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A Layman’s Guide to Better Understanding The Share -A- Thon Scam. The Rejoice Broadcast Network is providing a class study for The less Informed.

October 8, 2013

My Dear Christian People:  For the Evangelical Community ,it might seem difficult to fully understand the depravity that exists in the minds of those who wish to exploit

you.  And not only you , but all those of true religion.  It’s hard for many to debate definitions of words  ,especially when they are used to elicit a  fundamental Christian response.

Take the word ministry for example ;how many different meanings can the word have?  All of you hear the word bandied about on most of the numerous Christian Broadcast Networks ;each one hustling his own definition. Some claim to have a CD. ,DVD, and tape ministry ;others pitch the Gospel music ministry and the lucrative book selling/publishing ministry. ABEKA BOOKS is one such outfit that has become one of the wealthiest enterprises in America . And they are the number one bankroller of an equally lucrative scam operation known as REJOICE RADIO.

The  simple truth is that in reality,there’s no such thing as a DVD or tape ministry ,anymore than there’s a  car washing ministry. Does it follow that the word can be made to  serve whatever purpose one has in mind?

The usual purpose is simply to increase the personal wealth of anyone callous enough to cheat and swindle the unsuspecting Evangelical dupes out of their hard-earned money.  This can take many forms ,but in the final analysis it boils down to the pseudo  christian deceivers  on the radio or on the T.V screen making a pitch for you  to send in to them, your hard-earned money .And they, in turn, will sell you all the pulp literature their printing presses can shove out.

The only true ministry ,and this according to the scriptures ,is one that helps  to feed the hungry and homeless and brings unbelievers to a belief in the great Nazarene. Everything else is nothing but pure business tricks, disguised as Christian ministry.

An even better way to understand the clever deceptions these professional liars use

to convince you to financially support them, is to analyse exactly what they are saying and in fact ,claiming to do. The  clarity  begins ,when one understands that their musical repertoire is seldom directed at the non-Christian. What I mean is that all the books and literature and DVD.s they offer to ship to you is  delivered to  your mailbox and not to a Muslim  or to  a Jew  .and not even to an atheist.

And sadly ,that’s exactly where it should be delivered to.  What this amounts to  is  exploitation  for financial gain  ; taking advantage all those who in truth have little need to purchase a book  a music CD    ;no matter how well it’s produced. They are already  in the Faith Community.

Of course they will tell you to share it with your pastor or unbelieving friends and relatives. In other words ,they want you to do what they should be doing ,spreading the word on  their own time and dime. All they want from you is your check to handle the cost of the pulp literature ,plus shipping and handling ,which can be more than the items you purchased ;even if it’s called a gift of any size or amount. That’s part of the swindle.

Given their attitudes about the Jewish  people ,and the positive light  with which they are viewed ,it stands to reason that the Christian Radio Broadcasters would want this literature to go to them ,in order to save them from the black flames of eternity. They would want to deliver this mail and all the Gospel music they can put together, and deliver it to them in person. But no, They won’t do that ,and this among many other things serves to reveal the utter hypocrisy  of the vultures and tricksters  running things over at THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN] and on the internet . And one of the most criminal minded  of the bunch, are the religion racketeers working the VITAL INFORMATION programming scam, in Milwaukee ,under the cover of the VCY AMERICA NETWORK produced crosstalk America ,call in talk show.

RBN is simply a clever business enterprise that conducts a share a thon fund-raising trick ,designed to convince the naive and gullible in their listenership that they are in need of a quick half a million or more.

This amount in reality is small potatoes for an organization that is worth hundreds of millions. All of which has been accumulating   over the decades in deep dark  secret doings ,hidden  from the prying eyes of the public, they claim to care so much about.

” WE LOVE YOU, WE REALLY DO, , And may God richly bless you, ” What they are really saying is, that thanks to the abject  stupidity of their listenership  they expect to be richly blessed financially and they really really love you for the many letters stuffed with your fat checks you gladly send in to them every month!! They truly love you for it!!   And that’s really big of them!!

These filthy lying bastards believe that an FCC granted license to broadcast also includes  a license to steal from the public.

But to really appreciate the depravity and the true abomination of a typical SHARE A THON , you really have to pay close attention to just about everything that goes on during their vulturefest.

Anyone with even a modicum  of intelligence can quickly come to understand the clever tricks and deceptive practices  that big ,intimidating and clever money managers such as CALEB KEENER and Craig Mattson, Rhonda Autry to mention a few, that they use to trick the public into handing over their  money. Anyone who knows how a low-level extortion racket operates can quickly see the  similarities in the clever pitch they use ,to convince you ,that it’s in your own best interests to fork it over to them.

That’s what these money-grubbing vultures are ;nothing but a bunch of greedy low-class scum of humanity ripping off God’s people ,for  their own pleasure.

So ,what  does the so-called need consist of? To put it simply , a convenient way for these chiselers to siphon off money is by way of  salary paid to their chosen employees . . And given the huge amounts of cash drawn by characters such as CRAIG MATTSON and Bethany Crawford ,it would be ill-advised to increase the huge amounts already being paid to them. And so the next best thing is to hire their relatives . Craig’s  brother in law and Bethany’s niece are employees and as such are qualified to receive big bucks from the budget.

The share a thon, simply adds to the cash reserves for newly hired charlatans . Relatives of the already blessed.

This is how the money is siphoned off, with no one  being the wiser  and without any red flags being waved  ,which might incriminate   this criminal organization. It comes out of a separate fund ,listed as pledged monies and not actually received. It doesn ‘t really  matter whether they receive anything or not ,it’s for the benefit of pro forma accounting principles.

Now they are very happy to get whatever comes in ,and this is quickly used for entertaining friends and future investors into the RBN network of fraud and deceit.

Now the true depravity can be heard if  you listen carefully during the share a thon, when you hear certain background noises and what sounds  like a rustling sound. This is the sound of the two in the studio repositioning their bodies to make contact. What you are hearing is a sexual  groping and rubbing together  of body parts .

Listen during the dead air time , and the noise and interruptions taking place; what you are hearing in the stroking of male genitals and the digital penetration of the female vagina. And this they do because they are rubbing their apostasy in the faces of all those they deem as nothing but morons ,made to be taken advantage of. Don’t you be one who is deceived!

It has been noted that the guys coming into to man the phone lines are liberally doused with after shave and the gals ,some of them are hotties  who come to the studios with plenty of female hygiene deodorant to keep them fresh during the long hours of the SHARE A THON.   And everything gets plenty of use during this    cavalcade of abject depravity ,these jokers have the nerve to call a Christian ministry.

My best advise is to simply ignore them .

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