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So you think pseudo-christian media swindlers won’t rip you off? Beware of VCY AMERICA and The REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK!

October 30, 2013
JSM (Jimmy Swaggart Ministries), Jimmy Swaggart and Donnie Swaggart scam hundreds of millions of unwitting well-intentioned folks who identify as Christian, in almost everything they do! Put aside (for the moment) the individual “sins” of Jimmy’s little perverted sexual scandals..put aside (for the moment) Donnie’s little pompous ignorance.
.. For now, lets just talk about them taking good people’s money and failing to deliver goods purchased on their show. My parents are but ONE example.They made their “donation” (required to obtain a book that ole “brother” Jimmy was pumpin) only to have them not send it.
My parents are well intentioned and weren’t going to say anything about it. I called jsm repeatedly and sent several letters attempting to get them to provide the books..all to no avail. If ANYONE you care about is considering doing business with JSM or making donations to them… simply research all of the lawsuits and scams that follow jimmy around! See what he does with all of those donated widows’ mites.
In his peak, he has been proven to have misallocated funds for his own mansions, private jets etc… Im sure Jesus would have had a Gulf stream if they around back then… …but I digress!I would hate for anyone to think that swindling my parents is the primary reason I write this. After the  money grab, I tuned into one of their broadcasts. I used to watch Jimmy as a kid. I always knew he was a judgemental money grabbing guy with great acting skills…, but I thought he likely believed much of what he said.
When jimmy’s little run ins with his perverted little whores was made public, and he goes back into actor mode and gets all teared up asking for forgiveness…I assumed that any future broadcasts (if there were to be any) would be a bit more humbled..a bit more Christ like.So imagine my surprise when I tuned in to see him and his little Donnie making such claims of ignorance about others faiths, creating “problems” with anyones understanding of the bible..other than his and then pumping more of his worthless garbage for “donations”. He pumps their fake claims to have a patent on the cross of Jesus Christ…and of even knowing what musical instruments please God. He actually said that “you don’t have a choice in who your preacher is”… then little Donnie gets up and tells us what kind of musical instruments God likes…and little Donnie knows..just ask him!!Someone sent him an e-mail claiming that God can be praised with guitars and drums and rock music. Little Donnie gets all studly..looks close into the camera and says that the writer should have the guts to put his name on such a letter… Well, I DID send him more letters and gave him my name and contact info and the guy didn’t have the stones to even respond! These folks are as ignorant and hypocritical as they get! Believe in God but don’t trust these folks with your money and don’t waste your time getting pulled in by them!

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 04/05/2012 04:33 AM and is a permanent record located here:

The vultures running things at the VCY AMERICA rip off studios and their partners in crime at REJOICE RADIO [ RBN] are just as guilty as JIMMY SWAGGART ever was!!

My Dear Christian People: Please be advised ,for your own benefit and that of your   friends and Christian neighbors ,many of which ,you plan to buy books for ,that when you hear Vic Eliason or Jim Schneider asking for a donation of 17-25 dollars to help support Vcy America network and ” as a way of saying thank you for your gift ,”

 they will send you a book about the subject matter they were discussing during the course of the crosstalk programming; keep in mind ,that all you are really doing is making a donation  and not BUYING anything.

 And this means that if they cannot send you the book or books you’re hoping to receive ,there’s nothing you can do about it. They may send a substitute book ,anything they have accumulating space, in their hard to get rid of section of their bookstore ,or they could send you some bible tracts and a thank you note for making the donation.

You have no agreement to purchase anything . All you are doing is giving them your money on the  hope they will send you the book you are expecting ,but  there’s nothing legally binding them to do so. 

You really have no way of knowing  whether they even have the book in stock. Many times ,they will get a promise from the author that in due time he will send a few copies ,but if  there’s a falling out or disagreement on the selling price to VCY ,you may not get anything from the cheats and swindlers operating the Crosstalk scam!

If the author promises that the publisher will send a large number of copies ,it may take up to six months for the shipment to arrive.  Meanwhile the vultures at VCY AMERICA have your donation and paying their bills with it . Which means they are  making  their mortgage payments on their condos or on their new R.V. 

If you really think you want a certain book ,just go buy the damn thing at a bookstore. Chances are ,you will find it on their deep discount shelf selling for $2.95 . A whole lot less than what the lying bastards want from you by way of a phony donation!

Believe me these lying scumbags don’t miss a trick!

This has been your Good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS! til next time: GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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