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Some Candid Remarks about the Perpetual Money Making Machine Called THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK[RBN] Pensacola.

November 10, 2013

My Fellow Christians: It seems to be common knowledge, in this day and age ,the utter disgrace and shameful spectacle the Televangelists and with them the clever deceivers found among their fellow travelers in the Christian Broadcast Networks have become. And ,in fact have been ,all these many years.
But shamefully as well, is how they can still maintain a sense of credibility among many in the Christian culture, who are blatantly ignorant of just how these clever vultures operate.The only way to understand anything is to break it down into its several parts. And here ,one can examine how each part works ,each one contributing in a joint effort to carry out the ultimate goal ;to render you helpless,confused and willing to believe anything they say.

The first trick up their many sleeves ,is to convince you of their sincerity ;that is to make you believe they are true Christians ,anxious to befriend you and to make you part of their family.

Here, I truly believe that the Christian Radio Broadcasters [and their numbers are truly myriad] have a leg up and over their criminal minded brethren in the visual televangelist media scam.

On the television picture tube you can look and examine facial features ,and things such as demeanor , dress and attire .and the ever-present hair dryer blown hairdo ,on the so-called men standing on stage.
And that’s all it is; stagecraft ,and it can be very effective. But sooner or later the audience begins to see through some of it and thereby forcing the producers of the pseudo-religion enterprise to resort to greater extravaganzas and even more outlandish proclamations, to keep the audience glued to the set.

Remember how Oral Robert’s resorted to some of the more childish and deliberately deceptive statements and phony declarations of divine revelations to hustle the naive jerks out of more of their hard cash.
Sooner or later ,things start to break down for one reason or other, as we’ve seen take p
lace with the P.T.L. Club scam, and the Jimmy Swaggart multimillion dollar presentations of pathetic Pentecostal pitches for more cash! And that what we all can hope for;the day when these filthy lying scum of humanity will be a thing of the past; a relic of an age when the innocent dupes in America became prey for these clever scam artists.
But things may be slightly more difficult when dealing with the equally deceptive and down right cunning jokers working their religion scam over the radio transmission lines.

With these sons of bitches ,you can’t see anything other than what they present you with. And most of it has been rehearsed to the nth degree.
You can’t watch for eye contact with the audience or their demeanor or reaction to others.
And so ,these scumbags will probably be with us for the immediate future and possibly for quite some time to come.
One outfit that is made up of several very effective moving parts is the well know scam called THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN]; coming at you everyday from the warm and balmy Gulf Coast ,centered in Pensacola.

These scumbags go to great lengths to convince you that they are a true christian ministry ; sincerely wishing to make you part of their prayertime family. Let’s take a quick look how these criminals pull it off.
Since on Radio,the voice is everything ,they hire a seasoned swindler , who has great skill in fundraising activity and is not averse to engaging in great acts of misleading and clever falsehoods, to cheat and trick the millions of gullible in the listenership. And in all fairness ,how else could they even think of achieving their financial goals ,enabling them to live in the incredibly lucrative lifestyle ,which has become , the only reason why they’ve chosen to be in the pseudo-christian religion profession.

And so it came to pass that Dr.Joel Mullinex took over the FAMILY PRAYERTIME SEGMENT during the lunchtime hours ; to touch base with all the sunbelt seniles ,many of which listen to [RBN] during the soup and sandwich portion of their day.
Joel appears to be the right guy ,coming at the right time ,immediately after the passing of Don Smith and thereby left the slot open for another gifted fundraiser to come along.. Enter : Dr. Joel Jew-Boy Mullinex. Enter the dragon!
The Familyprayer time segment is a racket in every sense of the word. Here Joel gets a chance to make his pitch of lamentation over the plight of many in the Christian culture; whether it be real or scripted it doesn’t matter to Joel;all he wants is to sound credible. All he wants is for those listening to get caught up in the emotional set up Joel is stagecrafting. And also to drop him a line.
And that’s the very minimal Joel can expect. What he’s driving at is the “old prayer request letter” filled with cash and checks ; and with details about sicknesses and diseases affecting the lives of the less astute . With this information and the whereabouts of the suckers listening [addresses and phone numbers] and the slowly developing bond with the scam artist is a swindler’s wet dream!

And Joel pulls it off without a glitch. He pleads,he pretends to care, he invites others to join up, he mixes in enough misleading promises based on prophetic certainty to inject a little fear and apprehension into the many seniors facing what they are made to believe is an uncertain future. But Joel will help them gain a footing, all they need do is write and tell JOEL what’s troubling them;or what they have to be thankful for. yes, tell Joel about the big bank account or the property you have and you don’t know what to do with it all. Joel has the perfect answer for you, my stupid Evangelical roob! Joel will clean out your bank account ,your retirement account and get the transfer papers out to your address ,so you can cede to him the home or raw land you’ve owned and done nothing with ,faster than the time it takes for you to finish your tuna sandwich ,and tomato soup!

Afterall ,what’s the paltry sum you have in your savings account worth ;or what is your house worth in comparison to your upcoming mansion in heaven,right Joel, you filthy lying bastard!!

And this is basically how the filthy lying son of a bitch does it ;and all the staff members and phony faculty working their own scam on the students attending Pensacola Christian College love Joel for his skill and agility in persuading even the most recalcitrant into handing over his loot to the organization. Is this a Christian ministry or simply a spin-off of the renown Mafia based organized crime syndicate? I ask you my Comrades.

When it comes to cheating and tricking the credulous ,no one is an island. That’s the big lesson learned from the PTL Club and Jimmy Swaggart fiascos of long ago.This is where not only the morons who had supported these bastards were duped, but also many of the investors who had backed Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker financially for years, found themselves also holding an empty bag . Once the cat was out of the bag ,they lost millions.

And so, as a major back up .the swindlers ar RBN employ a truly glib and gifted personality by the name of Craig Mattson. Now this character has a Renaissance background and apparently someone along the line spent some cash ,getting this joker a good liberal arts education.Sadly Craig chose the wrong path. instead of devoting his time and energy in a true Christian pursuit; educating some of the hayseeds living in Milton and Niceville ,Florida ;but instead he chose the path to riches. He threw his lot in with a gang of clever phony Christian hustlers ,situated in the heart of the bible-belt and easy pickings for any and all with a background in studying human nature and a cursory knowledge of holy Writ ,it became a no-brainer for Craig.

Craig calms the fears of the overly suspicious ;giving them assurances that someone with his background in higher education and well as being grounded in the Faith ,need have nothing to worry about.

You’re in GOOD HANDS with Craig Mattson ,that’s what his message is ,and many fall for it! Craig Mattson is a professional liar and that is exactly what he’s become .
Using his firm and faithful acting ability he’s been able to lie and get away with it;especially during the many share a thons RBN puts over the mindless dupes who seriously believe this extremely wealthy outfit has financial needs to pay their operating expenses for the month. Craig is nothing but a lying snake in the grass who helps the idiots in the listenership swallow the poison of deceit without resisting.

This scumbag lies with a virtuosity that bends iron beams!

Add to the mix :this concentrated solution of lies and incredible deceit ,all the other bit players that form the whole. Whether it’s the connection to VCY AMERICA and the phony political hate mongering they dispense everyday to the joe six packs of America or the Country Gospel sounds many listen to and compliment them on for producing[they hear that a lot from listeners during their share a thon swindle] and you get the idea that RBN is a well crafted presentation of callous deceit and con artistry designed to rip you off and rob you blind.

The music and all the sentimentality attached to it is itself a fraud and a lie since it serves to enhance the effects of a greater lie ,designed to promote themselves as a true ministry.

If this is a musical ministry as they claim ,it’s the only one that sings to the choir;to the already converted.

And this too represents just another moving part ;working in joint effort to trick and cheat you! Give these con artists a listen and you will quickly determine all the other moving parts to this perpetual motion money-making machine. Oiled and kept in motion by the gullibility and plain stupidity of their listenership.

This has been your GOOD NEWS commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS til next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU have a blessed afternoon!

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