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Thou shalt not steal? : A foreign concept to all the cheats ,liars and charlatans working their scam at THE REJOICE RADIO and PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE .

September 28, 2013

 My Fellow Christians: SOONER A HYENA SURRENDERS CARRION THAN  A FALSE CHRISTIAN RADIO BROADCASTER  gives up his phony and deceptive money-making scams!

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Since we do not sell advertising or charge for airtime, your faithful monthly giving keeps listener-supported Rejoice Radio on the air in your area.

 ABEKA BOOKS is the cash cow for all the scam artists and

professional clowns over at RBN  :{THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK } 

These jokers have their scam operations down pat. The moronic ,so-called college , THE PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE to be exact ,is totally unaccredited which means for all you imbeciles that may be thinking of sending your son or

daughter to this school for knuckleheads, that the certificate or diploma they receive will not be worth the paper it’s printed on.

No other college or university recognizes these swindlers as being qualified to teach a chimpanzee to count on its fingers let alone the arts and sciences to students [humans], necessary in today’s world.

It’s just another swindle that clever and deceitful Christians love to pull on  all the   naive and stupid Evangelical Christians stupid enough to swallow all their lies!

The  Abeka book business has become fabulously wealthy by pumping out the most worthless pulp imaginable and yet the dummies buy it up thinking they will learn some spiritual truth that has escaped them over these many years.

How funny that churches that place great emphasis on the reliance of SCRIPTURE ONLY or[ sola scritura] as  the hillbillies who have finally learned some   Latin enjoy saying ,but continue in their need for discernment by buying up every piece of literary junk that comes their way to help them  in their CHRISTIAN WALK. -WHAT A JOKE!

Do you ever wonder how they became so wealthy?

Arlin and Beka Horton graduated from Bob Jones University in 1951,[3] and moved to Pensacola, Florida in 1952 to found a Christian grade school. That school, Pensacola Christian Grade School, opened in 1954.

In 1974, the Hortons opened Pensacola Christian College to further their vision of “Education from a Christian Perspective.” Pensacola Theological Seminary, an extension of PCC’s graduate school, was founded in 1998.

In 1996, state and federal agencies requested millions of dollars of unpaid taxes between 1988 and 1995 from PCC’s division, A Beka Book.[4]

Could this be how???

Does this appear to be a very Christian attitude to have?

“Pensacola Christian College is suing in an effort to get rid of a longtime thorn in its side.”

In 2001, former student Peter Gage registered a website called that was used to criticize the college and its policies.

The college tried unsuccessfully at that time to take the Pensacola Christian College domain name from Gage and since then has made repeated fruitless attempts to buy the site that has not been updated since 2003, according to its attorney, Jeffrey Lutz of Atlanta. …

 Accreditation Pensacola Christian College is seeking accreditation, as of 2 March 2011.[4] College founder Dr. Arlin Horton announced the move during a chapel service. It is also posted on the school’s website. Horton expects the process to take three years. The move reverses a long-standing position of eschewing any sort of accreditation.Although PCC currently lacks institutional accreditation, its nursing program is certified by the Florida State Board of Nursing.[5]

  Philosophical position

PCC offers neither coursework nor information of any kind contradicting young Earth creationism or flood geology. This position requires the omission of subjects such as big bang cosmology, evolution (but specifically primate evolution), archeology (i.e. the concurrent existence of Chinese and Egyptian dynasties during the time of Noah’s ark, to offer but one example), or the pre-Columbian Americas (i.e. the Cherokee or Clovis civilizations). Additionally, PCC has taken a firm stand against Freudian psychological principles.

Now just review all the celebrated swindlers and clever sounding  tricksters you hear everyday from the studios of REJOICE RADIO.
 Mr. Craig Mattson who fills his alloted time slots; DRIVETIME, HONEY FOR THE SOUL, PAUSE FOR A PROVERB and so on.
Then there’s the clever JIMMY MINTZ with his heartfelt aphorisms such as :” You can’t break God’s Promises by leaning on them ” or what about : This life is not my home but it is my assignment” WOW pretty heavy Jimmy jerk!
 Then there’s the creepy sounding Dr. Mullinex who took over the family prayertime racket from Dr. Don Smith . This joker is as false and filthy  as  the deceptions and bloody Zionist causes he promotes ,every chance he gets to speak in front of a microphone. This guy is the personification of JUDAS ISCARIOT!
With Don Smith gone ,this is the best they can do to fill the loss of income that is being felt by the frauds working their con at REJOICE RADIO, Pensacola ,Fla!!
And so comes yet another phony share a thon!!
Think about Craig and Rhonda and Bethany and all the other homewrecking whores getting rich over at RBN pretending to be something they clearly are not.
Would any true believer have anything to do with a bunch of lying sons of bitches working at RBN ripping off the gullible jerks who listen on a daily  basis?
Craig knows what he’s doing ; he’s playing the game for all it’s worth and you my stupid Evangelical idiot are too stupid to realize how  these  vultures are ripping you off! 
Would any true Christian be involved with an outfit that has proven to be nothing but a bunch of get rich quick religion hustlers?
Well so much for Jimmy’s sanctimonious sounding aphorisms or Craig’s HONEY FOR THE SOUL!!
These filthy scumbags break every admonishment found in the GOSPEL WRITINGS!  and they count on the abject ignorance of their listenership!
Way to go ,Craig!!  you’re quite a wonderful Christian soul winner!
This guy deserves some kind of award for being able to tell more lies in one hour than pinnoccio ever dreamed of!
KEEP A CLOSE EYE ON MYNA OGILSBY!!   Here’s a rundown on this fat slob of a religion hustler. BEWARE !!

Oglesby Enterprises Inc in Chattanooga, Tennessee Single Location

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Call now for more information: (423) 855-1623
Address: 893 Shady Fork Rd Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421-4532 United States
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Corporate Data


General Information

Contact Information Edit


The legal name of the organization.
Oglesby Enterprises Inc
Office Location 893 Shady Fork Rd
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421-4532
United States

The county where entity is located.

The URL to the organization’s website.
Website (
General Phone Number

(423) 855-1623


Oglesby Enterprises Inc Employees Edit

Name Title Background Check
Edward M Oglesby Secretary
Mina Oglesby President

Company Profile Edit

This listing is for Oglesby Enterprises Inc’s Single Location in Chattanooga, TN. The company primarily operates in the Musical Groups and Artists industry.

  • Oglesby Enterprises Inc was founded in 1982, and is Privately held.
  • Oglesby Enterprises Inc had $160,000 in estimated annual revenue (Estimated data).
  • Oglesby Enterprises Inc employs 0-10 (Show Value)2 people (Actual data).
  • Of the 0-10 (Show Value)2 total Oglesby Enterprises Inc employees, 0-10 (Show Value)2 (Actual data) are located here at the Single Location.

Other Contact Information Edit

Website 5

Fifth website URL
Oglesby Enterprises Inc in Chattanooga TN (

Full Contact List

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Name Title
Edward M Oglesby Secretary
Mina Oglesby President

Do you really think you’re doing God’s service by supporting their business ventures?

  And they all operate out of RBN and the dumb college in Pensacola!!

Think about it when you listen to all the clever lies you will hear during their Share A thon scam this coming week!

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