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A True Lamplighter Moment. Casting Light and Commonsense to Expose the Clever and Witty Christian Broadcasters Operating the VCY AMERICA and REJOICE RADIO[RBN] Ministries of Lies and Deception.

May 18, 2015

My Christian Comrades: Ask any of the many staff members of either the Rejoice Radio [RBN] enterprise or the VCY America ministry of vital information, broadcasting out of their studios in Milwaukee, if they are proud of what they do ,and they will more than likely nod their heads in the affirmative. There’s no doubt whatsoever, that the main celebrities featured on Rejoice Radio will tell you how important it is to listen to their ministry of music and messages…… .And it’s all done for the   listener’s benefit and entertainment. And for the furtherance of the Gospel.
Many of their coast to coast followers are eager to relate how important it is to be well-informed by Vic Eliason, who heads the VCY AMERICA Broadcast Network ; and who boasts of the vital information he gladly dispenses over the hundred or so stations and affiliates. Some of RBN.s well wishers go so far as to claim divine inspiration guiding the musical repertoire heard daily. This, the clever minded operators in the studios of this venerable Christian Broadcast outfit, routinely claim causes an increase in “saved souls ” many of which you will someday see beyond the pearly gates ;and only then, will you realize just how important your contributions of hard cash to RBN were ,to make it all possible. …I know ,it’s hard to believe but true! After all, it was your cash that keeps this listener supported radio scam on the air! I mean, choosing to play ‘This old House” or “Beulah Land ” and being inspired by the lyrics of these two masterpieces can’t but help to get you past St. Pete ,RIGHT??

And this is the kind of nonsense these jokers try to pass off on a very gullible Christian public. This is what they claim to be a Christian ministry ,worthy of your financial support. They also play a selection of Jewish /Israeli folk songs for your listening enjoyment , which is a better indicator of just how corrupt and fraudulent, all the vultures in charge of RBN truly are.

My Fellow Christians: I wonder how proud they are for all the lies they tell the naïve and trusting listeners ,most of whom help to finance this organized scam? Are they truly proud of calling themselves a listener supported broadcast network, when in fact a reality check would indicate otherwise?

The simple truth is that RBN is more than just a clever fund-raising operation ,it’s gone way beyond that now. What they call a ministry is nothing more than a cleverly disguised financial institution operating for the benefit of well-heeled investors ,too numerous to count. All of which ,anxiously await to become share partners , and thereby cash in on all the benefits that accrue to non-profit faith-based businesses . And that’s exactly what RBN is: a business engaged in providing a veneer of pseudo Christianity to their broadcasting ,just enough to qualify them as a ministry ; allowing the wealthy investor class to transact all their private financial dealings under the cover of a false, faith-based religiosity ;and all to their heart’s delight.

It hardly took me any time at all to figure out what a bunch of phony hustlers this gang was truly all about. But ,it remained for me to carefully follow the antics of one of their fellow program associates ,namely the VCY AMERICA outfit and the on the air connection they share with them ,to fully comprehend the depth of their pseudo Christian religion criminality and the extent to which they will go to enhance their financial profitability. And WOW! what a bunch of vultures all of these scumbags must be.
My Fellow Christians: By way of disclosure ; all my life I’ve felt the calling to fight the charlatans ;
the sleazy con artists and swindlers, taking advantage of God’s people. For me ,the crucible in this

endeavor was the great learning experience which came as a result of the terrible scandals involving the

horde of televangelists ,namely : The Jimmy Swaggart association, The P.T.L. Club ,Benny Hinn crusades and while few can remember ,but very significant :The Kathryn Kuhlman healing Crusades.

Of course ,there were hundreds of other equally fraudulent and criminal schemes involving major fraud and larceny ,designed to cheat and deceive the gullible Evangelical Movement in America and round the world. The increase in the popularity of this movement, in past decades, represented for the swindlers and charlatans ,always ever present, a golden opportunity for instant riches; and so, the decades of fraud and deception began to materialize in earnest.
These pseudo-Christian vultures and their many scams, remained for me the hardest, but also the most thorough school of my life. I had started out in the world of Christian Evangelism while still a boy and left it a man ,grown quiet and grave. In this sordid and twisted environment of organized falsehoods and treason , I attained the ability and the needed insights to discern the clever and deliberate deceptions used to trick and to cheat the naïve and gullible ,which unfortunately, made up most of Christian society. ..In my struggle to expose these Judases, I attained a political worldview in general ,and a religious view in particular ,which later, I only had to supplement in detail, but which never left me.

Many had been deceived by Faith Healers like Katherine Kuhlman , and who ,many believe, originated the tearful waterfalls ,later copied by Tammy Faye Bakker. And this cheap trick continues today all over the criminal world of Christian Broadcasting and Televangelism. Few recall the sick adulterous relationship she had with her grease ball piano player ; Dino Kartsonakis , who made Katherine’s eyes light up ; and this could be easily seen by those in the know ,whenever she would introduce Dino with the usual ” And now here’s Dino on the Piano. ‘ And after the healing crusade was over and the lights went out, that’s where she would wind up….. With “Dino on the piano!”

And just as some Hispanic ballplayers boast that “Besbol has been bery bery good to me” America’s criminal class in the Christian broadcast business have good reason to state:” tricking the gullible Evangelical community has been very very good to us”

While these hustlers pretend they are concerned for the spiritual salvation of their loyal listeners does it seem unreasonable to ask that they show equal concern for their personal integrity as well as their financial well being?

The Rejoice Radio crowd is intent on convincing the gullible listeners that they are a totally “listener supported” broadcast operation ;but how about proving it ,guys?

It’s one thing to constantly tell us that the audience must pay for the endless costs of running RBN but just don’t tell us, .. why not show us, what do you say guys?

Why not post your expense budget for the year, showing your cash income in the form of donations received from the listeners and show how these funds were used to pay for the operation expenses you jokers are always reminding everyone about..

This will never happen ,so no one should hold their breath. The truth is that RBN is in no need of funding;the money they use comes from well heeled investors using RBN as their personal investment banking house and what many now have come to believe is nothing more than an illegal money laundering scam.
This is more obvious when analyzing the clever and deliberate misrepresentations from their partners in crime the notorious VCY AMERICA crime family ,headed by Mr. Vic Eliason ,a well known pseudo Christian broadcasting crime boss from Milwaukee.

When I first came across the VCY AMERICA produced call in talk show called cross talk ,hosted by Vic , I immediately thought, well here is just another money grubbing phony baloney ,plastic banana hustler.
It was only some time later when he conducted his perennial scam usually referred to as “A prayer Racket for Africa Scam” that I became suspicious and started to connect the dots .
During this scam ,Vic made his pitch for cash donations ,right out of the blue ,without warning he began a three day share a thon for the purpose of funding a transmission tower in South Sudan. And he played on the sensibilities of all the easy to trick jerks in his vast audience.

For three days he had the phones ringing with pledges for cash ; and Vic stated he needed to collect and get his hands on fifty thousand or so ;all in three days. The money was then to be given to private charity, specializing in helping the poor and heathen Blacks of Africa. A charity ,whose reps Vic claimed to have befriended in recent days.

But what was different from other share a thons, as the bastards usually refer to their phony charity scams, was that no addresses or names of donors ,should or need be given, to the call screeners and handlers, working the phone lines in Vic’s studio. . Why this departure from the norm. Was Vic deliberately trying to avoid any records showing names of donors and for any specific sums of money ? This whole operation was not only fundamentally flawed in its intention, but had all the earmarks of a money laundering scheme . Was Vic trying to launder money he received for influence peddling over the airwaves? And was it necessary to justify the cash amount he received with other more legitimate forms of income such as donations for a spur of the moment act of charity and generosity?

Yes, Vic runs a well known and highly respected and feared crime family ;albeit a very dysfunctional one. During this scam ,dealing with the purchase of a transmission tower ,Ingrid Schlueter was part of the team ;and she and her husband Tom ,had intimate knowledge of the details of this redirection of cash income . But now , Ingrid is no longer part of the longer a trusted partner in the criminal enterprise called crosstalk!….. interesting!

My Christian People: Both VCY AMERICA and Rejoice Radio are swindling you and robbing you blind.
Why is it that the jokers claiming they are listener supported refuse to post a budget proving once and for all that they are totally dependent on the good will of their listenership?
Why is it that Vic Eliason has yet to post an invoice for the purchase of the transmission tower in South Sudan? Why does he refuse to post a copy of the check he sent to the gang in Africa supposedly in charge of building the tower. ? It’s all one big joke that both of these outfits put over the imbeciles in their respective audiences.

The best way to understand the cleverness of their operations is to simply listen carefully to what they say. Listen to how quick Vic is in recommending what others should do and what they should not do. But when has this scumbag ever done anything he asks others to do? This bastard asks for volunteers to enable him and his crime family to further enrich themselves but when has this vulture ever helped anyone; and in so doing ,to obey the Law of Christ ” To Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”

When has Vic ever opened his wallet to help another person in his life? NEVER!

The same can be said of all the liars and swindlers running their scam at RBN, Pensacola!

What these vultures do not want anyone to know about are the huge amounts of money they receive in salary for putting on their well planned and well acted out presentations, on a daily basis, for your listening pleasure.

Why not tell us how much money you jokers suck out of the Rejoice Radio and Pensacola Christian College budget every year ? Only then ,will it become apparent that tricksters like Rhonda Autry, and Mattson and the reflective character , Jimmy Mintz :the extortionist of the sugar creek gang ; and who only “reflects” on his own personal wealth , have managed to squeeze out of the hides of all the gullible morons who allow themselves to be intimidated by this gang of scumbags.
And yes, Rhonda is a female scumbag!

Comrades, Soldiers of the True Cross, My Fellow Christians: Before the gate of Christendom stands an invincible champion. it is Christ Himself that stands with sword at the ready, to defend His city ;but he will not draw the sword to fight for a nation of cowards, broadcast swindlers, rat faced Judases or conniving Jews and their numerous lackeys . The Lord will not fight for those who have betrayed Him into the hands of His sworn enemies. But He does call all His faithful followers to stand with Him in the struggle to defeat not only His own enemies but the enemies of all mankind .

By supporting Christian Broadcasting or Televangelism you are supporting the enemies of the Living Christ. Don’t do it! Vic Eliason as well as Craig Mattson, Dr. Joel Mullinex , Caleb Keener, to mention a mere few of the cheats and deceivers, making huge fortunes, cheating the People of God ;all of the vultures have sold their souls to Satan and his demonic representatives on planet earth.
Do not fall victim to any of their clever scams they delightfully trick you into believing.

Do not place your hands into the cauldron of blood ,prepared by any of the demons Vic or any of those you listen to on RBN present to you on their programming. Remember Pamela Geller is a Jew who drinks the blood of innocent Christians and whose only goal is to destroy the little that remains of the Christian Faith in America.

This has been a TRUE LAMPLIGHTER MOMENT . Till next time, GOOD DAY and GOOD NEWS TO YOU!!

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