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REJOICE RADIO SHARE A THON RBN : Conducting a Major Fraud on Christians .

October 10, 2014

1-800-726-1191 :Christians , CALL THIS NUMBER ;be polite ,do not be rude but be firm ,and ask them exactly what their end of month expenses consist of. Tell them you are a partner and a friend .
Dear Friend of RBN,

Rejoice Radio is on the air for you and because of you. Through your prayers and financial gifts, we are able to reach many people across the country and around the world. Please tell friends and relatives about the uplifting Christian music and programming available in their areas.

Rejoice Broadcast Network’s Spring Share-a-Thon on March 21–22 provides the perfect opportunity for faithful listeners to become Share Partners with RBN. Our $85,000 goal is to continue building support for our newest station KPCS, 89.7 fm in Princeton, MN ($4,000 monthly operational costs) and also to help our home station WPCS, 89.5 fm and several struggling stations. Pledges will be taken from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. CT.

If you made a pledge in the Fall Share-a-Thon, we thank you. If you would like to make a new pledge or increase your present pledge, now is the time to do so. Many listeners set up a monthly credit or debit card donation to support Rejoice Radio in their area. You can call 1-800-726-1191 to set up your pledge. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your faithful prayers and support.

Most cordially yours,

Tonita Ohman
Program Director

My Dear Christians: The scam artistry never ends. Ask yourselves ,do you feel obligated to support a group of radio celebrities who are living in a luxury lifestyle ,pretending they are in deep financial need?

Are you even aware of the depravity that exists within the phony Evangelical community residing in Pensacola, Florida?

Do you really know what goes on behind the scenes during these SHARE A THONS?

You only hear a lot of sentimentality and scriptural charade game playing to convince you to send in your money to the RBN station.

But would you donate if you could see all the radio celebrities you listen to daily behaving like a bunch of animals in the zoo?

What if you were to see Linda Fannin with her legs wrapped around Caleb Keener’s waste while she was on the phone announcing the names of all the gullible Evangelical morons calling in to provide these blood suckers with the funds they need to pay their bills ,make mortgage payments and take vacations to Israel.

Would you still donate?

During this fund-raiser, they will be using” Robert”, the charismatic cross dressing homosexual from Birmingham ,England who calls in to the CROSS TALK RADIO CALL IN SHOW, produced by VCY AMERICA, to answer the phones. So this should be fun to listen to.

stay strong ,stay smart and leave these religion hustlers alone. Don’t let these clever con-artists hustle you out of your cash.

Always remember: Unless humanity rids the world of the Jewish world plague,the Jewish world plague will rid the world of humanity.

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