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Are Televangelists and Pseudo-Christian Radio Broadcasters Insulting Your Intelligence or Simply Splashing You With Your Own Stupidity.

May 16, 2014

My Christian People: In the world of televangelism and Christian radio programming , the one glaring fact that stands out above anything else, is the popularity this media enjoys in the nation’s faux Christian culture . It stands to reason ,that without the incredible number of viewers and listeners financially supporting these enterprises ,they would be fewer in number ,and far less effective in the marginalized Christian community they depend on.
But what is less certain, are the opinions held by those profiting greatly from these media presentations , regarding those in their viewership and listening audiences.

In other words , how exactly do they view all those who attend their on the air “services.” Is there a sense of empathy on the part of well-known televangelists such as Benny Hinn for those who travel great distances to sit in the audience . Or does Benny simply look out at the crowd lining up or in their seats ,as nothing but an amorphous blob ; a mass of human flesh , eagerly awaiting for the thrills that come with a well planned
attack on their emotions and acute sensibilities?

Benny Hinn’s Response To Dateline NBC
by Sandy Simpson, 1/11/03

For those who may only have a cursory idea of what this charlatan is all about ;read what follows:

“There is no need to go into the history of Benny Hinn because he has been around what seems like forever and has been investigated enough times so that most people know quite a bit about him. An excellent resource on the history of Benny Hinn is available from Personal Freedom Outreach in a book called “The Confusing World Of Benny Hinn”. Hinn has been investigated by two major secular news shows, and by some Christian news media as well.

Most recently he was investigated by Dateline NBC in a show that aired December 27, 2002. All of these shows showed evidence that Benny Hinn has been scamming people for their money with false healing claims that he cannot prove. He was asked on all these shows to provide medical proof of the miracles he and his follower claim to be experiencing, but to date not one shred of definitive evidence has been provided by the ministry. Hinn did provide evidence, but when it was investigated the claims turned out to be claims without medical justification.

Quite contrary to Hinn’s claims, a number of people have died who Hinn proclaimed healed. Hinn stated that he never states that people are healed but they are the ones saying they are healed, yet we have many video clips of him telling people they are healed. He also uses the 700 Club “word of knowledge” scam of claiming God is telling him that “someone out there in TV land has a headache and that headache is healed” then he tells people to hurry and call the show with their testimonies of healing. He continued this practice on his rebuttal show of 12/29/02.”

For those who would still enjoy another tablespoon of Hinn to get the full flavoring of this scumbag and full-fledged swindler read the following:In November 2006 the CBC Television show the fifth estate did a special titled “Do You Believe in Miracles” on the apparent transgressions committed by Benny Hinn’s ministry. With the aid of hidden cameras and crusade witnesses, the producers of the show attempted to demonstrate Benny’s misappropriation of funds, his fabrication of the truth, and the way in which his staff chose crusade audience members to come on stage for televised healings. According to the show the seriously disabled who attend his healings are interviewed and then weeded out from ever getting the chance to come on stage. Instead, those who have minor injuries are brought up in their place. Benny Hinn claims proof from the faithful’s doctors that healings have been successful. However according to the show none of these doctor notes have ever been produced as evidence to his claims.

Another disturbing facet of Hinn’s organization is the 1998 deaths of two members of his “inner circle” from heroin overdoses. Mario C. Licciardello’s (brother of the Christian singer, Carman) was hired by Hinn to do an investigation for Hinn’s stated purpose, “to clear up any public doubt of the integrity of this ministry.” Some speculate that Benny Hinn did not count on the integrity of Mario Licciardello. Whatever the case, news reports were released that Licciardello’s findings would likely “destroy the Hinn Ministry.” Hinn quickly filed a lawsuit on Licciardello for the presumed purpose of stalling the release of documents. Strangely, Licciardello died of a heart attack the day before Hinn was to give a deposition that would have resulted in Hinn’s files being publicly released. Licciardello’s widow was given an out-of-court settlement from Hinn Ministries following the death.

Mike Murdock, friend and fundraiser for Benny Hinn, sometimes boasts of his three jet planes, his mansion, his private zoo, ministry Corvettes, collection of Rolex watches, gold and diamond jewelry and the pet lion he owned. He was speaking once near his mansion swimming pool with myself present — I believe the context of the conversation was Murdock upset about donors on Social Security and the cost of checks that didn’t clear his bank. He said, “Even if God doesn’t bless them, the government will. If it weren’t me doing this to them, it would be somebody worse. At least I give them hope.”

Perhaps Mike [GOT ANY MONEY]Murdock is right — In the end, perhaps we all truly pay the price for the games these men play while holding Bibles in their hands.

My Dear Christian People: In the case of Benny Hinn and those who employ the same scam presentations ,the answer to how they look upon their audiences should be simple to understand.

It’s no longer a simple matter of insulting their intelligence ;they already presume they’re totally lacking in intelligence or they wouldn’t be sitting in the audience or watching on television or hearing them over the radio.

What the dumbed down imbeciles who support vultures like Hinn fail to understand is that they are looked at as nothing but a laughing-stock ,fools to be made sport of, a large never-ending target for their mockery ,laughter and derision. And ,to be sure ,a huge resource to mined and stripped of any financial assets.

If you found yourself at any time looking at a Benny Hinn spectacle ,that’s exactly how they see you.



She Found the Grace To Forgive

Marte Tilton, the ex-wife of televangelist Robert Tilton, is candid about the pain she walked through after her 1993 divorce. PLUS: Rosey Grier, Dennis Bennett, John Wimber

Marte Tilton’s troubles began in November 1991 when PrimeTime Live aired an investigative report that blasted her husband, televangelist Robert Tilton, and his Word of Faith World Outreach Center in Dallas. She had poured 18 years of her life into the church, serving as general manager of the enormous organization.

Her husband was one of TV journalist Diane Sawyer’s prime targets. The PrimeTime segment focused on the estimated $80 million a year Tilton’s ministry received in donations–and his organization’s methods of raising it.

For the next two years Marte stood by her man, fighting legal battles and facing unwanted media attention. Then in August 1993, Robert filed for divorce. It was finalized the following October, and three months later he married charismatic minister Leigh Valentine–who became an associate minister at Word of Faith.

Meanwhile Marte began her search for a church that would welcome her. Rather than leaving Dallas to get a fresh start, she stayed put and learned to handle each obstacle as it came her way.

What she learned in that process has become a book, The Only Way Out Is Through (Creation House). Its key themes include forgiveness and redemption.

In 1995, after dealing with some deep emotions, Marte had a personal “burial” service in front of Word of Faith’s sanctuary when nobody was around. She wrote on a note card the emotions she was struggling with, such as disappointment and cynicism, and prayed that God would help her forgive those who had betrayed her.

“I read that card, and cried and wept,” she told Charisma. But after burying the card she received a fresh revelation: The church was God’s vineyard because He had built the house. Nobody else could claim ownership of it.

Marte says that within the last year her former husband has apologized to her and their four children “to the degree that he can.” Two sons, Marc, 17, and Matt, 14, live in the Dallas area with Marte, who now works for the Christian Men’s Network directed by Edwin Louis Cole. Her two other children, Amy, 30, and Jon, 27, live elsewhere. Marte also owns her own gift business.

While some people have ostracized her, Marte says three close friends have supported her since the beginning, especially during Word of Faith’s numerous legal battles. As of March 1999, 11 lawsuits had been finalized. One was settled out of court, and the ministry claimed victory for the 10 other cases that involved various parties ranging from the church to Marte and Robert individually.

Following their investigations, the Internal Revenue Service, FBI and U.S. Postal Service found nothing wrong with Word of Faith’s practices or procedures. Word of Faith World Outreach Center also won the right to protect its church members’ records in a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Today the church meets in a different building with a Sunday morning attendance of approximately 150, according to a church spokesperson.

While Marte says PrimeTime Live’s accusations were not true, she believes God used the exposé to give her ex-husband an opportunity to “get it together.”

“All of the stuff they reported didn’t even relate to what needed to be exposed,” she says. “The media could never expose the cause. You don’t know what’s going on in the private lives of ministers.

“You can be at the top, and you can fall–it can happen to any preacher. If he doesn’t keep it together and isn’t on perfect watch, he can be seduced by things, women, his own desires. The devil is subtle. He comes in a very   credible way.”

Robert Tilton won a legal battle of his own in May 1997, a year and a half after filing for divorce from his second wife. The jury ruled that Valentine did not have a right to transfer millions in assets from Word of Faith to her own church. Further, the court found no evidence to support her claims that Robert had pushed her down a flight of stairs.

Today, Robert lives in the Miami area, where he has continued his television ministry.

Meanwhile, Marte has tried to keep out of the spotlight. She says she has come to realize that “ministry” ended up being a machine that drove her instead of her driving it. “I truly became a workaholic because there was so much to do,” she confesses.

Although many people expect her to deny the prosperity gospel taught by Word of Faith, Marty doesn’t discount the message. “I believe God’s Word is true, and if you serve and obey Him, honor His commands and put Him first in your life, then you will have prosperity,” she says.

Perhaps her definition of prosperity has changed, however. She believes prosperity is “having all your needs met and having enough to help other people. It is not a $1 million house or a Mercedes.”

In days gone by, the Tiltons were under fire for a lifestyle that included a 5,000-square-foot parsonage on a golf course in Dallas, a waterfront condo in Florida and a mansion in California, which PrimeTime valued at $4.5 million. Although the couple owned only the Florida condo, Marte said she addresses these extravagances in her book as an example for ministers not to follow.

Marte believes she is finally entering her “new land”–a land of promise. “I think I’m going to reap the land that God has for the rest of my life,” she says. “What I have to share isn’t a story about my ex-husband, but a story about how God will help you through tough times.”

Carol Chapman Stertzer lives in a Dallas suburb and works for a television ministry.

.(The Blaze/AP) — Televangelists Paul and Jan Crouch have faced plenty of mountains building their religious broadcast empire — among them allegations of a homosexual tryst and a prolonged battle with the Federal Communications Commission — but the most recent attack on the founders of Trinity Broadcasting Network comes from their own flesh and blood.

Their granddaughter, Brittany Koper, recently filed court papers that include allegations of $50 million in financial shenanigans at the world’s largest Christian broadcasting network. Her suit was followed by another from a Koper in-law, who detailed opulent spending at the network on items such as private jets, mansions in California, Tennessee and Florida and a $100,000 mobile home for Jan Crouch’s dogs.

The lawsuits came after Koper’s husband was accused by a debt collection company of embezzling more than $1 million from TBN. The debt collection company that filed the lawsuit later added the Crouches’ granddaughter and two of her in-laws as defendants.

Brittany Koper, center, with Janice and Paul Crouch
The outbreak of legal skirmish offers a rare window into the secretive world of the sprawling religious non-profit and exposes a family feud that could draw more outside scrutiny of TBN. Attorneys from both sides say they have contacted police and the Internal Revenue Service.

The Crouches founded TBN in 1973 and grew it into an international Christian empire that beams prosperity gospel programming — which promises that if the faithful sacrifice for their belief, God will reward them with material wealth — to every continent but Antarctica 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It has 78 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates and owns seven other networks, as well as its headquarters in Costa Mesa in Orange County, an estate outside Nashville called Trinity Music City, USA and the Holy Land Experience, a Christian amusement park in Orlando.

 The Crouches or the cockroaches of TBN ; are they insulting your intelligence or laughing themselves silly at your stupidity?

It’s not always an easy to call to make.

Robert Tilton
“Komo badde soto ha!” If Bob Larson is televangelism’s Dennis Rodman, then Robert Tilton is its Magic Johnson. Before his unfortunate 1991 dumpster-diving accident involving ABC’s Diane Sawyer, the tongues-wagging Tilton was THE definition of “over the top.” According to Trinity Foundation’s Rev. Ole Anthony, Tilton had ordered prayer requests sent to him thrown in the trash — before they were even read. And he ought to know: he dug some of them from the dumpster of Tilton’s Tulsa bank.
Tilton distinguished himself with his innovative response, which probably had the virtue of never having been tried. Adamantly denying PrimeTime Live’s accusations, he even went so far as to claim that the prayer requests were planted in the dumpster, and that he had prayed over them so hard that the ink on the requests had invaded his bloodstream, causing several small strokes. The treatment: plastic surgery to fix the bags under his eyes.
Was ROBERT TILTON trying to insult your intelligence or was he splashing you with your own stupidity ?

What about a clever joker like Joel Osteen?

Here’s how some view this effeminate little lying piece of horse manure.

“…Televangelist Joel Osteen is just another Jimmy Swaggart with plastic surgery and a Hollywood tan. He brings in $90,000,000 per year to his church, and I’m sure much of that money gets pocketed amongst him and a few dozen people in his inner-circle of fraud. And don’t forget how many millions he makes from selling his silly “motivational” books.

This charismatic con artist needs to be sent to federal prison  for  fraud, embezzlement, as well as a mile-long list of other financial crimes. I feel NO pity for anyone who is dumb enough to follow, and give money to this fool. Perceptive and informed people such as myself (and readers of this forum) can easily see through Joel Osteen’s fake smile, his fake personality, false promises, and stone cold greed.

I’d have to say that 99.99% or even 100% of ALL televangelists are frauds who are interested in nothing other than just making a lot of money. I have no idea how Joel Osteen has been able to get away with his racketeering empire for so many years. We can only hope that Joel is caught red-handed in a hotel room doing drugs and having sex with prostitutes, just like “man of god” Jimmy Swaggart.

Joel Osteen and his family are easily worth over $100,000,000 in ill-earned wealth. And like most wealthy criminals, he’s living the high life off of scamming thousands of stupid and gullible people out of their pensions and life savings. Joel Osteen is a pathological megalomaniac who belongs in a federal prison cell for a VERY LONG time!”…

Given the huge amounts of cash these vultures dig out of the hides of America’s stupidest ,the line between insulting your intelligence and simply using you for a pinata can easily blend according to the situation.

Dear Christian People : The numbers of professional religion hustlers are beyond any one person’s ability to classify or to review to the end of providing you the information which in the final analysis will convince you to never have anything to do with anyone in the pseudo-Christian media.

But finally, the one area that seems to never get fully mentioned no less scrutinized ,is the equally fraudulent and sordid enterprises on Christian  radio.

Here ,the line between a well planned and cunningly crafted scheme to defraud you is quite often blurred between trying to insult your intelligence and taking you for granted that you’re nothing but an imbecile fit for fraud ,made by god to be deceived and then finally to be used as the butt of some uncontrollable laughter.

Does that describe you ?

Does that best describe

how they are treating you ;those of you who are

members of the Fundamentalist/Evangelical/Baptist denominations of America?

 The same sad stories  one reads and hears about concerning the clever deceivers and first class swindlers in Televangelism also exist  in the world of Christian Radio Broadcasting.

The same story of money-grubbing deceit and crafty scamming permeates throughout this opaque world of glib and erudite sounding actors and playacting charlatans.


Have you ever listened to the REJOICE BROADCAST NETWORK [RBN] and those operating out of Milwaukee Ws. ? These two outfits ,joined together in a self-supporting ministry of lies ,are every bit as callous and deceptive as anything  one may find in Televangelism.

When you hear the highly paid performers of RBN make their pitch for money ,claiming to be wholly listener supported ;are they insulting your intelligence? Or are they taking you for fools?

When you hear some of their featurette programming they amuse you with ,such as the “Answer in Genesis” segment,are they pulling the wool over your eyes ;or do they truly think you’re stupid enough to believe the literal account of creation ,presented in Genesis?

When these deliberately deceptive con artists tell you that believing in a six-day creation account and that the female of the human species was formed out of Adam’s rib ;are they having good sport ;or do they really believe that this clever deceptive pitch will help you to understand the Scientific basis  of our Christian Faith . Do they think you are that incredibly stupid? They must, or they wouldn’t be hitting you in face with this clever scam everyday.

 When you hear the smart sounding and quick-witted religion  racketeers over at REJOICE RADIO ,out of Pensacola ,describing how their ministry has saved souls and has helped to further the cause of Christ ,do you think they are  telling you this because they believe this;or could it be that they are trying to gain your confidence hoping it will lead you to send them a check?

The doubts begin to clear as soon as  one sees Craig Mattson, Caleb Keener and Rhonda Autry,the celebrity clowns of RBN, taking off in their expensive cars and heading out to their beach homes.

What kind of ministry ,allows anyone to become filthy rich,scamming the stupid and gullible?

And this is exactly what Craig Mattson and Caleb Keener and the singing star of RBN have been doing over the decades.

Craig sold his soul to the devil when he decided to use his talents and liberal arts education in the service of becoming super rich.And this he has managed to do very well.

The same can be said of all the other con artists working their clever playacting games and hustling the stupid in the Pensacola and surrounding areas of Pensacola.

Whenever you hear Craig make his convincing presentation  of his sincerity , remember this bastard is worth millions ,and he’s made every penny of it by convincing others to support  him. What Christian is there who would be O.K. with doing something so devilish.

Then again, the plan is for the listeners to ignore all the other financial and moral depravity that goes  on in the studios of RBN.  Keep the phony sentimentality going full-bore and the listeners may well fail to ask;why the constant need of money when Beka Horton and Abeka books publishing   along with  Pensacola Christian College are immensely wealthy entities;too rich to even imagine.

The biggest lie these vultures at RBN tell, is that they are a listener supported outfit , in desperate need of your money ,just to be able to stay on the air.

What these jokers have put together for their mutual benefit is not a Christian ministry, or anything even remotely resembling one. RBN is in fact a financial   institution operating as a non  – profit  , making money hand over fist , and  enjoying all the privileges of a  Christian Faith based operation allowing them to collect all the cash their greedy hands can grab. And this ,from out of the  hides of those who can least afford to donate.


Next time ,Craig comes on the air ,think long and hard about what this vultures is up to. And keep it in mind , during his false and fraudulent  soliloquies he loves to use ,as his modus  operandi . This is how Craig and Rhonda , And Jimmy boy , with Caleb and all the others have become so incredibly wealthy;all at your expense.

Did they insult your intelligence or did they just take you for the ignoramus they  knew you were ,even while you were still in the womb,

When you hear the totally deceptive and misleading political and pseudo-Christian diatribes from the mouths of the two co hosts of  Crosstalk America ,the call in talk show produced by VCY AMERICA ;and when they tell you that Islam is a bandit religion because they don’t believe that their God [Allah] ever had a son  ,but remain strangely silent to the fact that  the jews as well ,do not believe that god ever had a son;that should tell you who runs  the programming you’re listening to.

That should tell you who they are  beholden  to ,and why you should never support any of the traitors and filthy lying scumbags operating their  pseudo political Christian con job ,out of Milwaukee Ws.

When you hear these lying bastards portraying themselves as a tape and CD and book selling ministry ,are they insulting your intelligence or do they know just how stupid you are and in fact have no intelligence to insult? I know it’s a hard call.

This is the main question to ask whenever you listen to anything from the Institute for creation research. or from the lying twisted lips of Ken Ham or any of the lunatics claiming to be true Christians from the middle east like Walid Shoebat or Daktok schmuck face.   These jokers spill out their hatred for anyone who refuses to buy their books or believe their incredibly stupid ideas about religion in general.

In fact ,anything that emanates out of RBN or VCY AMERICA any day of the week ,always ask: are they trying to insult my intelligence ? or are they convinced they have no need to.


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