes, I often would hear that and it would break my heart!..”… I can just imagine how you must have felt Dr. Smith.  yes, Don was from the old school! that’s for sure!

But was that reason enough to rip you off as you were ripping off the gullible and naive roobs who would send in letters of support to [RBN] ???

Don went on to say that Craig and Jimmy  Mintz got a good deal of the cash; and  Rhonda ,Bethany and some others , at times were away, performing in some of the pubs   and country crystal pistols throughout the deep south.

 But Don , still, big bucks were coming in , and why do they still act like they are in desperate need of more willing stooges to come through and finance their operations. ?

And Don explained something I had not thought of  before and tells a good deal about how [RBN] and VCY AMERICA NETWORK  operate and can siphon off huge amounts of hard cash  without anyone being the wiser. It’s the old:” hire my brother-in-law technique”

And that’s how Dr. Don Smith explained it. Basically this is how the scam works.

The main celebrities working it at [RBN STUDIOS] hire their in laws or lost cousins to come in to work as counselors or  part-time office clerks in order to draw a huge salary. Some of Craig’s brother in  laws make 50-60 grand a year just for showing up and counseling the students attending Pensacola Christian College.

Jimmy  Mintz has his mentally challenged  niece come in to provide swimming lessons for all those wanting to use the swimming pool or to go rock climbing.

And even she can earn as much as 30 grand plus tips for working the summer months at the college.  And that’s where all the money goes ;money sent in by all the gullible evangelical morons who think that REJOICE is a ministry of sorts.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Those in administration also get to hire friends and relatives to work at the school or in the studios of RBN in order to sop up all the cash overflow and to take it out of the system.

And so ,what I related to Dr. Don Smith ,a long time employee of RBN is that instead of calling Rejoice Radio LISTENER SUPPORTED ,they should really call it ; ” Friends and Relatives supported by LISTENERS”  That would be more honest .

But having a very unique chance to ask Dr. Smith some questions about his experiences during his transition period ,he revealed that there are circles in Hell.

He was allowed to take a quick look ,so as to understand what he narrowly escaped ;given his many years of promoting deceptions and cunning sleight of hand tricks with the incoming cash receivables.

So ,DANTE was correct in his assessment ;there really are circles in this world of fire and punishment ,with the judases and the Christ haters being sent to the lowest  rungs of fire.

This is where Vic Eliason and Jim Schneider can look forward to going when their time comes . This is where Jimmy Mintz and Craig and Jew Jew Mullinex ;the one who defends the sworn enemies of Christ in his weekly homily. This is where these filthy lying bastards can soon call home and not an assignment.

And let’s not forget all the homewrecking whores , often heard on the musical charade of phony sentimentality on RBN , directed at the gullible idiots throughout the deep south. They also can spend their  eternity thinking of all those who suffered on account of their lusting  after the BIG O ;and for throwing their husbands under the bus;and for destroying   families and the small children who yearned for a father and a structured family life. And who  are now left to suffer in silence.  The filthy whores that break up families deserve this punishment for all  eternity!

What about the Ken Hams and Ian Taylors ,heard daily on RBN ? certainly there must be a circle in Hell for these pretentious lying scumbags? 

It’s all a big business ,it’s all a big business.  RBN and VCY AMERICA get big bucks from creationist foundations and other fundamentalist think tanks whose major donors demand their disproven creationist and Noah’s flood stories be published wherever and whenever an opportunity arises. And so, RBN is right there to accommodate institutionalized ignorance and classroom stupidity ;all for a price.

And yes, They also will burn in Hell for misleading the people of God and causing millions to lose interest in the  Gospel and in the  teachings of The Great Nazarene!.   They will pay a heavy price for turning the Doctrines of the Christian Faith into a comic book theology ,causing derision and rejection by all who know the difference between a parable lesson and settled science. They too shall have their reward!

As deep as I was in thought ,it occurred to me that the apparition had vanished.

Dr. Smith had left my window, but somehow I remained convinced, he would someday appear to me again.

Good Luck to you Dr. Smith.  Oh ,and he did confess to me that he was never a doctor. All that doing was Craig Mattson’s idea !

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