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The Public’s Outrage Over the Firing of Ingrid Schlueter from Her Position at VCY AMERICA.COM

January 26, 2014

May 27, 2011 at 21:13

Gayla Prather

Ingrid, your FATHER? Your father is behind this? I didn’t know know that he was your father. This is terrible. I am SO sorry. I didn’t even know you had resigned from VCY until you mentioned this today on FB. This treatment from any professing believer is bad enough, but it coming from one’s own parent is unconscionable. Praying this situation gets resolved VERY soon.

May 27, 2011 at 21:45


please tell me is going on—-is no one honest anymore. I can’t trust a station like VCY how can we trust.

May 27, 2011 at 21:57

Ingrid Schlueter

Darlene, when sin is dismissed as “just family issues”, this is what happens. Please see my post, Choose Your Legacy. These matters have been repeatedly addressed in private over many years to no avail. Matthew 18 has been followed to no avail. I am sorry this had to go public, but this email issue affects more than me, it affects anyone who emails me at that long-time address. If you send something to that address, you have a reasonable expectation that I am the recipient, not the Executive Director or anyone else at the ministry. Again, I am sorry this had to go public. I would add that the moment I am assured in writing that our emails have been deleted, I will update this post. Until then, I will assume that VCY is maintaining the status quo.

May 27, 2011 at 23:00


Thank you for responding so quickly. Please keep us informed as to what is going
on. I will miss you. I never missed going to your blog. Always so glad to read what you wrote and listen and watch the video’s. May the Lord bless and heal the family.

May 27, 2011 at 23:05

Ingrid Schlueter

I’ll still be here at the Hope Blog, and hope to getting back to posting positive things next week.

May 28, 2011 at 00:00

Lisa Turner

Ing – of course, you know Russ and I continue to stand with you and Tom and are praying with you about a situation that has needed addressing for so long. Thank you for having the courage to be the voice of truth in our family, even at great cost. I love you, Sis.

May 28, 2011 at 00:05

Ingrid Schlueter

Lisa, I remember this from the 80′s so long ago. I think you’re the one who introduced me to it. Thank you.

The jokers working their own scam at [RBN] are every bit as insidious as you can find anywhere. The main players of this ministry of music and message are Mr. Craig Mattson ,Mr.Joel mullinex, and the sickening sounding Mr. Jimmy Mintz ,who lies with all the sincerity that comes along with prophetic certainty.None of these characters can be considered to be Christians and neither can their phony broadcast operation be called a ministry.

In fact none of these money-grubbing bastards would even be associated with this musical game of charades and scriptural clichés ,if it were not for the huge amounts of cash these celebrities draw down each and every month they are in in operation. Rhonda Autry and Tonita Ohms are also part of the cast of characters they put on show ,to better trick the hesitant. These burned out gals ,worn around the edges ;nonetheless ,provide a folksy hometown feel to this otherwise nauseating presentation of push and pull. Craig Mattson pulls with his well-educated sounding pitch heard daily in his proverbs reading and the well-known segment known as DRIVETIME ,where he tries to engender a sense of obligation on all who listen that the programming is worth the cash in your pocket.

Well,if that doesn’t work then there’s the push from the saccharine sounding Dr mullinex who has perfected his con down to the last Amen.

His Family Prayer time segment in the programming is nothing but a subtle extortion racket ,whereby he tricks his listeners ,especially the sunbelt seniles, into contacting him for prayer.The audience believes that he reads the incoming prayer requests. In fact all that Joel reads, comes from Craig Mattson who provides him with convincing sound bits to put over the believe anything crowd, in his listenership .

All checks and cash are removed from all incoming mail and then the contents remaining are sent to the shredders. This is how Joel and the boys pocket thousands daily. The question to ask is a simple one.

When have you ever heard of a time when Dr. Mullinex opened his wallet to give a dollar to a needy homeless person? The answer is never!

When have you ever heard of Craig Mattson ever buying a meal for a poor indigent living in the Pensacola area? The answer is never!

When have you heard of anyone working for the RBN fundraising outfit buying a meal or helping someone in true need? The answer is never. And that would be the Christian thing to do .

The truth is that these folks are only pretending to be Christians, for the singular purpose of raising cash. When have you ever heard of Beka Horton ,one of the wealthiest persons in the entire State of Florida ever contribute anything to help a hungry , homeless person;or anyone in need of medical attention, due to the natural disasters which occur frequently throughout the hurricane season?The simple truth is that the entire crew over at RBN is incredibly deceitful and down right evil.

All the cash they collect from whatever source is the reason why they are so incredibly rich, at the same time pretending to be in need of additional cash to stay on the air. All the scam operations they are involved with,and there’re many the public never hears about ,simply add to the great wealth they already possess. Why give them more;why contribute to the depraved and decadent lifestyles they live and lead.

All Craig cares about is his time on the Golf course, and as with the others ,buying cheap real estate from those recently evicted and who are now totally homeless. What a bunch of vultures these bastards truly are!!

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more good news ,Good Day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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