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The “Share A Thon “,Conducted by The Rejoice Broadcast Network[RBN] Pensacola : Tricking You Into Contributing to Your Own Demise. Don’t Fall For the Scam!

October 3, 2014

My Dear Christian People:  It’s hard to know exactly how the Christian Community reacts to all the fund-raising drives  conducted by   the hordes of televangelists and Christian broadcasters . In the case of an upcoming money-maker being prepared by a well-known Christian Radio outfit called Rejoice Radio[RBN] ,it can be  assumed  that the regular listeners are  inured to the pseudo circus , and take it all in stride.

What bothers at least to  a  certain  portion of the regular listeners, is not the change of  programming schedule, but the depths  to which  the money-grubbing hustlers go , in order to trick and deceive the naive and gullible listenership.out of their cash .

It seems without a doubt, that many in the  christian community are repulsed by the clever manipulations and deliberate  fraudulent statements that  the hired crew spew out of their filthy lying mouths ; brought in specifically to work their charm  on the largely mindless Evangelical and Fundamentalist population in this country. Sadly, those negatively   affected represent a decidedly small minority of the radio audience.   The majority are basically too stupid to understand how they are being ripped off and how the gang of lying cheats behind the microphones at RBN are taking advantage of them.

Apparently the ‘Listener supported “pitch is losing ground ,having been easily  debunked by anyone with a modicum amount of common horse sense. It finally dawned on everyone that wealthy investors, who are the primary financial backers of RBN, are also listeners as well. And so, the same gang of tricksters have come up with a new  mantra  to confuse the masses with ;and so we now hear : “Participant Listener ” . Does that make you feel better?  If not, how about : SHARE PARTNER?  This term for SWINDLE  has been used successfully in the past, by a wide assortment of cheats ,swindlers , and pseudo-christian religion con artists. And here is where you have to see these filthy bastards for the lying scam artists they truly  are.

A partner[and that’s what they are calling you] is one part of a partnership ,with each side having certain rights and responsibilities. And so, while your rights and responsibilities extend only  to the sending in of your donations to them  ;they in turn reserve the right to spend your cash in any way they see fit ;and the only other right you have is the right to remain silent. Because when you send in your money, you do so with no strings attached. They have all the rights in the world to use the cash for any reason they desire.  And they reject the moral responsibility  of   revealing to you  exactly what they do with all  the cash they get sent in to their accounting office.

And without an accounting system,one which allows the donors of cash to RBN to see whether or not the funds received are  being used for moral and ethical purposes or are they used for selfish and depraved enjoyments. How can anyone know ?

Do you really think you can trust the sneaky cast of characters appearing daily on the usual fare of country music and bringing you    cheap ,economical sermonettes provided by Steve  Shwetz  . Steve is better known as the radio airwaves’ master grave robber  ; buying the sermons of long dead preachers and using them to hustle a few bucks from the gullible happy clappy crowd who remain impressed by J . Vernon McGee ‘s scratchy Texas  drawl.:

J. Vernon McGee, the long-dead Texas preacher who keeps reaching people through his radio sermons, which still air around the world. And this thanks to a clever hustler ;one of many who never miss a chance to take advantage of all the Evangelical jerks in the wide audience of Christian radio.

Stevie is in fact a very successful businessman who knows how to wheel and deal. Here is a short list of his business empire:


 So here’s what the general details of this year’s scam look like.

Across America and around the world

Date   October 7–10, 2014
Time   6 a.m.–10 p.m. CT
Goal   $270,000
Call   1-800-726-1191

Share-a-thon   Oct. 7–10, 2014

The prayers and gifts of faithful monthly share partners make it possible for us to continue providing Christ-honoring music and programming. As you pray about the commitment the Lord would have you make, here are a few things to consider:

Through all the dark clouds of witnessing  another planned swindle ,destined to eventually create  disillusionment and a definite weakening of the Body of Christ in America ,there is  a silver lining.

For here ,during the several days of what can only be described as a gang of vultures flying overhead looking for fresh carrion to devour ,you will undoubtedly hear the comedy act of Craig Mattson and One Ton Tonita Ohms. Tonita is the blood sucking bean counter at  RBN and every share a thon they have, this fat disgusting sack of grits teaming   up with the clever and lying master of deceit : Craig Mattson….And together you hear the erudite sounding Craig Mattson juxtaposed in light-hearted banter with the  folksy sounding Tonita, with her deep down south dialect, which makes for a true culture clash, to be enjoyed by one and all. This is funny stuff and should go on the road ;maybe, comedy central. Don’t miss a minute of it!

So ,let me warn you in advance ,as if you don’t already know,  what all the clever hyenas operating their share a thon scam will be  up to . First ,you can count on them pleading with you that they will have to go off the air unless they get a check from you in the mail or   by credit card. This lie has been used so often ,it’s growing a beard.

And then its the 100% participation they want. What this means is that they need your call to boost their ratings and thusly they can demand bigger investments from their hugely wealthy business and special interest lobbyists . Investments and free cash they use to expand their real estate empire all across the Panhandle Riviera . Where you find the best sugar fine sandy beaches on earth ;and their specialty is investing in ocean front condos and private million dollar mansions . Do you really feel like helping them out with another $25.00  donation? Smarten up, you stupid jackasses and open your eyes to this incredible scam going on right under your big ugly noses.

And then,there’s the “shill in the audience” scam who calls in demanding that others match his   $ 500.00 pledge . Or even more ,all done to create a sense of urgency and further trick the stupid.  See it for the clever and deceitful bag of tricks that it is.

A large number of callers are the parents and friends of the students attending Pensacola Christian College  ;all of whom are properly cued and briefed by the attending student ,as to what to say … and how much they enjoy the music,and how much they are blessed by the words of Jimmy Mintz, the reflective station manager and gifted extortionist you can hear on Sunday evenings . It’s all  a pre-scripted scam, designed to amuse and bemuse all the hayseeds living along the bible belt and to give the impression that Rejoice Radio is a viable ministry .  And nothing could be further from the truth.

The Chinese have an interesting  proverb which may apply here:

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names”

Calling Rejoice Radio[RBN] a Christian ministry is to call them by the wrong name.

That’s not what they are. Despite all the trappings and calls to your Christian sentimentality, they remain a fund raising operation, using    Christian motifs and all the sounds and smells  normally heard at a typical  Gospel  meeting hall or any Baptist, fundamentalist ,Evangelical shindig. But all this is nothing more than clever playacting,pure theatrics ;there’s not an ounce of sincerity in any of this.The fund raising operation is the open funnel  by which the larger enterprise is supported, that goes by the name: Financial Institution. And that is what we’re dealing with here in Pensacola .

With hundreds of well-heeled investors ,all waiting for a chance to take advantage  of the financial  benefits available to all participants of faith-based ministries ,there is in reality no lack of funds. All financial transactions ,many of which involve the buying and selling of real estate, produce huge yields for all those willing to put up their money and provide support to RBN. All they need from the public are the high ratings that only come from listener participation ;but the added cash they manage to convince people to send in  is pure gravy for these elitist vultures, taking advantage of the naive and  gullible fools in radio land. The ratings are used to convince the investor class that they are dealing with a viable Christian Broadcast Station and not a fly by night [Jimmy Swaggart ] style outfit ,at risk of being shut down.

For the Christian Faith Community in America the insidiousness runs even deeper.   Whereas financial and sexual abuse are nothing new, and sadly have been tearfully endured by God’s true people from time immemorial ;what we have here is a total sell out of the Christian Faithful to the very sworn enemies of the Great Nazarene.

As spokes on a wheel ,the clever lying hyenas operating out of their comfy studios at RBN , have spread their tentacles ,reaching out in various directions. One of the more perverse of the paths they have taken leads right to the front doorsteps of the powerful string pullers running things in the American media ; the Jewish world plague.

It is precisely here ,where all who are associated with this phony ministry have come to sell their souls to the devil.

Here, is where they joined together with another very vocal gang of judases operating the incredibly twisted and perverse operation they call CROSSTALK AMERICA, produced by the traitorous VCY AMERICA broadcast network ,Milwaukee Ws. This team of professional liars beat the bushes with a clever political angle ;designed to inflict fear and loathing onto the weak-minded listeners of  yet another Christian radio swindle.

Their goals are financially driven ;and for them ,it remains a vocation in deceit and betrayal of all that is sacred and Christian in America, and all over the world. For them ,it’s all about the money. And ,it’s incredibly easy money .

It was for the money that an erudite sounding Liberal Arts major by the name of Craig Mattson[,heard daily on RBN  ]  that he sold his soul to Lucifer .

It was for cash that the entire sordid cast of evil characters working things at RBN decided to betray the Risen Christ.

For Vic Eliason ,the top honcho running the show at VCY AMERICA  it was to put together an evil empire of over a hundred radio stations coast to coast, that he long ago betrayed the Living Christ to those who murdered him two thousand years ago;and who now  boast of it.

Without their subservience to this malignant and subversive element thriving in America  ,none of this would’ve been achieved.  Without the approval of this nation’s media controllers , all of these make-believe ministries would’ve been shut down long ago. And in exchange for the  support they receive  ,all the cowardly scum of humanity, operating their daily ventures into financial swindle and into the  blasphemies   of  depraved  deceit and the sneering  betrayal of the True Cross ; to willingly dip their hands into the cauldron of innocent blood, being shed daily on the west bank and in Gaza. These two territories, dripping with the blood of innocent civilians, targeted for extinction by the malevolent forces of international  decay and degeneracy.

For Craig Mattson, Caleb Keener and all the street smart lady hustlers who will appear at the SHARE A THON all this is nothing more than the easy road to fabulous riches. These folks are some of the richest  people in the state of Florida .

And they unashamedly  demand more money from you and all those struggling to survive .

These celebrities live in beautiful homes with ocean views and drive luxury cars while you struggle to find employment.

But it’s the rottenness of their black souls ,totally disinterested in anyone other than themselves, which allows them to say without skipping a beat that they love you and care for you ;and that they are a Christian ministry providing you with just  a little Gospel music to get you through the day ;and all they ask is your cash.

If you believe that ,then, I got some waterfront property to sell you in Arizona ;from your front porch you can see the sea.

Making huge amounts of money and turning the Gospel message into a business, without regard to the suffering all around those who trust the Lord, is no ministry. All you have is a money-making scam, designed to trick and cheat the stupid. And Craig Mattson and Myna Ogilsby ,and Rhonda Autry are all involved in the plan to scam you out of all that you own ;depending on just how stupid you and  the Evangelical roobs are.

Beka Horton ,known affectionately as Big Momma, runs things with an iron hand ;and the discipline she exerts over the small fry guarantees that all funds received will be parceled out to all  those who have been able to increase  earnings on the bottom line. Beka is one of the richest women in America!! and yet she demands more and more of your hard-earned money. What a shameful woman she is!

Just say no to their clever plans to defraud you and find a more worthy Christian group to support. One that does more than play music and expects to make a huge financial killing as a result.

Do you think Craig Mattson and all the others would be in this business if it were not for the easy money they make ,swindling the gullible and trusting idiots in their listenership .

Why do you  continue  to support these vultures. Never trust anyone in Christian Broadcasting no matter how sincere they may sound. Unless you are plain stupid yourself.

And this has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOODS NEWS. Until next time GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS to you my beloved.







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