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How to spot a con artist. Take your pick from those working at REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK or VCY AMERICA or Benny Hinn Ministries or ANSWERS IN GENESIS or THE INSTITUTE FOR CREATION RESEARCH or THE JIMMY SWAGGART EVANGELICAL OUTREACH for your wallet!! And others you can name.

October 15, 2013

My Fellow Christians:  Donating your money to a Christian ministry is risky enough ,without worrying about whether the pastor or those claiming to be running things are true believers ,or are simply out to fleece you.

It pays to be an informed donor . And so, learn how to spot a pseudo christian religion con artist . Some are subtle and some are easier to spot.

WARNING SIGN #1  Pseudo Christian swindlers blend in.

Religion con artists know that being themselves hurts their phony ministry. And so, they disguise their true motives.  Professional scam artists in the religion business will take great pains to look ,sound,and speak like you and ,coincidently ,will have similar interests .

If you listened to the four-day share a thon ,produced by the Rejoice Radio Network last week,you heard all those involved talking about shopping and using their  computers and driving to the store ,taking care of children and so on.

This is their way of befriending you and to get you to trust them. Once they accomplish that ,then the con job begins.


Phony Christian religion swindlers ,whether  you hear them over the radio as with THE REJOICE  BROADCAST  NETWORK or the clever and deceitful programming produced by VCY AMERICA NETWORK ,will always work hard to be smooth and to appear professional and successful.

Just give a listen to the erudite sounding Craig Mattson ,trying to dazzle you with his brilliance or baffle  you with horse pucky ;it’s all designed to impress  you with his knowledge of scriptures ,especially out of the book of proverbs ,which automatically endows the reader with a  make-believe  aura  of great wisdom. Don’t fall for it! Craig Mattson is a clever master deceiver,in the world of  false ministry for profit.

Some of these lying vultures operate out of impressive locations such as the JIMMY SWAGGART headquarters of sick depravity in Baton Rouge .

 Yes , it’s true ,  phony and  deceitful Christian ministry has been very good to Jimmy! 

Swaggart’s personal home sits on some of the most expensive real estate in the Baton Rouge. His estate includes three houses, a gazebo, a pond, and twenty landscaped acres. Swaggart once described his house as a modest two bedroom cottage. That, however, is a stretch even for a seasoned tale-bearer such as Swaggart. One of Swaggart’s bathrooms in his “cottage” boasts a four-columned Jacuzzi with a gold swan that spouts water into an eight foot long tub. The square footage of Jimmy and Frances’ house alone is 9,337 square feet. That’s some cottage! An unidentified Swaggart family member has placed the worth of the Swaggart’s three homes and surrounding acreage at 30 million. It sits across from the highly exclusive Baton Rouge Country Club which cost in excess of 40 thousand per year to join. Of course the Swaggarts are proud members

And half the story has yet to be told!!

The Rejoice Radio Gang can also boast of huge land holdings  throughout the deep south ,including the best ocean front property along the Gulf of Mexico.

If you listened to the four-day vulturefest ,the lying bastards operating the concentrated solution of lies they gently refer to as a SHARE A THON, you were sure to hear a professional fund-raising swindler and clever radio cheat by the name of Rhonda Autry. And what a shameful spectacle she put on and over the gullible morons in the listenership of RBN!

This babe is one of the richest females in the entire state of Florida and lives in a mansion overlooking the ocean. And yet, she intimidated the poor and unemployed ,putting the usual guilt trip on their depressed psyches ,bullying them into donating; “even a few  bucks will help us! ” We desperately need your money,whatever you got in your cheap plastic wallet,we’ll gladly take it.”

 What a degenerate piece of filth this lying ageing sex worker  truly is!

The entire four day’s worth was one lie after another. One of the most blatant was to claim having received big money  pledges from parts of the country that are not even in range of their radio  transmitter.!! now that was funny!

The lies are too numerous and are really overkill to mention. All of the bastards running things at RBN live out their entire lives ,steeped in one lie after another.

And the address to send in your checks or cash will always be the prestigious address at THE STUDIOS of Pensacola Christian College ,care of :REJOICE RADIO.  Now are you impressed?

WARNING SIGN # 3 Religion con artists often push confusing charities.

  Determining  the best place to donate your donation dollar may be confusing ,given the various range of beggars you will encounter. They may purposely confuse you and then say “let me worry about the details, you just worry about how you’re going to spend all the money that you will  receive once

your donation is pressed down  and shaken together ,overflowing into your check book.  AND THIS IS WHERE THE LYING SWINDLERS GET THIS:

King James Bible
Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.
They fail to tell you my dear Evangelical dupe is that this verse is the most often used verse in the entire Bible designed to trick you into donating into their scam and phony MINISTRY!

The only logical response is to advise them that what works for you, also will work for them. So why don’t they donate to someone else’s ministry and it will be given unto them ?

 , JUST LIKE THIS: Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. It’s all a clever ruse to trick and cheat you. That’s what this scum of humanity knows how to do best; cheat and swindle God’s people. This is what  all the  filthy lying sluts at RBN  know how to do ,scam and trick just like the street smart whores they truly are .


Religion scam artists bring out your worse fears. Just give a listen to the professional liar ,ERWIN LUTZER.

The skilled swindlers working the phony Christian ministry scam will draw upon any insecurity and fear you have.  They will try to make you feel inadequate if you do not believe them . They will tell you they feel slighted if you lack confidence in them.

 Some of the best in the business are the six-day creationist and Noah’s world flood tricksters. These scumbags will try to intimidate you by  trying to convince you that you’re a worthless reprobate if you do not accept their comic strip version of CREATION ;all done in six days . And then the Sabbath. .. A day of rest.? Would an all-powerful creator have to rest? Or is the” Day of  Rest” meant to be allegorical?

What do these money-grubbing pieces of lying filth care about an intelligent discussion of Scripture? absolutely nothing;all these degenerates care about is the sale of their literature fit only for semi literate jackasses to read ;or if your father was a wrestler.

Reasons for Hope

Tomorrow evening (October 15th) Carl kerby  will be speaking at a meeting for the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee to be held at Grace Bible Church, 2643 S. 117th St. in West Allis, WI. The meeting begins at 6:30pm. For more information call 262-255-4643.

This was the cheat and lying swindler that filled one hour’s worth of radio airtime on the infamous and entirely deceptive program called crosstalk, preaching his six-day creation trick to all the gullible morons who are so incredibly stupid ,many actually take this bum seriously.

My Dear Christian people ,the six-day  literal interpretation of Genesis almost caused the execution of one of the world’s greatest scientists   and astronomers: Galileo .  And now centuries later we see that he was right and the church authorities were wrong.

And what Galileo did to help determine the true position of planet Earth in the universe ,Charles Darwin has done to better understand man’s true role in the natural world.

Keep in mind ,that for every scientific discovery there’s a spiritual expression to be found and to be gained. There’s no reason to shrink  away from settled  science . And what difference does it make if this  lying bastard by the name of Carl Kirby wants to believe the earth  is flat ,as the Bible suggests or not.

If you think there’s a scientific basis to Christian beliefs then you must accept the entire Bible as literal truth. Why pick and choose  which verses to take literally and which to  interpret? Who do you think you are CARL?

You really don’t play with snakes and drink poison do you ,and still live to tell about it now ,do you CARL?

The real truth about this con job,these hyenas refer to as their ministry is to make big bucks off the sale of DVD.s and pulp fiction literature that sells for more than the average Evangelical idiot can afford but only take a few pennies to produce and a  mindless gullible idiot to produce.

The real truth is that they ;the Carl Kerbys of the world truly must hate the Great Nazarene ;if their love and respect for him will shatter if they must accept what science has discovered. How deep is their commitment to the Gospel if they must accept that the earth is not flat and never was ,contrary to what the Scriptures suggest the shape of the Earth as being a FLAT ,round DISK!

Explain that one Carl,you smug sounding jackass?

WARNING SIGN # 5 .. phony lying pastors and Bible teachers are fair-weathered friends.

Before you send in your donations to these vultures ,the pastors and Radio Broadcasters such as Caleb Keener and Jimmy Mintz and that grinning hyena : Dr. Joel JEW BOY  Mullinex are very friendly.

They are interested in you. ,return your calls ,and generally make you feel good about your decisions to financially support their clever scams. But once the cash starts to dwindle and you start asking questions about where the money is really going ,then contact with bastards and filthy degenerates like Dr. Mullinex ,usually stops altogether.

If you listened to the share a thon ,you heard nothing but vague ,uncertain reasons for all the cash these extortionists were demanding. And the dirty lies never stopped for a moment.

Stop and think,if that’s possible for all the Baptist/Evangelical/Fundamentalist jerks who believed the lying statements made throughout their fund-raising operation. It was all a well put on act of deception,totally meaningless in terms of supporting their non-existent ministry.

If what they claimed is true that the  260,000 in cash covers one-third of their broadcast operations ,who then pays the other two-thirds?

Well,we know, it’s the big money-grubbing investors salivating at the thought of reaping huge yield on their money .

The four-day episode designed for the benefit of the happy clappy crowd ,was a put on, a clever way of tricking the listenership in calling and confirming for the new investors to the non-profit faith-based scam that there are really stupid people out in radio land and that  their investments are good and sure to produce a hefty yield. WHAT A DIABOLICAL    BUNCH  OF   MISCREANTS  ALL THOSE  DIRTY REPROBATES TRULY ARE!

WARNING SIGN #6.. For every silver Rainbow over the ARK there’s a cloud and a museum on a piece of real estate.

Here’s where we find operating the Aussie with a glib tongue, who collects huge sums of money out of the hides of America’s dumbest, and makes good solid investments in good old-fashioned American real estate. Here’s where we see the notorious KEN HAM who enjoys being portrayed as a wacky jerk in order to cover his real motives of swindling the gullible out of their cash and putting it to work for himself and all the other criminal minded sons of bitches in the real estate market. The creation museum isn’t worth the brick and mortar it took to put it together. in terms of providing God’s truth to anyone with half a brain!

And he’s not alone. The ICR is a typical gang of smart asses who enjoy going on all the Phony Christian radio stations pretending they know something about the natural world. Scumbags like JOHN MORRIS and all his paid stooges are being seen by the general public for the clever jokers they are and so I’ll let them stew in their own pity pot! just avoid the snakes in the garden of wisdom and science.

Warning sign #   7 Watch out for the Pyramid Scheme!

When you invest big money in outfits like REJOICE RADIO you take advantage of the benefits that accrue to those working in faith-based non-profits . This is why they invest.

The money collected through  donations is divided up among the vultures working as employee/investors. This includes scum of the earth ,pricky sounding cheats, like Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz ,Dr. Joel Jew Boy Mullinex . and the singing celebrities; Rhonda Autry, Myna Ogilsby and the wholesome sounding Bethany Crawford.  This is how the money is siphoned out with no one being the wiser. It’s all legal for non profits to pay out whatever sum to their “employees” they care to.

And this is how these vultures get rich and still keep a straight face calling their con job a Christian ministry.

Millions are taken out to pay interest to investors and in salary to the celebrities , fund-raisers , and mailroom  clerks related to them. And you thought they needed money to pay the CABLE GUY!  what a bunch of morons the dupes in   radio land are  ,and   who also  believe  and trust these hyenas.  

Well ,Bethany may have a wholesome sounding singing voice, but after  she was seen in the company of Colored men ,well ,there you have it  ,how wholesome can she really be? You can draw your own conclusions ,conclusions that need not be further defined!

And so, this has been your GOOD NEWS commentator with more  GOOD NEWS. Good day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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