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The False Ministry of Rejoice Broadcast Network [RBN]. And how to divide truth from falsehood.

October 15, 2014

My Fellow Christians:   One of the major impediments to the furtherance of Christian  culture, has more to do with the inability of those professing to be Christians, to discern for themselves the  true   Christian  meaning of the word ministry. Anyone can call anything a ministry; and can also add to it  the few touches  needed,  to convince Joe Six Pack or any of the gullible easy to fool residents residing  in the vast bible belt, of their sincerity. Someone selling clean syringes to the drug addicted can also claim he’s conducting a ministry to  those at risk of infection, as a result of using dirty needles. Someone can  give away free  rap music recordings  and marijuana  to inner city youth , on the basis that they won’t have to steal from others to obtain these items.


And this is fundamentally how Christian  Radio entrepreneurs present to the Christian public the basis for their own ministries. And demanding donations and freewill gifts ; ostensibly to continue their clever operations far off into the future. Now ,none would be brash enough to distribute pot or porn to the public under the guise of a Christian ministry, and try to get away with doing so  ;but what most of these shameless operators engage in is to convince the easy to trick, by way of recorded music and sentimentality,  the soundness of their so-called ministry. . And to use this as a convenient and convincing cover for their hidden agenda . And this agenda is nothing more than a cleverly disguised fund-raising operation ,which in turn serves to support an even more evil and deceptive    conspiracy. A conspiracy  hidden from public scrutiny and designed to attract the greatest number of equally clever and fraudulent big time investors: the prospect of creating a financial institution ,designed to take advantage of all the benefits which accrue to a faith-based ministry.


A phony pastor , and sadly, they are the majority, are relatively easier to figure out than the daily swindle one hears on Christian Radio. If the average Sunday worshipper can’t figure him out ,sooner or later, someone will and the word will spread from house to house and soon the police will be called and the vulture will be run out-of-town. Christian Radio is different .Here , you need to have the ability to see what few others can see  . And to look  at things in a way few others ever bother to notice.  The advantage to the operators of a Christian Radio scam is found in the  songs and colorful sounding presentations they make to gain the misplaced confidence  they eagerly accept from a very gullible Christian public. The public never knows what’s taking place behind the scenes.


And that’s the way the clever charlatans operating in secret from out of the Studios of rejoice Radio[RBN] like it and want to keep it …just  that way. It’s fairly easy to do when you realize that when you listen to RBN ,it’s your own imagination and thought processes which are  aiding  them  in the swindle they are  trapping you into. These tricksters just finished up another one of their phony baloney Share a  Thons which they claim netted them 230.000 in cash and pledges.


Nothing they stated during the course of the four-day fund-raiser had the ring of truth attached to it. In fact,they hardly veered away from the template of past performances ;knowing that with each passing year they pick up another truckload of fundamentalist-evangelical charismatics  eager to swallow whatever the glib and gifted scam artists are meting out. For some ,it doesn’t take long to figure out that RBN is just another well planned, but highly deceptive operation ,flying under the black banner of a Christian Ministry.


It’s a total lie and fabrication designed to afford them the needed cover and respectability they need to continue swindling and falsely representing themselves to the idiots making up the majority in the already dumbed down audience….For others , it seems that the dumbing down process they’ve been subjected to for many decades has left them with little to assist them . And so they remain forever victimized by professional scam artists such as: Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz and the big country boy himself Caleb Keener affectionately referred to by his colleagues in Christian Radio as ; The White Pimp of the  South.

The College and the broadcast studios are a  perfect environment for anyone wishing to pose as a deeply committed Christian   connected to a sincere  ministry  ,simply by playing the requisite music and the messages designed to show they are one with the hayseeds in their listenership. That’s all there is to it ,besides having a professional sounding team of religion  racketeers , with the good fortune of being trained in voice and theater by one of the best religion hustlers you can ever hope to hear on radio: the well-known and deeply admired Mr. Craig Mattson. Or is it Doctor Mattson. ?

These filthy lying pieces of human excrement award themselves doctorates faster than they hand out their useless diplomas to all their tricked graduating  student body  ;taking their tuition money and offering nothing but a pat on the back. Job well done son! And out they go,having wasted time and money ,listening to Ken Ham explain the origin of the universe and the size of Noah’s Ark.

What a cruel joke to play on these kids. But not surprising at all,when you consider the terrible joke these filthy lying vultures are playing on the entire Christian Community in America and those they reach by way of Internet. This past Share A Thon episode is proof positive that nothing will dissuade these con artists from continuing the deliberate lies they  tell to the vast happy clappy crowd of listeners ,who actually believed all the lies which Caleb Keener and his partners in crime told during the four-day vulture fest .

First of all ,no Christian ministry will simply offer the listening public a lot of Gospel Music and trite worn out messages produced by a couple of smart alecky grave robbing scumbags who formulated the corrupted idea in their rotten brains, to reformulate the old sermons of J. Vernon McGee and Russel Kelfer … and to put them out there in the marketplace hoping to make some easy money.


And that’s what the SOBs. did! And NO Christian ministry will use the proceeds  as their own personal ATM machine ; as well as the cash   from   all the music they sell; as well as the profits selling useless printed material, which is sold at huge mark ups ;not to mention the free money they make tricking the sunbelt seniles  ,by extorting donations out of them  ,and from out of  all the naive, believe anything, from anyone crowd. As long as it’s called a MINISTRY!! Sadly, this is how things function, not only at RBN but all along the radio bible belt in America. The cash and revenue coming in to  these hustlers   [and it’s totally free money],  is available to be used by all the celebrities you hear on RBN on a daily basis . Whether it’s Rhonda Autry ,who was conspicuously  absent from the fall share a thon  ,or Craig Mattson, Jimmy Mintz or the incredible Joel Mullinex ;these  vultures are  milking a cash cow which has served to make them all some of the  richest people living in the state of Florida.


All of these jokers ,with Caleb Keener being one of the most successful ,use their ill-gotten gains to invest in real estate all along the sandy duned beaches of Destin and Panama  City  Florida.  Rhonda, Joel Mullinex ,Bethany Crawford are heavily involved in the book publishing business and work closely with Beka Horton  [known as : Big Momma] in expanding their operations nationally. Beka always gets her cut of the profits and for this reason as well as many others ,Beka  is one of the richest women in the country. Does any of this sound like these folks are involved in any kind of Christian ministry? What kind of Christian ministry uses the names of  all those pledging their support, to be placed in a closed system to be used and analysed by a gang of crooked money hungry investors, hoping to take advantage of all the loop holes alloted to a faith-based ministry?


This is NOT what a true Christian ministry does. What kind of ministry uses their listeners as a base ,to attract wealthy investors in the hope of obtaining millions of dollars in investment money .?  This is NOT what a true Christian ministry does. What kind of a ministry collects huge amounts of cash from its donor base and fails to reveal to their supporters how the cash is used in the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ.? This is NOT what a TRUE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY DOES! What they don’t want you to know is where the money really goes. They don’t want you to know about the huge salaries being paid to Craig Mattson, Rhonda Autry ,to Jimmy Mintz and to Joel Mullinex[the worm]. Is it the moral thing to do ? How can you justify the huge salaries these scumbags are paid when the rest of humanity is hurting financially in America and in the world.


This is not what a true ministry does. Have you ever known or heard of Craig Mattson or Joel Mullinex ever opening their wallets to help a hungry homeless person living in the Pensacola area? No you have not! The main ,and in fact, the only reason why RBN is on the air in your area is due to the huge amounts of easy money the  shady cast of characters are able to make for  themselves posing as a ministry. If not for the easy bucks ,they would be doing something else . Possibly selling used cars.

One of the more revealing tell-tale signs that these lying bastards have absolutely nothing to do with the Gospel of Christ or in  its ministry, can be seen in the support they render to another equally corrupted and vile and vicious gang of pseudo religion  racketeers ;the VCY AMERICA crew of con artists. The best way to understand how corrupted they are is to listen for an hour to their flagship operation they call: CROSSTALK. This is a call in talk show, whereby the hosts of the program : Vic Eliason and Jim Schneider cater to every swindler operating his own specialized brand of religious deceit over the airwaves.  They give whatever hyena is willing to appear about an hour to push his clever deceptions over the air ,in the hope of getting enough of the stupid in the audience, to send in a few bucks ,making it all worth the time to appear on Vic’s  claptrap, but at times, entertaining one hour call in talk show.

Anyone with even modicum of intelligence can see through the charade being played out by Vic or his counterpart in con artistry Jim. But ,that matters little to these two clever vultures; they are looking for the stupid; they are precisely looking for the mentally challenged to take advantage of. Really stupid people  who call in to express an opinion to one of Vic’s orchestrated vital issue urgency. It’s all a big joke being played out on the morons who are taken in by Vic’s clever banter. Poor souls like Dorothy from Olney, Illinois ,   who has a distinct British accent but at times prefers to call in as Anonymous . I know its good sport , but this old and very senile lady dishes out lunatic statements urging the gas chamber solution to the illegal  Mexicans in America  dilemma.  While this may not make the six O”Clock news it does tell a lot about the Christian ministry aspects of this rotten excuse for radio programming. But ,it doesn’t end , the fun continues with characters right out of Ali Baba and the forty thieves in the person of Walid Shoebat and Usama Daktok. These two clever swindlers can be relied on to whip up the hatreds in the hearts and minds of Vic’s poorly educated audience and the fur really  flies with these two middle eastern bastards ; aiming their vile at people who cannot defend themselves from  the  false and uneducated attacks, designed to incite bigotry and discrimination against those struggling to survive.


And so, Vic makes another financial killing on the lies and hate mongering which so characterize his flagship programming called: CROSSTALK! All this may be considered as trivial ,if not for the glaring fact that this diabolical enterprise called Crosstalk , produced by VCY AMERICA represents the very antithesis of what a ministry is all about. Nothing here but a litany of descriptive analysis of botched abortions , gun-toting grandmas killing their would be intruders, gun selling scumbags pretending to be constitutionalists and experts in its interpretations ; vile and immodest chatter about every filthy lifestyle imagined by the evil and corrupted mind of man . And all  this, is what  these two  lying bags of filth present to the idiots listening as being in conformity with Paul’s admonishment to the Corinthians to” dwell on all things that are lovely and of good report ,all things that are true and uplifting”


WHAT A SCREAMING JOKE ,these filthy lying bastards are. Vic Eliason is no Christian and neither is Jim Schneider. If Vic were a Christian don’t you think he would have forgiven his daughter Mrs. Ingrid Schlueter and given her  back her job. The job he had her fired from.. No, no way is Vic a Christian ;all he has done is to sell the poor  slobs listening down the river and has turned his VCY AMERICA over to the murderers of Jesus Christ for money. That’s Vic for you. But , the over arching point of interest is  that  RBN and VCY AMERICA ,and the cross talk programming in particular are sponsored by Rejoice Radio. That’s right ,RBN supports VCY AMERICA and together they form a mutually exclusive swindler’s match ;that takes place every day of the year on your radio. But ,that should not really come as a surprise . Not unlike the hyenas at VCY AMERICA  no one working at RBN is a Christian.  Craig Mattson is not a Christian. This lying piece of garbage sold his soul to the devil  in exchange for the big bucks and  celebrity status he now enjoys working at the rejoice radio .org studios in Pensacola.

Enter Joel Mullinex ;dittos for this Judas Iscariot, who also has an additional claim to fame for having sold his soul not only to Satan but to the seed of Satan for the  bucks and free trips to Israel. The whole line up at RBN wreaks of treason and betrayal of the Body of Christ ,His ministry , His Gospel and the True Cross . The whole lot of them are nothing but a gang of judases; and for cash and the luxury lifestyle they now enjoy have sold the Risen Christ to His enemies. Do  not support them in any way or fashion, They are nothing but a ministry of lies and deceit . The only good thing about a pledge drive is that you are not legally bound to comply  with the pledge. In other words you don’t have to send the bastards anything at all. let the Eternal Christ deal with them and let them all burn in the black flames of eternity for their betrayal of the Lord  and their sacrilege they commit against the True Cross    on a daily basis.

This is what happens in America and in  the whole world, when Christians fail to understand the meaning of the word ministry.  And when they follow false teachers such as Jimmy Swaggart[remember him and what he did] and others such as Joel Mullinex and Craig Mattson ; the charlatan. This is how the church starts to fall apart and evil enters society ‘;and calling your elected representative will not solve anything. This has been your GOOD NEWS COMMENTATOR bringing you more GOOD NEWS, Til next time , GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU MY BELOVED!

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