The Horrific Image seen below not only represents the guiding principles fomenting the JEWISH WORLD PLAGUE ,but is the very image of the JEW himself.

This is the Jew when he’s not wearing his human disguise. This is the face of the Jew, when momentarily his humanitarian mask slips off his face ,and when the world can see him as he truly is : the diabolical JEW :the sadistic blood thirsty Jew : the perversion peddling Jew : the conniving media controlling Jew :the swindling stock market Jew , who robs honest humanity out of their wages ,their savings ,and their futures.

This is the face of the entertainment industry Jew ;who splashes his filth in the faces of all those whom he seeks to pervert ,by pushing pornography onto the Christian Culture of America.
His powers ,while formidable can be easily broken,once the people understand the tactics and strategy that he employs to gain his position of prominence ,within society ,and all of its institutions.
For here ,the Jew has no equal ;penetrating all aspects of cultural life until they are rendered powerless ,and can fall easily into his clawed grip. He quietly subverts the legal system ,pretending to be the voice of the down trodden and persecuted. And so he gains access to the court system and by bribery and blackmail he enlists as many of the cowardly representatives of the people, to support his pretentious circus act ,hoping to be seen as a great humanitarian and lover of all those seeking justice.

In fact, one of the best   strategies he’s learned to use   in the past, has been to pretend that he is simply the world’s only  eternally persecuted religious minority ;and so he takes control of every sham civil rights movement on earth. And thereby
enabling him to threaten and intimidate all legal governments into bending to his perverse will. The means by which he uses to threaten all who stand in his way, are the twin instruments of evil and eternal misery : Extortion and Blackmail.

The church ,being the one institution that in the past could see him for what he was, has also fallen under the evil spell of the Jewish world plague. And now the Jew embolden by the knowledge that he has deceived the very highest echelons of Christian authority ,slowly draws them into his web of corruption ,sucking out of their souls, the last drop of moral integrity.
The final result in times past ,as well as in the present ,has been the annihilation of entire nations,and now those in America ,deceived by these Apostles of Satan are left bewildered by the poisonous effects of these international maggots . Not knowing whom to blame ,not knowing what course to take , or from  which direction   the poison    slowly seeps  into the veins of the Christian Community. .

These ,mostly Evangelical roobs ,content themselves in believing they are going through a Scriptural period referred to as TRIBULATION, and resign themselves into inaction. All the while the cunning Jew chuckles up his sleeve,knowing full well his poison has taken effect.
And this is his demonic goal and purpose: to subvert and finally destroy all that is decent and sacred ;and given his meager numbers in the overall population ,he must employ the less astute among the Gentile Peoples , to become his willing accomplices . And his powers of persuasion are great.
And then again ,given the general criminality that exists in society ,all it takes is to invite the charlatans and parasitic elements already established within Christian institutions, to share in the enterprise of deception ,degradation of morality , treason ,theft ,and national subversion.
This he easily does with gifts and free license to share the airwaves with all his other willing servants in the broadcast media .

Those most eager to serve the interests of these international blood poisoners can be found in the churches of all denominations and creeds . And knowing as he does the power of the media ,he pushes further to make sure that this vital element remains under his powerful grip.
We see this everyday, when Christians turn their radios on and listen to the deceptions ,inspired by the very servants of satan himself . The wealthy Christian Radio Broadcasters ; especially the REJOICE RADIO enterprise ,produced in the studios of Pensacola Christian college and operates under the auspices of THE REJOICE BROADCAST Network[RBN]
Their partners in deception is the equally criminal minded enterprise called
CROSSTALK AMERICA . This gang specializes in a lot of corn-ball political banter ,designed to excite the imbeciles in the Evangelical Faith Community.
The roobs listening love the hate filled discourse, and the mean-spirited declarations demeaning all those who stand in their way.

And the criminal gang that runs CROSSTALK AMERICA are good at what they do. –
The Crosstalk gang and those who support them with free airtime[rejoice radio] relish the murders of innocent Palestinians and their small  children. They support the fiendish killers of small children. Vic Eliason lends his total support to the cruel murders of small children .. May he burn in the black flames of eternity for his perversions. 


May he burn for eternity for his betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ; may he receive his just reward.

Do you honestly think your government represents you? Once they arrive in Congress your representatives are immediately welcomed by an army of AIPAC minions to brainwash them and let them know not to ever cross Israel and always vote for anything AIPAC sends. Most of the Legislative Staff in Congress is Jewish. Do you ever wonder why our Congress cuts meals to our children while sending billions to Israel with overwhelming bipartisan support? Look up the Congressional votes on resolutions supportive of Israel. It’s a shocking embarrassment.

Do you think you have freedom of religion? Who do you think is behind the push that you, yes you Christians, can’t celebrate Christmas, not even mentioning it by name instead having to use “holiday”? Who’s against school prayers, no displays of Nativity Scene, no courses on world religions, and no school prayers?
It’s not the Muslims.
Many Israeli TV Shows mock and use blasphemous remarks against Jesus and the Virgin Mary, yet not ONE Single Christian church, seminary, university, media outlet, organization, or person has ever gone on TV or wrote an Op-ed to a paper condemning our “closest  ally ” for this filth.

For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God (Romans 2:28-29).

Unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish World Plague; the Jewish World Plague will rid the world of Humanity.