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Jimmy Swaggart ,Jim Bakker : Living Legends in the Sordid World of Religion Swindle. VCY AMERICA and The Rejoice Broadcast Network[RBN] : Legends in their Own Right!

October 26, 2013

Sonlife Broadcasting Network is a television and radio network broadcasting around the world 24/7. SBN is an extension of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and the goal of SonLife Broadcasting Network is to reach the world with the Message of the Cross.

Where Are They Now?: Jim Bakker

Jim BakkerThis may bewilder or bother plenty of people, but here goes anyway:

Jim Bakker hosts a religious TV show with his perky wife.

At age seventy-one, he preaches God’s love while peddling Jesus pendants and the like from a new Christian retreat in Blue Eye, Missouri, which looks a lot like his old Christian retreat in Fort Mill. More than twenty years after he rose to fame and fell to shame at PTL (“Praise the Lord”), he’s doing pretty much the same thing, but without nearly the same following and without overselling lifetime memberships. 

My  Dear Christian Faithful:

There are some lessons in life ,that for many Christians, will never be fully learned. The best evidence is the fact  that some of this nation’s most deceitful  pseudo-religion swindlers and charlatans are resilient and prospering ,thanks to the incredible stupidity of the gullible Evangelical faith community.

But the  poison of  pseudo-christian deceit being spread throughout the world ,is not isolated to any one medium of communication but is pervasive across   various media  outlets ,including the old-fashioned radio set.

Here too, you find the same format of cheap sleazy popular celebrities,plying their trade of glib ,and  theatrical presentations, designed to trick  you into donating and financially supporting them.

They all may differ  slightly in style , but underneath it all, you see the same criminal intent to defraud the listenership and to fleece them blind.

A new and clever scam for radio is  an attempt to follow the Pat Robertson model of presenting controversial subject matter  ,and tying into a ministry , thereby opening the floodgates of endless demands and tearful requests for cash. Cash to be sent into their accounting  departments with no strings attached to be used at the total discretion of the hyenas and vultures operating the clever money-making  scam.

One operation that comes immediately to mind ,is put on by the cold-blooded hate mongers operating the VCY AMERICA NETWORK of  deceit ,division, and depravity. Here, this gang tries to out do the competition for ratings , by engaging in some of the most direct, and virulent appeals to their listeners  to engage in confrontation and violence, in support of whatever mindless idiotic cause the station owners  advocate.  And this they pull off in varying degrees of subtlety.

And sadly ,at times they have succeeded.

After many months of promoting   Anti Middle  East rhetoric and hatred toward all those of the  Muslim religion ,Vic Eliason and Jim  Schneider, the two co-hosts of Crosstalk America ,a one hour call in radio talk  show ,finally could rejoice in having created the ambience of pure hatred that undoubtedly contributed to the massacre of Sikhs in Oak Creek Wisconsin,practically in Vic Eliason’s backyard ,and  just over the fence from the Broadcast Studios of VCY AMERICA ,in Milwaukee.

Reader , take note: Here is an objective and independent opinion of the Sikh massacre ;an act of hatred and mistaken identity.  Something easily attributable to the  hate-filled Crosstalk America call in talk show .

“Would we have any trouble calling this scenario above an act of terrorism? Nope.

Since authorities say the gunman was a white dude named Jared Lee Loughner, he was just a kooky loner whose mental health must have been the triggering factor. But if his name were Ali Akbar Nahasapeemapetilon, nobody in America would care a bit about his mental health issues.”

“Since observant Sikh men keep a turban (known as dastaar or pagri) and unshorn hair, which often manifests itself into a long beard, many Americans after September 11 wrongfully conflated Sikh Americans with Muslim Americans because of this “turban-and-beard” look. To highlight the sheer tragic irony and stupid human ignorance of bias-motivated hate crimes within America, the first actual tragic victim of a post-9/11 “hate crime” murder in the United States was neither a Muslim nor an Arab.”

And here are a few of the gory details:

 {Following emergency calls around 10:25 a.m. CDT, police responded to a shooting at a Sikh gurdwara located in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. On arrival, they engaged the gunman, later identified as Wade Michael Page, who had shot several people at the temple, killing six. Page wounded an officer; after being shot in the stomach by another, he fatally shot himself in the head. He was armed with a Springfield XD(M) 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol.[8][9] Page had legally purchased the gun in Wisconsin.[8] Four people were killed inside the temple, and three people, including Page, died outside. Page killed five men and one woman, ranging in age from 39 to 84.[9]—– }

Given the fact that the CROSSTALK program has become a breeding ground for gun sellers and for those advocating every crackpot radical idea in religion and politics  ,it has inevitably  drawn an incalculable number of mental misfits to their radio lunacy.  And all  help to contribute to the mindless violence this country is now experiencing.

If only the FCC would wake up and actually try to do something to promote the welfare of the American people ,rather than licensing this gang of money-grubbing crooks ,who are good at hiding behind the freedom of religion clause.

This deliberately and well  planned  agenda of pure hatred on the part of Vic Eliason and his sycophant staff of well wishers ,required support from another additional group as well.  The spirit of hatred was  chiefly engendered to  conform to the interests of the pro-zionist lobby  ;designed to continue the dispossession of Palestinians from their homelands and the promotion of Anti Iranian sentiments ,in order to  involve and enmesh  the  USA in another major conflict.

  And so ,Vic Eliason, the owner and operator of VCY AMERICA NETWORK became the willing stooge and a major contributor  in the interests  of the  diabolical monstrosities he had befriended during the course of his career as a radio   charlatan and gifted Judas Iscariot betraying the Fundamentalist Christian Community .

And in so doing , the full diabolical meanness of modern-day Judaism rallied round this man and Vic Eliason stretched out his hands. And to this day ,this betrayer of all that is decent and Christian still has the blood of innocents on his filthy hands.

And just as the incredibly stupid and gullible Fundamentalist Faith Community cannot discern the scams going on in televangelism ,the lies and downright deception in the Christian radio media goes over their heads as well.

The lies you hear everyday from out of the mouths of Jim Schneider of Crosstalk fame and Vic Eliason  are too many to list. I only ask that you focus your  attention on the following:  Clearly there’s a great deal of animosity between  those who adhere to the  basic traditional interpretations of New Testament Scriptures and those who have departed from them.

Specifically I can mention; the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses , and to a certain degree the Catholics. Let’s add in all the Emergent Church gurus and their followers, and you have an idea how divergent Christian centered beliefs can become.  The snake handlers of North Carolina and  West Virginia are probably the most literalist of the bunch and add to the diversity of believers. But to round things out let’s add the  Muslims . While they   are not Christians they  nonetheless have a very high regard for the person of Jesus Christ ;referring to him as prophet ,miracle worker and the holiest person that ever lived.

But none of these groups are welcomed on Vic Eliason’s VCY AMERICA produced call in talk show that flies by the name of CROSSTALK! They hardly are worth even a  trivial  mention  of   respect  as far as Vic is concerned. No, not for their  beliefs  but neither for their roles in American History!

Whereas, they all may hold the  Great Nazarene in high reverence ,they are considered as  nothing but firewood ,candidates for eternal damnation.

But on the other hand , Jews ,living in Israel or inhabiting in some New york City ghetto are held in the highest esteem ; by not only Vic ,but by his sick ,lying scumbag of a partner and co- host Jim Schneider.

Jews like David Ruben ,living on land he stole from the helpless Palestinian farmers he robbed at gun point, or Rabbi Abba Lighter [another troublemaking Jew]; as well as many officials from Israel: the international headquarters for blackmail and racketeering ,are treated like royalty, on Vic’s decrepit and scam filled outlet of treason and criminal betrayal.

Whereas   other groups , hated and despised by Vic , such as:  Mormons and Catholics , and Emergent Church leaders like Ric  Warren and Brian McClaren

of Saddleback church are mocked and derided as apostates.

And now,  pay  attention dear reader. The JUDAS ISCARIOT nature of Vic Eliason ,  is now readily observed, and cannot be denied. For it is the  high regard  he has for the  jews that trips him up. It  is the Jews who are the very antithesis of what it means to be a Christian. It is the Jews who mock the Great Nazarene and who gloat over having murdered Him. It’s the Jews who lament they did not kill The Apostle Paul as well .

It’s the Jews who refer to Christ as a lunatic and an illegitimate deceiver whose death on the cross was well deserved. It is the Jews who mock the Virgin Birth of Christ and ridicule all Christians who believe in the Christmas miracle.

It’s the Jews who spit on Christian symbols and teach their kids to go and do likewise. It’s the Jews who live by the TALMUD ,the most evil and  demonic  literature ever written by the Devils’s own pen. It’s the Jewish people who refer to the Christ as  delusional and as a false prophet. And who  regard those who murdered him as having done a great service in the cause of Judaism.And for the Jewish people ,all over the world.

It’s the Jews who portray Jesus of Nazareth as a failed messiah and laugh at his teachings ….. My Dear Christian Reader , I could go on ad infinitum. The Jews are the enemies of all that is decent ,sacred ,and of true religion. They  mock all that is noble and pure. But it is precisely these very same diabolical monstrosities that Vic Eliason is subservient to  and whose bloody causes he supports to the extent of laughing at the suffering of all those who are murdered everyday in Gaza and throughout the occupied West Bank by Jewish settlers and land grabbing thieves.

This man who pretends he’s pro-life  mocks the indiscriminate murder of infant children at the  hands of his Zionist supporters.

He would rather bless the demonic nature and living  descendants  of those who murdered Christ than to ever find reason or cause to show hospitality to those  who may differ in scriptural interpretations but who nonetheless fervently  revere the  Founder of The Christian Faith. And that’s the very nature of the diabolical personality of VIC ELIASON and JIM SCHNEIDER.

 And this should be reason enough to shun the bastards and to do everything humanly possible to get them the hell off the air and drive them the hell outta Dodge!

This is how these filthy lying scumbags cheat the people of God who mistakenly believe and trust them and their intentions. This is how they have grown super rich over these many decades, all compensated by the abject stupidity of their listenership.

If it ended here it would be bad  enough but it  doesn’t. The rot extends all the way to their prime sponsors : the REJOICE RADIO NETWORK out of Pensacola. This gang of clever cheats and swindlers are morally every bit as demon possessed as the VIC ELIASON gang. The difference is in style and format.

This gang of lying cheats put on their best Country Gospel schtick and trick  countless thousands of hayseeds  out of their hard cash.

And they employ the best that money can buy.

just give a listen to the grinning vulture by the name of Dr,.  Joel JEW BOY   Mullinex who describes the Jewish vermin I’ve already described to you as being; “great and noble people!” 

Imagine a people who routinely refer to Christ as a lunatic, delusional and an illegitimate failed messiah and who gloat over the brutal and sadistic death  , the Great Nazarene suffered at their hands, as being a ;” great and noble people!”

But that’s in line with the phony character of Joel Mullinex who is known primarily for his fund-raising activities. This is why the bastard  makes the big bucks;not for his honesty or inspiring words ;despite his saccharine sounding appeals for prayer.

‘We love you,we want to pray with you and for you, will you do the same  ?we need to hear from you soon with your checks stuffed in big envelops” What a cheap sleazy bastard this degenerate truly is!

His  family prayertime segment he has inherited with the passing of Don Smith speaks to the duplicity of this conniving   chiseler.

And just add up all the other scam artists and gifted cheats and con artists and you can see ,dear Christian the uphill battle we are fighting!

Do your part and shun  this  filthy scum of humanity.

This has been your good news commentator with more good news! Til next time ,Good Day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU! ARE THESE SLUTS AND DEGENERATES  THAT MUCH DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU HEAR ON REJOICE RADIO?

THE JIMMY SWAGGART SINGERS!!  Laughing out loud!!

Family Worship Center Singers, Baton Rouge

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