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The Truth About VCY AMERICA : The Ultimate Betrayal of Jesus Christ.

June 26, 2014

My Fellow Christians : If I had to choose a word   that  best describes  the dire situation in which the  Christian community finds itself ,the word would be ,betrayal. If I had to give a title which best describes the root cause of our present day  affliction ,  it would be called   :”treason in our time”. Throughout Scripture, treason and betrayal  are recurring events; from Lucifer rebelling against the Almighty , all the way to the  betrayal of Jesus in the garden by Judas Iscariot.

Treason,betrayal loom large in Christian cosmology. But it doesn’t end in the Garden of Gethsemane ,it continues down to the present day.   Merely substitute the person of Jesus with the spiritual Body of Christ [the community of believers]and all those in the role of deceiving judases can include the Christian Broadcasters ,the Televangelists , the pastors and preachers of each and every denomination in America. And that’s how it plays out.

The VCY AMERICA broadcast network ,is a popular radio and television enterprise that has been basically deceiving and betraying the Christian Community in America for many decades. Why it is, that Christians have failed to understand the clever acts of deception the owners and operators of VCY have been able to get away with, is simply a matter of the cunning cleverness involved in deceiving and tricking people, who are inwardly gullible and unsuspecting by nature. And so the vultures at the helm of this corrupt and criminal minded Christian media network have had an easy time of it. Now ,they say that you can tell a lot about someone by the company he keeps ;and here one can gain some insight to the false and fraudulent workings of this massively harmful and traitorous operation ; known over a hundred or so radio stations as the VCY AMERICA Net. and their flagship talk show program called; Crosstalk.

Let’s take a glance at some of Vic Eliason’s friends and honored guests often appearing on the Crosstalk America program.  David Rubin represents the very antithesis of decency ,and basic human morality ; but serves  the cause of deceit and betrayal within the Christian Faith Community by simply  appearing  as an invited guest on Vic Eliason’s concentrated solution of lies ,he calls crosstalk.   David Rubin from Shiloh Israel. Upheaval in the Middle East Posted on June 16th, 2014  Crosstalk Home Sh Air Date: June 16, 2014 Host: Vic Eliason Guest: David Rubin David Rubin is the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel. He is the Founder and President of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund dedicated to healing the trauma of children who have been victims of terrorist attacks and is the author of several books including, ‘Peace for Peace: Israel in the New Middle East’ and ‘The Islamic Tsunami: Israel and America in the Age of Obama’.

The truth about Dave goes back to his early years living in Brooklyn ,New York ,where growing up as a teenager  he would often encounter anti-semitic rhetoric and even acts of petty violence directed at himself,and by extension the Jewish community at large. At some point, the frustrations building up within his psyche ,and the lack of recourse  to his personal dilemma ,would eventually lead him to walk away from his Brooklyn community and the  4th. floor  apartment  he shared with other family members   ;and to begin life anew in the only  place where he knew that his Jewishness would not be seen as a liability. And the obvious location was Israel.

Sadly ,the story doesn’t end with Dave’s departure ,notwithstanding his dual citizenship status ;Dave had personal demons he had to exorcise . Arising from the years he endured the overt ,and often  the more subtle racist anti-Semitism in Brooklyn  ,he soon found the only release from these demons was to give vent to the pent-up hostility  ,he harbored within his dark black soul. And Israel afforded him the ideal opportunity to do just that. Rubin quickly learned how to use an assault rifle ,and he  prided  himself in its correct  usage  ; always checked the safety before and after practice ,he became a good marksman.

But that  was  not enough for Dave. Simply living among his own religionists provided him little in the way of psychic  benefits ,not  enough to assuage his feelings of personal hurt , despair and nagging feelings of inferiority.  And so, to give Dave some sense of self-worth ,he did what many thousands of ex-pats living in Israel have done over the years ,since the ad hoc annexation of the West Bank; and that was to become a Jewish settler. Settler status gave Rubin exactly what he was looking for ,from  the very moment he arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport .   This was what he  wanted desperately. This is what he had been yearning for ;something to relieve the years of hostility and learning how  to keep quiet in the face of anti-Semitism.

The West Bank provided Dave with the environment conducive to the release of  anxiety and depression that plagues many young Jews looking for life’s fulfilment. And so ,the helpless indigenous Palestinian farmers and olive pickers were to Dave ,something of a role reversal. Now ,it would be the Arabs feeling the pain of persecution. They would represent   Dave’s very image of open wounds   ,his very alter ego ….: the helpless and hopeless Jew ,living in Brooklyn, subjected to punching ,spitting and name calling by Blacks and half crazed and drunken Irish Guys.   And  he would make the Arabs pay dearly .

The first thing Dave did was to join with other settlers and plan the mass eviction of Arab families from their ancestral homes. He did this with special glee and relish. For Dave, it was orgasmic in  the primal sense ; he had the gun;he had power to inflict wounds that would correspond to those inflicted on him as a teenager. Those Arabs refusing his orders found themselves kicked , punched in the face and even spat at. And Dave experienced something that had been lacking all those years that  he had to endure being called kike , Yid and often slapped around by guys bigger and tougher than himself. Dave  was  good , I mean real good in laying down Jewish law on a hapless and dazed population, not knowing where to turn or to whom; but only quietly whispering ;’our day will come,our day will come Allah be praised ,our day will soon come”

And Dave laughed himself sick at the cries of desperation from the mouths of small Arab children ;only being held back from shooting them at point blank range by those in the settler movement  having cooler heads.  But Dave’s zeal did not go unnoticed and for his dedication to the cause of runaway Zionism he was rewarded according to his deeds. He got free land , a nice home  at government subsidy …  A subsidy whose provenance could be traced  to the U.S. Treasury . And so it came to pass that Dave Rubin was destined to become a regular invited guest on Vic Eliason’s show ,he calls : crosstalk. And does Dave ever fit in with the cast of characters who show up daily on this concentrated solution of lies, deceit and cunningly devised acts of treason, perpetrated on a totally mindless population of Evangelical imbeciles.

And that’s what makes Vic the great success he’s   been for the past 50 years; his ability to present betrayal,fraud and smooth sounding blasphemy into the brains of America’s massive unwashed community of confused Christian go alongs ,and to make them believe  they are the better for it. Sure they are! Vic is a good salesman . With Vic ,Dave doesn’t have to concern himself with being asked too many impertinent questions  ,that he often fears he might get asked . And for this reason , he often refuses invitations from      other less sensitive radio operations . Questions dealing with his own personal  views about the founder of the Christian Faith for example.   No, Dave would rather not deal with such questions. Dave would rather not have to explain to a Christian listening audience why Jews believe that The Great Nazarene was a delusional ,make-believe  messiah ,who never told the truth about  anything. Yes, Dave would much rather push the sale of his books and his scam charity drives ;and Vic Eliason and Jim Schneider couldn’t be more eager to assist .

Dave’s appearance on the crosstalk  program falls in line with everything else that goes on at the VCY AMERICA network. It’s all a grand scale sham ,designed to trick and deceive the gullible  audience into sending donations for poorly written books , or for other material of a dubious nature. And this Vic and Jim Schneider do on a daily basis to enrich themselves greatly at the expense of those too timid or too poorly educated to know exactly  how Vic and the boys pull it off. This of course is not only major fraud on the people’s airwaves but is an assault on the very body of Christ . Vic is no Christian ,but is pretending to be, to better gain the confidence of his easy to fool audience. I mean ,he has to go through the motions ;he has to keep repeating the same two or three verses he uses whenever he has to polish up his image to all the half-educated jerks ,that make up the majority of his listenership.

And so ,Dave Rubin and others like him ,such as: Walid Shoebat , Usama Daktok ,and other flamethrowers keep the audience tuned in and waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the idiots who believe  Vic and trust this lying bastard  ,this makes it all worthwhile; hearing Vic take on someone who can’t defend himself . He provides something of a  vicarious sadistic pleasure  to all the stay at  home crowd ,desperate  to hear the nitty-gritty gospel.

If Vic were a Christian don’t you think he would’ve attempted to reveal the saving gospel of Christ to that poor self  consuming Jew by the  name of Dave Rubin when he makes an appearance on his crosstalk program?   Would any true Christian pretending to be running a ministry fail to reconcile his differences with a family member ;and by so doing fulfil the law of Christ which commands us to: “Love thy Neighbor as thyself”  Why hasn’t Vic Eliason reconciled with his daughter Mrs. Ingrid Schleuter and her husband Tom over their business differences. And why hasn’t  Vic attempted to befriend his granddaughter Emily? Vic is no Christian,but he is a Judas ,and he is a betrayer of the Gospel and he does promote   those who blaspheme and mock the Lord Jesus. Everything this lying bastard does ,is nothing but an evil attempt to use the cloak of Christian ministry to rob  his audience blind

.  And those who believe and trust Vic Eliason and his equally corrupted co-host Jim Schneider will answer before the Lord for the misguided support they lend to these two sons of bitches. King James Bible Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Is this what Vic Eliason presents to the listeners of crosstalk programming? All he presents to you is all the filth and lies ,and hatred for those who cannot defend themselves ;on top of all the same blood-letting one hears on the six o’clock news. But even more so. With Vic ,you hear details of botched abortions , mass murders , killing innocents ,executions and every form of degeneracy known to the evil mind of man. And Vic relishes it all;knowing his coffers will soon fill up with what he truly loves : expansion of his radio station empire and his ever fattening bank account. And all at the  expense of America’s stupidest.

Vic is a true Judas Iscariot and he will face judgement day and be rewarded according to the evil works he performed in the present life. Don’t be fooled by this scum sucking-pig!   Dr. Hindson of Biblical Studies at Liberty University.He’s authored a number of books including: Global Warning, Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics and the Zondervan King James Bible Commentary.Dr. Hindson is also a Bible prophecy speaker and host of the King is Coming telecast. Dr. Hindson was the speaker at a VCY Rally in October of 2009 and this broadcast features portions of his presentation. Dr. Hindson describes how Bible prophecy is not written to scare us, but to prepare us; so that we will be ready when the Lord returns.It’s not written to frighten us, but to invite us to give our lives to Christ while there’s time and hope.

His first main point of emphasis was on the idea that time is running out for the world.He pointed to a recent gathering of world leaders; a gathering designed to bring about solutions to the problems of the world.

The problems, however, still remain. From there Dr. Hindson goes to the Word of God, laying more groundwork for the importance of prophecy.He looks at the 16th chapter of Matthew and explains how Jesus challenged the Pharisees and Sadducees who had missed all 109 of the first prophecies concerning his first coming.He then contrasts that text with Luke 21 which describes the signs of the second coming; signs that challenge us as believers today to be ready. In light of all this he warns how we should watch out for false predictions as he cites numerous examples from the last century.Even today he describes how the New Agers have a prediction, supposedly based upon the Mayan calendar, that on December 21, 2012, the world will either end or we will have the dawning of a great new age. Dr. Hindson believes we are close to the end of the age.Here are several points he uses to defend his position: –Israel must be back in their Promised Land.They have been for 60 years. –Tension in the Middle East; particularly against Israel. –The failures of worldwide peace attempts. —

The threat of nuclear weapons. To understand Hindson,all one need do is look at the above points he makes in his totally fallacious bible prophecy scam operation. It’s all about Israel and all about the Jewish claim to real estate that doesn’t belong to them. It’s all about justifying the Zionist control over the Arabs ,who I guess he thinks have no reason to exist in their ancestral homeland: Palestine. After hearing this lying sack of human filth trying to impress the half-educated roobs who are faithful listeners to the VCY AMERICA produced  crosstalk call in program   ,I noticed the one phrase that kept repeating again and again was the steady mantra of:    “end times , left behind , end of the age” ;all phrases designed to instil a sense  of  urgency in the hearer. And as icing on the cake , are keenly reminiscent of the highly financially rewarding :”LEFT BEHIND SERIES” of mass delusion and contrived and deliberate fraud with criminal intent ;which made millions for some very unscrupulous grade B authors.

And again ,Vic Eliason throws this garbage out to the numbskulls as red meat for their quick  consumption ,hoping to make a nice commission off the sales of  this  moronic ,and trite pseudo-religious literature. Hindson is nothing but a skilled con artist and naturally gravitates to where other cheats and swindlers make their nests.  VCY  america is the perfect place for a gathering of clever frauds pushing every stupid idea coming down the pike. For true Christians ,this is just another example of treason and betrayal . Instead of 30 pieces of silver the judases at VCY AMERICA collect royalties ,kickbacks and rip off commissions based on huge mark ups.

Dr. Hindson’s phony baloney nonsense will more than likely wind up in the waiting room of your local barbershop ;donated by someone stupid enough to have actually  paid money for it.   Yes, Dr. Hudson is another Judas ,selling the Christian community of America down the river ;down the river to those who still bear the stain of blood on their hands: the murderers of Jesus Christ.  To do this theme justice , one cannot exclude from the category of treason and betrayal ;the venerable REJOICE RADIO .ORG operation from Pensacola. These vultures are up to their  necks in fraud and wholesale deceptions. They in fact are responsible for the free time alloted to VCY AMERICA;enough time to produce the crosstalk swindle. Can these folks be Christians… Are all the clever swindlers operating their musical game of scriptural charades really Christians? I don’t think so. How can any ministry tell the bald-faced lies you hear from out the  mouths of their celebrity staff in the studios of RBN? How can anyone ,with any sense of Christian decency continue to receive the bloated salaries that Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz  , Dr.  Joel   Mullinex , Rhonda Autry and the big momma of the swindle Mrs. Beka Horton receive  faithfully ;and claim it’s all a labor of Christian ministry and a concern for the Gospel. All these vultures are doing ,is using the Christian motif as a way of hustling the naive and credulous out of their  hard  cash. . It’s really that easy!  Craig Mattson, and Dr. Joel ,Caleb Keener  ,aka as the white pimp of the  South   live like royalty . Rhonda Autry is one of the wealthiest women in the state of Florida. These vultures earn huge amounts of money from royalties and the sale of books . Beka  Horton  is one of the wealthiest  mommas in America. She runs one of the biggest  book publishing firms in the country. And Craig lives like a king while all the gullible dupes listening to his proverbs reading fall for his line daily. Craig is a liar  ,he’s no Christian ,but earns his pay by lying to the audience listening to his clever readings and witty clichés.  How can anyone call themselves a Christian when they live off the stupidity of others? How can any organization call themselves a ministry when the  only ones they take care of are themselves? And not others. Dr. Mullinex is extremely wealthy and this parasite has never done an honest day’s work in his pampered life . And yet he makes a huge amount of cash working his  pseudo-Christian scam over at Pensacola Christian college which also fronts for the broadcasting of REJOICE RADIO. And when has anyone ever seen Dr. Joel open his wallet and give a few bucks to a poor homeless person living in the Pensacola area or anywhere in the world for that matter? The Answer is never! Sometimes it’s more important to feed someone than to invite him to listen to :”Amazing Grace” And for this reason Craig Mattson and Joel and the entire gang of cheating lying frauds over at RBN  are traitors and backstabbing Judas Iscariots. All ,selling the Body of Christ to the murderous pharisees salivating for a chance to  murder the Savior. Next time these filthy lying scumbags come on the air and ask for your financial support ,call them and tell them all to go to HELL! This has been your GOOD news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS. Til next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS to you.

My Christian People: The ancient church of Laodicea is often mentioned in the sermons and bible study formats throughout the  Evangelical community. And has often been mentioned in a very negative light. Apparently ,according to scripture, this church community had become aloof and indifferent to  its earlier calling to follow the Gospel       fervently  ,and certainly  in a more determined manner.

15 I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! 16 So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.  ….

The keyword here is  lukewarm. .But what  many of our geniuses  fail   to consider is that lukewarm is still warm.   And compared to what exists today in the Christian community and within its myriad number of conflicting denominations ,lukewarm may well be thought of as fervently  hot in comparison with what today passes for the Lord’s Holy Church.

..Today, we not only have a disjointed community of self righteous frauds but one that’s top heavy with a host of greedy ,money grubbing pseudo Christian hustlers ,trying to find a brand new  scam to inflict upon a naïve and credulous bunch of imbeciles ,eager to fall in line with any glib sounding con artist presenting a new pitch and offering a chance to join in on the fun.

Yes, it’s true ,all the morons attending the big box mega church auditoriums, each and every Sunday , claim they have fun .And that’s how scumbags like Pastor Joel Osteen ,Benny Hinn, and the dysfunctional Crouch family ,just to mention a few, make the big bucks. They provide a phony baloney pseudo Christian church experience that keeps them coming back and depositing their donation envelops stuffed with cash or checks or both. What a SCAM!

To put it in few words ,  if all of these filthy lying bastards put together  ,and they number in the many thousands ,had  even  the  slimmest and slightest  beneficial effect on society would the Christian Faith in America be facing the challenges it  currently  finds itself  having to deal with ,alone and  without an intelligent remedy or     recourse? The answer is clearly not!

The simple truth is that we are faced with a horde of clever tricksters exploiting the less astute members of the Christian community for financial gain and nothing more. And what obviously must follow is that until and unless there is a concerted effort to put these vultures out of business ,nothing will ever change. If nothing changes in America ,then the Church of Laodicea must be viewed as a church to be envied in light of their lukewarm condition. Today’s church can only hope to be lukewarm, in  contrast to  its true  moribund condition, hovering at about room temperature. .





Janice Crouch

Janice Crouch is one of the original founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. She decided to follow in the footsteps of her father who is a preacher and her network has become the biggest Christian T.V. networks in the U.S. She is currently the president of the Holy Land Experience Park in Florida with a fortune of about 50 million dollars.

My Fellow Christians: Do you ever wonder where the money you donate to your favorite Christian Radio Broadcasters winds up ?

Do you ever wonder how these scam artists become so rich? I guess you could say they invest your money in real estate. Their own property and it’s your cash they use to invest with.. .. And here you have a  glance at what this property looks like!

Jack Van Impe has a TV series called Jack Van Impe Presents that is nationally and internationally syndicated. His industry is said to be worth nearly 12 million dollars. Here his residence can be seen along a line of very large mansions. This particular religious leader also believes and shares with his followers that black holes are actually entrances to Hell. You can’t make this stuff up!

Does this make you feel that you have entrusted your cash with a godly steward who will further the Kingdom of God or simply laugh himself sick at your own abject stupidity?

In fewer words ,  today’s ridiculous and   lunacy filled church can’t even hold a candle to the Church of Laodicea.. 

Whereas the Church at Laodicea was apparently a wealthy institution there’s nothing to indicate that their wealth was ripped off from the poor and the stupid . That’s not the case with the church of the here and now. Today all pseudo Christian institutions engage in fraud and deception designed to swindle the less astute and those barely able to survive.  

All of today’s pseudo Christian institutions and cultural community venues are demonic in nature . This includes the broad spectrum of mega churches as well as Christian radio  tricksters and fraudulent gospel music hustlers.

The particular danger found in Christian broadcasting is not only of  its  grave moral dimension , consistent with the large mega church organizations, but also due to its ability to broadcast to a much larger audience via the airwaves and on the internet . This is why all true believers must take special note of this evil operating in broadcasting  and coming within the very homes and computers and moving vehicles.

And because of the clear danger inherent in these enterprises ,they must be acceptable to those demon possessed individuals in control of the broader mass media industry :the very murderers of the Lord Jesus ..

These folks have the blood of Christ on them which will result in their spending an eternity in the Black flames of hell….’Let His blood be upon us and upon our children”

Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur started off as a model in college and then moved on to nursing school. A series of bad relationships and life choices led her to end up finding salvation in Christianity. Since then she has married a new man and began her life as a religious leader earning herself a 4 million dollar fortune.

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen has an internationally syndicated television series. Seems to be the way that most of these religious leaders earn their wealth. Osteen is also a New York Times best-selling author. His career in religion has earned him a massive fortune of over 40 million dollars.

My Christian People: Some of the most gifted and accomplished broadcast swindlers you can ever hope to find on the radio dial ,broadcast to you from the  Rejoice Radio .org studios located in their sham college [ Pensacola Christian College] : known in recent years to be a major center of  homosexual activity ,located on the sunny  Florida Gulf Coast ,known as the Gay Riviera!

The  staff of this money-making  outfit have engaged the services of a highly talented coterie of cheap sleazy jokers and con artists ,rom various walks of life, to present to you a day long presentation of Christian musical sentimentality to better swindle and cheat  you out of your cash. .. Please be advised!   ..These filthy lying scumbags are robbing their listeners blind, and are getting away with it, because they have the backing of the Jewish world plague on humanity . In other words they work together hand in glove to not only steal from you but to help these diabolical monstrosities destroy what little remains of the True Christian Faith. And the method yielding the greatest results has been to use the Christian community as a battering ram against itself.

When you listen to Rejoice Radio ,you are hearing a gang of cheap extortionists lying to you and  deceiving  you daily. This is no mean feat but takes a clever coordination of talent and effort. This is why they employ a group of filthy   degenerates  like Mr. Gay [Craig] Mattson ,Rhonda Autry and the constantly lamenting and lying Dr. Jimmy  Mintz!

All of these jokers combined  ,including the administrative  staff of PCC. are nothing but the very scum of humanity ;whose only goal is to enrich themselves at your expense.

This is all they care about. The big beautiful homes you may have seen ,belonging to well know religious scam artists ,are exactly the same as those owned by Gay [Craig]  Mattson  and all the other clever and  gifted jokers and con-men. Believe me, the only thing these scumbags  want is your money and for this ,they will do whatever it takes to part you from your wealth.

To do this effectively and seamlessly they must first dumb down the audience ,and so comes the need to find fellow travelers in the sordid world of religion swindle. This is why they hire another gang of  cheap sleazy swindlers over at VCY AMERICA. Here ,in the name of promoting a so-called ministry ,they  fully engage in presenting to their stupid and gullible audience, one abomination after another. Anything goes with these bastards operating the CROSS  TALK radio call in program ,operating out of the VCY AMERICA studios in Milwaukee. You name it they bring to you: whether it’s a step by step outline of sickening and bloody botched abortions . Or  a detailed and nothing to the imagination blow-by-blow description and analysis of every sexual abomination known to afflict humanity.

And that’s just the tip of the sick and disgusting iceberg … Scumbags like the host of this  satanic Circus Mr. Jim Schneider called  “Cross Talk a bible based  radio ministry.” And this fails to mention the total and blind support these filthy lying carrion eaters extend to the Jewish world plague ,relishing with these monstrosities the sadistic and ritual  murder of Jesus Christ.

But wait ,there’s more. How can we neglect the planned deceptions heard daily by another gang of  mind  dumbing down  jackasses pitching their special kind of stupid ,called The Institute for Creation Research .  These could well be among the most dangerous elements in the phony baloney Christian Culture. Here ,these vultures entangle the  truly stupid into their web of ignorance. I doubt whether they believe in a six-day creation or a Noah’s Ark encounter but they want you to accept these bible stories as geologically and anthropologically correct.   What these jokers do is to entrap the gullible ,mainly among the senile senior class ,telling them they have a superior understanding of scripture and to be able to continue this much-needed work ,well How about leaving us your cash and property in your will . It’s an old trick friends ,Don’t any of you fall for any of these bald face lies you hear on phony  Christian radio.
King James Bible
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.  ..

This verse of scripture puts the lie to all of these lying  bastards hustling you everyday on the air ,by nauseating you with every abomination their corrupted minds can come up with and the same time ,they tell you that they uphold the literal biblical text. And that they can easily understand it as well. When you listen to all the garbage on VCY AMERICA do you really believe they  are in conformity with the above verse of scripture. Are you that stupid that you can’t understand what all of these lying scumbags are doing to you so as to enrich themselves at your expense.


Altogether , the entire phony baloney Christian community in America  would not be able to form a “SLICE OF LAODICEA”  ;not even the  crust .

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