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Easter celebration and the deceptions used by the enemies of Christ to destroy the faithful.

April 19, 2014

My Dear Christian People: Few understand the depths to which the Christian Faith has fallen. Fewer can understand the process by which this has happened.
Many attribute this condition to human failings or by the will of The Almighty ,anxious to render judgement on a dying world.

The answers to this, and other questions can be found in reading sacred scriptures.

Even a cursory review of the Gospel narratives indicates that Jesus, during his earthly ministry ,fought against those who would pervert God’s truth and in the final days of His life ,attacked with a home spun whip those who had desecrated the great Temple.
How humbling it is to realize that for this reason He had to suffer and die a sadistic death, at the hands of the Jerusalem mob,salivating at the chance to see ,dying on a cross ,the only one in history who successfully opposed their racketeering ;and exposed their demonic practices for the world to see ,and for all time to come.
In fact, His crucifixion was the greatest act of defiance ever accomplished by any one person.
This one single act of self-immolation, defeated the power of the Jewish world plague ,by depriving the demon possessed adherents of their corrupted practices ,their inheritance, and their right to claim the world to come, and to sit among the righteous.

For after this one single history changing event, the world would forever see the purveyors of venom and corruption as they truly are ;in the light of the Gospels,written in the Blood of The Christ.

Dear Reader:please read carefully.

14..Now it was the day of preparation for the Passover; it was about the sixth hour. And he said to the Jews, “Behold, your King!” 15.. So they cried out, “Away with Him, away with Him, crucify Him!” Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your King?” The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar”..

When Caiaphas answered Pilate by assuring him that they….[the Jewish people ] had no king but Caesar ,that statement divorced the chosen from the Commonwealth of Israel .

The statement was not only made before the Roman Governor …which would’ve been of little prophetic consequence ,but before the Christ, the very image of God on Earth. It was made before the very God and ruler of ancient Israel. The very one with whom the Jewish people had drafted a Covenant
It wasn’t Jesus who was on trial before Pilate, but the entire Jewish nation as represented by their supreme representative, Caiaphas. And openly stated before the judge of human history. And based on the “no king but Caesar plea ” the plaintiffs …[the Jewish people ] won their case.
Ironically, Caiaphas, a few hours later,would enter the great Temple in Jerusalem to begin the haggadah :the series of prayers extolling the regal ,kingly attributes of Jehovah.

And these scripture readings should convince everyone that the Jews are no longer part of God’s plan of salvation but are nothing but diabolical monstrosities ,whose main intention is to totally destroy all that remains of Christian faith in the world today.

It is my unshakable belief that Christ possessed the greatest fighting personality of all time. In fact He was the very precursor of all of those who today ,fight in the trenches against the Jewish world plague.
The enemies of Christ are with us today and represent the very antithesis of what it means to be a Christian. THey are in fact more than His enemies, but are the enemies of all mankind ;of all true religion,of all morality, and of all that is decent and sacred in the world.

My Christian faithful : The Christian faith has today become an industry of deceit and mind numbing stupidity, thanks to the willing stooges operating within the churches, and other religious institutions; and with clever deceit , claim to speak on behalf of the Christian community.

The enemies of the Living Christ have today employed the same tactics that the Pharisees of scripture used in recruiting Judas Iscariot to betray his teacher.

The modern-day version of these poisonous vipers have been able to

attract a large numbers of followers from within the church ,the clergy ,the pseudo-christian religion radio broadcast hustlers ,that operate on a daily basis over the nation’s airwaves.

All are now in the service of Jewish causes. And whether knowingly

or not, have succeeded in dipping their hands into a cauldron of innocent blood.

And this, by supporting the international racketeers operating in the modern state of Israel have brought upon themselves, the blood of the innocent

Palestinian People attempting to gain their independence and freedom.

Many involved in this enterprise of deceit and cowardice, are taking on their tasks in full knowledge of the paid for treason they are embarking on.

These folks are so totally amoral that with only a modicum of oversight one can clearly see that they possess no ideology ,no religion, no Christian faith , other than that of the swindler and traitor.

Dear Reader:
Jesus did not die on a cruel cross in order to create business opportunities for those too lazy to find useful employment.One of the very worst examples of this organized depravity is the CROSSTALK RADIO PROGRAM produced by the VCY AMERICA BROADCAST NETWORK ,Milwaukee Ws.

.To think that the arch swindler of this radio claptrap..Mr. Vic Eliason , has had 50 years to dumb down his audience, is in no small part why Christianity in America finds itself in the dire situation,causing it untold agony.
Avoid this gang and send them no money nor buy their poorly written books they push!
The surest way to

immunize yourselves against the temptation to ever send them a donation of any size or amount is to first request they mail you a STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL CONDITION showing in detail the salaries they collect ,and their expenses ,how many family members are employed and what their jobs consist of.
These figures must be certified by an accountant and must show all sources of income.I assure you if only a few of you were to do this they would find some other way to swindle you other than making direct requests in support of their phony so- called ministry.

THis is the only way to deal with the lying scumbags working the religion scam at REJOICE RADIO[RBN] Pensacola,Fla. This clever gang is attached at the hip to VCY AMERICA and together they form a two-headed monster ,greedily designed to fleece the less astute among the Baptist/Evangelical/Fundamentalist crowd of happy clappy sunbelt seniles ,too much in fear of
their eternal destiny to be able to decipher faith from fraud and cunning deceptions.

Do not be deceived by all the stooges and clever charlatans appearing on the Crosstalk call-in talk show produced by VCY AMERICA.

They line these jokers up as guests to ply their trade of cleverly talking you out of your hard-earned money.Keep in mind that anyone can call himself a minister or Doctor.

All those who are called to be guests on crosstalk ,are in fact charlatans hoping to obtain mailing lists of the easy to trick Evangelical listenership. And these mailing lists are worth their weight in gold. THese lists of gullible and naive morons are a dream for any clever con artist to obtain and to use to the end of selling more useless literature and to panhandle for more and more donations to whatever worthless cause they’re promoting.

Stay strong,stay united and together we will defeat the enemy of The Risen Christ ,this lethal pathogen whose power is the mortal foe of any true Christianity!

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