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CHRISTIAN:Whose Side Are You On? Choose Today Where You Stand..

February 4, 2014

My Dear Christian People: Whose side are you on ? Are you on the side of those who murdered Jesus Christ? Do you really want to stand with them. – Do you stand with the enemies of all mankind who delight in having murdered the son of God?

Do you stand with the traitors and assorted Judases that are everywhere to be found, and in recent years can be seen

standing in positions of authority within the walls of the church?

Do you stand with the corrupted Christian Radio Broadcasters who exploit your gullibility and lack of knowledge in order to enrich themselves at your expense.

Do you support the criminal minded charlatans that hustle you out of your money, on a daily basis, with endless appeals for donations and free will gifts ;money that they use to live an extravagant lifestyle ;and all at your expense.

Do you support a caste of corrupted and perverse minded professional clergy who abuse your small children and your teenagers in order to give vent to their perverted impulses whenever they desire to do so.

Do you financially support all the pick pockets that appear on television or can be heard on the radio that claim to provide you with VITAL INFORMATION; but whose sole purpose is to gain your confidence and thereby trick you into donating to them more of your hard-earned cash.

Those in the Christian media who claim to be on the side of Christ are lying to you. All those working as Christian radio broadcasters such as :THE REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK and the VCY AMERICA NETWORK are in reality stooges providing cover for the demon possessed enemies of all honest humanity.

The best way to understand this simple truth is to observe how they never speak against the Jewish world plague under any circumstances. They are totally under their control and are dependent on their good graces in order to stay in business, and to be able to continue exploiting your credulity and abject stupidity .

Don’t let them get away with it ;cut them off at the purse strings. Don’t ever send them a dollar or give them any financial or material support whatsoever.

The charlatans and hypocrites operating these pseudo-religion radio scams are well aware of the incredible immorality and perversion being spread by the Jewish world plague; and despite their knowledge of the inherent damage being done to the cause of Christ, they continue to remain silent ;fearing that they may lose their broadcast licenses . And so they become Judases and subvert the word of God, they falsely claim to support.

In order to cover their total connivance with the enemies of Christ, they will allow the reading of New Testament passages that convincingly illustrate the betrayal and execution of Christ at the hands of the sadistic and blood thirsty Jerusalem mob. This they do in order to demonstrate their independence from the parasitic plague that has taken over all christian media outlets.

Of course they are being totally disingenuous about this ; another one of a long list of lies and deceptions the staff at RBN spews out to the less astute in their listenership.

They know full well that the Jews are totally inured to any and all accusations of deicide , having heard these charges for almost two thousand years. They in fact relish this historical fact as one of their great accomplishments and in no way shrink from accepting the blame.

I can assure you ,no Jew ever lost a minute’s worth of sleep worrying about the blood on his hands, or on his children’s hands, for their role in the killing of the Messiah. No more than they care about the many thousands of helpless Palestinian infants ,that their co-religionists murdered in Gaza.

I can assure you, that informing them that they will someday face the black flames of eternity has never caused them to experience the slightest amount of indigestion . In fact it causes their appetites to increase ,as they continue to stuff their faces ,shoveling in the food.

All this ,they have heard for centuries and nothing bothers these people ,other than exposure. The Jews are not like other people.

The one thing they fear is that the masses will come to understand their methods of subversion and will learn how to resist their advances.

If the american people were to truly understand the true nature of this criminal class and the existential threat they pose to our security ,as well as to our moral and spiritual well-being ,they would demand action be taken, with all the swiftness of martial law!

But their stooges in the Christian Radio business continue to provide them with the needed cover and so these willing accomplices are as big a threat to our existence as the Jewish world plague.

For once the tactics and disguises the Jews conveniently use become understood and clearly seen for what they are ;then we can fully expect that the paralytic influence and hypnotic trance they subject the world to ,will for all purposes be broken. Until then keep fighting this world plague and national peril with all means . And fight the charlatans in the pseudo-religion broadcast business.

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more good news. Til next time ,GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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