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The Abortion Hypocrisy . As seen and heard by some of the best hypocrites in the business: VCY AMERICA and the clever jokers at REJOICE RADIO[RBN]

April 1, 2014

My Fellow Christians : During the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, a great deal of time was spent exposing the Pharisees to the world. And for this reason they fiercely opposed Him.No one likes to have their lies,their crimes and
their double talk exposed.

In today’s world we see the same conflict taking place among those who claim to know God’s truth, pontificating to the Christian community regarding matters of prime importance for them ,and the nation at large.

The abortion issue is one such issue…In the coming years this topic of concern will occupy the better part of the energy and time spent by most of the Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians in America ,trying to sort out the various learned opinions in order to come to a viable and moral stand about this vital issue.

The last people on earth that you need to listen to are those who hope to capitalize on this hot button issue, by inflicting emotional damage to your psyche .
For once they get you into an emotional state of mind then coming to a logical conclusion on the subject is difficult at best.

We see this clearly on the part of the scam artists many of you listen to on a daily basis on the airwaves.

Pseudo – Christian radio broadcasters such as VCY AMERICA and their big brothers over at Pensacola Christian College are two notable examples of the fraud,deceit,hypocrisy that guides the thinking in many parts of the Christian Community.

The best way to deal with their hypocrisy is to ask yourself the question :what would they do under the same dire set of circumstances of deciding whether or not to have a medically prescribed abortion. A decision they tell you not to make in favor of having an abortion, but to simply play the odds with your life.

This is a good question to ask the gang that runs one of the biggest pseudo-christian radio scams in America :The VCY produced talk show called CROSS-TALK.

Regarding the abortion subject, what would any of the so-called pro- life producers of this show or any other anti-abortion organization do under these life threatening circumstances.

What would any of the women working at VCY AMERICA do if a medical professional were to advise that her pregnancy, if allowed to come to term ,would more than likely mean she would die on the operating table?

My Dear Christian People : Under these circumstances no one should have any doubts as to what their decisions would be!

But yet , the lying scumbags operating behind the phone lines of VCY AMERICA have the unmitigated gall to tell others to go ahead and die
on that same operating table ;if not ,then they are committing murder of their unborn..

This is the clear mark of an avowed hypocrite :one that is only too happy to preach to others to do what they themselves would never agree to do : surrender their lives for the sake of an unborn fetus. A fetus
that more than likely would also abort and die in the birthing process.

This convoluted nonsense is what passes for intelligent discussion on the so-called Christian Broadcast Networks. You know the ones that keep dunning you for donations and are only too happy to sell you whatever junk they have piling up on their shelves to help their so-called :DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH ” their MINISTRY”!

The only solution to the abortion controversy is to pass a law applicable and enforced in all 50 states
that would be titled:The Law For the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring.
We need this law.
We need it written and passed A.S.A.P.
Abortion should only be permitted when the mother’s life is truly at stake and for rape .. and incest among those who possess hereditary diseases etc.

By looking at the crime statistics of this country and the sad fact that America is the most crime ridden nation in the industrialized world. One would think that the 50 million abortions over the past 35-40 years ,if it can even be believed ,are not too many ,but in fact too few!
All you have to do is look at all those abandoned in the nation’s
asylums ,hospitals and other facilities and are having to deal with severely handicapped children both physically and mentally , and who

have been left to suffer a cruel death to realize the importance of passing such a law. !
Do not let the liars over at the CROSS-TALK radio program make a hypocrite out of you..

They are nothing but a bunch of thieves trying to get you to support their money-making schemes..

Stay united,stay strong!Stay clear of the REJOICE RADIO [RBN] broadcasters. These clever charlatans provide the backup for these clowns at VCY AMERICA in Milwaukee. Why it is that the good people of Milwaukee have not run these vultures out-of-town is incomprehensible.

Rejoice radio is a clever radio presentation of country Gospel music and sound bits from long forgotten sermons. This is a perfect model on how to fleece the imbeciles that trust and believe these smart alecky swindlers operating as a musical ministry.

The only thing these bastards are truly good at is siphoning off huge amounts of cash out of the many millions they make, serving the financial interests of the rich investor class operating behind the scenes. Using the benefits of a non-profit religious fund-raising operation ,they nonetheless suck money out of the system in some really creative ways.

A good and clever weird trick they use is to get some of the regulars you often hear to cut a C.D. By regulars, I mean those who can either sing or have a radio voice. These clever “artists” never miss a trick.You often hear them as RHONDA AUTRY, Caleb Keener , Chad Moorhouse ,Craig Mattson and who knows what other names they go by. And after the C.D is cut, it becomes the property of Pensacola Christian College,enabling a huge over inflated payout for the exceptional piece of musical artistry.

And so the dedicated Christian celebrity staff gets paid!

Is this what they normally refer to as end of month operating expenses? Everything you hear over the radio airwaves from VCY AMERICA or the liars and depraved cheating swindlers at RBN Pensacola is designed to trick you into sending in money to be used by them with no strings attached.
This is how hypocrites operate ;in fact these bums are even worse than that;they aren’t even Christians . So what are they ?
Well,they are basically businessmen and women using the Christian motif as a way of cheating the gullible jerks living in the Bible-Belt out of their money. But what is far more valuable than even money are the ratings they desperately need to keep their broadcast licenses renewed every six years.
Don’t be confused ,the money mailed in is used for petty cash incidentals : fine dining , trips to Israel,car payments and fun in the sun with young hotties they pick up from some of the many massage parlors in Pensacola’s infamous sex industry ;ever ready to cater to the Evangelical radio and televangelist crowd of swindlers.
This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS.Til next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!

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