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The Spiritual Decline of the Christian Faith in the Bible Belt . The Death of Christianity in America; Brought to You by the Good Folks in Christian Broadcasting [ Rejoice Radio [RBN] and VCY America Network and All the Corrupted /Useless Pastors and Preachers All Across the Fruited Plains.

February 24, 2015

My Dear Christian People: There’s little doubt that money plays a crucial role in the maintenance of the Christian faith. The obvious facts are that salaries must be paid ;administrative costs which can vary from one church jurisdiction to the other ;and lest we forget, the supposed charity operations.

The role money has played in the life of the faithful can go back to the betrayal of the Great Nazarene by Judas Iscariot, who for the sum of thirty pieces of silver sold his teacher down the river into the hands of the sadistic bloodthirsty Jews, salivating at the chance of murdering the Great Nazarene.

And then there’s this classic story found in the book of Acts:

5 Now a man named Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, also sold a piece of property. 2 With his wife’s full knowledge he kept back part of the money for himself, but brought the rest and put it at the apostles’ feet.

3 Then Peter said, “Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit and have kept for yourself some of the money you received for the land? 4 Didn’t it belong to you before it was sold? And after it was sold, wasn’t the money at your disposal? What made you think of doing such a thing? You have not lied just to human beings but to God.”

None of this makes the slightest dent in the thinking of today’s modern-day church leaders ;all of whom claim to be dedicated to every verse of scripture , according to the dictates of the Lutheran ideology . The belief that every verse must be believed literally and unreservedly, has been the mantra of the Evangelical church group for decades if not centuries; all serving to beat Catholics over the head and of course supposedly , for their own edification.

1 Timothy 6:10King James Version

10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

More scripture conveniently ignored by many of our stalwart champions of Christendom. .. In our current materialistic culture the Christian faithful are simply viewed as a resource to be cleverly mined.
Some of the best miners exploiting the gullible ,using the picks and shovels of fraud and deceit can be found in the sordid world of Christian Broadcasting . And here are some of the most criminal minded of the bunch.

The richest televangelists [broadcasters of deceit]

1. Benny Hinn—Benny Hinn is known around the world for his large healing crusades. His television show airs in more than 200 countries, and during his time as an evangelist, Hinn claims to have seen people get healed from cancer and crippling diseases, and he even says he has seen a dead man resurrected.

Hinn has earned quite a bit of money. His ministry collects more than $200 million a year, and he’s admitted to his salary being over half a million. Hinn owns a private jet, lives in a $10 million house near the Pacific Ocean, stays in hotel rooms that cost thousands each night, and owns luxury vehicles. His lavish lifestyle was first exposed by Dateline NBC, and it’s now under investigation by the Senate.

2. Joyce Meyer—Since 1999, Joyce Meyer’s ministry has spent at least $4 million on 5 homes for Meyer and her children. Meyer’s house is a 10,000 square foot home with an 8-car garage, a large fountain, a gazebo, a private putting green, a pool, and pool house with a new $10,000 bathroom. Her salary was reported at $900,000 back in 2003, and she also enjoys use of a private jet and luxury cars. Needless to say, Meyer has been questioned for years, and she is once again under investigation by the government for possibly violating nonprofit laws.

3. Kenneth Copeland—Despite being under investigation, Kenneth Copeland refused to submit financial information about his ministry, saying “You can go get a subpoena, and I won’t give it to you. It’s not yours, it’s God’s and you’re not going to get it and that’s something I’ll go to prison over. So, just get over it.”

Copeland lives in a mansion that some have said is “the size of a hotel.” He also has acquired a $20 million Cessna Citation private jet for flying around the country to spread the word. And of course, he owns an airport for landing said airplane.

4. Creflo Dollar—Creflo Dollar was another televangelist who ignored the Senate’s request for probes into financial records. Dollar claimed he was concerned about the privacy of his donors, and he said that if the IRS requested it, he would send it over. However, since it was Congress asking for the information, he wouldn’t do so without a subpoena.

His church made $69 million back in 2006, and the church also provided him with a Rolls Royce. In Dollar’s words “Just because it (my life) is excessive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong.”

5. Eddie Long—According to Eddie Long, Jesus wasn’t broke, and leaders of churches shouldn’t be either. Long has earned millions in salary from his ministry, owns a million dollar home on a 20-acre lot, has use of a $350,000 Bentley, and pulls in a host of other benefits too.

Long was also in the group of televangelists who refused to give the Senate the information requested of the ministry. Senatore Grassley, the leader of this investigation, said “When I hear about leaders of charities being provided a $300,000 Bentley to drive around in, my fear is that it’s the taxpayers who subsidize this charity who are really being taken for a ride.”

6. Randy and Paula White—The White’s ministry brings in millions each year, and they own million dollar homes across the country (including in Trump Tower). The couple has been under constant scrutiny for mismanagement of church funds, and they recently got divorced, further complicating matters for the ministry. At last check, they also failed to provide the Senate with all requested records.

What do you think? Should we be taking a closer at all of those who claim to be involved in some kind of a ministry? Should we start to question if there’s such a thing as a CD or TAPE ministry or a creation Museum Ministry ,designed to trick the half-educated jerks living all across the Bible Belt. A belt that extends from Pensacola Beach all the way to Mitchel ,South Dakota. This god forsaken area is the home of the Corn Palace ,known for the charlatans appearing on stage to ignite hatred for Muslims ;and ironically ,ignoring the Moorish architecture of the huge building.

And who can forget the two clowns of televangelism ,the now infamous masters of deceit and depravity :the founder of the PTL real estate scam and the crazy Jimmy Swaggart enterprise of perversion and lewd behavior.
I wonder if Swaggart’s son Donny[ many call the evil son Donny.] ever came to understand and appreciate his dad’s pleadings to Debra Murphree , the $20.00 hooker Swaggart took a liking to some many years ago ;and whom he constantly badgered [this preacher of higher morality ]to allow her nine year old daughter to come in the motel room Jimmy and Debbie were using ; so she could watch the perversions taking place there. I wonder if Donny has ever been able to come to terms with all this.

What all those in televangelism have in common is their direct appeal to the abject stupidity of their listening audience . Their audience is carefully targeted to be among the most easily fooled.
They deliberately scour the landscape looking for those who believe in magic tricks ;in people falling backwards to receive their blessings, in believing that gibberish from the mouth of a scam artist is an angelic language known only to god and so on. Just because they happen to be stupid doesn’t mean they are necessarily broke;they have money . And from out of this pathetic demographic, vultures and fraudulent scumbags like Benny Hinn ,Richard Roberts ,and the slick sounding son of a bitch Kenneth Copeland have amassed for themselves huge fortunes. All thanks to America’s Evangelical community which has been neglected and abused by the ever lurking charlatans posing as men of god. What a sad joke to play, not only on the morons in the Baptist/fundamentalist/evangelical community, but also on the Great Nazarene who prayed that all his followers be one. And that all his faithful would go out into the world ” smart as serpents and harmless as doves”

Many of these criminal outfits ,understanding that despite their best efforts ,no scam lasts forever, and now seek fresher meat among the primitive savages of Asia and Africa. And this of course opens new doors for other smaller predators such as the Christian Radio Broadcasters to fall in behind offering to raise funds to support the newly established ministries in overseas mission areas.
I wonder how many listeners to the VCY AMERICA produced ‘crosstalk call in talk show ” remember how an accomplished and seasoned swindler by the name of Vic Eliason hoodwinked his many thousands of listeners to fork over tens of thousands in hard cash, to support a make-believe ministry in Africa, which this low life piece of filth was promoting? All the money went directly into this cheap swindler’s front pocket!

But times change ,things evolve;as the ancients would say: “everything changes ,nothing remains the same” and so it is in the sordid world of Christian swindle and charlatanism.

The same tricks and deceptions practiced by these large unwieldy electronics, on the air mega ministries, are copied to the extent possible, by your local church;by your friendly fraud of a preacher and your pithy perverted pastor. The scams usually are presented in low-key fashion and usually involve one or more of the more respectable looking members of the congregation.

But the aim and intent on their part is exactly the same ;to cheat you and trick you. The goal is to enrich themselves at your expense and stupidity. The only difference is the size and scope of their efforts. But rest assured ,some fraudulent appeal for foreign missions , some appeal to your good nature and sentimentality will be made ; and then the subtle but unmistakable pressure to conform to the pastor’s fund-raising requests or get the hell out, and go find yourself some other church ,you stupid bastard!

In recent years, a new more layered approach to get rich quick fund-raising, has caught the demented imagination of today’s heroic Christian leaders ,especially those in the Christian media.
Especially those operating their clever scams in the studios and behind the microphones of our ubiquitous Christian broadcasters. Here ,a new and more focused scheme has emerged to not only fool the jerks in the bible belt, but also the politicians.

What has taken place in America is the emergence of various special interest groups ,all of which are loaded with millions in cash ,ready to pay out huge sums in order to get their twisted and biased beliefs over and on to the airwaves. And to do this on the cheap.

This is what scumbags and highly paid stooges like VCY AMERICA and the Rejoice Radio Broadcast Network[RBN] are all about!
In terms of treason and betrayal of the cause of Christ, his Gospel and his Holy Cross, these filthy lying bastards could well teach Judas a trick or two.

Ever wonder why these lying pieces of filth dropped their attacks on the major new age gurus and redirected their venom onto the Muslim community? The reason is simple when you understand how they enlisted to the service of Zionism and its bloody agenda. To do this it required the full demonizing of Islam as a world religion;not as a way of educating the Christian public ,but simply to receive the huge funds offered to them by the sworn enemies of Jesus Christ.
The willingness for radio scam artists to subject their audience to this blood money is part and parcel of the extent of depravity existing in the hearts and minds of those who pretend to be Christians for the express purpose of cheating and swindling the less astute.

Nothing is too depraved for the criminal minded religion fraudsters such as the ones you hear daily on outfits like VCY AMERICA and the Rejoice Radio[RBN] .com ;whose purpose they claim is for you to “Rejoice in the Lord“!! The idea that by hate mongering, which has become a way of life, a vocation for these bastards doesn’t impress the imbeciles in the radio audience; that they have in effect succeeded in having them also dip their hands in a cauldron of innocent blood ;all this is meaningless ,both to the con artists at VCY AMERICA and to the stay at home morons as well.
And it doesn’t end with the demonic Jews and their Zionist ideology of shedding Christian blood; but all the other major issues politicians as well as the secular world struggle to solve.
Few understand, where is the Christian Faith in all this;but why should that matter when the only thing that motivates these clever vultures is the huge amount. of money they make .

But they are beholden to a certain extent to their audience, without whom they would lose their viability as a non-profit public service radio network.
What in effect all these clever bastards have succeeded in doing, is to have the listeners of these scam operations pay for their own exploitation, and their own deception ,and their own


That’s what all the “listener supported ” endless mantra and woeful appeal for money is all about. And this is what you hear from the scumbags over at RBN from Pensacola ,especially out of the mouth of one of the most talented con artists to ever work in a broadcast studio; the one and only JIMMY MINTZ!! Chances are you will hear this actor’s trained voice  during the evening hours.  This clown is real good!

Here ,you have to give the devil his due . Here, we have a clever and resourceful group of guys and gals ,all using their acting skills and other talents to form a mutually beneficial swindler’s club; and boy have they done a good job!

Here,they use the Jewish template to cheat and swindle their customers[listeners] out of hard cash, by enlisting their support and participation ; calling them partners and fellow participants;calling them everything other than what they truly are: a bunch of suckers! And this is exactly how the lying sons of bitches at RBN see those in the public that support them.

Using the Jewish model, they use the Christian community as a battering ram against itself. The public is requested to pay for the privilege of getting tricked.

Craig Mattson is one of the best con artists you will ever hope to hear on the radio. Those of you who have heard him make his pitch for cash, know what a clever vulture this piece of lying filth truly is. Who would suspect this con artist is using his acting skills to fleece the jerks who believe RBN is something of a Christian endeavor hoping to inspire the lost and the unsaved.

All one need do is look at how fabulously wealthy these hyenas have become by providing you a few gospel hits from the past;all of which cost them nothing to pirate and to sell you. Craig Mattson is just one of the stooges working for hard cash . Dr. Mullinex is another of the many depraved bastards making big bucks cheating and swindling the listeners. Then there’s  big Caleb Keener and the sleazy bar fly Rhonda Autry whose lucky break came when she ran into Beka Horton ,one of the richest women in America and they immediately hit it off. And now she gets to live in a multi million dollar home overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

RBN is in reality not only a clever fund-raising operation but also prostitutes itself to the highest bidder, It also is available to espouse the cause of any and all special interest groups .

Everyone from the big real estate developer KEN HAM ,or the clowns over at ICR ,Institute for creation research and all the way into suing all those in society too defenseless to fight back.

Pimping for the Christian Zionists is also lucrative,but the real money for these con artists comes from the financial transactions they pull off ,including big time real estate deals ,only non profits can get away in doing.
No small potatoes that Annas and Saphira were dealing in. no ,no way. ,
RBN is a big and major player in the world of condo development in the Florida real estate market.

And you the listeners are required, its your Christian duty, to provide them with some petty cash they can stash in their slush fund to pay for all of their own out of pocket expenses ,such as: car payments , bar tabs, visits to local whorehouses, to name a few.

My Dear Christian people, if they had a legitimate need for money ,don’t you think it would be their Christian duty to take a pay cut?

Don’t you think they would cut expenses? Don’t you think they would accept advertisers from out of the local area?
But they will never do that, because that would interfere with the scam they have already set up as a totally non-profit ;and would cause a conflict of interest if advertisers, who would by law ,be apprised of the controversial interest groups RBN is advocating for.

So why do it?— Why not just come to the imbeciles who are listening and make another tearful pitch for more cash. “Listener supported lies and deceit” ,cleverly paid for by the abject stupidity of America’s most religious.

My Dear Christian People, Just because someone tells you he is a Christian does not give him the right to trick you or to cheat you. As a Christian you are no obligation to allow yourself to be swindled.
All those in the fraudulent Christian Broadcast media have become incredibly rich and decadent because of your generosity to them..
Without your cash donations and contributions they all would be doing something entirely different.

Why has the Christian community been generally unable to see beyond their noses? Why do they fail to understand that they are hustling you out of hard cash pretending they are doing the  Lord’s work .

Joel and Victoria Osteen

America’s most popular supermarket tabloid claims famous televangelist Joel Osteen “is caught up in a financial scandal,” using his Houston megachurch to sell his books.

The National Enquirer alleges that New York attorney Richard Garbarini – who previously helped two musicians in a lawsuit against Osteen and his Lakewood Church accusing the church of unauthorized use of a song – is charging that Osteen uses his Houston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit to hawk his bestsellers.

“He’s leveraging the church as a money-making vehicle! The church pays (to air) his sermons, which are just de facto infomercials to promote his books,” Garbarini purportedly told the Enquirer. “The Lakewood Church is a shell to funnel people to his website so he can sell his books.”

Joel Osteen is just another  on  a long list of depraved pseudo-Christian hustlers ripping off their huge congregations. They would all be broke if not for the abject stupidity of their vast audience . The Christian radio broadcasters are basically using the same non-profit template of scam to claim for themselves a ministry but in reality are conducting a business enterprise .And it
boggles the imagination what these vultures are capable of doing.

Many are quick to give these vultures a pass believing they are doing some good . The simple truth is that the bible belt ,in terms of personal morality ,is little different from the general population. The statistics clearly show that all forms of moral depravity are just as prevalent in the deep south as anywhere else in the nation.
The divorce rate, as well as the incidence of abortion, homosexuality among teens , teenage pregnancy ,out of wedlock mothers ,and so on, are statistically a match with all other regions known for their secular non christian worldview.

So what gives here? The VCY AMERICA gang ,supposedly created to assist teens in transition , has done nothing to help anyone at any time during their many decades pretending to be a viable Christian ministry. All these vultures have done is what RBN [Rejoice Radio] has been doing for about the same length of time. And that is to prostitute themselves for any of the big foundations, special interest groups ,and political action committees . The way it works is that they present the geo- political and socio/religion position of groups such as the ‘right to life” or the gun lobby and the ever-present Christian Zionist cutthroats.

All of these groups are well heeled and generous toward whatever Christian or even secular media outlet is willing to front for them. For these arm twisters ,paying Vic Eliason millions to push the idiotic” Right to Life” Agenda is money well spent. .  It’s cheap advertising for them while it helps to fill Vic Eliason’s never ending demands for more loot.
The average Christian dumbbell never bothers to ask ,what any of the phony lying sons of bitches working for VCY AMERICA would do if their own daughters or wives were told by medical professionals that an abortion was  absolutely needed to save their lives? What would they say then? What would that lying hypocrite say then, if it were one of his own dearly beloved that had to decide to live or die on the gurney ? We know what their own decisions would be ;but they are not about to tell you.

What does fronting for the GUN LOBBY have to do with Christian ministry? nothing!
What does fronting for the Zionist political action committee have to do with the Gospel of Christ? Nothing.!!

The truth is that for many decades Vic Eliason and his lying and swindling co host of the crosstalk program Jim Schneider, have been cheating their way to fabulous riches; pretending to be conducting a Christian ministry ,when nothing could be further from the truth.

The Chinese say that the fish rots from the head down;and so it is in the twisted and sick alliance VCY AMERICA has with the totally corrupted and fraudulent operation broadcasting from Pensacola : the well known and despised by the local churches of the Florida Panhandle ,REJOICE RADIO .ORG!
These bastards are as false and fraudulent as the filthy lies which come out of the mouths of the few celebrity staff members.
The lies these scumbags tell are myriad and designed to impress you with their ministerial intentions. These filthy vultures are up to their necks in corruption and have been cheating and swindling all the gullible jerks that listen to their play acting.
Whether it’s Mr. Craig Mattson or Jimmy Mintz or the former bar fly ,the vivacious Rhonda Autry ,all you are hearing from this gang is a carefully presented religion theatre.
I mean,doesn’t Craig Mattson sound incredibly sincere of his Christian convictions? Of course he does. This lying joker is a true two legged snake in the grass. His job is to convince you of his sincerity, when in fact, Craig has grown incredibly rich from the huge amounts of cash REJOICE RADIO spins off to their talented help.

What Christians fail to see or comprehend, is that these folks are no Christians;neither Craig or Dr. Mullinex or Caleb keener give a rat’s behind whether you go to hell or simply just go away. These bastards are just in it for the money. And they must be given credit for pulling it off in a professional manner.

Without public support their fraudulent business deals would eventually break them apart;but as long as the public believes they are conducting a ministry ,there’s little chance of that happening.
Whether or not the Christian Faith community is desirous of change and an end to cheap sleazy swindlers like Jimmy Swaggart and Joel Osteen depends on how engaged they are in protesting their presence.

Whether or not they want to see the end of broadcast swindlers like RBN and Vic Eliason’s claptrap swindle room called VCY AMERICA, to be a thing of the past ,totally depends on how much they are willing to complain and demand an accounting for all the claims these jerks make; and by so doing they can expose these clown to the general public.
As a word of advice ,if there be any decent well intentioned pastors or ministers of the Gospel; for heaven’s sake, don’t sully your good name and reputation by calling in to speak to Vic Eliason on his twisted and corrupted CROSSTALK AMERICA CALL IN TALK SHOW PRODUCED BY VCY AMERICA. Vic is a stooge working feverishly for the sworn enemies of the Lord. Vic is a cheap hustler prostituting himself and subjecting his audience to an endless stream of blasphemies in front of which, he constantly remains silent.
This occurred in recent days by two of his favorite pieces of filth: Pamela Geller And P. Labarbera. Both let out a stream of filthy, degrading and blaspheming of the HOLY NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.
If you are a true pastor don’t talk to Mr. Vic Eliason ;all he is, is Satan’s disciple!

This has been your good news commentator bringing you more GOOD NEWS ,Til next time GOOD DAY AND GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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