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The Christian Radio lineup . Starring the great Benny Hinn and his travelling band of assorted snake oil selling religion swindlers.

April 24, 2014

My Fellow Christians: Ever wonder about who is on the Christian Radio dial? Here’s a very tiny sampling:
juanita bynum radio
benny hinn radio songs
billy graham radio
kenneth copeland radio

benny hinn music
john hagee radio

joyce meyer radio
joel osteen radio

The unmistakable fact that seems to fade in the incredibly naive brains of America’s Christian faith community is the incredible amount of money any clever and gifted charlatan can make hustling the Gospel Message.

Turn on the T.V. to the right channel and take a look at Benny Hinn. Look at all the morons in his audience ,applauding and shouting ; look at those surrounding him and waving their hands and falling backward.

While many can now see Benny for the fraud and religion swindler he truly is ,the question remaining is :why did it take so long?
Why was this money-grubbing vulture allowed to practice his obvious scam operations for as long as he was able to ,without the legitimate Christian Faith institutions in America saying something.
If it seems an obvious fact to me ,what about all those seated in his audience ,attending his cunningly crafted televised presentations.
Are they so gullible and stupid;are they so unbelievably imbecilic they can’t see what the lying little bastard is doing to make himself as rich as he now is ,and even richer he soon will be.?
Why did it take the secular media to expose this vulture’s fraudulent and deceptive enterprise of religious swindle?
THe question for everyone to ponder is :why is the mainstream church ,and their corresponding clergy ,so adverse to speaking out against these wolves in sheep’s clothing?

Now it could be that they all are as bad as Benny Hinn is, but then again ,we have the untouchables the elite caste consisting of the Billy and Franklin Graham Ministries ,and the powerful Lutheran Church, and the beloved Jerry Falwell outfit and the true and time-tested Dr. Erwin Lutzer of Moody Bible College and church ,to mention just a few.

Why have these jokers remained strangely silent in the face of such obvious chicanery ? The sad truth , my dear Christian comrades is that these gentlemen ,in the more stable and conventional Christian culture are in reality cut from the same cloth as are scumbags like Benny Hinn.

Why did it take essentially the secular media and investigative teams to expose the other well-known pieces of filth ,such as :Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker and Jimmy DeYoung ,and Jim Schneider ,and Jimmy Mintz over at Rejoice Radio[RBN] ?

In the world of religion swindle the name Jim or Jimmy win hands down. And this doesn’t even begin to include all the Billy Bob bastards earning easy money ,taking advantage of all the morons who support them financially.

Here’s a tidbit about the great miracle worker himself ,the one and only[not] ,the great man of god[not] ,the pious and gifted
preacher and Bible teacher[not] and a man filled with the Holy Spirit [not] So what is Benny Hinn filled with? Answer:Horse manure ,most likely.

And if he’s not a child of God ,then what is he? answer: A son of a bitch!
And if he’s not a pious ,god fearing ,moral and devout Christian,then what is he? Answer: This bastard is nothing but the very scum of humanity!
And here’s the tidbit:
In April 2005, American Evangelist Benny Hinn arrived in Nigeria

for his much-advertised Healing Crusade. He flew into the country aboard his Gulfstream III jet with a retinue of bodyguards. But a few days later, Hinn left Nigeria in annoyance and disappointment. He was irked by the low turnout at the event: only an estimated 300,000 people attended the crusade instead of the six million that had been expected.

Hinn was visibly angry because of the huge amount of money he had invested in the crusade. “Four million dollars down the drain,” he is said to have shouted on the final day of the event. The vice president of Benny Hinn Ministries, Jon Wilson, gave a breakdown of the money. He said $3 million was spent on hotel accommodations and technical infrastructure, while $1 million more was used up by members of the local organizing committee.
This should give you an idea just how this hyena thinks and believes. But are you being deceived by all the other less flamboyant characters ,running their own scams on Christian radio ,my dear Evangelical/Baptist/ Fundamentalist jerk?
Have you ever listened to VCY AMERICA produced crosstalk call in talk show;sponsored by a gang of sunbelt swindlers living the good life on the white sandy beaches of Pensacola ,Florida?

These S.O.B.s have been getting away with a cleverly constructed pseudo-christian religion game of scriptural charades for decades; and as a result, have grown incredibly rich in so doing.
Their presentation is incredibly simple: country gospel music ,some clever and witty banter by some gifted and glib pitchmen ;and then a smidgen of old-fashioned sermonizing by long dead bible teachers;long faded from public view.
Their tapes and recorded bible studies having been sold for pennies on the dollar ,produce a no sweat and very comfortable living for the clever hyena scooping up the last of these discarded estates . The few dollars paid ,now allow the heirs of Vernon McGee and the others , to continue their drinking binges and carousing escapades as before the financial collapse.

Think long and hard before you even begin to consider supporting these phony ,so called “listener supported ” ministries of fraud. The staff and all the celebrity voices you hear on THE REJOICE RADIO BROADCAST have become super rich ,pretending they are in desperate need of your money.

Don’t believe them.These vultures depend on your support in order to live the same luxury lifestyle and the same way Benny Hinn or Jimmy Swaggart or Joel Osteen or Joel Mullinex and all the other Joels and Jimmys and Billy Bobs live and enjoy.

RBN is in reality a financial operation ,supported in part by the fund-raising efforts of Rejoice Radio ,and their co-swindlers over at VCY AMERICA .It’s nothing but a cozy mutual swindler’s match ,designed to pin you to the mat and robbed of your cash.

Next time you call the jokers at RBN ask them about how much their talking heads draw in salary .. Then ask , are these filthy lying bastards doing the Lord’s work or are they fooling everyone just to get rich and richer and even richer.

Benny Hinn is just another clever swindler among thousands upon thousands of others who see the Evangelical community for what it is: a bunch of hayseed jerks easy to trick and swindle.

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more good news. Til next time, GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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