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Christian Broadcasters Lie with a Virtuosity that Can Bend Iron Beams.. Do Not Become Another One of Their Victims.

February 23, 2014

My Dear Christian People: The one distinguishing feature , most Christian Broadcasters have in common , is the dripping sweet sincerity ,emanating out of their mouths and over the airwaves into the ears of all those in their widespread listenership.

And few bother to ask if it would be otherwise. In other words ,would the station managers hire personalities and other play acting religious types to speak over the air, if they did not have the ability to convince the listeners of their sincere and ever abiding religiosity?

Try to imagine otherwise. How much financial support would they garner, if they all sounded like “Lenny from Hoboken ” .

Many in the Christian Community listen to one or more radio broadcasters conveying the same message of faith and hope ;but particularly designed to convince the listener ,not only of their total sincerity ,but to the end that the ‘faith and hope ” extend to the opening of wallets and the writing of checks ,on the part of the gullible listeners ;and forwarded to their respective accounting departments.
One of the more popular radio stations that broadcasts a popular mix of music [mainly country gospel ] and long ago recited messages of bible interpretation ;made obsolete by the sponge of death and time ,is the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK ,commonly referred to as ‘Rejoice Radio RBN.
This outfit, transmitting out of the Pensacola ,Florida area is one of the more sincerely accomplished in the fine art of religion swindle known in the world of Christian radio.
They know what they’re doing and they know how to do it well.

The crew running things ,and the voices you mostly hear everyday, are those of Dr. Craig Mattson ,Dr. Joel Mullinex who operates an effective scam operation they call” Family Prayer Time.” Added to that, are the well-trained voices of Rhonda Autry and JIMMY MINTZ ;who claims to have a clairvoyant ability to know all those
in heaven ; as well as their faces ,all as a result of their having listened to his well scripted and pre-recorded musical repertoire. And offered by his cunningly managed Radio Station. And all for a price!

And this is what passes for TRUE MINISTRY . It’s nothing but a cruel joke being put over the credulous and easy to swindle members of today’s Baptist/ Fundamentalist / Evangelical community in America.
The one personality hiding in the shadows is the evil mastermind of this operation : the extremely wealthy and matronly BEKA HORTON. This gal is one of the wealthiest women in the entire state of Florida ,if not the nation at large.
She is the one that truly is in charge of everything that goes on at RBN. And don’t ever forget it!
Money talks and everyone long ago learned which side their bread is buttered on.
Beka and her husband ,were the founders of Pensacola Christian College ,and RBN is one of the many money-making ministry operations they cherish, and as a result,draw out huge amounts of hard cash… Phony Christian ministry has been good to Beka and to all the rest; for them ,it’s a veritable cash cow!
And so ,it makes perfect sense ,that this gang of four plus one
get it right the first time. This is why they can’t afford any slip ups or scandals to emerge. Not that they haven’t had their share , as with other phony radio ministries ;but this gang of four plus one , have developed an incredibly effective technique in stymying any and all criticism ;and this, by engaging other cheats and charlatans, as clever and deceitful as they are themselves ,to share in the booty ;to dip their hands in the same cauldron of lies and false discipleship.

One thing everyone learns when they first accept employment at RBN ,and that is, no one messes with Beka Horton. Beka is affectionately referred to in Christian Broadcasting circles throughout the deep south as BIG MOMMA . And the gang ,including Craig Mattson ,long ago learned to keep a respectful distance between himself and MOMMA!

This is why everyone speaks of Momma in hushed tones or not at all.
But Beka ,while enjoying the adulation ,is a keen business woman and knows the vital need of keeping everyone happy ,happy happy. Messing with Momma basically means trying to sandbag some incoming receipts ;meaning that Momma gets a piece of the action ,no matter what. Momma comes first ;and that better be understood by one and all . This is the first commandment of God , posted overhead ,rightover the coffeemaker and next to a photo of Jimmy Swaggart ,discretely pinned onto the accounting department’s billboard , at RBN headquarters of lies and deceptions.

Just give a listen to the VCY AMERICA produced “Crosstalk call in talk show” to understand the extent of their depravity by sponsoring this political and secular oriented presentation; filled with hate mongering,and deliberately misleading pronouncements designed to raise the ire of all of the imbeciles in their listenership. And this, to the end of drawing together for further exploitation all the morons beyond the reach of the callous and totally materialistic gang of Florida fish-heads.

To really hear an accomplished and overly glib Christian radio hustler ,you can’t do better than to give an ear to RBN when the prime mover and all round wordy grand deceiver is on the air. Of course I mean no other than the erudite sounding Mr. Craig Mattson. Now this joker sounds as sincere as sunshine ,but few realize what an accomplished professional liar the scumbag truly is.
But try to imagine how far he would get if for some reason ,he started to sound like :”Vinny from the Bronx’.

Would RBN stand a chance in collecting any cash from the hayseed listeners? I think not.

Imagine if Craig sounded something like this :” Hey,youse guys ,start sending in some cash;like we really need it ,you got the message? Do it now . Don’t make me repeat myself. ”

“And yeah ,Don’t worry about what we do with your cash,you don’t need to know nuthin.”Just hand it over , cause we really need it ,get the picture? Youse guys want to go to heaven don’t you ? Well don’t you ? I can’t hear youse guys. Now that’s better, Just as I thought , So send in the mullah. Send it right away ,if not you may get a knock on the door about 11:00 P.M. Get the idea? ”
‘And it won’t be the welcome wagon,youse guys!”

Now everyone should know why Craig Mattson gets the big bucks. He’s worth his weight in gold. RBN found the right man for the right job. This glib and sincere sounding joker convinces thousands to send in their checks and cash to support not only the gang of FIVE but everyone else in all their other related ministries.

But sincere rhetoric does not equate into honesty. And on these grounds the entire cast of characters working at RBN fail miserably.

Basically , Lenny from Hoboken or Vinny from the Bronx may sound different from Craig Mattson ,but they are equally untrustworthy. If all you have to go on is their dialect. In fact to the discerning individual ,the nuanced demands for cash on the part of the gang at RBN and the threats of future fire and brimstone in the afterlife ,are nothing but a subtle form of extortion racketeering. But few see it, and fewer understand what is going on.But this is exactly how the vultures at RBN extort hard cash out of the hides of America’s less astute.

Christian ministry has been reduced to the point where Radio Broadcasters and all the sordid televangelist crowd like; the effeminate :Joel Osteen, simply reflect the abject ignorance of the American Christian population ;unable to see beyond the Rolex watches on the hands of Joel and JIMMY SWAGGART and Richard Roberts and Benny Hinn. This is how the imbeciles in the Evangelical community measure the success of a ministry. By how much they have succeeded in ripping off the believers and how decadent the lifestyle ,enjoyed by the pastors and Televangelists.
Ever wonder why they tolerated jokers like JIMMY Swaggart and Jim Bakker for as long as the stupid Evangelical community was happy doing?

If the Christian community truly understood the level of deceit that is being played out over the airwaves by the scum bags at RBN and others , I wonder for how much longer ,they would tolerate these vultures?

RBN ,and many others, are not simply operating with their hands out to ensnare the jerks in and around areas such as :Milton,and Navarre , Florida or Mobile ,Alabama ,but are also out to get the cash floating around from various foundations and other endowments. Long ago , established foundations started by wealthy Christians ,concerned about keeping the “Flat Earth Theory” around as long as possible are out looking to support six-day creationist and right to life groups across the country.And for this reason RBN and others like Vic Eliason’s VCY AMERICA swindle. All feature clever con artists like Ken Ham ; and the ICR clowns[Dr. JOHN MORRIS but one of many]. And along side these hyenas,you find RBN , providing free airtime to Vic Eliason’s criminal operation out of Milwaukee ,called CROSSTALK ,produced by the VCY AMERICA NETWORK.

See how all things work for the good of those willing to trust in the abject stupidity of America’s incredibly easy to trick Evangelical demographic?

Many will still be unable to understand how these bastards operate. The only other way to see these bags of manure for what they are is to ask them ,when was the last time they opened their wallets to give a needy person a couple of bucks?

If they are in need of funds to continue their broadcast operation[A BIG LIE] why do they insist on receiving the huge salaries and cash bonuses and how can they justify it all? When has Joel Mullinex ever responded to the needs of a truly needy Christian in the Pensacola area? Someone who can’t afford to buy groceries for himself or his children?

The answer is NEVER! . When has Jimmy Mintz ever offered to help anyone with paying their rent for the month? This phony bastard wouldn’t help the GOOD SAMARITAN if his life depended on it ,no less ever be one. All these bastards are doing is getting fabulously wealthy thanks to the incredible gullibility of all those who listen to them on a daily basis.

Ever listen to the CROSSTALK program?

When have you ever heard of Vic Eliason offering to help any of the callers to his phony radio ministry who desperately needed help?

The answer is NEVER! When have you heard this piece of lying filth ever to offer assistance in any form to any of his callers who related to him of their sicknesses and their inability to even care for their children for lack of resources.

What good are his 97 stations other than to provide cover for every phony financial transaction their corrupted and evil minds can imagine. So why call them Christians?

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS ;GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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