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The Standard by Which Christians Should Judge All Others. Christian Radio Broadcasters ,Take Note!!

February 4, 2014

My Fellow Christians: Only when one truly understands the inherent nature of the enemies we face ,can we begin to comprehend the vile and despicable nature of all those within the Christian Faith Community ,who assist them, [the sworn enemies of God]in their determination to destroy the faith, handed down to us by the Great Nazarene.

The beliefs and Ideas expressed by Jewish Leaders concerning, not only Christians ,but all honest humanity are nothing new ,but are revealed with terrifying clarity in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ,as well as in the defamatory and diabolical writings found in the Talmud. These writings are so intrinsically evil they could’ve been only concocted inside the brain of a demon.

It is important to remember that, to the Jews, the Talmud is not an obsolete and crusty document. The rabbis teach that it is a living and breathing instructional document, a modern-day, indispensable holy book.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an ardent Jewish believer, was quoted in The New York Times as giving credit to the Talmud for her success on the bench. “The Talmud,” said Ginsburg, “is my sacred guide for daily living.”

Dear Comrades, what more can one say or do to reveal to you ,the very source of our misfortune. ?

Here are some modern-day manifestations of how Jewish leaders view all humanity.

We Jews will live and die only for our own individual self
“Since we do not believe in a
life after death, all our efforts are directed to the ‘now.’ We are not as foolish as you and will never adopt an ideology that is rooted in self-sacrifice. Whereas you will live and die for the benefit of the community, we will live and die only for our own individual self. The idea of self- sacrifice is abhorred by Jews.

It is abhorrent to me. No cause is worth dying for since death is the end. We have always been ready to sacrifice a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership. (This was the plan of the Jews who instigated WW II. Some Jews were sacrificed so that the “persecution” propaganda could continue.) It is a small price and there is nothing wrong with that.

I was taught that we Jews must become lawyers so we could control and strangle the courts, and even the judges, unless they were Jews. We should become doctors and teachers and leaders in all the churches — and this goal has almost been fully accomplished. ~interview with Harold Rosenthal

Rabbi Bakker writes: “This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is of course a fallacious impression.”

“We Jews have spoiled the blood of all races. We have tarnished and broken their power. we have made everything foul, rotten, decomposed and decayed.” (The Way To Zion, Munzer)

Arrangements have been completed with the National Council of Churches whereby the American Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League will jointly…aid in the preparation of lesson materials, study guides and visual aides…sponsored by Protestant organizations.” (American Jewish Yearbook, 1952)
In her book Ideology and Immigration the Australian sociologist Katharine Betts states that the dismantling of the White Australia policy was the result of an elite conspiracy: “Public resistance,” she notes, “was circumvented by the use of administrative procedures and secrecy rather than open debate.” The final phase of the abolition, which involved the enactment of the Racial Discrimination Act by the Whitlam government (1972–75), was “a political victory” for the cosmopolitan elite, which, while failing to convert White Australia’s supporters “by reason and evidence,” left them “unconverted but outmanoeuvred.”[iv]

” Australian Jewish leader and activist Mark Leibler claims to “have developed a deeper understanding of the connections between Indigenous and Jewish people and the underlying affinity we share. … We must listen to and respect the hard stories. Stories that are repeated all over Australia — stories of injustice, oppression and horror. Defiant stories of the proud survival of identifiable people. Stories resonating with familiar themes for each and every Jew.”[v] Speaking on behalf of Australian Jews Leibler claims that: “We’ve suffered 2,000 years of persecution and we understand what it is to be the underdog and to suffer from disadvantage.”

It’s official. If you’re an American traitor and you’re arrested, tried and convicted for treason, but you also happen to be a Jew, then it’s not treason, it’s anti-Semitism.

That’s according to Abraham Foxman, the infamous national director of the so-called “Anti-Defamation League”, a New York-based group that seeks to engender Jewish paranoia and thereby encourage Jewish emigration to Israel.
The New York Times today cites Foxman as saying that the reason why the traitor Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence is because he is a Jew.

It’s called Chutzpah,a foreign concept for honest humanity but a guiding principle for the chosen..

My Fellow Christians : In the final analysis everyone is essentially the same;everyone is a product of their environment and their education. And for this reason I judge everyone

not only by the color of their skin ,but by the content of their character as well.

But there is another standard by which I judge humanity, and that standard applies to people of all races ,religions of whatever nation , and of all social levels . And is totally based on one’s attitude toward the Jewish people worldwide.
Anyone who defends ,assists or supports the Jews, in whatever capacity is as guilty as the Jews are themselves in their attempts to destroy not only Christian civilization but all that is true, sacred and pure that exists in the world.

Anyone who attempts to provide a cover, for the expressed purpose of hiding the intents of the Jewish world plague, in furthering their bloodthirsty agenda , is equally damnable and should be condemned in the strongest terms.I further condemn all in the Christian Broadcast media who portray these diabolical monstrosities as the Chosen People of God as being nothing but a pack of liars. All of these

clever and accomplished swindlers must be viewed and seen for what they are : the modern-day judases and money-grubbing betrayers of the Great Nazarene,and who are working to exploit the gullible and those unable to defend themselves.

All true Christians must maintain this standard by which to judge everyone they come into contact with. And this, including the members of their church and the pastor ,bible teacher and so on.

This is the only way to separate the wolves from the sheep. This is the only way to unmask the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Do not ever accept anything that proceeds out of the mouths of Craig Mattson, Vic Eliason, Jim Schneider, Dr. Joel Mullinex or anyone connected with Christian Broadcasting or their counterparts in the sordid world of televangelism.

All these ,and many others have chosen the path of betrayal and treason and should be shunned ,scorned and exposed for the scumbags they truly are. You can hear these filthy lying bastards on the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK from Pensacola,Florida and

The VCY AMERICA NETWORK from out of Milwaukee ws.

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more good news,til next time GOOD day and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!!

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