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Be Careful What You Pray For .[ The Role of Prayer in World War II ]… You may get what you pray for in Spades.

August 25, 2014
The Role of Prayer in World War II.
Taken from “Rees Howells: Intercessor”Chapter 34:Intercession for Dunkirk.During the four years previous to the outbreak of World War II, as we have already seen, the Lord was changing the burden on Mr. Howells from local concerns, centering on the development of the College, to national and international affairs. As he said, “The world became our parish and we were led to be responsible to intercede for countries and nations.” [Interesting how those who believe they bear the burdens of the world on their shoulders ,and feel called by God to intercede in the affairs of other nations ,never seem to take into account the tremendous suffering their concerns cause in the lives of the ordinary people living in these lands.]We have also seen how the Lord was preparing in the company at the College a special instrument of intercession for the coming world crisis.It was in March, 1936, that Mr. Howells began to see  clearly that Hitler was Satan’s agent for preventing the gospel going to every creature. As he said later, “In fighting Hitler we have always said that we were not up against man, but the devil. Mussolini is a man, but Hitler is different.”[Yes, Hitler was different from most politicians ,especially those of today who cater to and promote the atheistic agenda ,which has gone so far as forbidding chaplains to mention the name of the Great Nazarene to servicemen under their charge.]From Hitler’s Christianity  @Nobeliefs.:..”Although Hitler did not practice religion in a churchly sense, he certainly believed in the Bible’s God. Raised as Catholic he went to a monastery school and, interestingly, walked everyday past a stone arch which was carved the monastery’s coat of arms which included a swastika. As a young boy, Hitler’s most ardent goal was to become a priest. Much of his philosophy came from the Bible, and more influentially, from the Christian Social movement.(The German Christian Social movement, remarkably, resembles the Christian Right movement in America today.) Many have questioned Hitler’s stand on Christianity. Although he fought against certain Catholic priests who opposed him for political reasons, his belief in God and country never left him. Many Christians throughout history have opposed Christian priests for various reasons; this does not necessarily make one against one’s own Christian beliefs. Nor did the Vatican’s Pope & bishops ever disown him; in fact they blessed him! As evidence to his claimed Christianity, he said:

“My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God’s truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter.

[…I agree, Hitler was a different sort of Christian than what we see today.]

He can tell the day this ‘spirit’ came into him.” For several years Mr. Howells stressed the fact that God must destroy him, if the vision of the Gospel to every creature was to be fulfilled.

[..In the life of nations ,everyone desires that God  should intervene and settle national conflicts.  Unfortunately the battles arising from such conflicts are fought by the regular citizens of these countries and the  resulting costs in casualties and bloodshed     never accrue to the statesmen or to the academicians of the nation. And seldom if ever are felt by the pastors or any of the highly  regarded churchmen ,simply  providing solace for those   left behind  :the orphans and widows  .]

At first, he believed that God would prevent war altogether.

[..Wars which are started by man  can only be averted or prevented by man. The Almighty will not do for man what man can do for himself.]

We  ,which have seen how the College fought through on their knees during the Munich crisis and how they believed for peace.As the clouds over Europe grew darker, Mr. Howells still believed that God would intervene and prevent war. He stood to his prediction right up to the day of the declaration of war between Britain and Germany on September 3, 1939. Even then he was not moved. Although people said that the prediction was wrong, he thanked God he had made it.

[…Predictions for peace seldom come true if those who stand to benefit the most from wars and human carnage remain in political power and are allowed to determine the fate of nations. Those who gain the greatest are those who have invested the greatest in financial capital.And for them ,a long and costly war usually yields the greatest returns on capital. And this  is the best reason why short wars are for them   always less rewarding.]

again about making this prediction,” he said, “I would make it to-night, although it ‘has gone much farther than we thought it would. Hitler must be put out-of-the-way’, because if he isn’t, he will come up again in another two years. I want to know that the Holy Spirit is stronger than the devil in the Nazi system. This is the battle of the ages, and victory here means victory for millions of people.”

[ ... I’ve always found it interesting  how those who are quick to quote scripture never find the need to apply their brilliance to

the practical demands of the day.. It makes one wonder if Mr. Howells was  clairvoyant to know that Hitler would come back in another two years ..  Or  did he forget the Lord’s  admonishment to” Judge not ,lest ye be  judged” or the scripture advocating prayer for our political leaders. }

On the day of the declaration of war, he published the following statement: “The Lord has made known to us that He is going to destroy Hitler and the Nazi regime, that the world may know that it was God and God alone who has scattered the dictators. Three and a half years ago, the College prayed this prayer for weeks and months, and we firmly believe He will now answer it. He has isolated Germany so that He may get at this evil system, which is the Antichrist, and release Germany, the land of the Reformation. He will deal with the Nazis as He dealt with the Egyptian army in the time of Moses. God will cause Hitler to fall on the battlefield or by a mutiny or a great rising in Germany against the Nazis.”

 [It seems interesting how those who claim to know the mind of God fail to put into practice the Will of God which asks  that we put up the sword; for those who live by the sword will die by it..Not to mention the millions who will perish as a result of taking  violent and destructive action against not one political leader but against an entire population of ordinary men,women and  children  who just happen to be in total support of their government and in fact are enthusiastic about defending it against those who would harm their country.]

So far from the declaration of war shaking him and those with him, it only sent them more determined than ever to their knees. They were now called in a new way to pay the vow they had made three years before — to give their lives over “to fight the battles of the Kingdom, as really as if called to fight on the Western Front.” This stand of faith against war in order that the Gospel might not be hindered, was proved to be God’s way of placing upon that company a responsibility from which they could never come free, until the enemy that God was dealing with should be destroyed.

When, after a month of hostilities, an offer of peace was made by Hitler, the College stood with the Prime Minister in stating that war must be continued, “until Hitlerism is overthrown,”

[Again, the offer of peace by Hitler and the total support of its rejection speaks to the lack of sincerity on the part of Mr. Howells and his paid scribes in the media ,forgetting the Sermon on the Mount, ordaining the Blessedness of the Peacemakers.]

even though, like so many more, the College had much to lose by its continuance. The conviction of the College was expressed in the title of a book which Mr. Howells wrote in the opening weeks of the war, and which was published in December, 1939, called: God Challenges the Dictators — Doom of Nazis Predicted. In it he said, “The God of Daniel will deliver Pastor Niemuller, and the hundreds of other German Evangelicals, who have followed him to the concentration camps… their places will one day be occupied by the fanatical Nazi leaders, if any of them escape a speedy death.”

” Again this flies in the face of the scriptures commanding all mankind to: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”]

After an indictment of Mussolini, he stated, “When victory over Germany comes… Ethiopia should also be given back to the Ethiopians, and this may also be in God’s divine plan to evangelize Ethiopia.” He also declared that “Bolshevism and Soviet Russia are being used in the plan of God to break the evil Nazi regime”; “but of Stalin he said, “The devil has used and may yet use this man to be the greatest foe to the Church that the world has ever known.”

“[Can a house divided against itself stand”…Can Belzeebub drive out Satan?]

Although his confidence was that God would intervene to deal with the enemy, he wrote, “We may have many a set-back before He does so… it may be that we, like the Israelites (referring to Judges 20), will have to cry out to God in our extremity for the help which will certainly come.”

It is truly remarkable to look back now and realize that these things were in print before the end of 1939.

Shortly after this, Mr. Howells made a further prediction, which was published by The Western Mail on January 8, 1940, under a headline of “Welsh Bible College Director Urges Prayer to Stop War”. It quoted him as saying: “If all the righteous in the country will send up effectual prayer, we feel sure that we shall prevail and open Penllergaer on Whit-Monday without war or blackout… what a relief to millions of people if God will intervene and bring the war to an end by Whitsuntide.”

[ “What this proves is the abject stupidity of praying for  peace at the same time one sends bombs to destroy the innocent   people of any nation and expecting a just  god to intervene.]

Little did he imagine when that prediction was made, that the days around that Whit-Sunday, May 12, were to be the blackest in the history of our nation, and the nearest we had come in nearly 400 years to the invasion of our shores; for on May 10 Hitler’s armored columns broke in on Holland and Belgium, and May 29 was that never-to-be-forgotten date in our history, the Dunkirk evacuation, to be followed shortly after by Mr. Churchill’s memorable call to “blood and sweat and toil and tears.”

[Yes, its true ,a nation will fight hard to defend itself from any aggression.]

In spite of this apparent set-back, as we read the diaries of the daily College meetings, three meetings on most days, we find ourselves among certainly not a fearful, not even chiefly a praying company, but rather among those who are already on victory ground, when all around men’s hearts are failing them for fear; and what gave them such clarity and assurance that theirs was the victory, was the outward “death” of the prediction! If we say God was not with them, we may well ask ourselves this question: “Was there anywhere else in the whole of Britain or America or elsewhere among God’s people another such company, maybe a hundred strong, who were on their knees day by day, holding fast the victory by faith, while our soldiers across the water were retreating mile by mile, whole countries surrendering, and the enemy within sight of their goal?” From this time on, through all the years of the war, the whole College was in prayer every evening from seven o’clock to midnight, with only a brief interval for supper. They never missed a day. This was in addition to an hour’s prayer meeting every morning, and very often at midday. There were many special periods when every day was given up wholly to prayer and fasting.

[Those who claim to be Christians and who delight in the destruction of nations they disagree with ,are seldom found to view the aftermath to their devoted prayers for victory  and the consequences of their  long-held hatreds and biases . They never look at the millions of ordinary people  who perish in the flames of a mass carpet bombing campaign of which the city of Dresden is one such example of the  pure barbarism that befell the German civilian population.]

In the meetings just before Whit-Sunday, Mr. Howells said: “Through God we made the prediction, through God we stand to it, and through God we are going against the enemy. He tells me tonight, ‘Don’t you fear because of that prediction you have sent out, don’t you fear the Nazis.’ I think what a glory it is that we don’t need to change our prayers one bit, in spite of the present developments. I am so glad that it has been the Kingdom we have had before us all the time in the last nine months, and I haven’t a single regret. The Lord has said, ‘I am going to deal with the Nazis.’ It has been a battle between the Holy Spirit and the devil which we have been fighting for four years.”

[The Lord is not a respecter of persons . And clearly claiming to be among God’s people to the exclusion of others is a true sign of bigotry]

On Whit-Sunday, when, instead of peace being declared, only two days before, Hitler had invaded Holland and Belgium, Mr. Howells said in the College meeting: “We shall never defend the prediction. The point is, can God put a doubt in us who have really believed? If the Lord tells you that this delay is for His glory, then you must take victory in it. There is no glory in delay, unless there was faith to put it through. I would be a different man today if there was failure, but the Holy Spirit is not a failure. I can really thank Him for the delay. I wouldn’t be without this experience for the world. Very strange that what is death in the eyes of the world, is victory to the Holy Spirit.”

The next day he said, “We could never have had a greater death than in this prediction being delayed. But we are not going to have resurrection on one point more than has gone to the cross. I preached victory yesterday without a visible victory. There is a death in every grade, but as really as you die, there will be fruit to a hundred-fold.

“We are going up to the battle, and I am as sure of victory as of the” dawn. If you know you have faith for something, would you not go on until you got it? I would like this to ring out to the world: ‘The Lord, He is the God!’”

[ Those who eagerly anticipate military conflict and who  willingly foment  their  bloody resolutions are never the ones who in fact have to fight in these conflicts. In this ,they leave for others to do ,but never themselves and seldom if ever any of their own progeny or relatives or class associates.]

As the Nazis poured through Europe, the College stood daily before God: We quote from notes taken of Mr. Howells’ messages in the meetings:

May 16, 9.80 a.m. The clay after Holland had surrendered: “To-day is probably the greatest battle in history. Can God do something today? Now when the Germans say, ‘We have got the Allies on the run’, can God do it? Keep your eyes on God today and get this victory. 2 p.m. The Lord has made very plain that the victory is from Him and no one else, and He is to have all the glory. God gets at the enemy visibly and invisibly, through the army and through us. 5.30 p.m. The position is most serious in France, but even if the French and British are fighting against such great odds, the Lord is well able to help them.”

May 17, 9.30 a.m. “God will not do a bit more through you than you have faith for. The victory last night was in seeing that no matter how near the enemy came, the Holy Ghost is stronger than he. You are more responsible for this victory today than those men on the battlefield. You must be dead to everything else but this fight. 1 p.m. Because you have committed yourselves, you are responsible. You will never have peace again, until the world has peace, but you have a place in the cleft of the Rock. 8.30 p.m. We are here until these Nazis are put out. 7 p.m. If the Lord finds us quite willing in this death-life, and that we have got victory in the test, will He allow us to prevail upon Him now to finish it? If we believed last Saturday, we are believing tonight. I am not willing that thousands of our boys should be lost, because there has to be the ‘doom of the Nazis’, and it will come now if we can prevail. If this had been a failure, God would have been against us,

but He shows he is pleased with us.”

[In other words what this jackass is saying is that the lives of thousands of ‘our boys ‘ which may or may not be lost is of little  importance, as long as a bloody victory is gained. Again, it’s always someone  else’s   “boys’ at risk of not coming home. And that God would be pleased at the gory bloodshed involved in any such undertaking is hard to imagine’

May 18, 9.30 a. m. “Unless God intervenes today in a miraculous way, I believe we have lost. I would be willing to die, but I cannot afford to die, neither can we afford that Hitler should live. 2.30 p.m. I want to fight with this enemy again this week-end, as if it were the end of civilization. You don’t leave anything to chance in this. Don’t allow those young men at the Front to do more than you do here. I do ask Him to bring a real disaster on the Nazis this week-end. 6.30 p.m. As the Lord gave us the prediction, and we have had victory in it, and the delay has not changed our faith a bit, then we must come back and ask Him when He is going to do it. I feel to-night that whatever these Nazis do, they cannot escape the Holy Spirit. Christianity is quite safe. If you have faith, you can leave it in His hands, and He will intervene in the right time. We can’t inquire when He is going to do it, if we haven’t got faith for Him to do it. 9.30 p.m. It is not you struggling, but God doing, and you coming to know what God is doing. Is it God Who has drawn Hitler across that line with his 2,500 armored cars? I want the Lord to discomfit this man and those armored cars.”

May 19, 9.30 a.m. “These Nazis will not destroy civilization. When they get near enough, God will deal with them. When the Holy Spirit has gone to the victory side, you could never convince the man or woman who has gone to the victory side with Him, that He is a failure. 9.15 p.m. Now is the best time to test the Bible in wars, because we are in one ourselves.”

 My Fellow Christians: The abject stupidity involved in the writings of Mr. Howells is indicative how easy those in positions of social prominence can trick and deceive the gullible and less astute in our own society.

The reason for nations to go to war and enter into a life or death struggle are never clear and seldom are reported accurately in the print media.

This was the  case in dealing with events leading up to the  Second

World War. During the exact time that Mr. Howells wrote his prayer request for the  destruction of the German government

and then for the liberation of Europe ,it was no less than the British government which controlled over one-quarter of the world’s real estate. And this control was exercised not according to democratic principles but by the  lash  and the rope.

And not to mention the great American Western Expansion and the resulting genocide of the Indigenous Peoples who had been living  unmolested in their own homelands for over a  millennium .

And here one recollects the words of the Great Nazarene who spoke:” He that is without sin ,let him cast the first stone” and again He spoke : “take the  mote out of your own eye to better  see the  beam  in your brother’s eye”

But no call to scripture can ever overtake the inbred bias and hatred which often fills the heart of those who have caved in to the Jewish poison.

The case  for Germany was nothing less than to restore stolen provinces which had  been in its hands for many centuries and were vital for the continuation of its very existence,and were ruthlessly stolen. And not for reasons  to deceive its own masses as was the case in the U.S.A. with scare tactics and play acting designed to convince the gullible that weapons of mass destruction hidden in the sandy deserts of Iraq posed a threat to the national existence of this the most powerful nation in the world… A clear and unmasked attempt to garner for the U.S.A. the natural resources of this hapless country.

And so,there was hardly an attempt to enlighten the masses on both sides of the Atlantic as  to the root causes of this  conflict. Those most interested in the breakout of war had little reason to mention the terrible effects that the treaty of Versailles had on Germany ;the unjust reparations ,the mass starvation of millions,  the suffering of the people and the horrendous inflation which led to extreme unemployment and the dire economic consequences as a result.

In some ways, overshadowing this inhuman state for the German people to endure was the forcible   removable of  cities and entire provinces which had been in German hands for many centuries, and the transfer of these areas to other nations. Not only  were the demands for reparations increasing but foreign occupation of vital  economic areas such as; the coal-producing region in the Ruhr  to enforce payments to the victors of W.W. 1 was a sure guarantee that  the war debt would never be fully paid.

Under these conditions ,and many others too numerous to mention ,it seems slightly disingenuous on the part of some geo-political experts to feign amazement that these desperate set of circumstances would invariably lead to the emergence of a very strong and determined political leader .And that  the initial success  of this leader in restoring what had essentially been looted from Germany and in reviving its  economy would invariably lead to the feelings of rank jealousy among the neighboring nations.

And thanks to the unrelenting demands on the part of these nations to never  negotiate the essential differences existing between  Germany and Poland over the status of a former German city [Danzig ]..what would’ve easily been settled by compromise ,turned into a worldwide conflagration. What was essentially a border conflict between two nations was allowed to expand and to  destroy all of Europe in order to satisfy the blood lust of those harnessed in the interests of big capital;namely the banking sector and the  war armaments  industries.

The lesson for today is that we see the same template of Geo-political dealings taking center stage in today’s worldwide conflicts. Taking advantage of the short memories of the masses, the same gang of bloodthirsty capitalists, attempt to create the necessary illusion, which would allow them to again realize huge profits on their investments  in the international bond markets   ;in Big Oil and the lucrative armaments business.

Backed to the hilt as always by  the  Jewish string pullers operating in secret and in shadow ,working their blackmail and extortion racketeering on the pretentious and easy to flatter representatives of the democratic nations of the world ;the plan slowly emerges to destabilize all legitimate authority in  all areas of conflict .

And the best way these carrion eaters carry out their demonic agenda is through the mass media,which they are in total control of ; vilifying all national leaders ,portraying them as cruel and uncaring  dictators  and the bane of the masses.

All of what they portray is  usually nothing but a pack of lies.

The depiction of Saddam Hussein is a good case in point. For whatever shortcomings this authoritative and heavy-handed dictator may have had ,it now seems as child’s play when compared to the dissolution of the Iraqi nation and the huge amount of destruction and bloodletting which was unleashed immediately after his  overthrow from the Iraqi leadership and subsequent execution.

This same medley is taking place at this very moment as it pertains to Iran and the  Palestinian nation undergoing an overt genocide ,cleverly  disguised by the  Zionist hit squads as nothing more than a self-defense operation and   to ensure quiet and Israeli control over a basically defenseless people.

And to achieve their desired  ends in today’s geo-political unrest ,the same evildoers are busy creating the same sense of foreboding wherever border disputes or simple  quarrels between nations exist. And this ,primarily in the Middle East between the Zionists and the Palestinians. Here the trick is to expand the conflict to guarantee an even greater return on invested capital.  But because it involves territory  cleverly named as “The Holy Land” the involvement of today’s prayer warriors is again demanded. The Jewish world plague . promising financial rewards to any in the  Christian Broadcast Media willing to assist the bloody agenda of perpetual conflict has succeeded in rallying their support for the annihilation of the Palestinian Arabs.  Again ,primarily by prayer and indoctrination the gullible masses inside the Christian Faith Community would be well to observe the old adage that:” One should be careful of what you pray for ,you just may get it”

And as happened with the defeat of Germany ,those who prayed then are having to pray again for relief from the dire consequences arising from the aftermath .  Germany was clearly an authoritarian society ruled by a dictator ;but a very popular dictator. What worked  for Germany ,arising out of the defeat of W.W.1 and its form of government  was never intended to be exported to others ;unlike the Soviets whose ideology demanded worldwide expansion.

But had Germany won the war , its authoritarian style of government would’ve been held up as a model for other nations to emulate ;as happened in the early years of the third Reich for most of Latin-American.

What this means for us today, is that we would not be experiencing the social unrest which is  threatening to destroy America’s premier cities; there would be no immigration problem ,either in Europe or in the U.S.A.. We would not have a gay rights agenda to deal with and including  all the sickness and moral degeneracy  which is a natural part of this aberration. We would not have a porn problem ,nor would a small religious minority be able to destroy the political and financial institutions of this country;and nor would it be allowed to control this nation’s foreign policy,by using the media, through which it injects   the mind numbing poison, into the veins of America’s easy to fool population.

Would we be better off had Germany won the war.. It’s not for  certain ;but it is a surety that had the U.S.A. not believed the media propagandists and had  not gotten involved with European affairs during the 30s.  ,then yes ,we would today be far better off. We  certainly  would not have a Middle East problem to speak of.

Today  ,those who foment and instigate military involvement in the world are the misguided  Christian institutions ,eager to do the bidding of the blood thirsty demons in total control of the American  media. And with them are the Christian broadcasters who daily use their influence to side with the emissaries of Satan to trick and deceive God’s people in America. They of course have a vested interest in appeasing the Zionists in carrying out their bloody agenda and the total genocide of the Palestinian people.

Some of the  worst you can find on the radio dial are the phony scum of humanity operating the REJOICE RADIO.ORG network  in  Pensacola , and the VCY AMERICA network out of Milwaukee Ws. These two vultures are the most cowardly and depraved of all the Christian media outlets you can find anywhere in the U.S.A. They are totally subservient to the international maggots ;and reap big rewards providing them with the cover necessary to convince the Christian community that the jewish plague on humanity   are in effect God’s Chosen people. This is nothing but a vast betrayal of the Church and the cause of Christ in the modern world.

And the day will come when the Church will hang its head in shame for failing to understand how it was deceived by professional scam artists like the clever cast of frauds and swindlers appearing daily on the VCY AMERICA NET and REJOICE RADIO .ORG. You know them as Caleb Keener, Craig Mattson, Joel Mullinex , Jim Schneider , and one of the most depraved of all the judases: Mr. Vic Eliason; may he reap his just reward for the lies and the cheating he engages in. :

This has been your good news commentator bringing you GOOD NEWS . Til next time, GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS to you  my DEARLY BELOVED!!

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