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The REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN]and VCY AMERICA NETWORK exploiting and cheating Christians of the Evangelical Faith. Do you know any others?

October 24, 2013

My Fellow Christians: We live in a nation and in a society where everything heard from the out of the many hundreds of Christian Radio  Broadcast outlets across the country, is specifically designed to cheat and swindle you. And  when added to the carefully constructed presentations from the endless numbers of Televangelists in the media ,the multiplier effect is incalculable.

The cheats and swindlers occupy every facet of the Christian media and they are reaping a goodly harvest of shamefully gotten financial rewards ,enough to satisfy   any Mafia kingpin . Enough money to bring laughter and satisfaction to the black soul  of any accomplished fraud and racketeer ,working the extortion  scam.

What makes these swindlers exceptionally vile to the eyes of any true Christian believer, is the clever and very deceitful way they ply their acts of gross deception.  The way they deliberately disguise their true intentions by pretending to take an active interest in the major issues  in your life. The way they express their heartfelt concerns about your spiritual and material well-being ;all crafted to gain your confidence and trust ,for the express purpose of cheating you and tricking you into sending them  as much money, as they can talk you out of.

The problem arises when the suckers who listen to their well-practiced pitch ,begin to take  at face value all of their claims of concern and interest the lying pieces of filth can come up with. What the dupes in the listenership fail to notice is that the phony Christian pitchman is exploiting their hopes and dreams and ,yes, even their fears ,in order to rip them off. And they are good at what they do! They have perfected their lines ,all the way down to the last Amen! But ,nothing can reveal how these bastards operate better than actually spending  time ,listening to this well rehearsed programming ,filled with every imaginable gimmick and clever device their reprobate minds can think of ,to convince you of their sincerity. And that’s how they really pull it off. This is how they do it ;convincing you they are the real deal.

The very fundamental underpinning to any scam job or con  artist  is to convince the pigeon;the one about to be fleeced ,that  the swindler  is sincere, and simply trying to help you. ‘ We Just want to help you,”  , We just want what’s best for you , we want you to go to heaven” we want you to receive God’s blessing’ .That’s all we want” The only thing these scumbags want is your hard cash! Just listen to all the theatrics ,and all the clever antics ,the professional lying sacks of excrement working the phony Christian radio Broadcast scam over at the studios of the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK from Pensacola, Florida .

My Dear Christian People: The Chinese say that  a picture is worth a thousand words. This is no truer  than to look at the  enclosed  photos and to understand the clear and unmistakable meaning. ..  This is proof that few in the Christian community truly understand what is taking place in the world of foreign  missions.. and how ignorant they are to how their donations are used.

The happy bride and groom.
 The groom and his mother in law.
The future blood line.
How evil is spread to the young.
The face of whoredom..
And they shall likewise perish
 they were eating, and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage
 whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me..
The wages of sin is death..
And the dogs of the street will eat Jezebel.
And he created man in his image.

This gang has a long history of lying ,cheating and taking advantage of all the mindless morons living in the Pensacola area and the small communities of semi-literates in places like Milton,Niceville ,Crestview and other areas where knowledge is suspect ;and where quick easy greasy salvation is all their midget minds can handle. And so ,in this cultural environment ,Pensacola Christian College and their big money-maker ,REJOICE RADIO[RBN] have chosen decades ago, to grow roots.

I   often wonder whether or not REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN.ORG] would be happy to inform the good ole boys living along the coastline of the Florida Panhandle exactly how the money they get is spent. I wonder if the Christians living in the  deep south had any idea that RBN supports these types of foreign missions in Afrika.

I often wonder how far these reprobates in Pensacola{ RBN} will go to hide the business connections they enjoy with the VCY AMERIKA gang of degenerates and vile scum. VCY AMERIKA is the financial money laundrymat for US cash leaving the usa and  returning back in the form of donations and kick backs? . How long will the Christian Moms and Dads living along the bible belt will continue to send their sons and daughters to the PENSACOLA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE so called ,now that it’s clearly visible the extent of their filth and immorality.

PCC is not an institution of higher learning but the citadel of evil, from which ,all manner of evil permeates throughout the Amerikan nation.


And they have ,over time, become one of the wealthiest   citadels of fraud,  sin and deceit   in the entire sun and sex drenched state of Florida. Can anyone really believe that the administration staff and all those working the Broadcast studios are not out having a fling, in all the fleshpots in the city of Pensacola;whose reputation as the wife swapping capital of Dixie has yet to be surpassed ,even by New Orleans;Jimmy Swaggart’s hangout!

Don’t allow yourselves to be fooled by the clever gang of reprobates working for big money behind the microphones of [RBN] These lying sacks of manure have all the bases covered. But for those trying to understand how they pull it off ,one really needs to listen to what ,for the crew at RBN , is a pivotal moment in the day : the lunchtime median for the senior sunbelt  seniles . Lunchtime is when they know they will reach the elderly ,and all those with one foot wrapped around the leg of the  kitchenette table and the other on a banana peel.  That’s exactly the time and hour  when they can reach the old ,the sick  ,the desperate and fearful ,to fully exploit their hopes, fears and dreams.

And this is where  the professional swindler ,who runs the infamous FAMILY PRAYERTIME racket ,gives it his best shot.  This is when Dr.  Joel Jew Boy Mullinex , appeals to the weak and gullible to write in their prayer requests;picking up where the other arch swindler left off  ,by the name of  Don  Smith ,his stage name.  None of these filthy bastards use their real names,they all choose their professional names used in show  business. And for the grinning vulture who runs the FAMILY PRAYERTIME RACKET ,this is all it is  ;a  money-making racket with all the pizzaz of a cheap celebrity radio racketeer.

This prayertime scam is in fact, not only designed and planned  to pick up the small checks and tens and twenties mailed into these vultures, but also to get the old and infirm to sign over their entire estates to them in their wills. That;s what the cheating lying criminal minded sons of bitches are after! And what better way to trick them than to invite them to pray  for others so that they can also pray for you. Now isn’t that sweet of them!! And when these  pieces of filth are finished with the idiots who believe their phony pitch,they then keep them hooked until another pack of salivating hyenas come on with their own variation of the old pseudo-christian religion  swindle, The idea is basically the same ,and that is to pick your pocket ,but here the angle is a little different. They use the old  political hand wringing scam to excite the naive and to get their blood pressure up. The simple truth is ,that all that you hear on both of these scandalous enterprises has absolutely nothing to do with Christian ministry; or in fact,has   nothing at all in common  with the true faith.

The problem arises when only a few in both of their listenership are smart enough to ask the right questions.  For instance ,why would an organization such as REJOICE RADIO .org be connected to the ,in your face,obvious fraudsters, working the crosstalk program? This one hour call in talk show ,produced by VCY AMERICA ,is nothing but a rabid hatefest  ;whereby every crackpot with an agenda, appears on the program as an invited guest;ready to take advantage of the gullible morons in the listenership. And even those who are less rabid ,are simply fronting  as agents for other money-making scam artists  ,providing them  additional support  and further inducements  for the dumbed down Evangelical audience  to consider.

Some of these smelly bitches are fronting for phony Christian insurance con artists out to swindle the Evangelicals out of their last dollar. It’s nothing but a clever racket ,and one supported   by the money-grubbing vultures in Pensacola [RBN] Can anyone in their right mind refer to Vic Eliason and the co-host of the Crosstalk program Jim Schneider as Christians?  Heaven forbid! These two jerks are nothing but clever fraudsters taking advantage of some incredibly stupid people ,living in Milton ,Fla , Navarre ,Fla, Chattanooga Tenn.  And you get the idea.

The mastermind of this unethical and criminally disposed enterprise of trickery is Vic Eliason ,whose reputation is so tarnished ,that he habitually has to press on the lips of made up characters in his life  the lie ,that he is a real minister ,a reverend ,a man of God and so on. When the fact is , not only is he not a Pastor,or bible teacher ,the bastard is not even a Christian . Afterall ,what Christian would throw his daughter under the bus as well as his challenged infant  granddaughter and refuse to reconcile with them  ?

The details can be further discerned by reading Ingrid Schlueter’s own words on her weblog. And this, from Vic ,a loud mouth ,money-grubbing jerk ,who claims to be pro-life! And what about his constant boast of transmitting his convoluted scam hour of deception over 95 stations. Is he being honest about the extent of his listenership? I hardly think so. How could it be  much  more than what he has calling in from the local Milwaukee area? Just listen to his Crosstalk swindle and you immediately hear the usual lineup of 5-6 callers he always gets.[Jamming the lines] Most of   those calling to participate ,are from the Wisconsin area;  or some of the regulars who call everyday are  from across  the country . Places like Hermiston ,the home of Sue ,she calls herself. This demented creature is almost certain to be a Bi-polar type . But unless I see what meds they have her on ,it would be hard to  know for sure. Then we have another delusional type by the name of Brad from West Allis,a suburb of Milwaukee. This character ,again exhibits signs of  bi-polarism and is prone to  violent outbursts and violent behavior.. And this is why it’s important to put Vic on notice that there are serious consequences to society by fomenting hatred and anger  with jackasses such as Brad.

Then there’s Dorothy from Olney Illinois ,very close to the Milwaukee area .With this aged and mentally diseased lady ,there is a concerted effort on the part of Vic and Jim ,his co-host to goad her into making  extreme  radical comments ;including calls for violence against elected officials. And while they make claims to favor strict moral teachings ,they entertain degenerates and practicing homosexuals on the air ,such as ;Harry ,the Happy Homo from Port Huron ;not far from their home base in Milwaukee. What Harry is doing when he calls in ,  is engaging with Jim Schneider or the old fart Vic ,in a homo-erotic overture ;every time he calls in to express his opinion on any subject, Vic or jim tosses up for feedback. This is why you often hear the Happy Homo Harry from Port Huron oozing love and sympathy with each of the star hosts of crosstalk. That’s how Harry the homo gets his jollies for the day. This is how the degenerate gets off! And the lying bastards let him get away with it ,every time he calls in to the show. Well so much for their love of traditional Christian values!

And don’t get me started on the other depraved bastard from Birmingham England, who goes by the name Robert. That’s right ,Robert from Birmingham,  England , This son of a bitch ,is a charismatic sounding cross dressing homosexual,working as the overseas correspondent to the VCY AMERICA network of vital news and misinformation. News about this sick and mentally diseased character  comes  from the local police  of Birmingham ,who routinely  warn Robert about instigating problems with the Muslim community ,living peacefully in that city. Robert was held by the  bobbies , and warned recently  about  attempting to start a riot. While crossdressing in public  is  legal in  the  U.K. ,attempting to provoke Muslims is not!

And the crime Robert committed was to change outfits  ;from being Mary Poppins [his normal dress] and changing into the America country western star ,Dolly  Parton. Robert using falsies to enhance his attractiveness ,the size of cantaloupes ,he entered the muslim quarter and began singing , Amazing Grace. He told the police he was on a mission to  spread the Gospel to the Muslim people of Birmingham. Sadly what occurred was a riot, when Muslims, who had never seen anyone with    breasts as large as the ones Robert was wearing, began to grope and even attempted to rape him. And for this reason Robert was detained for two days by the cops. And this is the degenerate that Vic has hired to be the eyes and ears of Muslim activity in Birmingham, England. Amazing!

But this gives you the extent of the stupidity engendered by the conniving swindlers operating the VCY AMERICA scam. Can anyone call this phony ministry a Christian endeavor? Whether it’s the intro from Gordy Morris at the beginning, all the way to the sign off ,all  this program delivers is deliberate swindle . And Gordy Morris serves as the towel boy for this incredibly deceitful whorehouse in Milwaukee.

Whether it’s the REJOICE RADIO scam ,as heard on the Family Prayertime racket ,conducted by the incredibly talented saccharine sounding professional liar ; Joel Mullinex ; the unofficial Shabbos  Goy  of Christian radio ;or the totally criminal enterprise produced by VCY AMERICA ,the simple truth is that they both look upon the Helpless and gullible Evangelical community as a rich resource to be mined. A veritable sea of riches waiting to be claimed for their own personal good fortune.

All those you hear on the REJOICE RADIO programming are incredibly rich people,who have made a fortune working the phony religion scam over the years. Joel  Mullinex is an incredibly rich individual ,who uses his talents pretending to be a     caring and kindly Bible teacher ,in order  to cheat and   take advantage of all the gullible and fearful morons who believe he is praying  for them. All this lying bastard is doing is inducing the naive and hopeful into supporting  him financially with hard cash now, and in their wills later. This is nothing new. Jimmy Swaggart did this during his tenure as America’s number one scam artist . When he enticed widows and fearful twin sisters to leave huge amounts to his phony Evangelical outreach operation. And that’s exactly what the grinning vultures are doing in Pensacola And RBN is the syringe they use to infect you with their lies and duplicity.

These filthy lying scumbags are only serving Satan and calling it Christian ministry. Don’t be fooled by them. The only ministry that is in keeping with New Testament teachings is on that feeds the hungry and brings the lost to Christ. Everything else is fraud. Craig Mattson, a celebrity on RBN  has never taken so much as a dollar out of his wallet to help a needy person. Dr. Joel Mullinex has never in his entire life ever done anything to help a homeless person. When this jackass talks about all those hurting missionaries supposedly spreading  the Gospel in far away places ;and having to trek up and down mountains and with nothing but bikes and horsecarts ;does he ever  give names?

Does he tell you the names of the missionaries or their sponsors? Does this lying grinning hyena even tell you in what countries of the world they are working in. No, Not at all,because it’s all nothing but a big phony story! And it’s designed to induce letter writing with checks and hard cashed stuffed in the envelops ;addressed to the scumbag himself. Whereas Jimmy Swaggart , Jim Bakker,Joel Osteen and Richard  Roberts  , are some of the living legends ,in terms of  operating phony , criminal ministries  ;heavily burdened with deceit,lies and theft ;Joel Mullinex , Craig Mattson , Jimmy Mintz and the  ever popular Rhonda Autry and the folksy Bethany Crawford  are all legends in their own right! None of whom have ever helped anyone for anything;but have grown incredibly rich at the expense of the stupid ,who actually believe them and their made up lies of religion,faith, and Christian belief.

WHAT A BUNCH OF WHORES AND PIMPS THESE LYING BASTARDS ARE!! This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS! Good Day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU ,Til NEXT TIME!!

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