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THE AMERICAN MEDIA ,Under the control of the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ :REJOICE RADIO NETWORK[RBN] and VCY AMERICA :Their highly PAID STOOGES!

November 1, 2013
 My Fellow Christians: All the Mainstream Media in this country are under the control of the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ.To be under their control doesn’t always mean by direct ownership ,it can also be as a result of the sympathetic positions they take in their favor.
A good case in point are the two Radio Broadcast Networks flying under the Christian Media flag and category : VCY AMERICA and their close affiliates ;the REJOICE RADIO[RBN].
These two outfits ,who have for decades been offering the Christian public a well crafted radio presentation , not only to increase their financial well-being, but also designed to curry favor with those in our society who represent the main cause of our degeneration .
This has not been hard to do, since all other aspects of this nation’s secular cultural direction lends credence to everything these so-called Christian Radio Broadcasters attempt to do.

What this clearly demonstrates is the abject depravity and perversity of all those connected with this lucrative game of Scriptural charades that quite often takes the form of a Child’s Merry-go -Round.

The crosstalk call-in Talk Show ,produced by VCY AMERICA Net. is a prime example of just how low the two main operators and public voices of this shameful enterprise
will go to stay in the good graces of the enemies, not only of our Christian Faith ,but also the adversaries of all honest humanity;who only see in religion nothing but an instrument for their business existence. For those in doubt ,a simple reading of the TALMUD will reveal with terrifying certainty the nature and activity of those who represent the very antithesis of what it means to be a Christian.
The voices most familiar to the listenership are those of Mr. Vic Eliason and his co-host Mr. Jim Schneider. These two have been highly successful in steering their audience away from the truly vital information they pretend to be presenting . What they keep hidden from view is their total subjection to the Jewish whip.Take the profit motive away from these two shysters and they would be forced to find alternate means of support. Take away the two or three verses of scripture these two bastards have memorized and that would render them incapable of conducting a monologue ,or even an interview with any of their equally phony and false invited guests.

This is of the utmost importance ,since without the support of the very murderers of Jesus Christ they wouldn’t last two days on the air. The activity of both the VCY AMERICA and the Rejoice Radio[RBN] networks relies not only on the goodwill of the mass media controllers but also on the favors received from anxious contributors to their highly charged programming.
Some of the largest contributors are the controversial CREATIONIST CROWD and the on-line media moguls ,such as: World net Daily.Com[WND] and other small fry like the Brannon Howse instigators of last resort. But there are many more. The usual suspects are heard numerous times a month or week,covering the same two or three subjects. One often heard swindler is the family values kid: Peter LaBarbera ,this character is one of the biggest ass-kissers you can ever hope to hear. Remember the other family virtue and values kid: TED HAGGARD? Could Pete be following in TED’S shoes?
And who hasn’t heard of the old crow Phyllis Schlafley and her outdated Eagle Forum. Why didn’t she do a better job raising her sons to be real men and not the limp wristed type she makes money by bashing? Does she have Reagan on the brain? But does she reveal that Reagan was a big government big spender guy who bent over and grabbed the ankles whenever the Israeli Lobby entered the oval office? She never mentions the billions of our money , Reagan gave to the enemies of Jesus Christ. No she doesn’t, because if she did ,she would be out of business.
The same could be said of all the cowardly bastards who show up to make their pitch for donations to their bankrupt websites.
Did you hear Bill Wilson,President of the idiotic website called Americans for limited Government say anything about the billions going to Israel every year? No ,you only hear about the tanks and military hardware going to Egypt. Again ,the fix is in. The control of the phony Christian Media continues.
Dr. John Ashton,the moron who believes that the Book of Genesis is a science book can also be counted for a donation now and then. This idiot was so pathetic ,there’s little one can say about the jerk. Let him stew in his own pathetic lunacy.

Just to bring a little balance to their repertoire ,they bring a true Religion hustler like Brian Camenker and then PASTOR ROBERT MORGAN slides in to soothe the nerves of the exploited masses listening in to the usual goading and political hustling, by interjecting a little Old fashioned church music into the boiling pot. All for a price. All for a price . The preacher has to get paid. All this son of a bitch can do is hustle like any cheap prostitute on the prowl. And the nearest street-corner is the VCY AMERICA produced Crosstalk programming.

In fact, take money and influence off the table and all of these low down scumbags ,including all those operating out of the studios of Pensacola Christian College: The REJOICE RADIO SCAM [RBN] , and all of them,without exception would be doing something totally different. And the name of the Great Nazarene would never cross their lips again. It’s all a money-making scam and that’s how they have become so incredibly rich.

Whereas the control of the media and by whom , is understood by many ,what goes unreported are the FCC regulations regarding Radio licensing.
The laws are nebulous but the reason why you hear hustlers like JOE FARRAH who runs the WND website and other political gadflies on despicable radio programming, is due to the fact that the FCC disqualifies them from licensing. This prevents WEBSITE operators from gaining an additional audience in the radio media . An outlet designed for so-called public affairs and for alternate community interests. And so the next best thing is to load up on the Crosstalk Radio program and help old Vic get richer than he already is. Yeah Joe ,you’re quite a guy ,Joe. All you are Joe is a conniving ,lying bastard! A real piece of work, a true Jew worshipping Judas Iscariot. I hope you burn in the black flames of Eternity, scumbag!

Whatever can be said of JIM [the chimp] Schneider and Vic Eliason ,and all the assorted charlatans and money-grubbing vultures that fly over the transmission towers of VCY AMERICA ,can be also said of the many equally perverted and depraved personalities emanating from the renown REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK. Now these tricksters have really put time and effort getting their act together. By this I mean that they put out a convincing performance. While it may only trick the gullible ,the end is the same . The advancement of the financial empire they’ve built over the decades. Everything you hear is designed to trick and cheat you out of your dough. Everything they preach is not designed to instruct or promote the welfare of the people of God but rather to convince you that they are a true ministry ,worthy of your financial support.

If you don’t believe me ask the blind man,he saw it all. For even a blind man can see through the contemptible lies and half-truths you hear from the perverted lips of Craig Mattson and Dr. Don Smith. Another clever scam artist you often hear on the Rejoice radio programming is the slick sounding phony : REV. John DUNLAP. This joker has a scam that won’t quit and he plays it for all it’s worth. This clever and glib shyster preys on the easy to fool among the many silver-haired females looking for a voice they can trust. This bastard has often joked about the “OLD BAGS” he’s relieved from their EXCESS CASH as he calls it.

No, my Fellow Christians ,It doesn’t look good for God’s true faithful. And there’s big money to be made in the Christian Radio Media, tricking the gullible morons from places such as MILTON,FLORIDA and Chattanooga , Mobile , and McCallen TEXAS .and all across the fruited plains. The question for you is : how long will you allow these vultures to exploit you and to use you for their own financial benefit?

The only true winners in this game of scriptural charade game playing are the blood poisoners of all nations.
What JIM SCHNEIDER and VIC have accomplished is to create a mass of people ,completely stupefied and hypnotised and at the mercy of the spreading pestilence of the Jewish World Plague.
Every issue these two swindlers raise dealing with degeneracy and treason ,as well as the break down of the American Family can be traced directly to the doorstep of the international maggots they refuse to condemn.
This strategy takes the form of a constantly shifting offensive against honest humanity . Some of the leading targets for the invective these hate peddlers emit is aimed at Mormons, Catholics, Muslims , and Emergent Churchgoers. Even those who sing to the beat of a drum can find themselves victimized by this clever gang ,charged with misdirecting humanity ,and who in turn are themselves ,the very scum of humanity.

The only recourse is to expose them, mock them and openly ridicule them , until others can see them for what they are: Facilitators for the Enemies of all compassion, decency ,morality and true religion.
Rejoice Radio also depends on the goodwill of the international maggots ,allowing them to put on all the mindless drivel they can fit into one day’s worth of programming. The JOHN MORRIS ,flat earth institute and the IAN TAYLOR swindle and the Ken Ham real estate developer, all fall in line with the desired goal of this band of banderillos. To confuse and stupefy the listenership in order to cheat them . And in turn they praise the greatness of the murderers of JESUS CHRIST ,whom they refer to as a great people. And pretend to not see the organized hostility and nauseating blasphemies coming out of the mouths of these diabolical monstrosities. Whether located in Israel,or new york of in Pensacola Florida ;their goal is the same: the total destruction of the Christian Faith , the political enslavement and financial annihilation of the American people.


This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR , Good day and GOD BLESS YOU!

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