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“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” VCY AMERICA disagrees! and so does JIM SCHNEIDER ,VIC ELIASON ,GORDY MORRIS, and the entire corrupted gang at REJOICE RADIO.ORG!

October 3, 2013

My Dear Christian People:  One verse of scripture I’ve often believed  to  be  a convenient and quick  way to separate religious fact from fiction ,comes down to us from the  The Great Apostle Paul, when he  wrote:

English Standard Version
“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” ….This verse should serve as a handy reference guide  whenever a loudmouth attempts to convince you that he’s a Christian and conducting some kind of Christian Faith ministry.

It doesn’t matter the format   the speaker can  choose to use ,and can include talk show hosts operating behind the microphones of selected non-profit outfits .

 One such outfit that comes immediately to mind is the slick VCY AMERICA NETWORK that employs a seasoned talk show host by the name of Jim Schneider. During this hour-long call-in talk show  carrying the curious name of Crosstalk America ,  where invited guests ,many of which are  deemed  controversial can make their pitch to all those listening   over the 95 radio stations carrying this    presentation  that many refer to as a loosely organized  hatefest.

It also allows various charlatans to come on the air and basically beg for money ;knowing as they must that the listenership   consists of  varying and sundry groups of gullible Evangelical types ,prone to believing anything they hear on the radio.

Especially when it’s presented by an outfit that has a long and sordid record of tricking and cheating their listeners for decades.  VCY  America is under the control of Mr. Vic Eliason ,who is best known for his hate mongering and clever misrepresentations of himself .  Among  the many  ,portray this bum as a former  pastor ,and  funny as it sounds: A man of God.

Whereas this review of  the VCY AMERICA produced  CROSSTALK programming is not intended to be a definitive work, but merely  a cursory look at just how deceptive Christian Radio Broadcasters can be, in their debased and criminal minded efforts to enrich themselves at the expense of the ever-expanding population of naive fundamentalist ,six-day creation, and Noah’s flood story believing jerks!

And boy ,do they ever put it over the morons who put their trust in these wolves in sheep’s clothing ;just as  the  more gifted frauds and crooks found among their brethren in the TELEVANGELIST business of big buck swindle are getting away with.

Today, big Jim Schneider subjected the dupes in the radio listenership with an hour’s worth of deliberate lies and cunning diabolical misinterpretations of news events dealing with middle east tensions viz. Iran and the USA. These deceptions ,calculated and designed to enhance the standing of the  enemies of all honest humanity: the Jewish world plague.

This plague on humanity ,guided by Satanic  malice  to be  the headquarters for international  racketeering, is known by   those  in the world  community , unlucky enough to have suffered at their hands, as the Zionist state of modern Israel.

And one of the usual   ambassadors  from this poisonous  abscess on the earth, is Mr. David Rubin ;born in the  United  States, and who betrayed his country to follow a more financially  enriching and lucrative  path;namely to confiscate lands, property ,farms and fields,  ,from a defenseless and helpless people; the Palestinians. And to do this at the point of a gun.

And Mr. David Rubin is exactly the type of swindler that Jim Schneider and the entire corrupted gang hosting the  Crosstalk America programming, love to invite on the air.   Swindlers and professional liars gravitate toward each other and draw inspiration from their respective modus operandi.

But for the Christian dupe thinking he’s being informed of a vital issue ,well all he should remember from the twisted and filthy dialogue between the incredibly fraudulent lying bastard Jim Schneider and the demon possessed spokesperson David Rubin are the words from the lips of this international maggot when asked about what to do about Syria.

David’s response to Jim was ” Let them all kill themselves, jim”  Referring to pro-government and those opposed and fighting against it .   This diabolical monstrosity offered to the great Christian warrior ,Jim Schneider the following  recipe for success in the region; ‘ let them destroy each other ,JIM!!

In fact Jim Schneider asked again;”what position should be taken viz. a viz. Syria ,Dave?

And again his answer: “Jim, let them kill each other , don’t you understand jim?”

And so it went, on a Christian  radio ministry!

What letting them kill each other in Syria means is that thousands more of children ,the elderly will perish in the flames of a civil war. More destruction more deaths ,more infants cremated by missile attacks and so on. But what does all this mean to a scumbag like JIM SCHNEIDER who tells us about his concerns for the unborn who never had a chance at life?

It tells us all what a son of a bitch this sack of filth truly is;pretending to be a Christian and a believer in the Law of Christ and gets rich doing so   ,as well.

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.”

But what do these words from the GREAT NAZARENE mean to Jim ; nothing at all.!

Why negotiate peace and better understanding with the Iranians?

Better for people to murder each other’s children than to negotiate peace?

So you say you can’t trust them. Do you make peace with your friends or with your  enemies  ? If you can only negotiate with folks you trust then  would  they still likely  be your enemies?

Of course what does all this mean to a filthy lying scumbag and hypocrite like Jim Schneider? nothing at all, all this swindler  wants is a huge salary, he can then live well  from the proceeds of his  treason and deceptions and great lies!

And as the Chinese say: “the fish rots from the head down”

VCY America and its hatefest called crosstalk wouldn’t be possible without the free airtime given to it by an equally demon inspired gang of charlatans operating as THE REJOICE RADIO .org broadcast network out of Pensacola .

This gang of lying cheating bastards should get an award for pulling off one of radio’s major presentations of double talking pseudo religious business enterprises ,which would make even Jimmy  Swaggart  a little green with envy.

Remember this during their upcoming share a thon, whereby they continue to fleece the stupid in their listenership. These swindlers are just as morally depraved as anything you hear on Jimmy Swaggart’s programming or Vic Eliason’s claptrap VCY AMERICA organized scam.

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS til next time, GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS to YOU!!

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