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Helping to Teach and to Guide Christians to the Source of Their Afflictions. A HINT: VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO[RBN] Among Other Christian Radio Broadcasters.

December 31, 2013

My Christian People: If today, the Christian Faith community finds itself perplexed and unable to fully comprehend the source and reason for the confusion and bewilderment it currently finds itself enmeshed in ; the probable cause is the enemy operating from within the walls of the church community. This enemy has not only gained access to enter in, but is using the Christian community of America as a battering ram against itself.

And the most convenient way to accomplish this act of desecration is to employ the various members of the clergy of all denominations , and the thousands of money hungry stooges and willing accomplices in the Christian media.

My Fellow Christians: I have never wavered from the basic tenets of the Christian Faith; but just because some one tells me that he is a Christian does not give him the right to trick me or to cheat me.

As a Christian, you are under no obligation to allow yourselves to be deceived ,abused or swindled ,by those operating various scam ministries as televangelists or Christian Radio Broadcasters.
What escapes most Christians is the simple fact that if the Gospel is not put into effect ,then Christianity itself will have no effect. It will simply remain ineffectual throughout the world. It will be as the sworn enemies of Christ would have it to be :something belonging in a museum of dead religions.

The idea that this great faith has not created the environment in society whereby the teachings of the Great Nazarene would be put to their greatest use, is a testimony to the abject duplicity and grand betrayal taking place within and without the modern Christian culture and society.
The questions that remain to be answered speak to this gross calamity, which has helped to create a class of pseudo-Christian parasites living off the gullibility and the natural good naturedness of the faith believing community itself.
We find today a strange and perverted alliance existing between the eternal Enemies of Christ: the very blood descendants of His murderers and those in the clergy ;as well as all those in the Christian mass media, who have taken upon themselves the role of an on the air ministry of convenience.
And these charlatans number in the many thousands; all of them committed to nothing more than their own financial enrichment and to support to the extent possible the bloody agenda of the Jewish World Plague.

The only way to create a sense of revival in the hearts and minds of America’s lost class of abused and duped Christians is to awaken them out of their current state of deep slumber. A slumber that has allowed every form of depravity and criminality to be used against them even to the very elect of God.

Let’s look at it from a practical point of view. Let’s examine the clever and deliberately deceptive practices of many in the Christian Broadcast business. It would be hard to find a more talented gang of criminal minded religion hucksters than what you hear all day long from the studios of REJOICE RADIO [ RBN] coming at you from Pensacola, Florida.

One would be truly hard pressed to find a more well-organized team of on the air radio hustlers than what exists here at [RBN] . This team of clever swindlers know their audience and they know how to deal with them. They know what sells to all the mindless roobs and naive trusting imbeciles looking for something to identify with.
And with this organization ,as well as the one they sponsor in Milwaukee Ws. [VCY AMERICA NETWORK] they offer a wide gamut of pseudo-Christian presentations designed to increase the listener’s trust and confidence in the highly trained staff of scriptural charade game players.

Each team member has a specific task entrusted to them. Craig Mattson for instance brings to the table a sense of erudition and clever and funny witticisms. Something that plays well with the Baptist,Evangelical,Fundamentalist crowd looking for the confidence that comes in hearing a self-assured and smart sounding Bible thumper;so lacking in today’s world of half-educated farm boys ;deciding to become pastors and leaders teaching God’s Word. For most of these ,they find it pays better and the work is not quite as hard .

And Craig delivers . He delivers well, and puts on a good show. He reads from the Book of Proverbs ; he gives good recitation from various classics such as Robinson Crusoe , Gulliver’s Travels, pilgrim’s progress and so on.

And not only that ,but he amuses his listeners with a few hours of witty and sarcastic insights , in a well-known segment he refers to as : Drivetime” . And he does much more . He recites passages from long forgotten Christian theorists such as A. Kempis ,whose writings were for me a mandatory requirement during my painful years of highschool struggle. But what can A. Kempis ,Augustine or Aquinas[all heavily quoted] possibly mean to all the hayseeds and halfwits that tune in to this convoluted presentation of quick and greasy salvation ,put on display by the deceitful managers of REJOICE RADIO? Who the hell is Craig trying to fool? The half-educated jerks in bible belt towns such as Milton ,Florida or Crestview and Navarre , have as much interest in hearing passages from A. Kempis as a mule has in learning about Swiss chocolate! But Craig ,while operating as the voice of Rejoice Radio ,is not the only celebrity.He has partners in the nest of clever charlatans whose only ministry is to accumulate as much money as possible.

Another gifted glib and cunning deceiver of God’s people is the voice heard during the midday segment of Rejoice programming. This saccharine sounding fund-raising scoundrel is the beloved Dr. Joel Jew Boy Mullinex, whose antics aimed at the sick and dying among the sunbelt seniles is only outdone by his subservience to the sworn enemies of The Lord Jesus ;the Jewish world plague on humanity. And in all fairness ,all who broadcast must conceal the diabolical intentions of these enemies of the Christian faith ,to stay on the air. Keep in mind that the Christian radio medium is still part and parcel of the wholly owned Jewish mass media .

And high marks must be awarded to Joel. This charlatan gets the ball rolling during the midday pitch aimed at those whose lives are in a precarious state or condition. Where else or who else can you find as vulnerable to the suggestion to fork over their dough than these seniors with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel? And Dr. Joel doesn’t miss a trick. His phony invitations to join him in prayer are carefully constructed to mask his devilish demands for cash. This joker is as evil as he is clever and the entire team at Rejoice Radio are eternally grateful to the clever way Joel brings in the cash.

But when it come to pure hypocrisy and a well rehearsed lying religiosity ,few can compare with the phoniness of JIMMY BOY MINTZ. This snake in the tall grass has the ability to make

all his prayerful vocal intonations, which sound to the discerning ear as having all the credibility of a crocodile devouring his prey . All required to create the false sense of confidence, all con artists yearn to create in the minds of those they desire to cheat and fleece.

5:00 pm — Sunday Reflections with Jimmy Mintz

For now ,this is where the criminal minded scumbags running things at [RBN] are content to place him. On a Sunday evening ,right about the time the seniors in the Happy Clappy listenership are semi-comatose and most vulnerable to suggestions to pay up or face an eternity without seeing any faces of those they helped to save. What a sad JOKE being played out on the elderly in America ,at the hands of these lying bastards.

Then ,you have those content to remain in the sidelines of this carefully crafted con job. Personalities like Caleb Keener ;known by his colleagues as :The White Pimp of the south ”

Add to the mix all the street hustlers who use their singing talents to calm the fears of the skeptics ,who must at times wonder whether they are being asked to support a Christian ministry or to fund and promote someone’s singing career.

The important thing to remember, that throughout the course of the day ,no real evidence is presented to the Christian public as to whether or not the celebrities whose voices are heard over the air, are even Christians or not?What indication is there that Craig Mattson is a true Christian or someone hustling the dupes in the audience by using his talents as an accomplished actor?

What proof do you have that Dr. Joel Jew Boy Mullinex is a believer in the Lord Jesus? Just because he says he is does not constitute proof of anything. This bastard will lie about anything for the right price.

The same is true for Jimmy Mintz and Rhonda [mohito baby] Autry and all the other streetwalkers who ply their trade in religious deception ,over the airwaves. DON’T BE FOOLED BY ANY OF THEM!
All of these clever jokers lie with a virtuosity that bends iron beams!
These folks are not just swindlers ,no, they are more than that. These personalities are the very scum of humanity for lying and cheating and betraying the cause of the Great Nazarene.

The harm these money-grubbing judases do everyday of the week is incalculable ; in that they prevent the true Gospel from taking effect. They provide cover for the plague on humanity; and thereby allow them to continue spreading their depravity ,their pornography and their constantly shifting strategy designed to annihilate the Christian community, and all it stands for.

This is the only aim of this “chosen poison” humanitarian /pseudo religion group ;whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity. And the mere fact that the lying scum of the earth like Dr. . Joel Jew Boy Mullinex : the guy whose speciality is now ,cheating the seniors and the sick and elderly out of their hard cash ;and all the other scum bags are just as evil and diabolical as the international maggots they provide cover for. To know of evil and not to warn others about it makes you an accessory to that same evil!

If their so-called Christianity is to simply provide entertainment and a chance to promote their own show biz careers than that can hardly be called a true faith or a true ministry.

The question that must be asked of these vultures is a simple one: would any of these celebrities be doing what they are currently engaged in ,if it were not for the huge amounts of money they draw into their own personal coffers? That’s the important question. To equate their demands for cash with those found in the writings of the Great Apostle attempting to provide the means of physical survival for himself and the Saints running for their lives is the height of chicanery ;believed only by the stupidest in their listenership. But this is how these filthy bastards operate.

Would any true ministry have any association with the hate mongering sons of bitches operating their own clever scam at VCY AMERICA Network ? The obvious answer is no!

Give one listen to the crosstalk program produced by VCY AMERICA and it becomes obvious that the Christian Radio industry has one goal in mind , and that is simply to amass as much cash as possible before the government shuts down their fraudulent operations.

The lying scum of humanity at VCY see only in the idiots and assorted jackasses in their audience as nothing more than a resource to be mined ;and then dumped in the trash bin of American society. If the owner of VCY AMERICA were a Christian don’t you think he would have reconciled his differences with his daughter Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter and her husband Tom. ?And to do it on the air so as to set an example for others to follow.

The truth is that Vic Eliason who had a heated set of differences with his daughter is no Christian;and that’s the simple answer.

Unfortunately ,the know it all ignoramuses who make up the majority of his listeners are too stupid to know or to care. Jackasses like the blathermouth Rick from Navarre who pretends to be an expert on all political matters or the goofy Dorothy from Olney,Illinois or the degenerate Harry the Happy Homo from port Huron all represent in their own way the abject stupidity destroying the Christian Faith community in America.

Do you want to see Christianity restored as it once was ?

Do you want to see a victorious Christianity as in times past?

Do you want to see a more vigorous defense of our Christian Faith?

Are you willing to do everything possible to see the final Victory of the faith over its sworn enemies;then you must put an end to the source of our misfortune.

You must cut off all the parasites and their stooges in the mass media and the Christian Broadcasters in particular stop all their support and financing ;and this, with no exceptions. You must leave whichever church does not condemn the blood thirsty agenda of the Zionist world plague. And this without any exceptions.By so doing you will be enhancing the environment in which true Faith can once again begin to prosper and blossom.

Once again the environment will produce true leadership that will lead and fight for what is pure and sacred . Once the poison is stopped the soil will reclaim itself.Once the pollution ends , the healthier the environment will become ;and a braver and more determined Faith Community will rise up. keep in mind that everyone is a product of his environment and education.

To change our current status of weakness and perversion ,the environment must first change .If not ,then the teachings of the Great Nazarene will remain stunted in a vacuum. And this is correctly what we all are experiencing. All who believe the judases pushing the Blood thirsty Zionist agenda to annihilate the Christian Faith by first occupying the American Congress ,are as complicit in this great betrayal as the very murderers of Christ..

All the charlatans you hear on Christian radio are nothing but sell outs to the Jewish world plague. And for this reason alone they brainwash you into believing that they are part of God’s plan in the greater scheme of things . The Jews have successfully deceived or purchased the loyalties of criminal minded Judas Iscariots who in turn infuse these contemptible lies into the minds and psyches of their listenership. Filthy lying bastards like Vic Eliason and Dr. Mullinex are prime examples. Have nothing more to do with them. Begin the process of renewal by understanding that those who curse the Great Nazarene can never figure into God’s plan of salvation. If this were not true then there would be more inclination to bring to the Jewish community the benefits of Gospel Faith. The mere fact that scumbags like Mullinex and Jim Schneider ,also of Crosstalk fame refuse to mention the eternal Destiny in the Black Flames awaiting the jewish murderers of Christ speaks to the mutual swindler match these diabolical monstrosities are engaging in.

Bringing the Gospel to the Jewish Community is not only a duty but an obligation on the part of VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO,especially, given the great love and respect they claim to have for this poor down trodden segment of our society.So ,what is it that prevents them?

This is another question that should be asked of all the lying jokers on the air. Keep in mind that Jewish people do not believe that God had a son but do believe that The Great Nazarene was a lunatic and call him accursed. The Gospel states clearly that all who do not believe that Christ is the Son of God are the ANTI-Christ! just a little food for thought. And all those who support these demons in human disguise are also the ANTI-CHRIST!!

This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS . Til next time, GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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